Bit of a Stretch

The Montana political world was upended yesterday with the revelation that that John Walsh, our U.S. Senator and candidate, wrote a college paper in which he used language verbatim that he failed to properly attribute.  He cited the sources in footnotes, but he was using the exact language belonging to another author and did not so indicate with quotation marks.

Today, Walsh is saying that he realizes he made a mistake but has shrugged it off by saying that he is not an academic, and that we should look at his entire military record rather than a term paper. That’s a fair point.  He’s not the first person to make such a mistake. Authors of all stripes have done it.  Walsh also says that he was suffering from PTSD at the time, having just returned from Iraq, but made it very clear that he won’t blame his mistake on PTSD.

There is no question that this story will affect Walsh’s candidacy, but it should not disqualify him at all.  He’s a military leader, not Samuel Johnson. It’s not good, but it’s not anything near the outrage that the GOP is making it out to be. If Walsh was a decorated General, Awarded Bronze Star For “Exceptionally Meritorious Service,” the Commander of the National Guard, the Lt. Governor and now U.S. Senator, how can someone say that he is unqualified, in retrospect, to have been all of these things and to have won all of those medals and commendations because of a college term paper?  It’s a bit of a stretch.

Nevertheless, let the circus now begin.

Steve Daines, predictably, is nowhere to be seen or heard on this issue because he knows there’s no percentage, and indeed no need, for him to say anything about it.  But a week or so from now, expect to see a TV ad, probably from the Republican Party, telling us all about John Walsh’s plagiarism with scary music in the background.  Expect also to hear from veterans who will talk about how outraged they are that Walsh would try to excuse plagiarism on PTSD, which he has not done. We might even get a pure swiftboating–hear from some soldier claiming that Walsh never had PTSD.  It’s also interesting that this suddenly becomes a news story just as polls are starting to show Walsh gaining on Daines.

This is politics, and this is what happens when a story like this breaks, and their ain’t much Walsh can do beside put his best face on it and remind voters that Steve Daines plays childrens’ games in Congress and does things like throw tantrums and threaten to default on bills and shut the National Parks down–costing us $45 million in lost tourism and other dollars.  And why is no one talking about how Daines opened all kinds of factories in China while his company laid off people in the U.S.? Meanwhile Walsh served in combat has a 33-year career fighting for Montana and wants to get something done in Washington rather than play games.

As for rumblings from the internet fringe today about whether Walsh should jump off the ticket before the August deadline, enabling the party to put in someone else, I think this would make no sense.  First, there is nobody to replace him with, unless you think John Bohlinger would have a better chance against Daines right now which is debatable.  Brian Schweitzer, Linda McCulloch, Denise Juneau and Monica Lindeen have all taken a pass already. Names like Carol Williams, Dirk Adams and so on, they would be starting at zero against a sitting Congressman, and would have an impossible fundraising hill to climb.

 So this is what it is: Walsh is the best candidate for U.S. Senate, and this too shall pass.



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  1. I certainly don’t want to see Steve Daines elected to the U.S. Senate. However, I don’t agree that Sen. Walsh can hide behind the defense that he is not an academic. He was writing in an academic setting for an advanced degree. Anyone who has written graduate-level writing knows, particularly by the time he or she is writing a final paper, the full APA standards. I just don’t buy it. And I think that it is a weak excuse for him to make. Does that mean he is not qualified to be a U.S. Senator? No. It simply calls into question his values and overall ethics. Other political leaders have found themselves in similar situations. Some have survived, some have not. One who did is now the Vice President.


  2. I think you’re exaggerating about the GOP jumping all over this. All that’s happened to date is basic reporting of the issue. And it wasn’t a “college paper,” but a graduate thesis from 2007, just seven years ago written when Walsh was 47. It goes to the heart of honesty. True, it will likely be a bump in the road. If Biden can get away with it, who can’t?

    • It wasn’t a master’s thesis, it was a term paper for a military school – not a PhD in comparative literature. And it doesn’t negate his entire career of accomplishments. At least he wasn’t quoting Pokemon like Herman Cain –Pika! Pika!

      • The Army War College is not amused by a senseless distinction. They are convening a board of inquiry.

        The United States Army War College determined in a preliminary review on Thursday that Senator John Walsh of Montana appeared to have plagiarized his final paper to earn a master’s degree from the institution, and sent a letter to the senator instructing him that an investigate panel will meet next month to conclusively assess any culpability.

        “It’s clear there is indeed strong reason to believe this is plagiarism,” said the War College’s provost, Lance Betros, a retired brigadier general. “We are initiating academic review procedures…”
        … some graduates of the school were already expressing anger at Mr. Walsh, who graduated in 2007, for the allegations of plagiarism — and over his comments on Wednesday that his behavior was shaped by mental health challenges after his 2005 combat deployment to Iraq.

        “I don’t think that’s going to go down very well,” Representative Joe Heck, a Nevada Republican and a 2006 War College graduate, said of Mr. Walsh for citing post-traumatic stress from combat. “This is somebody who is trying to cover their tracks at this point.”

        Among other graduates of what is a coveted academic destination for officers on the rise, there was a sense of disbelief mixed with disappointment.

        “Plagiarism is a really serious ethical violation,” said Margaret D. Stock, a 2006 War College graduate. “And yes, it’s a big problem because someone who graduated from the War College should have the highest level of ethics.”

        John Buss, a 2005 War College graduate who had a paper from which Mr. Walsh copied, expressed “disappointment on a lot of levels” that plagiarism could occur at an institution where one of the core values is integrity.

      • How about ‘Teabag Ted Cruz’ and ‘Green eggs and ham’ recitation on the Senate floor!

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 24, 2014 6:27 PM at 6:27 PM |

    I repeat my original question when Walsh was first appointed. What’s a John Walsh? I mean, really, who the HELLo selected this guy to be the next Mini Barfus? Was it Mini himself? I would have to say yes it was!

    You see, Mini Barfus’s last official act as senator was to hose the state of Montana one last time by hand picking his suckcessor, John Walsh! And that’s just real sad.

    But HEY, don’t believe me. Take my test. WHO THE HELL had ever HEARD of this guy before he was hand picked by Mini? Hell, I’ve been in the Dem circles for a long time, and I had NO idea who he was! How can that be?? I don’t get it. Must we allow Mini Barfus to CHOOSE his own sucksessor??? I say to HELL with that! And to HELL with Mini Barfus!

    What we need now is Brian Scwheitzer to run, for he IS the anti-Baucus, and that is EGGSACKLY what we need at this time. Max, like a male cat, has left his stench/scent over the entire state for long enough! Time to clean it up! He single handily destroyed the Dem party in Montana, and the Dems must move on. It was a big mistake to keep voting Mini Barfus in office. And now, we are reaping what we sewed, a johnwalsh! Who is he again? Can someone honestly say they knew who this guy was?? Me neither! What’s a johnwalsh and what has he done??? And PUUHLLEEEZE don’t give me that military horseshit. Hell, I was there, in Nam. I KNOW what the military’s all about! Bunch-o lifer losers who couldn’t make it on the outside, but yet still managed to keep OFF the fat boy program!

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 24, 2014 6:27 PM at 6:27 PM |

    I repeat my original question when Walsh was first appointed. What’s a John Walsh? I mean, really, who the HELLo selected this guy to be the next Mini Barfus? Was it Mini himself? I would have to say yes it was!

    You see, Mini Barfus’s last official act as senator was to hose the state of Montana one last time by hand picking his suckcessor, John Walsh! And that’s just real sad.

    But HEY, don’t believe me. Take my test. WHO THE HELL had ever HEARD of this guy before he was hand picked by Mini? Hell, I’ve been in the Dem circles for a long time, and I had NO idea who he was! How can that be?? I don’t get it. Must we allow Mini Barfus to CHOOSE his own sucksessor??? I say to HELL with that! And to HELL with Mini Barfus!

    What we need now is Brian Scwheitzer to run, for he IS the anti-Baucus, and that is EGGSACKLY what we need at this time. Max, like a male cat, has left his stench/scent over the entire state for long enough! Time to clean it up! He single handily destroyed the Dem party in Montana, and the Dems must move on. It was a big mistake to keep voting Mini Barfus in office. And now, we are reaping what we sewed, a johnwalsh! Who is he again? Can someone honestly say they knew who this guy was?? Me neither! What’s a johnwalsh and what has he done??? And PUUHLLEEEZE don’t give me that military horseshit. Hell, I was there, in Nam. I KNOW what the military’s all about! Bunch-o lifer losers who couldn’t make it on the outside, but yet still managed to keep OFF the fat boy program!

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 24, 2014 6:33 PM at 6:33 PM |

    Crazy shit. This is truly unbelievable. If you haven’t read about his, please do. And tell everyone you know. To destroy the Smith River so some Canadian pissant fascist company can make a buck is inconceivable to me and must be stopped. It’s Blackfoot Two, the sequel! And the Rangers will do our part. Will you???

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 24, 2014 6:39 PM at 6:39 PM |

      p.s. We’re goin’ down to do a recon here real soon so the Cannucks can get a good look at what Chiapas type resistance LOOKS like. This AIN’T Canada! And we ain’t without “resources” to stop them! Hell, the Second Amendment was put there for just such circumstances, foreign fascist invasion! Luv it.

      And on a personal note to Tintina. Have you morons REALLY thought this one through? Have you REALLY told your investors what happened on the Blackfoot? And are you REALLY sure you want to risk it all for this bullshit? I would advise that you advise your investors that THIS mine is NOT a good investment for anyone! We like the Smith River just the way it is, so pack your sorry asses on back up north! It would behoove you and your investors to do so!

      Take that as you will, for we take it very, very seriously!

      Your welcome for the heads up. Let your investors know. I’m sure that they have an interest in your misadventures with THEIR money!!

    • Drunks for Denny | July 25, 2014 8:55 AM at 8:55 AM |

      That post is the biggest bunch of garbage I have ever seen, and you have posted a lot of fecal matter over the years, Larry. The proposed Black Butte mine is miles away from the Smith River and is underground. There is absolutely no way it will “Destroy the Smith River”.

      Regarding the Macdonald project, I always thought that Phelps Dodge should have built a giant dam across the upper Blackfoot valley out of the waste rock, and when the mine was done, they could have flooded the pit and the valley. The flooded pit would then not be exposed to air (which means no acid rock drainage), and the new reservoir could be stocked with walleye, to the happiness of true Helena and Great Falls sport fishermen. Adios speckled carp.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 25, 2014 9:29 AM at 9:29 AM |

        Why THANK you, Drunk Dude! I’m always trying to outdo myself, and I apparently did! But the fact remains that NO ONE that I know here in GF wants that damn mine. Why? So the morons in White Sulphur can sell a few more cans of pop at the Town Pump? Not good enough. The mine is INDEED a serious threat to the Smith River, the REAL economic money generator for the region! Hell, you see many recreationists on the Berkley Pit? Me neither!

        You see, the reality is that even underground mines are horrific polluters. Ever been up to the Mike Horse Mine? We don’t need it, we don’t want it, and we won’t have it! End of story.

        I mean ferrchrissakes, have we really learned NOTHING about these Canadian mining bassturds yet? Let’s you and me take a leetle trip over to Zortman/Landusky and see what a great job they’ve done over there “reclaiming” the mine site! Then maybe we can have a real discussion about these Canadian mining bassturds wanting to exploit our state as if it were a third world country! For you see, once the damage is done, it’s over for that area. No mas, no mas fishing, no mas tourist dollars, no mas clean water!

        There. How’s that post, Drunk Dude? Better’n the last one?

        It’s our home, Drunk Dude. And we’re a’gin’ it! No shortage of copper to require it. The world’s full of copper that can be recycled. The Cannucks can go take a flying fornicate at a rolling donut on this one! And heck, they’re good neighbors, I’ll even buy’em a donut!!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 25, 2014 11:02 AM at 11:02 AM |

          Drunk dude, you want stupid? I’ll GIVE you stupid! Here is dipshit daines on coal. Dipshit can’t WAIT until Montana becomes a third world coal colony! But if we give this little fruity dude a colonyoscopy, we just might find that he’s a little closet fascist!

          What a piece of work this little pissant is!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 25, 2014 11:02 AM at 11:02 AM |

          Drunk dude, you want stupid? I’ll GIVE you stupid! Here is dipshit daines on coal. Dipshit can’t WAIT until Montana becomes a third world coal colony! But if we give this little fruity dude a colonyoscopy, we just might find that he’s a little closet fascist!

          What a piece of work this little pissant is!

        • Drunks for Denny | July 25, 2014 3:00 PM at 3:00 PM |

          No, you and a couple of other environmental whack jobs are against mining. The overwhelming majority of Montanans support mining.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 25, 2014 7:43 PM at 7:43 PM |

            Wrong again, Drunk Dude! You know that I respect your opinion, and always look forward to it. But here’s the deal. Dipshit Daines is a fruity little pretender! I challenge the forum to beat MY ancestors in the mining department! Great granddad? Coal miner. Both granddads? Coal miners. Dad? Coal miner. Wife’s side the very same, except that her great granddad started mining coal in Scotland at age seven! And was a neighbor to John L. Lewis in this country! He once borrowed money from John.

            Nope, Drunk Dude, I can say with certainty that my ancestors and my wife’s spent WAY MORE time underground mining coal than those of Dipshit Daines, the fruity little pretender! Lil’ Fruity is simply a corporate fascist suck up!

  6. Walsh also says that he was suffering from PTSD at the time, having just returned from Iraq, but made it very clear that he won’t blame his mistake on PTSD.

    Only an apparatchik could write a sentence like that with a straight face. Still, the way we qualify people in our society is a borefest, asking them to bask in the sunshine of received wisdom and pretend it’s original thought. The military has to be crushing of the intellect, as by definition they live and breathe commands from higher up and have no minds of any use. Worse yet, new recruits are broken down, desensitized, indoctrinated and given a gun … Any who think for themselves are considered outliers.

    A man with a long military career, like Walsh, has to be a crushing bore. If he plagiarized, it probably spiced up his work.

    Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Bill Gates … College dropouts .

    • Conspiracy! Perhaps you should go over to 4and20blackbirds and hold forth there where your views would likely be welcomed with open arms. BTW I see the Flathead Memo, Intelligent Discontent, and Cowgirl have all removed that particular source of nonsense from their sites.

      • That’s a stupid comment and it does not set well with me, and you end up with hurt feelings and all angry and wondering why you ever messed with me. You ain’t up to it, I can tell. Go away, Fredo.

        Yeah, I know this place does not like people who don’t drink the water. Your problem, not mine. I am very proud to have pissed off Conner, Pogreba, and the Cowgirl. I choose my enemies, and choose to expose them for the hacks they are.

  7. I mostly agree with this. Although you forgot to add how reporters are going to tie themselves in knots trying to think of ways to “get in” on the story. Calling those who wrote the 20 year old papers, calling Walsh’s third grade teacher for comment, analyzing whether he should be replaced by Bullock with a new candidate, interviewing disgruntled dems who will through him under the bus because they are jealous that they aren’t U.S. Senate candidates. Etc. etc and so on.

  8. I know a guy who “won” a Bronze Star running a motor pool.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 24, 2014 8:46 PM at 8:46 PM |

      Hell, that was common, Drifter. I knew guys who won the bronze for not being drugged out losers! They showed up to post sober, and did their jobs. And that was enough. True story. I know.

  9. Hmm. Montana Cowgirl must be peopled by Democratic staffers. They’re closing ranks, desperately trying to spin this story into “everyone does it!” Was it Orwell who called politics “the defense of the indefensible”? I think it was.

    An academic committee at the War College has already begun looking at Walsh’s case. If their enquiry tends toward the conclusion that his M.A. should be revoked, he’s absolutely done. And the revelation that he’s currently on anti-depressants won’t help his case any.

    Denise Juneau declined to run when first asked. Under these extreme circumstances, I suspect she might be brought around. She’d bring it to Daines in a way that Walsh, even before the scandal, couldn’t.

    I’m a lifelong Democrat. I want someone to beat Daines. If I thought Walsh could beat him I’d gleefully adopt the party establishment line. But he can’t and I won’t.

    • I like Denise Juneau, I think she’s a fantastic Superintendent of Schools, but I don’t think she’s a good enough fundraiser to run for higher office at this time. Wonderful woman definitely!

      • Why couldn’t the money Walsh raised go to his replacement? Would that be legal?

        • I don’t know, seems deceptive to the donors. But even if it were legal, this race is going to take a whole lot more money than Walsh has in the bank right now. And campaign finance reports for Juneau shows she’s never raised more than $150k or so.

          • Don’t get me wrong – I think she would be a great U.S. Senator – I just don’t think she has demonstrated herself as a good enough fundraiser – YET anyway.

            • Beth, If Denise decided to run as an emergency candidate, she’d get a lot of money, mostly from smaller donors like me. But maybe big donors, too. There’s a lot of fear nationwide of the R’s taking over the Senate.

              I contributed early on to Walsh because there seemed to be no alternative. But since he’s self-destructed, Juneau seems just the ticket. She’d definitely get my money and, I suspect, some of yours.

  10. BTW, your Samuel Johnson reference might not be meaningful to some people. Given how the party apparatchiks are using patriotism as some sort of shield for Walsh, Johnson’s quote bears repeating, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” The War College board of inquiry will not have any of that transparent defense.

  11. You loved my Denny On The Rocks, so turnabout ids fair play!

    Post-Plagiaristic Stress Disorder

    Soon-to-be-former Senator Walsh is depressed
    ‘Cause Montana voters won’t be impressed
    That he copied his Masters,
    Just one of many disasters
    From the Appointed One – Post Traumatically Stressed!

    Walsh needed a tear-jerking excuse
    For treating the rules fast and loose
    He thought long and hard
    Then played the “P.T.S.D. Card”
    To atone for his plagiaristic abuse.

    He should imitate old Senator Max
    Who was good at defending attacks…
    Just mumble and laugh,
    Date a lawyer on your staff,
    Then off to China to represent Goldman Sachs!
    ©H@®£€$ µ£¥§€$ f€N€¥

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 24, 2014 8:42 PM at 8:42 PM |

      Feeney you weeny! Speaking of plagiarizing, you STOLE the title Denny on the Rocks from me, dufus! Now don’t lie. Where did you GET that title, lil’ plaigaer dude?

      p.s. I liked your poem though. Pretty good.

    • Chuck, I hope you don’t mind but I put your poem on my Facebook page.

  12. How many jobs exactly did Daines ship over to China between…what was it, 1991 and 1997? We know that people working 24 years at some of those Proctor & Gamble factories were laid-off. One poor woman lost her P&G job in California in 1988 then again in Maryland in 1994. After that she moved to a P&G factory in Guangzhou, one Daines no doubt had a large part in opening.

    Something tells me that she’s not there anymore as I’m sure the Daines/P&G apparatus has found a way to reduce her utility further, er…sorry, cut costs.

    If Walsh wants to do battle on the TV over this then I suggest he totally bypass any defense or mention of this and really come up with ways to turn Daines’ perceived positives into negatives.

  13. In the words of Robert Saldin, UM political science professor.

    “I think it’s going to have a major impact,” said University of Montana political science professor Robert Saldin. “It totally undermines his credibility. The plagiarism is obvious, it’s blatant, and it’s massive in scope. It’s the kind of thing that I would consider totally scandalous and entirely unacceptable from an 18-year-old undergrad, fresh out of high school.”

    He said the plagiarism directly undermines the appeal of the 53-year-old Mr. Walsh, a retired Army colonel and former adjutant general of the Montana National Guard.

    “I think it’s devastating,” said Mr. Saldin. “It totally undercuts his credibility, his honesty, and those were things that were shaping up to be real strengths of his in the campaign.”

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 24, 2014 9:47 PM at 9:47 PM |

      Jesus, just Jesus! Who tol’ you first?! ME, thas who! Remember, way back when, when I uttered the now prophetic words, “the Dims had to go nazzi for the win” when they appointed from on high johnwalsh?! Well, I was ROUNDLY and SEVERLY criticized and chastised for saying that.

      And now, WHO YA GONNA BELIEVE?! I was right on. But wait! How did I now?? Well, I served, un LIKE many of the Dims attacking me.

      And now, I really must ask. How’d THAT turn out for you, Dims??? Hey, quitter paddy wms., how you and the Dim party doin’ these days??? What a bunch-o buffoons and morons! The Baucasonians of the Dim party sabotaged the ONLY hope the party had in Montucky, Brian Schweitzer. And now, just LOOK at the shizer stain this party has become thanks to max and pady quitter Williams! They deserve to lose to a fruity pretender like dipshit daines! If ya didn’t come to fight, get the F*CK outta the way and let the REAL Dims do the job! We tried the paddy quitter wms. mini barfus way. How’d THAT work out for you?

      Shit. Shit and jumpin’ Jesus. If they Dims in this state get any dimmer, it’s game OVER!

      And speakin’ of Jesus, meet BLACK Jesus! Luv it.

  14. I feel sad that no one will stand up for Walsh in the media after all he has done for is. Isn’t there anyone with the backbone to speak up for him?

    • Done for us I mean.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 25, 2014 7:56 AM at 7:56 AM |

        Um, Dana, with all due respect, I must challenge the notion that johnwalsh has done much for us. It’s total fascist bull crap to think that military service must be held up as some sort of great service to the country. It’s not. And hasn’t been since the end of WWII. The militarization of our country and culture is sickening to watch. The TRUE heroes of this country are the people who are outing there working every day to make this country a better place to live. The military exists ONLY to enrich the military industrial complex, which is stealing all the wealth of this country. It’s legalized theft! And it’s why we can’t have nice things, like health care, good, decent public schools, good infrastructure, etc. The trillions spent alone on the boondoggle F-35 could have done great good for the country. Instead, what do we get? A plane that can’t even leave the ground! Screw the military before it screws us! And walsh was a willing participant in it. Career military people should NEVER, EVER be allowed near law making bodies at the national level, for they have been fully indoctrinated into the military industrial complex. And that is why I immediately rejected the walsh nomination. The military is NOT America! And a militaristic America is simply fascism! The morons flying their little Murcan flags every day from their porches are simply to stupid to understand their own history. And that’s real sad!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 24, 2014 9:52 PM at 9:52 PM |


  15. Hang in there Gen. Walsh! Even though you will have a tough couple of days, you still have lots of us out here rooting for you.

  16. Walsh’s candidacy is certainly problematic, but it is the end of an era. Lots of really dynamic Dems are running for office. The trick going forward is to distinguish between a candidate whose characteristics are assembled to attract center -right swing voters in a blatant political marketing effort from one who wants to represent people and lead us all forward.

    • “characteristics are assembled to attract center -right swing voters in a blatant political marketing effort…”

      Sounds like exactly the things we need to take that Hi-Line and Bakken Region back and get ahold of that 2015 legislature. Or do you want to wait until 2017 to give that a try?

  17. Well maybe people should just vote None Of The Above in the US Senate race. I can’t trust either candidate.

  18. There’s a sub story here that’s been completely ignored. Walsh admits to currently taking anti-depressant medication and in the past has suffered from PTSD. We don’t know what his current status is. He has also gone on record as favoring background checks to make sure that weapons do not fall into the hands “of the mentally ill.” Under Toomey-Manchin, which his party calls “common sense”, he would have been barred from purchasing or possessing a gun. So has he turned in his guns yet? Can we really trust a Senator that doesn’t think he should be trusted with a gun?

    It’s not that he plagiarized that should disqualify him. It’s that he had the bad judgement to do so, for whatever reason.

    • I’m sorry but this is just ridiculous. When you push the boundries of believability, your attack backfires, as you have done here.

    • Boondoggie, your Republicant fear of science is showing. You obviously understand nothing about PTSD or mental illness. Even if you did, your expectation of what Toomey-Manchin says is complete NRA bullshit. Take your gun-grabber terrors elsewhere. They are completely misplaced here.

    • surelyyoujest11 | July 25, 2014 3:42 PM at 3:42 PM |

      That is a mis-reading of Manchin-Toomey. Had M-T passed, Walsh would still be able to legally purchase guns.

      • Have you actually read Manchin-Toomey? Or are you just going by what you’ve heard from The Daily Kos?

        You might want to take a look at the powers to study and determine what adjudicated as mentally ill it granted. Since many states have already determined that having a prescription for a mental illness disqualifies you from gun ownership, this proposed law was plenty vague enough to allow it to happen at the federal level. Given what this administration has been willing to do without legislative authorization…

        • surelyyoujest11 | July 28, 2014 9:14 AM at 9:14 AM |

          Yes, I have read it. You may have read it but clearly you don’t understand it. What you said in your initial post, that Walsh would not be able to buy guns, is not what is contained within M-T and is factually false.

  19. While I’ve never thought that John Walsh was the “best” candidate, the thought of Steve Daines being our next Senator makes me want to vomit. So I’m going to hold my nose and vote for Walsh. Even after this.

    But it makes me really really sad. I’m not happy with his “explanation”. Or his “excuse” or whatever it was for the plagiarism.

    But what a double standard we have. Rand Paul seems to have (and apparently continues to this day) plagiarized every speech and editorial he has given or written over the course of several years. Blowback? Almost none. Hits to his popularity? Hardly. Damage to his credibility? He’s still being talked about as a candidate for the Presidency. A very viable candidate. And what excuse/explanation did Paul give? First he denied it. Then he blamed it on his staffers. Then he attacked the media. Then he ignored it. Then he finally was forced to admit that he might possibly have made a “mistake”. Maybe. But maybe not and anyway it wasn’t fair for anyone to be even talking to him about this stuff so moving on here… And then he did just that and the subject has just been dropped.

    Of course John Walsh did this on an academc paper. And he admitted it right away. And his degree rests on it.

    So of course it’s completely and totally different and he should be drawn and quartered and run out of town and dismembered and never allowed to hold public office and why is he there anyway he should resign and and and and and huff and puff and

    well you get the picture.

    I agree there are some differences between the two of them.

    But on the whole, I would still vote for John Walsh over Rand Paul given the choice,
    and in this case, I will vote for John Walsh over Steve Daines since that IS my choice. He did make a mistake, and yes it is a big one. I don’t know why he did it, but when confronted – he didn’t try to hide from it, blame others, or pretend it didn’t happen. He took responsibility right away. More than I can say for some others. I don’t like it. But I’m sure not going to compound it by voting for that jerk Republican.

  20. IOKIYAAR is a new one to me Rob, so I had to look it up – :)

    I was hoping something would happen to shake up this race a little, as it was settled in with Daines holding leads in the polls, and boredom setting in. This has got to be the last thing the Walsh Campaign was hoping for, and I suspect the next polls will start showing Walsh with Dennis McDonald-like numbers of around 41-59.

  21. I never could understand why Walsh was selected to fill the empty seat anyway. He’s not much of a Democrat from what I’ve seen of his policy positions and votes. No real appeal, and I wasn’t going to be able to force myself to vote for him anyway. I think the Democratic Party would be wise to find a replacement asap. August deadline? Go for it! Too bad that we’ll most likely be stuck with Daines, but say what you will, Walsh has already lost the race. DIsappointing stance, Cowgirl.

  22. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 26, 2014 9:40 PM at 9:40 PM |

    You can see youranus from here! Her! craigy’s people! And remember, this crazy beeyatch was one heartbeat away from the preziduncy! craigy and skinflute have some splainin’ to do! I mean, what the F! kinda party could have nominated THIS crazyass beehatch to be vice presidunce?? The PUBBIE party, thas who!

    You own her, craigy, skinflute. FLAUNT her! She is the intellectual shining light in the christofascist ReePube party! Your gal. And she’s at LEAST as smart as Herr Schtinke, the Pube barking seal! Enjoy. I did!

    Allah works in mysterious ways. He makes some people dumb as DOG sh*t! Why? It’s a mystery!!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 26, 2014 9:47 PM at 9:47 PM |

      Sarah, Herr Schtinke’s SOUL mate! Go Pubes! You wanted the Teat Party. You GOT the Teat party! This broad is Herr SCHTINKE dumb! And the Pubes and Herr Ryan Schtinke, the barking seal, are just SO proud to be ASSociated with sarah and the inbreds from GOD!

      Oh sweet Jesus how did America get this f*cking STOOPID???? Good question!

  23. John Walsh might as well have a plagiarized Masters to go along with his fake Bachelors Degree. He has misled the public about his undergraduate study as well. New York Regents College was used by several National Guardsmen to obtain Bachelors. It was used by guardsmen that wanted a quick degree without doing any work. A person could send in GRE scores, CLEP tests, and any military training records/certificates including Basic Training records, New York Regents would magically convert life experience to a Bachelors Degree. John Walsh is not only no academic, he is a fraud, but that doesn’t seem to bother voters. Elizabeth Warren seemed to have no problem getting elected.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 26, 2014 11:05 PM at 11:05 PM |

      It’s called the lesser of two weasels, Baloney Sombrero! And as it turns out, OUR weasel is nearly as weasely as YOUR weasel, dipshit daines! And that really sucks. But your gratuitous attack on Elizabeth Warren proves that when they passed out brains, you was out back in the out house takin’ a dick cheney! Hope everhtin’ turned OUT alright for you on that one!

  24. I love how some of our Democratic people act so puritan in a world of politics, that has nothing on the right or left at times but if it were a true scale of justice the GOP would have broken it with the wieght of their corruption. Its a college Paper for goodness sakes. Nothing in that paper kept John Walsh from doing his duty to protect America…. Nothing!

    Lets just talk Plagiarizing from the Right for a second this year alone shall we. Done on Camera and shown in all its glory on TV:

    Republicans Are Plagiarizing From Plagiarist Sen. Rand Paul

    There Is An Epidemic Of Republicans Plagiarizing From Rand Paul

    Sp Rand Paul gets to keep doing it on Television??? Really GOP! If your gonna go after John Walsh who didn’t do it publicly, while Rand Paul it in front of Cameras… Throw him out on his ass first??

    Yeah Waiting?

    Then there is Eric Cantor Who Plagiarized 2011 Obama speech

    What bothers me the most is almost every Democrat that is complaining was a Indoctrinated Dirk Adams or John Bolinger voter. Two guys who have fallen off the planet since the primary because they were never Democrat in the first place. ….
    They were plants of the GOP like so many of our state races. You dummies drank the Kool-aid. You believe that people like them would wave a magic wand and POOF… all would be better.

    And the republicans… still as extreme as ever and ignore all the corruption in their party. They don’t mind a guy like Steve Daines who has been voting no on education, food for poor seniors and children, Gutting the Consumer Safety agency, Privatizing social security, and lately telling veterans with his votes to “F” off and die. They gotta love a guy who believes on shutting down the Government like Daines did costing Montana $00 million in just 17 days. Imagine what a gut like that with his extreme Ilk could do if they had more time.

    Naw I am not a puritan, I’m a realist!

    John Walsh is still the best man for the Job. Id rather have a guy who would roll up his sleeves and help out, then have me and my state get sold out by someone like Daines!

    Any day of the week

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 26, 2014 10:49 PM at 10:49 PM |

      Norma, I’ll ask the same question again. I have been around Dem politics in Montana for some forty plus, and I had NEVER heard of a johnwalsh? So, the question remains. what gives? What the friggin’ hell is a johnwalsh??? This guy looks for all the world to be a Mini Barfus insider! A Baucus selection! And thas no good! Screw the johnwalsh and let’s get a real Dem in there! You see, Norma, this is still Montana. You DON’T get to take cuts to the head of the line without paying your dues. This bozo, gen. bozo, is an embarrassment to our state! He AIN’T no John Melcher, Lee Metcalf, nor Mike Mansfield. He is more like Sen. Cornhole Burns!

      I would love to have Schweitzer come in and WHOOP up on this cluster f*ck that mini barfus has left the state in! And I hope he does.

  25. Correction: By the way the money lost by Daines shutting down the government last october cost this state 400 Million in 17 days. Imagine if he and his tea bagging cronies had more time!

    Lastly let me leave you Equivalency experts with a little list done in an article by the Daily Kos
    That’s just who they caught from that Party in three years!

  26. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 27, 2014 7:25 AM at 7:25 AM |

    And God said, IMPEACH that n**ger!

    Chap. I, verse I from the Book of Sarah.

    Yes folks, craigy’s peeps are dumber than doggy doo doo! And this one is the smartest one in the room! Enjoy.

  27. For Larry, you know nothing about me or my political persuasion, I called out a couple people with zero integrity. In general politicians are power hungry narcissists, a few are OK. This is the last time I will state a fact on this website, it seems you dominate the conversation with slander and insults. I said absolutely nothing about Cheney or Daines, so don’t put words in my mouth. What I said about Walsh was factual. I can list numerous examples about lack of integrity with Republicans, Independents, Tea Party etc. but the discussion was about Walsh.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 27, 2014 7:31 AM at 7:31 AM |

      Then, why the attack on Elizabeth Warren? You made the statement, so I challenge you to now show her lack of integrity.

  28. Sorry, I used her as an example of a candidate that was caught in a lie, but the voters didn’t’ seem to care. Anybody that knowingly uses falsehoods on a resume, lacks integrity, she was just the one that came to mind.

  29. Elisabeth Warren said she was Native American on an application for acceptance to a University to take advantage of Native American quotas. She was called on it and said she thought she was because she had high cheekbones and was from Oklahoma. Her heritage was researched and she was not even 1/32 Native American. In my book that is a huge lack of integrity and totally selfish, she obviously wasn’t concerned about the actual Native American that might have needed the leg up.

    • Her mother told her she had Native American ancestors, and she believed her mother. My mother, who grew up in the Texas panhandle, was told the same thing by her mother, although given my eyes are blue and my hair light brown I’ve always been skeptical. Elizabeth Warren loved and honored her mother and thus did not question her mother’s account of her family’s ancestry. Perhaps she should have been more skeptical, but that doesn’t make her a fraud. It makes her a daughter who loved her mother. That’s a trait that most of us admire.

  30. Here’s a letter that I WISH John Walsh would write:

    July 27, 2014

    An Open Letter to the People of Montana:

    It is with very deep regrets that I’ve decided to withdraw my name from the 2014 Montana senatorial election. I’m thankful for all the support so many of you have given me. It was my privilege to have gone this far with you in trying, alongside Sen. Jon Tester, to bring Montana values to the U.S. Senate.

    I will continue to serve at Montana’s junior senator until my term expires in 2015 or until Governor Bullock asks me to stand down.

    I’m withdrawing because it is obvious that an indiscretion of mine while I was attending the War College a few years ago is going to be a large distraction in the upcoming election. It is no longer possible for me to talk about issues that are important to Montanans while constantly having to defend myself against attacks based on my indiscretion.

    I hope a replacement for me will be named very soon. We Democrats need to put up someone for Senate who will be able to effectively oppose the toxic, backward-looking positions of the Republican candidate.

    Highest regards,
    John Walsh, Senator

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 27, 2014 2:10 PM at 2:10 PM |

      Great letter! But it will never get the max barfus seal of approval! The Barfus wing of the Dim party are still calling the shots. And rightly so. They were bought and PAID for by the corporations looong ago. Now, the Barfus wing of the Dim party are private property, and hence, considered such by their owners! Private property rights trump all else. If gen. whishy walshy resigns, then it’s a takings! And the corporate fascists should be compensated for their loss!

      • Max could have WAITED a year before going to give our economy away to China!! He would
        have kept the seat, and given Dems MORE time to search out a replacement that Bullock could
        appoint in 2015……………Thanks Max, brilliant thinking!

  31. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 27, 2014 2:17 PM at 2:17 PM |

    IMPEACH THE NI**ER! I really don’t see what the holdup is. The Pubes cannot govern effectively, and it shows! I mean, the country screwed up and elected a darkie by accident, and now, they can’t even freakin’ IMPEACH him! THAT, my fellow Murcans, is piss poor leadershit! What does he have to do to get these Teatard house members off their fat asses?! I don’t get it. There’s still time. Pubbies, DO YOUR DUTY! Im PEACH that uppity yuppy!

  32. The Washington Post awards 4 P’s to Walsh over this shameful matter.

    But most disturbingly, the paper’s recommendations are lifted word for word from a 2002 paper titled “Democratic Mirage in the Middle East,” which was written by four scholars at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. In this case, there is no attribution offered at all, although this work is cited in other parts of Walsh’s report.

    Walsh’s paper was submitted in order to get a master’s degree, but just about every high school student is taught that the conclusions of a research paper are supposed to reflect your own ideas. So this is not a matter of simply failing to include a footnote — in fact, conclusions are generally not supposed to have footnotes — but about theft of intellectual property. It’s about plagiarism.

    On top of that, the campaign statement scolds the media for incorrectly referring to the paper as a “thesis,” as if that is even an important issue. Instead of acknowledging the plagiarism, the statement suggests Walsh’s military career somehow trumps academic errors.

    The Web site offers useful descriptions of types of plagiarism, which it describes as “an act of fraud” that “involves both stealing someone else’s work and lying about it afterward.” Two key examples of plagiarism are demonstrated repeatedly through Walsh’s paper: “copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit” and “failing to put a quotation in quotation marks.”
    …By claiming this was merely a case of incorrect citations, Walsh’s campaign seeks to minimize the extent of his academic transgressions. But it is clear he engaged in blatant and extensive plagiarism, in apparent violation of the academic code of the War College.

    Walsh told the Times he would “consider” apologizing to the authors whose work he stole, but this news release suggests he and his campaign have not yet come to grips with the extent of the problem. This simply cannot be shrugged off as a simple “mistake.” (We obviously cannot determine whether it was an “unintentional mistake,” as the statement claims, but on the face of the evidence that one quarter of the report was plagiarized, that seems like a stretch.)

    Presumably a lawyer or two advised the campaign that a clear admission of plagiarism would open the senator up to liability or military discipline. But that’s no excuse, especially given the fact that the paper’s conclusions were stolen from other authors.
    Four Pinocchios

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 27, 2014 4:56 PM at 4:56 PM |

      Shameful I tell ya! He’s acting like a Pubbie!…….and well he may be, who knows? I’d never heard of the guy, and I at least am familiar with all the big name Dems in the state. I’d sure like to know how he got picked, and why max picked him!

      Now, craig, can you explain just WHAT dipshit daines did at Rightwingnow Technologies? For you see, dipshit is guilty of some BIG time misrepresentations himself, yet no one seems to be willing to publish it! He was a nothing little man who had a nothing little part in that company, yet to hear him tell it, he WAS the company! He and his handlers are lying their asses off! He’s exactly like walsh, lying to get a job! We don’t need either one of them!

      And regarding walsh’s medals, it’s important to understand some things about them.

      “Highlighting a Bronze Star as an award for his Iraq time is likely disingenuous and implies it was a big deal. Nothing I’ve read says he earned a Bronze Star with V Device. If it isn’t a Bronze Star with Valor, then his medal was a standard end of tour award for a Battalion Cdr. No different than thousands of other folks who served in Iraq. If he did earn it with a V Device, then it’s a different story though I’d like to read the history of his Bn’s efforts in Iraq.”




      7/25/2014 3:32 PM MDT

      “Exactly right. I have one of those bronze stars myself, for a short stint as a company clerk, nothing for my longer combat duty. Unfortunately, the general public thinks they’re all for valor, when that’s the exception. And too many veterans go along with it. I guess it goes along with “They’re all heroes.”

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 27, 2014 5:16 PM at 5:16 PM |

        Too bad we couldn’t put Dipshit Daine’s JOB claims in this device! That would be quite revealing! Lil’ stevey didn’t really DO what he claims to have done! Is that much worse than what walsh did? No to me.

      • Actually Walsh seems to be taking his cues from fellow Dem Anthony Weiner.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 27, 2014 9:24 PM at 9:24 PM |

          ACTUALLY, craigy, it’s you Pubes that have a character problem! Sure, walsh is a flunky, and not a very bright one at that. But he’s a WAY better candidate for anything over the luminaries in the ReePube party!

          Again, would SOME one from the Dim hierarchy please explain how you bozos selected this idiot to run??? I really want to know! Was it paddy quitter wms.?, or max barfus? Who? Who was the supreme asshole that came UP with this guy? When I heard him speak, I KNEW he was a loser! He’s ’bout as articulate as sister sarah palin! And that may be good enuff for the military, but NOT a senator from Montana!

          • Max really SCREWED us!! He could have easily kept the Senate seat, and THEN get
            an appointment to play in China and then Bullock could have had a replacement for YEARS, not months!!!!!!!

            As for our local FIBUNE in GF, there singular focus on Walsh’s laps is certainly REPREHENSIBLE, as it’s a virtual endorsement for Daines, and where was FIBUNE
            to call out Daines for his DIRECT action (Daines signed on to Teabag plan to
            shutdown) on shutting down our Government which certainly was REPREHENSIBLE, and that shutdown actually HARMED businesses, denied medical care for many AND caused no VA claims to get processed!!!! Daines, you’re a fraud.

  33. Too bad the New York Times can’t report how it got the story on Walsh.
    Reporters there have more important things to do with their time than sift through obscure academic papers written years ago by an obscure Montana senator. So it was likely the product of a Republican investigative boiler room — probably Koch-funded — and the Times then becomes an agent of the GOP — keeping its sources secret — and helping to give one of Montana’s senate seats to a true right-wing ideologue, Steve Daines, which is something they don’t investigate and report about.


      Whether it was the New York Times who performed this laborious search or whether it was done by Republican opposition researchers and the results just passed along to a reporter is really immaterial. It doesn’t matter who baked the cookies when you’re caught with your hand in the jar, in other words. The point is the plagiarism was found and has now been exposed. Walsh has no ready explanation.

    • I agree that GOP oppo researchers probably dug up the story and handed it to the Time. But as Craig notes, who tipped the Times to the story is immaterial. If a Dem oppo guy had tipped the Times to a story that a well known Republican Governor had, say, paid someone to write his masters thesis, the Times would have looked into it and published a story if the facts checked out. Don’t blame the Times. There wouldn’t be a story if Walsh hadn’t plagiarized parts of his paper.

      • Do you think the ‘Fibune’ will dig DEEP into Daines history, which was I was admit ‘partly’ skimmed
        when he got into the ‘House of Ill Repute’ (Congress, lower house), but what’s media doing now
        to dig? It really took a GOP ‘hit-team’ to find an obscure paper for an obscure senator, BUT I’m
        sure they had help from inside Helena, especially from ‘Fox fixated’ militarists.

  34. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 28, 2014 6:36 AM at 6:36 AM |

    Now that’s exactly what we need. A dipshit like daines who believes in creationism making NUKlear policy! Jesus help us! Dipshit daines al READY makes the national comedy circuit! Atta boy, diphsit!

  35. I was truly saddened to see this post on the MT Cowgirl Blog. I used to respect many of the opinions posted here. Only those who are blatant partisans can lightly dismiss what Walsh did. I can’t stand the thought that on of Montana’s senate seats was just handed to a quasi Tea Partier like Daines. However, what we need right now is politician who are honored and principled and will stand up for us and not just lookout for themselves and by extension the moneyed interests who get them elected. If Walsh had admitted his dishonesty and apologized I might have been able to forgive what he did. However, him blaming it on PTSD is pathetic and demeaning to those who served and as a result acquired a serious mental condition.

    I personally would rather see the MT Democratic Party do the honorable thing by dismissing Walsh and losing with someone who has integrity. Might as well make some kind of statement as the senatorial race now is all but lost.

    • I agree completely, Fred. I’d like to see a movement to draft Denise Juneau. She might lose (underfinanced, etc.), but she’d at least be a candidate we could be proud of.

  36. Kinda slow in Liberal World all of a sudden, isn’t it?

    The fact remains, Walsh was simply a vote-getter pick, to “militarize” the Democrats a little. Then, Max goes to China (pushed there by leadership tired of Max’s gaffes) and Steve isn’t going to give the seat to Gaydar Schweitzer, no sirreeeeeee. Whom does he anoint without riling up one or another faction of the Montana Democrat establishment? What’s his safe bet? Walsh.

    Ooops. Wrong choice. Now for the consequences, and I’m cool with that.

    • Just curious – I appreciate your cynics m about Democrats, warranted and worthy, but you mentioned a bunch of names here, Walsh, Baucus, Schweitzer. Do any of them have financial backers? Do Financial backers have any sway over candidates? Is it possible that candidates are being anointed not by otehr candidates or political parties, but my the money people?

      Because it seems to me that once the election is over and people turn off politics, that’s all that is going on is elected officials working for various centers of private wealth ad power. And if that is the case, ought we not be looking at who finances them rather than who votes for them?

  37. “having just returned from Iraq”
    Wasn’t this TWO YEARS after he returned from Iraq?

    • “Having just returned from participating in massive war crimes against Iraq, including aggressive war, torture, perfidy… ” and being a good soldier, not having actually thinking about what his country was doing, just followink orders …

      Good grief. Why do we admire such lameheadedness?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 29, 2014 10:16 PM at 10:16 PM |

      It’s rumored that the Rangers were down in White Sulphur today making a recon of the proposed Canadian cluster f*ck called the Tintina mine, or some such. It’s also rumored that the local law enforcement came over to meet the Rangers, and were very impressed. They told the Rangers that they were big fans, and then asked the Ranges to wait for a few minutes while they ran and got something. The Rangers agreed, and the sheriff came back with a picture of the Rangers from that Arena article some twenty years ago when they were fighting the mine on the Blackfoot. And then, the sheriff did something amazing and weird. He produced a picture from that article and asked the Rangers to autograph it! And said that it wasn’t every day that they met a legend!

      True story. And a very sad story for the investors in the cluster fluck mine that they want to put on the Smith River. You see, what the moronic investors in Tintina Resources DON’T understand is that the final part of the permitting process is when the Rangers say it’s OK. And sorry for your little girlie investors, Tintina, WE say NOW WAY! There’s NO way that the Rangers will permit a nasty, vile, evil, polluting mine on the Smith River! End of story.

      It’ll be another war zone before we allow that to happen. Are Tintina’s iverstors REALLY ready for a Blackfoot redux? We are! And are hungry for it!

      So, you investors in Titina, you’d BETTER ask the local law enforcement down there in White Sulphur what transpired today, for it is a portent of things to come. And investing in a portent AIN’T always the best investment!

  38. Dirk Adams is delinquent on property taxes in Park County.

    • Lynn, you might give a pass to R Paul over his civilian transgression, but I don’t. Never liked the guy. That being said comparing his civilian plagiarism with violating the UCMJ by a uniformed colonel are apples and oranges. With the DoD taking the reigns, and given Walsh’s letter of reprimand over pressuring those under his command to contribute to a lobbying organization, Walsh may be in for a very bumpy road. Theft of property, plagiarism being theft of intellectual property, is directly addressed by the UCMJ as conduct unbecoming an officer.

  39. It would be good if Walsh would step down and let someone else at least give us a chance at the seat. I can’t believe what they’ve to us. I’m certainly not voting for Daines but he just lost my vote.
    I don’t have any respect for his military experience and I don’t have any respect for this kind of intellectual dishonesty. The military doesn’t make a distinction between education and training. Why should serving in stupid, wasteful and illegal wars provide useful experience for a Senator anyway? It’s almost as useless experience as making fortune selling mediocre software.
    Using PTSD as an excuse is an insult to those who really suffer from it. What is it about combat stress that causes one to be dishonest?
    Dirk Adams has real education and real world experience of a kind we could use in Washington.
    Daines is such an outrageous fool, I can’t believe the Democrats have done this to us. Step down Walsh.

    • “Dale”, I don’t disagree with your thesis. I disagree with your weeping. “The Democrats” didn’t do this to us. We did it to ourselves.

      Using PTSD as an excuse is an insult to those who really suffer from it. What is it about combat stress that causes one to be dishonest?

      Uhh, most who suffer from it are terribly dishonest, mostly with themselves and their loved ones. It is part of the disorder that cognitive functions are impaired, leading to dissociative behavior, dishonesty, inactivity (which many call ‘laziness’) and lack of empathy. Do you really think you know enough about PTSD to judge another’s honesty or integrity? I think not so much.

      I agree that Walsh should step aside and let someone else get clubbed like a baby seal in the election. Who knows, the drama might actually draw enough support at the polls for that other to make a showing. But please quit blaming everyone else for shit you didn’t see coming either, and quit blaming Walsh for your own judgments.

      • Hello Rob,
        I didn’t mean to be insulting, really. But ex-soldiers don’t have a monopoly on emotional disorders. And I have no disagreement with anything on your list except dishonesty.* I don’t know that you want to claim that military service is likely to make one dishonest, though it wouldn’t be surprising.
        I don’t disbelieve in PTSD. I just think he is a coward for hiding behind it.

        The fact is that the undergraduate and the graduate degrees for characters like Walsh are just so much intellectual bullshit. Nothing that would really prepare one for this office.

        Daines is a terrible candidate. A good candidate could have beaten him easily. He’s a creationist idiot after all. This one was for the Democrats to lose, and they just did.

        *I think “lack of empathy is actually sociopathic and more closely related to military service. Empathy and soldiering are rather contradictory, don’t we think?

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 30, 2014 10:21 PM at 10:21 PM |

          Agreed. And I’ve been saying the same thing for some time now. The Dims ran a freakin’ loser, and now, they must pay the price for stupidity. (I would still like to know who selected him. I’d lay you money it was Max Barfus.) Walsh really should just go away so that WE could select someone else. There’s lots of names out there. Any are better than Gen. Wishy Walshy!

    • Dirk Adams is delinquent on property taxes in Park County.

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