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A deliciously silly item to report today.

There is a new blog in Montana, an anonymous one, by the name of and written ostensibly by self-proclaimed “responsible Republicans.”  It takes aim at the Tea Party and the extremist faction of Republicans.

The headlines are very amusing as is the content, and as are the targets of the blog’s ire.  “Fiscally Prudent” is the title, for example, of a July 10 post, containing the following paragraph:

Along with our balanced budget and healthy ending fund balance Montana is a shining example of government that works. Thanks in large part to Republicans that fought their own party to make sure pensions were funded!

Funnier still is that the blog apparently will employ a strategy of accusing extremists of being fiscal liberals.  A July 1 entry is entitled “Essmann and Fielder: Big Spenders.”  Fielder is state senator Jennifer Fielder from Sanders County, who works with militia groups, believes all federal land including national parks should be reverted to private status, and is a Cliven Bundy aficionado.  And yet this moderate Republican blog has decided to try to take her down, or weaken her, by accusing her of being a “big spender.”  Interesting choice.

The toughest part of this effort is that the blog finds itself arguing that the state is in solid fiscal health, something that Republicans hate admitting because it means crediting Steve Bullock.  But a May 31 entry is headlined “State Government is NOT Growing” and features plums like this:

The latest falsehood created by Art Wittich and being repeated by the extremists is that the budget blew up three times faster than private sector growth.  Nice fuzzy terms to hide the lies.

So the obvious question is, who is behind this blog?

I’d say there are a few possibilities. First, perhaps the responsible Republican faction in Montana, led by Kalispell Senator Bruce Tutvedt and company.   Perhaps they raised some money and hired an operation.   Lord knows that there’s no sitting Republican official in Montana who could even start a website let alone put together a blog.  Perhaps some money has come from  DC, from a group such as Karl Rove’s American crossroads which sometimes takes the side of establishment Republicans in primaries.

But since it’s anonymous, it tells me that the authors are afraid to admit that they are not extremists.  Might it then be Bowen Greenwood and Will Deschamps, the director and chair of the state GOP?


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  1. “Lord knows that there’s no sitting Republican official in Montana who could even start a website let alone put together a blog.”

    Is it really that bad?

  2. Dems have Dick Barrett, economics professor emeritus and blogger

    They have former Rep. Mike Jopek

    What Republican legislator has a blog? I’m not coming up with anything.

  3. Republicans have Tom Burnett, but of course he’s not a sitting official, the voters of Bozeman booted him out after one term. Have you seen that Burnett blog? It is awful.

  4. Who is behind this blog?

    I mean Cowgirl…

  5. “But since it’s anonymous…”

    Cowgirl, are you even one fricking functioning neurosynapsis self aware?

    Good god the stupidity of party politics, you all accusing the other of your own failings.

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 15, 2014 8:17 PM at 8:17 PM |

    I read it. It’s a very good site. I think it’s legit. I don’t care if it’s anonymous. I just hope that they allow comments without editing. THAT is what kills off most sites. You have to allow a wide range of comments, otherwise the site gets very boring real quick.

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 15, 2014 8:17 PM at 8:17 PM |

    I read it. It’s a very good site. I think it’s legit. I don’t care if it’s anonymous. I just hope that they allow comments without editing. THAT is what kills off most sites. You have to allow a wide range of comments, otherwise the site gets very boring real quick.

  8. Hey a couple of their articles were fairly well written enough for me to retweet… but they should have a comment section. Maybe mark will go bother them once in a while with is gibberish and leave us Dems free for a change. Obviously his own blog isn’t getting anywhere

    • My blog is exactly where it was when we last spoke, an acquired taste for people with critical thinking skills, and where you are again invited not to participate.

      American party politics is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

  9. Why is it that astroturf blogs never allow comments–or if they do they are carefully screened and only a few ever make it up. Just what is it that they are so afraid of. It’s odd. I think they should allow comments. If they are afraid to have their ideas discussed then why are they even making a blog?!

    Without comments, a blog isn’t really a blog. To me, a blog isn’t just about reading what someone else thinks, but also the two-way communication and a forum for discussion.

    It is self-righteous and smug to simply post an article and then refuse to allow anyone to share their their own opinion on it. It’s like saying that “my opinion is good enough as it is and your opinion doesn’t matter.”

    Sure a lot of comments are annoying, but some include points that the author of a post has missed or new information as it becomes available. If you’re reading this floodlighters–allow comments!

    • Even though they don’t allow comments – the fact that they have a blog still shows that they are lightyears ahead of the TEA Party faction. And some democratic blogs don’t allow comments either – such as the Montana Streetfighter although I guess that is a paid Hilltop Solutions blog so perhaps that doesn’t count.

      • The Flathead Memo doesn’t allow comments and I think that’s a shame because there’s some good stuff to comment on there.

        I think most of you are missing the point entirely though, and that’s the many sites that are putting up content in Montana that aren’t being commented upon. How about Combat Now blog in Missoula? Hardly any comments there. What about Intelligent Discontent…again, not that many comments all the time. And there are many other blogs if you simply type in “Montana blogs” or “Montana political blogs” into Google.

        I don’t think it’s that some sites don’t allow comments (although that irks me as well), it’s that there are many sites which do, but they’re of no use to many of the visitors here.

        Besides that the real social media and blogosphere of Montana seems to be focused around Twitter and the few communities of #mtpol, #mtleg and #mtsen…although there are probably more. It does seem that the crossover audience between those two mediums of blogging and Twitter is rather low, however.

        Remember, this site gets a lot more eyes on it than the handful that comment regularly.

        • like me!

        • I appreciate your comment that there’s good stuff at Flathead Memo, where I do allow comments but only under printed newspaper rules: commenters must identify themselves, and provide verifiable contact information.

          • Alright, that makes no sense to me from a content marketing perspective, but if you’re going after the 9% of the state’s population that reads newspapers then maybe you’re on the right track.

            • Greg,
              You place far too much emphasis on marketing/traffic/pageviews. I read your blog, and you yourself have stated you place a high value on quanitity/output.

              There are those who value quality over quantity. James has stated before that he doesn’t want Flathead Memo’s quality to be diminished by trolling, rambling, negativity. That’s his call. From the fact that 9% of the state reads newspapers, it does not follow that he is going after that same 9% by simply adopting a similar commenting policy. It would be foolish to say that 9% of the State reads newspapers based on their feelings about policies regarding letters to the editor.

              Of course bloggers like people to read their stuff, but most don’t blog for fame, or pageviews, or most certainly for an income. They do so to organize their thoughts, or share what they care about. That’s it.

              • I guess a balance just needs to be found. Newspapers have figured out how to strike this quality/quantity balance, although I’m sure that could be argued.

                Posting schedules, designated days for certain kinds of content, predetermined guest posts, curation posts…all of these are things that could enable rising blogs to better handle that balance before the inevitable burnout sets in for the vast majority of Montana sites that try to get going.

                These are also things the state newspapers and the regional challengers need to consider as they transition into a more prominent, and advertising-rich, existence on the internet.

                I’m not sure what it would look like, but I’m sure the Missoulian or Great Falls Tribune or whatnot could really exert influence and resources to get their web presence up with more blogs/pages/sites.

                Hell, maybe some of these anonymous blogs are actually them in disguise.

  10. I do think shorter, high quality content is preferable to longer less cohesive content when it comes to articles and blog posts both. I like when writers get right to the point and don’t make their main points buried at the end. Usually, less is more. James I’m glad the Flathead Memo is including comments now.

    • Jeff, I’ve always accepted comments at Flathead Memo. But I moderate all comments, which is a hassle that cuts into my time for writing posts. Most commenters despise moderation, so I don’t get many comments. I believe that posting often and well attracts readers, as does treating the people about whom I write with decency — and that giving free rein to trolls and misanthropes repels readers. At this point, I’m considering not accepting comments and will make a decision on that soon.

  11. Looks like both anointed parties are afraid of going extinct. The game playing, right up to election day is pathetic. Time to teach them both a lesson. Either vote for a person who walks the talk, no matter how he/she is labeled, vote Libertarian or vote NOTA. Real choice is freedom. Voting for either side of the same coin isn’t. No matter which side flips up, the value remains the same.

    • That’s rather highfalutin rhetoric. I was moved. It took me up to 10 seconds to realize that it’s gibberish.
      1) Like Soylent Green, parties are made of people.
      2) If the parties were ‘anointed’, it was your fellow country persons who did it.
      3) Why they did it may offer some explanation for why the vast majority of folks in this country really disagree with you about ‘who walks the talk’, Libertarians in general and who really holds the purse your rhetoric serves.
      4) Since the parties are people, who exactly do you (almost psychotically) desire to punish?
      5) Can you possibly see the irony in telling people how to vote while proclaiming “Real choice is Freedom”? (Be certain to genuflect when you use the F word.)

    • Clair,
      Another equivalency Comment I see….. where people like you don’t want to read. Really….. they just want their news handed to them by Fox or MSNBC, want their content so tailored to their taste buds, that it is as Bland as un-buttered toast?

      Always want to blame everybody cuz its easier, and don’t have time to surf past their bookmarks on internet Explorer… Maybe your strength is too waned to change the channel, when you finally get home from work, and collapse in the recliner?

      Politics isn’t entertaining enough to most people….. So easy, catchy phrases are so much more easier to roll off the tongue or swallow, even if they are not true! Like: “Democrats and republicans are exactly the same.”

  12. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 16, 2014 8:44 PM at 8:44 PM |
    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 16, 2014 8:59 PM at 8:59 PM |

      Perhaps you’ve heard of the Midnight Cowboy? Well, I give you the Chocolate Cowboy, Clayton Bigsby! He has a WHOLE lot in common with the inbred brother from Wyoming!

  13. I just knew I’d get someone here in an uproar. You’re so predicable. LOL Catchy phases? Hey, I learned from the best. The posts written right here. And it’s so easy to condemn and vilify the messenger. Throw the shit out, see who catches it and tosses it back…twofold. LMAO as I bid you all good night.

    • Funny thing there, Claire. It looks like my comment dealt directly with the gibberish that was your ‘message’. The only thing predictable here is that yet another troll insincerely mistakes laughter for an “uproar”, and bravely whistles past the graveyard while running away.

  14. So she didn’t argue about what she was saying wasn’t true? Priceless! Clair left the building with her catchy but untrue fiction……

  15. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 17, 2014 7:39 PM at 7:39 PM |

    Our great “allies”! How did we get to this point where we are supporting the zionazis?! I don’t get it. Time to reign in our “great allies”. STOP sending them billions in aid! They are nazzis, pure and simple! They are as BAD as the German Nazis! And the entire freakin’ WORLD knows it except for the inbreds in this country who somehow feel that Jaysus wants us to support nazzis! Sick flucks!

    But HEY, they are the chosen ones! How do I know that? Well, they have a book that they wrote themselves that SAYS so! And a god who luvs to slaughter infidels!

  16. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 17, 2014 8:15 PM at 8:15 PM |

    MUSICAL INTERLUDE! for all the teatards!

  17. Clair didn’t leave the building. And boy, isn’t that sexist to think that Clair is a “she”? TX for providing the proverbial rope…yadda yadda yadda

    • Clair is clearly a girls name.

      Hmmm, So apparently your parents were hoping for one and got you instead? Just saying, It must be awkward at Parties…..
      Please, continue whining that you have been wounded….. Oh the slings and arrows of Outrageous commentor misfortune….. You do retain enough brain cells to realize no one can see if your man, women or beast when you write comments on a blog? Right?????

      Yeah just checking… you also realize I don’t tap my keyboard in favor of Egotistical people like you, who comment about equivalency, and don’t even know what the definition means?

      I am the kind of person who asks for a little more proof besides your word that, are you some smarty… or just a parrot? So far you got nothing?

      • Probably “Clair” believes in reverse racism too if she or he thinks assuming someone may be female instead of the usual assumption of male-ness is sexist. Ha!

      • surelyyoujest11 | July 18, 2014 9:16 AM at 9:16 AM |

        “Clair is clearly a girls name.”

        Clair is predominantly a female name, not exclusively. A very important person in my life was a gentleman by the name of Clair.

        • Where not talking about someone else here. were talking about a commentor who whined…under a moniker named “Clair Reading”. Translation “Clear Reading”

  18. surelyyoujest11 | July 18, 2014 9:19 AM at 9:19 AM |

    “I am the kind of person who asks for a little more proof…”

    Yet refuses to provide any when called upon one of her blatant lies. Again, the irony is rich. Thanks for the chuckle!

  19. Are you serious? You don’t know who is behind the Floodlight blog? Its Llew Jones, the Democrats favorite Democrat. Llew and his mini-me side kick Robin Cook – along with Sandy Welch and Bruce Tutvedt are the main contributors.

    • Amber McDermott | July 18, 2014 4:09 PM at 4:09 PM |

      Calling Llew Jones a democrat just because he believes in conservative fiscal values and traditional republican values (like the government staying out of citizens’ lives in all matters, not just the ones Christian republicans pick and choose), is clearly what the TEA Party wants people to believe. Too bad it’s false.

    • I would like to see some evidence for that claim, Max. It wouldn’t change anything, but as things stand, you might as well have blamed the website on Obama.

  20. What lies?
    I am the one writing here, with my full name…. Your the person writing under a false “Moniker.”

    I have nothing to fear in using my own name, I tell the truth, especially about, and to trolls like you.
    I file plenty of links to back up my claims, when I am in a real conversation with realpeople. Your afraid of people knowing you, or having to explain your stupidity.

    See the problem is you cant prove you’re better than me…. because you’ve decided to go by an “Alias” that has nothing to show for itself but rude animal sounds……. But hey you can change that Jester “Handle” anytime you want to go as someone else who is a troll, who isn’t anymore real, whenever you want to….. Just saying!

    Since you have no real name, I am willing to give you one so the conversation will sound more like I am talking to something tangible. So from now on I will call you “Dick”

    So Dick, have anything worthwhile to add to the conversation????

  21. surelyyoujest11 | July 18, 2014 4:39 PM at 4:39 PM |

    ” I tell the truth”

    No Norma, you don’t. You made a direct lie about me not to long ago and when confronted with it and asked to prove that you weren’t lying you couldn’t. And why couldn’t you? Because what you said was a big fat lie.
    On the bright side, you provide more laughs than anyone here with your lack of self-awareness and apparent need to be right about everything/anything regardless of the truth. Carry on. Snark.

  22. Ahh two distraught and vexed men. that have nothing else to to do but attack a women falsely. Does it hurt that much to get called out repeatedly for your BS? Is their some sort of club for you “Sore loser” guys with big mouths?

    I wonder what the initiation would be for a club like that?

    Do you have to come from the conservative side of life first? Does you undies have to be in a wad all the time? And what expert in your club checks to make sure they are always wadded? Are you Pissed no one plays marbles with you, or plays with your marbles because you cant play with your own marbles properly?

    I believe Most folks here have a little more sense than you two whining brats believe. Pretty sure most people see right through your residue and False equivalence I appreciate all the erroneous attention. But, I have better people to talk too, when I appear here to make comments and share links at Cowgirls…. enough with both of your kid like behavior?

    Just a thought before you wander off cussing me or furiously write more Do-do: When you think yours is the only true path in thinking you forever chain yourself to judging others and narrowing your vision. And since it is really your lives your screwing with…. don’t blame others for having such a bottom of the barrel life….

    By all means jump right back in and tell me how awe inspiring better you think you are than me, if the above sentence didn’t put you on Notice. I don’t suffer fools, and crybabies. I laugh at them.

    • “Being kind to someone, only to look kind to others, defeats the purpose of being kind.”
      ― Shannon L. Alder

    • Well there was a hope that you would pull your head out of your ass, but apparently it was vain one.

      • Your hateful comments have been famous for years here in Montana Rob. I see you still practice them with much glee. Maybe one day you’ll be smart enough not engage in someone who fires back? But Knowing your record and your Ego…. I Doubt it.

        • Rather, maybe someday I’ll give up trying to help fools who aren’t smart enough to realize they are fools.

          • Look in the mirror and help that one in the reflection first!

            • I do so every Dogdamned day, Norma. Since you seemed to have missed it, for about the thousandth time, that is the same advice people have been giving you. Yest still you can’t see that you aren’t one tenth as clever, tough, interesting or honest as you think you are. As I wrote, Norma, you are a fool.

              • Noted Rob… Years ago! You don’t like women who dont bow to your BS Opinions. I get it! Don”t expect me to take you seriously now or anytime in the near future. Your opinion, in my Opinion isn’t worth the sludge you keep pouring into the river of comment here

                  • Why? When I have a living examples; people like yourself floating around the web????

                    Neither irony or sarcasm makes good argument, but it is sure as funny as hell to poke at egotistical people like you with!

                    Prodding you, keeps me laughing!

                  • Irony, Norma. Here you are beating your chest about ‘prodding’ when every comment you’ve left has been a frothing *reaction* to someone poking you. Though I do not envy it’s position, that mirror is waiting for you, Norma.

  23. James C Wangerin CPA | July 19, 2014 7:02 AM at 7:02 AM |

    I don’t really understand the attack here on Senator Tutvedt.
    I favor a bill requiring the Department of Revenue to participate in independent administrative appeals function like at the IRS.
    I am the contact person for Senator Tutvedt’s requested bill on the issue.
    MCA 15-1-211 “the right to have the dispute resolved by appropriate means” doesn’t mean much if the Department of Revenue can refuse to participate in anything except tax tribunals where non- attorney representatives are threatened with unauthorized practice of law.
    MCA -1-222 “the right to hire a representative of the taxpayer’s choice to represent the taxpayer’s interests before the department or any tax appeal board” also doesn’t mean much. The State Tax Appeal Board web site contains this warning “There is little doubt that calling witnesses, preparing questions, and reviewing and objecting to evidence presented can be considered the unauthorized practice of law. A person may be found guilty of contempt of court for practicing law without a license.”
    Why is the Department of Revenue and Interim Revenue Committee objecting to requiring participation in independent administrative appeals function as recommended by Section 8 of the American Bar Association Model State Administrative Tax Tribunal Act?
    Please provide your public comment at the September Interim Revenue Committee meeting.

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  25. Wow, this is pretty lame. The great Dark Money crusaders set up another website, this one:
    Registrant Email:
    Registry Admin ID:
    Admin Organization:
    Admin Street: 12808 Gran Bay Pkwy West
    Admin City: Jacksonville
    Admin State/Province: FL
    Admin Postal Code: 32258

    Pathetic. Kind of like “Cowgirl” — all this snark through anonymous surrogacy.

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