Clues About a Walsh Replacement?

by Cowgirl

Some terrific intrigue for my readers to nibble on this evening.

We had news today that a “source” is saying that Walsh is “deliberating” dropping out of the race.  This source could be any of many Montana political insiders and not necessarily one associated with the campaign.  But Walsh’s own spokesperson did seem hesitant to go so far as to say that Walsh is committed 100% to staying in the race for the long haul.   He also cancelled his public events for the next two days.  And, Walsh himself has not been visible this week and will not return calls.

I would suggest that all of this must mean there is a good chance that tomorrow Walsh will announce that he is leaving the race.  As James Conner points out, “Monday, 11 August, is the last day Walsh can withdraw from the ballot. The deadline for submitting a replacement candidate is 20 August.” Mr. Conner wrote a piece earlier today on this race at the Flathead Memo that’s worth reading. 

If none of this turns out to unfold as I am suggesting, then what we have instead is a bad case of disorganized crisis management.  It’s one or the other. It cannot be neither.

There’s another thing I learned tonight, courtesy of an astute tipster: Nancy Keenan’s name appears to have been fully scrubbed from the website of the political firm that she works for, Hilltop Public Solutions.  That’s a political consulting firm with an office in Billings as well as other cities around America.  This cannot be a coincidence.

Keenan would be an excellent candidate and presents us with a real shot at having a female as a top-tier elected official, the first since Judy Martz.  Keenan is a former Schools chief for Montana for two terms and former national head of NARAL Pro-Choice America, has been mentioned as one of the top replacement candidates.  She ran for Congress in 2000 and Denny Rehberg’s cronies tried to attack her for being a single woman and not having a family.

Denise Juneau, meanwhile, is a name that is being mentioned as well. She too would be a very strong candidate and would certain bring out not only progressive votes but also many female votes and many Indian votes too.

One final piece of intrigue.  Hilltop Public Solutions is, in addition to employing Keenan, the firm that has been doing all of Walsh’s campaign work, taking a hefty fee.  The firm is a collection of former Baucus and Tester staffers.  Much of what we are reading and seeing about Walsh today–the sources, the spokespeople, etc.–is the work of this firm.   So if Walsh has reached the end of the line, he is, in his final hours,  depending on a workforce with a serious conflict of interest.  It’s interesting if nothing else.  And it’s proof again that politics is a place where self interest always lurking.  I suppose, however, that I can’t blame them for wanting to dump him in favor of Keenan, who will most certainly hire back the firm, which is her former employer.

More important, if Keenan is the indeed the deal, it’s good news all around and it’s about as good a way for Democrats to spin out of this entire episode as anyone could have hoped for.  She has a lot of energy and spunk, is smart, can raise money, and will talk bluntly and straight.


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  1. A slight correction. Monday, 11 August, is the last day Walsh can withdraw from the ballot. The deadline for submitting a replacement candidate is 20 August.

    If Walsh is going to withdraw from the ballot, the sooner the better for his replacement.

  2. Thank you excellent point – I’m going to update this post.

  3. Is there anyone in Montana left who doesn’t know that the “anonymous sources” in these politico hit pieces are either Matt McKenna, Barrett Kaiser, Jim Messina, or a combo of the three?

  4. Drunks for Denny | August 5, 2014 9:40 PM at 9:40 PM |

    If Nancy Keenan is indeed the new U.S. Senate candidate, I will send her the check that the Walsh campaign has endlessly spammed me for but has never received.

    • I’ll save my money for a Butte Irish Spitfire, go Keenan who has the right and ‘chops’ ever since
      being savaged by dumb Denny…….

  5. I am a huge Nancy Keenan fan. Always have been. And while it is true that one positive outcome of a replacement candidate could be that the firehouse level of Walsh campaign spam could end, Keenan’s firm is running the campaign for Walsh and if they aren’t behind the spam tsunami they at least okayed it…

  6. I would back Juneau, she probably has more name recognition than Ms. Keenan, although both would make top quality candidates –in fact either should have run in the first place rather than Walsh.

  7. Mandy the Marauder | August 5, 2014 9:54 PM at 9:54 PM |

    Cowgirl very astute. Keenan will yes be the choice assuming she wants it and assume she wants it if they removed her name from the website. Juneau has a faction in the Party but not a majority. Keenan does not want to be associated with that firm when she is chosen and she does not want to be called “lobbyist” but rather former lobbyist. And probably she will ensure herself a defeat if she depends on that firm for her campaign. What they did to Walsh was take all his money and give him no value. That is Max Baucus and Jon Tester dumping ground. Walsh probably did n’t understand it until it was too late. Tester has not yet received broken 49% of the vote over two campaigns now. Max’s political operation was very poor and he practically ran from his office. Why aren’t Schweitzer’s people running a firm? Hilltop is just about profit.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 5, 2014 10:05 PM at 10:05 PM |

      Can I say something? I have been in love with Nancy Keenan for a long time. Now SHE is the real deal, the real BUTTE deal. If she runs, she will win. Go Nancy! Take it TO the little creationist pissant! This could turn out very good, very good indeed!

      I’m feelin’ better already! Why didn’t the Dims think of this sooner? Running a REAL Dem instead of a pretender? Nancy has bona feedes!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 5, 2014 10:23 PM at 10:23 PM |

        p.s. True story. A friend called me tonight and said that when Dipshit Daines heard that Nancy Keenan might enter the race, he pissed down both legs! And so did his benefactor, Mr. Giantfart, head of Rightwing Now Technologies! For you see, it don’t matter HOW much money you have, you STILL can’t intimidate a true Butte gal like Nancy! She’ll take the fight to these nancy boy pretenders, and I’ll put MY money on Nancy! In the end, nancy boys ain’t NO match for Nancy! I can’t wait for the debates! I’ll bet the Kockh brothers are looking for new talking point writers as we speak! HEY, Kockh brothers, for a fee, I’ll be GLAD to write you some talking points………and then give the money to Nancy Keenan!


        Am I enjoying this too much?

        • I will wholeheartedly support Keenan. Her identification with NARAL will make women’s reproductive health (abortion) a key issue in the election.

          Are there too many “pro-lifers” in the state for her to win? I guess we’ll see.

        • Nancy is from Anaconda, not Butte. Everyone knows Anacondans are much tougher.

          • The Pubes tried everything they could to smear Nancy once before, remember? But they didn’t even PHASE a girl from Anaconda! Just made her tougher! I think we’re ready for’em this time! What was that? That sound? I THINK I just heard dipshit daines’s A**HOLE pucker!

  8. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 5, 2014 10:42 PM at 10:42 PM |

    Walsh, do your duty one more TIME, general dude! Fall on your sword and allow Nancy Keenan to do what you couldn’t do! It’s OK. We’re liberated! She’ll be another Janet Rankin! Hell, we all plagiarized, dude. But we didn’t ALL make a friggin’ CAREER move of it! Step aside, trooper. Sure, you’re young, but take it from this old soldier. Do your duty for our beloved state and country. You tried, and for that, we admire you. And your service record is unblemished. But don’t take the state down with you! Semper fi to Oro y Plata, dude! You earned retirement. TAKE it, for the good of Montana!

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 5, 2014 10:54 PM at 10:54 PM |

    Hey Dipshit Daines, are you done pissin’ down both legs yet now that you heard that Nancy Keenan is running? Well, sorry, but here you go again! Bwhahahahahahahahha! Now that’s just plain mean….and fun! Enjoy dipshit!
    I did!

  10. Nancy Keenan? She’s so yesterday. What a seamless transition, from Hilltop on Walsh’s campaign to, what?
    But at least Larry is excited.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 5, 2014 11:35 PM at 11:35 PM |

      Um, Dave, are you done pissing down both legs yet? LET THE DEBATES BEGIN! Now, all them newspapers that blasted Walsh, are they gonna prove UP on the debates? Or just be the nutless wonders they are? Nancy v. the Nancy Boy! I can’t wait! Of course, it won’t be much of a fight. Dipshit is a lightweight, and Nancy is a heavyweight! Where the hell have YOU been, skinflute? Hell, everyone in Montana knows Nancy! Nancy boy daines not so much. Dipshit daines is light in the loafers and heavy on the Kockh bros. talking points. Not enough. You dufus bassturds are still smarting from the beating Schweitzer gave you. Nancy’s gonna TAG team your dumb asses! And I can’t wait! You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! So, whistle past the graveyard, dude. It’s your only strategy! And you know it!

      BTW, are you gonna encourage your nancy boy to debate Nancy, or do the funky reepube chicken???

      Think I’ll just sit back with a nice cup of tea and watch the fireworks!

  11. Keenan will lose to Daines by 30 points…anyone who thinks this is a good idea is delusional. Democrats don’t win Montana by running far-left candidates; they need someone moderate who has broad appeal.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 5, 2014 11:38 PM at 11:38 PM |

      Nancy is far left?? Really? How so? Where you from, Linda? Hell, Nancy IS Montana! Did YOUR daddy work in the smelter?? How is she far left? That’s bizarre. Intersperse some FACTS with your bullsh*t! Fartin’ up the forum is NOT the best debating tactic!

    • Not so fast there. Being purely hypothetical, consider these things: 1) All of Daines’ oppositional research has been geared towards Walsh. All the Democratic oppo research has also been geared towards Walsh, or Schweitzer. Keenan would have the advantage of coming off the bench strong in the smear game. 2) Despite Stewart’s well intentioned but uninformed claim, Keenan is well known to both the establishment Democrats and to the progressive voters due to her work at NARAL. 3) Say what you want about her work as a lobbyist, but Nancy Keenan is an exceptional fund-raiser, and would come into the race unencumbered by duties to the Senate at a period of time in which fund-raising is easiest. 4) The Walsh debacle would give her, or any replacement, instantaneous free publicity and national recognition. Why buy ads when you will be featured on the national nightly news? 5) Larry and others are absolutely correct. Daines’ schtick of being a ole Montana boy will ring damned hollow against the true grit of a woman from Anaconda.

  12. Since “Cowgirl” is a mouthpiece for the MT Democrat party, this post is a signal to party faithful that Walsh is dead in the water. The party might now, since the ship is sinking, allow a genuine progressive to fill the slot. They do this when they know there is no chance of winning. I do hope real progressives kindly tell the Party to f*** off, as it is time the Party steeped in its own juices, having put Walsh up as a cloaked Republican when better choices were available. Given a choice, this Party always plays Moneyball.

    • Attention Dummy! A progressive blog doesn’t mean Republican…. or didn’t you know that? So yeah MtCowgirl is a democrat!

      Try harder to get it right.

      • Both Conner and Pogie, and occasionally Cowgirl, call themselves “progressives” which is interesting, indicating they do not understand that words should have meaning that we can all agree on. I am a progressive on many issues, conservative as well, and stand solidly in opposition to both parties, which are warmongering while spying on us and fronting for undisclosed money, probably from organized crime.

        Words have meaning. The two parties try to disembowel the words of their meaning. Democrats say they are progressives. Republicans say they are conservative. Both are non-ideological agents of corruption, and nothing lie, they claim to be.

    • I’m curious, Mark. If the MT Democratic party were not as you describe, than what progressive candidate would you like to see picked? Dirk Adams (arguably not a progressive at all)? Steve Kelly, (that bridge and many others got burned a very long time ago)? John Bohlinger (there is some appeal there)? Norma Duffy? Are there any truly progressive candidates that would satisfy you?

      See, you’ve set up kind of a con-game here. You’ve established that the Democratic party in MT will not choose a progressive, while suggesting that any true progressive would tell them to Frack-off. Thus, any candidate even recruited will not and cannot be a “progressive”. You’ve chosen every piece on the board, and then wait until a choice is made to declare, yeah, that’s what you thought would happen. That’s less of a prediction than a self-fulfilling prophecy based on setup. So please, narrow it down and tell us all who you would think a good progressive candidate would be.

      • You are clever. A progressive, that is, one who stands for a list of important issues too long to list here, will indeed be publicly tolerated while privately scorned by your party. Your money people will talk about primaries and choice, but privately they broker deals where weasels like Walsh replace weasels like Baucus. All the rest is for show.

        And you know this.

        • You lump me in with others you know I often disagree with as a matter of convenience. But you still avoid the question. A few names would suffice. Hell, any name would suffice.

        • And just so that we’re clear about where I’m coming from, I’ve voted for Jimmy Carter, Nancy Keenan, and Steve Kelly. The most progressive candidate I’ve ever voted for was Bob Kelleher, who certainly wasn’t nominated by “my” party when I voted for him. So please, tell us who would be a progressive candidate worthy of nomination.

        • In case you don’t notice, I find party politics to be a distraction, as votes from below do not alter the power structure above. Even a woman who is generating a lot of interest, Juneau, once elected comes face to face with real power and either capitulates or goes down in a primary or to a better financed opponent in the general. It is not a substitute for ground-level issue-oriented organizing which simply does not happen in this dumbed down land. It’s all laugh about it shout about it.

  13. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 5, 2014 11:41 PM at 11:41 PM |

    Wow. Wanna see some proof that the ReePubes are worried sh*tless? Well, just LOOK at the inbreds comin’ outta under the rocks to bash Nancy! I’m luvin’ it! Hell, skinflute dang near SOILED hisslelf gettin’ here quickly to respond! Sad, so sad. Where’s craigy???

    • Enjoy your delusions, Larry, along with your many others. Keenan is a one-note Charlotte who offers nothing of substance. Besides, other outlets say she’s not interested.
      So Larry, are YOU gonna run? Montanans like the militia, you know.

  14. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 5, 2014 11:41 PM at 11:41 PM |

    Wow. Wanna see some proof that the ReePubes are worried sh*tless? Well, just LOOK at the inbreds comin’ outta under the rocks to bash Nancy! I’m luvin’ it! Hell, skinflute dang near SOILED hisslelf gettin’ here quickly to respond! Sad, so sad. Where’s craigy???

  15. Locally I here quite a few people wishing that Dirk Adams had been the nominee and indeed that he would step in now. He has his own money he could put into the race which would give him a leg up on most others. I hope the Democrats in headquarters are approaching him but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of strategic thinking going on in that place.

    • Well darn, strategic thinking would have allowed Dems to keep all branches of government each year since 2006. We don’t have that. Why I have no idea, other than maybe some people like the taste of loss. Strategy also often requires you to compromise some of your principles to win, however, so that might just be too much.

      Democrats still have no idea how to take large geographic swaths of this state, so how could we be expected to know what the vast majority of people here want?

      I mean, we’re talking about a group of old men here that allowed this scandal to go on for two weeks. That’s a 19th century kind of thing to do in our 21st century time. Lots of Democrats in this state are out of touch will reality and they will continue to be…they’re only getting older! Just remember how hard it is to teach new ideas to those that are old.

  16. Oh- oh, someone has alarmed the conspiracy theorists

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 6, 2014 8:52 AM at 8:52 AM |

      Get outside of Mizzoola and ask folks what’s a Wanzenried and they won’t be able to tell you. I’m sure that Franke and Dave are good people and would make great candidates some day. But neither of them have Nancy Keenan’s stature. That’s just the reality of the situation. Nancy has statewide name recognition and a well-earned great reputation. Nancy has been in the trenches a long, long time, and has proven herself to be person with national level abilities. She can operate in D.C. as easily as anyone from Montana. She knows the ropes. She really is the perfect candidate to fill the slot. But ifr she didn’t want to run, I wouldn’t blame her. A person must grow weary of fighting the good fight all the time. And that’s what Nancy is, a fighter for just causes. We have to feel a little guilty to call upon her one more time to be our champion in single combat against the forces of Kockh evil and Mordor! For she’s already done her part!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 6, 2014 8:52 AM at 8:52 AM |

      Get outside of Mizzoola and ask folks what’s a Wanzenried and they won’t be able to tell you. I’m sure that Franke and Dave are good people and would make great candidates some day. But neither of them have Nancy Keenan’s stature. That’s just the reality of the situation. Nancy has statewide name recognition and a well-earned great reputation. Nancy has been in the trenches a long, long time, and has proven herself to be person with national level abilities. She can operate in D.C. as easily as anyone from Montana. She knows the ropes. She really is the perfect candidate to fill the slot. But ifr she didn’t want to run, I wouldn’t blame her. A person must grow weary of fighting the good fight all the time. And that’s what Nancy is, a fighter for just causes. We have to feel a little guilty to call upon her one more time to be our champion in single combat against the forces of Kockh evil and Mordor! For she’s already done her part!

  17. People in Missoula have a head time seeing outside the fishbowl as it were. Back in the 90s they even tried to form their own party called the New Party which was basically the TEA Party if the left. The effort failed immediately, but one of the geniuses behind it has been hired by Denise Juneau- a woman named Debra Halliday, who moved to Missoula from somewhere on the east coast.

    • First, JP, it’s DEBORAH Halliday. And so what if Juneau hired her? Maybe Ms. Halliday was the most qualified for the job. I’m guessing you know very little about Ms. Halliday since you know absolutely nothing about the New Party. ” … they tried to form their own party … ” Wrong. The New Party was a national movement and Missoula was a chapter within the movement, with dues paying members, officers, committees, etc. “The effort failed immediately … ” The Missoula chapter operated from 1991-2002 (a pretty good run, IMHO). At one point, four of twelve city councilors were New Party members. The reason for the party’s demise is mainly attributed to: ” … the 1997 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Timmons v. Twin Cities Area New Party. The Court, in a 6-3 decision, upheld the Minnesota ban on cross-endorsing candidates, rejecting the New Party’s argument that electoral fusion was a right protected by the First Amendment’s freedom of association clause.” (From the oral history of the Missoula New Party at Finally, you say she “… moved to Missoula from somewhere on the east coast.” I know some fine people who have moved here from other places. I also know a few Montana natives who are idiots. I’m guessing you fall into the latter group.

      (Sorry to derail this thread, Cowgirl, but I needed to clarify a few things for JP.)

      • Thank you Pete this is good history.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 6, 2014 10:43 AM at 10:43 AM |

        Pete, you failed to mention just whom you think would be a good candidate. You see, I have already stated that I think that Nancy Keenan is the best. She might not win, but she could hammer lil’ dipshit daines on women’s issues! INCESSANTLY! And make him look like the little christofascist, creationist teatard he is! And I think that’s very important. It’s time to shame these christofascists, and who better suited to it than Nancy! She can pound him equally on education and social security and medicaire. And lest we forget, Nancy is a Catholic, so dipshit can’t pull his little religeoous schtick on her!

        And one more thing. I really don’t think that the Dims have done their oppo research work on dipshit yet. They are giving the guy a free pass and I don’t know why. He’s GOT stuff in his closet. Go GET it! He is NOT the fancy business mogul he claims to be! In fact, he wasn’t much! There’s plenty there for Nancy to go after. We just someone with the cojones and savvy to do it! Only one person that I know of. Nancy Keenan!

        Time to take the gloves off. And why not?

        I once heard Nancy tell a group of wingnuts, “Fine, you want prayer in schools. Me too. How ’bout the Hail Mary?” End of argument, end of debate! Shut the nuts right up! But that’s what Nancy does. And gracefully so.

        • The big question for me, Larry, is: do Keenan, Juneau, Wanz — anybody with any name recognition — want to run against Daines? They didn’t earlier and its way later in the game. I hate to be a bummer but if WaIsh steps down, whoever replaces him will garner about as many votes as Walsh would have, had he stayed in. Just because a couple of Montana’s dailies are calling for Walsh’s head (it was low-hanging fruit; newspapers’ modi operandi these days) I think most Democrats would have voted for him in the general. The independents? I’m not so sure, but that’s a subject for another day. And most of the folks writing the nasty letters to the editor about Walsh are right wingers and wouldn’t vote for him anyway. You’ve been ragging on Walsh for a while now, Larry, but I’ll bet you would have voted for him in the general over Daines. Am I right?

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Keenan, Juneau and Wanz. And you’re right, Larry, Keenan would mop up the floor with Daines in a debate. One thing Keenan might do is pick up independent women voters but the trade off might be independent men. I’m just very pessimistic about this Senate race.

  18. I turned down every request from Walsh’s people asking for money. I did not trust his opinions on issues that concern me. I will write a big check to Nancy if she runs, which I desperately hope that she does. I am so fed up with the smug look on Danines’ face every time that Lee Enterprises passes on a photo of him or the local Q-2 news plasters his phoney listening thingies videos. And that includes his bullshit ads featuring his little family of rich white kids that are following daddy’s footsteps. Has anybody bothered to try and contact the former Right Now Technologies employees that he and his rich benefactor screwed over?
    Run, Nancy, run, PLEASE!

  19. Ah… more bead and circuses, more dead-horse flogging, in the terminally sick farce that is laughingly referred to as “democracy” in this floundering, failing, 1% Empire of Liars and Exploiters.

    The naive, the ignorant, and the deluded all jig to the latest pol gossip as if it mattered which one of their usual suspects Dems nominate to lose to the goofy, grinning nonentity the Koch Repubs have chosen.

    The Democratic Party in Montana and nationally stands for nothing, believes in nothing, fights for nothing, except the latest laundry list of corporate welfare plums it’s 1% funder/owner coalition desires.

    Walsh was a nebish, which didn’t matter to the Lamebrain Trust that runs the party until he was caught with his history down. Now, such excitement, such hype..!

    We had the Cosmic Zero, Baucus, for a lifetime, we have the vacuous, deceitful, value-free Tester, and now the Dems will propose another Hero of the People to bear its shredded standard instead of the term paper-copying schlemiel they used to love.

    How sad… how sorry… what an absurdity… How can anyone take this system seriously any more?

    • Paul Edwards For Senate. Again!

      • I believe you’re thinking of Paul Richards, Dave (2006 Democratic Primary). If Bob Kelleher hadn’t passed away (R.I.P.), we’d be hoping you’d be putting him up, again!

        • Hah, good catch, Pete. Parliament Bob — I’d thought Montana was the only state where something like him could happen, until North Carolina.
          But no, Paul Edwards might consider running. He’s clearly Democrat to the core, no wishy washy at all.

    • Hi Paul. Good to see you on the Cgirl site. For those of you who don’t know Paul, he’s a great writer, intellectual, enviro, progressive, and a man who loves Montana. A man of tremendous insight into the political situation. And a man of uncompromising integrity. He has never sold out! He used to write regularly for the GF Spitoon, and I miss those guest eds. I’m glad that he’s decided to write here.

      p.s. Paul, tell John hello from me next time you see him.

  20. It’s unfortunate that Gen. Walsh was not properly vetted by the Bullock administration.

    • I hear what you’re saying, HighPoint, but how much vetting can one do in this era of opposition research? I’m pretty sure I took a peak at the girl’s answer who was sitting in the desk next to me during a fifth grade quiz.

      • This is an inexcusable blunder by Gov. Bullock. His arrogance in appointing Gen. Walsh has come home to roost. Also, this debacle exposes a disconnect between the two.

        • Yes, an inexcusable blunder! A mistake of epic proportions costing thousands of innocent antacids their very existence. Why it’s worse than MURDER! Burn the witch!

          (What a bunch of hyperbolic bullshit.)

  21. Keenan makes the most sense Democrats KNOW from the Keenan Rehberg race what they will be facing. However, given Daines record of just dropping off legislation not going to the hearings or pushing them forward, co sponsors like mad man because he likes it when other people do the work for him, typical, no instead he worships Cruz … Keenan would be exciting, and she could mop the floor against Daines, GO GET HIM SENATOR KEENAN, Use those nasty ads they used against you put his pudgy face inside a black & whit box in slow motion to make him look CRAZY. You got this one future Senator Keenan!!

  22. Keenan may be many of the positive things mentioned by her supporters here, but the election results of 2000 don’t support the idea of her being a particularly strong candidate. Among the many defeated Democrats in that election, she garnered the fewest votes of most of her fellow party members. And Rehberb, coming off a defeat 4 years earlier, didn’t have the incumbency advantage of Daines. It might be better to run a candidate who is more representative of the next generation Democrat, than one who is part of the old establishment, especially if a Daines victory is likely anyway. At least it would get the name out there. Denny proved that.

    • Are you f*cking SHITTING me?! Look, Nancy v. Nancy boy will INVIGORATE this race beyond belief! You want f*cking wedge issues, we’ll GIVE you f*cking wedge issues! Pee Wee Daines is a christofascist kockhsucking pisssant! He’s FOR everything decent Montanans are against! Let’s pull that wedgie right UP Pee Wee Daines’s fat ass! He’s FOR destroying social security. WEDGE that up his ass! He BELIEVES in creationism. WEDGE that up his ass! He WANTS to destroy public education. WEDGE that up his ass! He LUVS shipping jobs overseas. WEDGE that up his ass! He ADVOCATES that the christofascist stick their nosey f*cking heads up women’s vaginas. WEDGE that up his stupid ass!

      Look, if I were Nancy Keenan running against Nancy Boy Daines, that pathetic sumbitch would have a continual atomic wedgie from NOW until election day! FUCK IT! Take the gloves off, Dims! MAKE Pee Wee Daines explain all his bullshit positons! What the fucking hell do you have to lose except the senate?!

      Put it out there and let’s see if Montana really IS the red state that these outta state pisssan inbreds think it is! It’s time to take a page outtat the Pube playbook. Do Montanans REALLY want Pee Wee Daines and his creationist butt buddy Giantfart running the show? I think not. Let’s get this party started! I can’t wait!

      The infusion of money for Nancy would be overwhelming! Even Pee Wee Daine’s Kockh benefactors couldn’t match it! For you see, it’s the demise of the Mine Barfus dynasty. Now, let’s BURY that fucker for good!

      HERE’S the commercial I’D run. Pee Wee Herman look a like for dipsht daines. Hi, I’m steve daines, and want you to luv Jesus like I do, and stop using birth control, ’cause it’s a sin!

      DO IT, Dims! Tell paddy quitter wms. and mini barfus to take a HIKE on this one! We’ll do it ourselves thank you very much!

      • Koch…..sucker SPOT on!

        • I don’t know if he counts as a “next generation democrat” but I sure like the idea of a Dave Wanzenried candidacy if Keenan decides not to run (and she won’t until Walsh says whether he is out or not.)

          Wanzenried is a great guy, highly respected, and is a hard worker. I hope we see people get behind him. The party insiders don’t get to choose this seat. As the Daily Inter Lake reported, 175 local central committee members from across the state get to vote–and Wanz is already campaigning!

          • What’s a Wazooreed? Hell, I can’t help it. I’m from eastern Montana. We wouldn’t know a Wazooreed from our Wazoo! Let’s do the right thing this time, shall we? Let’s FINALLY take the fight to the Pubes! For once! Keep your wazooreed in your pants until further notice! What the hell. Let’s see what these chickenshit bassturds like Dipshit daines and the Kockh brothers are MADE of! Keep MiZOOla Missoula, and let us easterners win this thing for you! When it’s over, well all have a latte and compare sandals! But first, let’s WIN this fucker!

            • p.s. Tell the paddy quitter wms. wing of the party to go suck an egg. We got this. We’ll bring in O’Bama, the dark skinned Irish kid from Butte, and Brian to raise funds, and the Kockh brothers will SHIT themselves! Hey, Jan, I’m luvin’ the possibilities here! Anything to anger the Baucausian wing of the Dim party makes my day! Hell, they might even recall Mini Barfus from China and send him to Bumfuck Egypt!………where that dumb bassturd belongs! Maybe he can find wife number four over there too! Seems that Mini did MOST of his thinkin’ with his corporate “small head” ANY way! Buh BYE, Mini! You’re done, head of dick!

  23. The Republicans are saying that Carol Williams will be the candidate, should Walsh drop out.

  24. Keenen is Out! I vote for Amanda Curtis! I will work for her!

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