Funding the Fringe

Texas Fracking Brothers Fight to Force Their Religion into Montana Laws by Backing Right-Wing Legislative Candidates

by Cowgirl

Two Texas fracking billionaires who own land in Montana are again funneling hundreds of millions into right-wing causes and candidates after it was revealed that the Texans were the top donors to Montana legislative candidates last election cycle.  The brothers backed TEA Party and religious extremists with frightening beliefs.

The brothers own land in Montana, and their father is a right-wing pastor whose influence over state and federal laws they hope to spread- including the belief that rape victims should endure forced pregnancies. (Note: This extreme view is shared by none other than Steve Daines, who is on the record in favor of forcing women to bear children from rapists.   Remember last election cycle after Rick Santorum that told CNN that rape victims should suck it up and accept “the gift” that  “God has given to you”, Daines brought Santorum out to a fundraising event he had in Montana–with Santorum as the guest of honor.)

Anyway, back to the Wilks brothers scary views.  As Peter Montgomery, senior fellow at People For the American Way Foundation, writes of their dad who is a wingnut pastor at their church:

In his sermons, he decries “socialism” and argues that the Bible was grounded in the free market….He has suggested that the melting of the icecaps might be punishment for sin, and that President Barack Obama’s re-election may be a harbinger of the “end times.”

Besides being the largest donors to Montana legislative candidates, the Wilks brothers also gave $4 million to the parent organization of the Montana Family Foundation, a group which in turn worked to influence legislative races–including attack mailers in GOP primaries across the state. 

The MT Family Foundation is also crusading to dummy down education standards and keep discrimination against LGBT Montanans legal.  As the School Administrators of Montana have pointed out, the Montana Family Foundation claims that higher standards for reading and math are connected to the workings of “the United Nations, UNESCO, the ‘New World Order,’ Marxism, Globalism, Islam, etc.” and that the new, better standards are the culmination “of an envisioned future of  ‘dominant elites’ who have been working behind the scenes for over 100 years to ensure its adoption.”  The Family Foundation and its anti-illuminati cohorts also believe that celebrating bigotry by importing stale, greasy fast food from hundreds of miles away is a good idea.  Like the Wilks brothers, Greg Gianforte is also a major bankroller of the Montana Family Foundation.

But apparently Montana’s wingnut candidates are perfectly happy to do the bidding of out-of-state billionaires. In fact, a report by’s Amanda Harrow found that “70 percent of Republican legislators and 42 percent of the legislative body as a whole received contributions from the Wilkses during the 2012 election”–as did Attorney General Tim Fox.


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  1. Easy way to fix these assholes… season is upon us…..burn the bastards out.

  2. The way to stop this is to shine a light on the donations. Unfortunately, the report linked to above came out AFTER the election, not before. I agree with James. Richard is out of line.

  3. They funded Tea Party Pinocci this season, and he slammed responsible GOP Hagan out of
    his incumbent seat……..the ‘Frac Boyz’ also funded Hagan in 2012 so the ‘worm turns’…………so
    Montana – and GOP legislators – are certainly FOR SALE, the last best place for ‘Koch Brothers of the West’ to buy, especially when the likes of Senator Fielder wants the states to manage federal land so the
    states would then lease/SELL that to the likes of the Kochs and Wilks boyzzzzz.

    • Where did you find this- the campaign fiancé reports on the COPP website ? I looked for 2014 contributions in follow the money and they didn’t have any of that data yet – that I could find anyway.

      • You can find the Wilkes contribution to Tea Party Pinocci here..{855852F2-6287-4D63-85D4-02C1EBA3BEEF}&impersonate=true&objectStoreName=PROD%20OBJECT%20STORE&objectType=document

        Wilks have their wives, other family members ‘pile on’ the $160 donations per individual, chump change without Wilks having a PAC – yet.

  4. Why can’t well-off Democrats rent a billboard and put the names off everyone taking donations from these guys? Would that be illegal?

    • Perfectly legal………show how working-class GOP getting screwed voting against themselves and getting
      these toxic oligarchs and plutocrats into office like Daines and other ilk……….

      • The problem with this strategy is that the other party quickly puts up a billboard showing the money people backing your party. That’s why it is not done. They’re all filthy on both sides.

  5. No that would be legal- but it would require the MDP to stop spending so much on Walsh and start prioritizing legislative races…

  6. That’s so FREAKISH …!! I’m so sorry… It’s wrong to manipulate people in that way…

  7. Farris, JoAnn & Dan Wilks – CISCO, TX – each gave $170 to Senator Fielder’s hand pick for HD13 – ‘Fajita Bob’ Robert Brown. She wants to be sure she will have her ‘yes man’ in place in the House. Find Candidate Financial/Contribution Reports at – – last item under title ‘Featured Online Services.’

    • Wilks boys, and their wives – all part of the ‘corporate’ empire – pitched in $170 each x four, plus a daughter, other family OUT of Texas to Pinocci………a lot of his donations from OUT of his district! He also
      got $340 from the ‘Jesus walks with Dinosaurs’ Gainforte, the mentor of Daines and LOADED 1%
      oligarch…….we all KNOW Pinocci and others will be ‘on board’ for favors to Oil, Gas, Frackers, Creationists,
      gun ‘lovers’, etc………

  8. Speaking of Steve D., ISO if he was in attendance, last night, w the dozen conservative House Rebublicans, meeting with mutineer Ted Cruz, to deny due process to children from three Nations, intentionally destabilized by, IMO, the USA.

    Didn’t Steve follow mutineer Cruz Controlled SHUTDOWN?

    Whats the big deal?
    Budgets soon run out. Do away with DACA?
    Let the State Government control Fed employees
    Under a new DACA
    a draconian DACA pitched by Senator Ted Cruz,
    Maybe last night to which dozen
    Conservative Republicans
    In OUR House of Representatives?

  9. You kids are screaming about 160 dollar checks, that’s what at most? Sixteen grand a pop? Four people, 64 grand? Heck, one federal PAC, Harry’s, spent an order of magnitude more on just one ad buy in the Tester Rehberg Fox race from a federal super PAC.
    This is such picayune hooey. Don’t be surprised if the Wilks fund a super PAC you’ve never heard of, right alongside Peter Lewis (oops, he’s dead, I think) Hansie Wyss, George Soros, those two Texas ambulance chasers, Tom Steyer etc etc.

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 3, 2014 6:40 PM at 6:40 PM |

    Why does God only talk to reetards and inbreds? I don’t get it. Maybe craigy or skinner could explain!

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