Stress Can Make You Sick And Stupid

by Carla Augustad

Greetings readers, and a great big thank-you to Cowgirl for letting me bunk up here while we are experiencing an undefined hiatus at LITW.

I choose to initiate myself by sharing some personal information with you so that you will have an idea of where I come from and what I care about.

I am a survivor of a childhood chained to a bunch of bratty boys that tormented me to no end. They spied on me, teased me, they read my diary. One time, they took that little diary and shared my private tween aged dreams and angst with anyone who would listen… Most of us in the neighborhood found out that I had “My First Bra” from a boy who grabbed it from a bag of groceries and waved it around up and down the street yelling that Carla had her first bra. The package really said “My First Bra”.

I was one of the 107 to contact Helena about the DPHHS hacking that occurredlast summer before there was any real news coverage of it. I was also a recipient of one of the letters sent from Oregon telling me that it is possible that my medical data could have been compromised. My Gmail account has been hacked so many times that I have begun to spam myself.

One email arrival last week began like this “It has come to our attention that an unauthorized outside party has obtained limited access to sensitive information stored on”… Nothing on its own could surpass

“…the most dangerous moment in human history…”

but I am not as calm as Vasili Arkhipov, and I  know that stress is responsible for a large percentage of accidents, illnesses, and injuries not to mention “cortical inhibition”.

Readers, what is your story?




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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 4, 2014 6:16 AM at 6:16 AM |

    Hey Dims, wanna see how to fight back? Well watch this! (no, it’s not paddy quitter wms., nor gen. wishy waslhy!)

    • Good Larrry, Dems get out of the fetal position, counter-attack and remind working folks just who
      are the tools of the Koch and Wilks Boyz…….which party says NO to a living wage, adequate healthcare
      and defending voting rights……..

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 4, 2014 2:42 PM at 2:42 PM |

        Can you BELIEVE that the fat, lardbutted, inbred Teatards where attempting to drown her out with chants of USA, USA? Just WHAT f*cking country do they think that we ALL live in?! I say fine. If you inbreds want to secede, well, go ahead and do it. But first, NO MORE fed money of any kind. And second, you must repatriate ALL the inbreds that have moved here to Montana and are sucking our social services dry! You want inbreds, you GOT’em! You get’em back! You deserve’em! I think that’s only fair. Starting with Pastord Chucky cheesey Bulbdim and his entire flock of flockers, and gen. Robert e. Skees, and continuing on right through Birther Bob, Pastord Hairass Slimes, and every single ONE of the southern inbreds in our Lege! That would be a win win situation! You rebels get your inbreds and racists back, and we get our STATE back!

  2. Carla- On behalf of readers and commenters here I’d like to welcome you to the Cowgirl Blog – many have read and enjoyed your work on Left in the West, so thanks so much for accepting my invitation to join me as a writer here! Looking forward to reading more great posts!

  3. I think the reason there has been so little enthusiasm among Democrats for this year’s election — and it’s reflected in the lack of interest in lefty blogging — is the Walsh affair. How can we get excited about a candidate for senate who has shown himself to be dull, dishonest, and generally unprepared?

    It’s now too late, probably, for Walsh to withdraw and let another Democrat run. I blame the party leadership for stubbornly sticking with a loser when they could’ve dumped him and recruited a potential winner (like Schweitzer or Juneau).

    Daines should be easy to beat. But not with a lightweight like Walsh.

    • Lightweight? Try deadweight. Wonder who else is gonna get pulled down the wormhole with him.

    • Turner, the primary turnout was ample proof of Democratic apathy well before the Walsh ‘scandal’. It seems all the party heads cared about was the percentage of victory in June. One thing I will give those party heads, including the governor, is that they seem to realize what is still lost on so many Democratic faithful: Daines was never and will never be easy to beat, evar! Frankly, the only person who stood a chance was Schweitzer, and Walsh was a good pick for runner-up. Beyond that, you have a deep slate of attractive losers.

      I wish people would get off the Juneau bandwagon. She is terrific in so many respects, but she stood and stands no chance against Daines. None. What is more important to me is that she like many others said “no, that is not a seat I want to run for.” So let’s all just quit fantasizing and keep her in the seat she does the most good in, hoping that someday she might just be Governor right here where it matters.

      • I can only speak for myself, Rob, but I had some optimism about a Democrat defeating Daines prior to the scandal — and it IS a scandal. Daines was never going to be easy to beat (I misspoke), but he would’ve been beatable by a disciplined, aggressive, smart candidate. Even Walsh could’ve been coached to approximate such a candidate.

        And Daines, though he’s well financed, is just a creationist idiot whose intellectual leader is Michele Bachman. Her caucus was the first one he joined after he went to DC. His weaknesses could’ve been brought into focus by the right candidate. Schweitzer could’ve definitely done it, and I suspect Denise might’ve been able to, too.

        But now? Sheesh!

        • Well, we do have the evidence produced by Tester that having a “Democrat” win just ain’t that big a difference in the sniff test department than having a Republican in office. So having Daines in and Walsh out is pretty much like having Tweedle dee in and Tweedle dum out, except that you guys might actually pay attention to what Daines is up to, a plus.

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