Will Bohlinger Get Another Look?

by Cowgirl

John Bohlinger said yesterday that if Walsh retires from the race, he would get in with a commitment of $10 million, the Bozeman Chronicle reported.   That’s quite a demand.

There’s never a commitment of money until polling shows you in a close heat with your opponent, so there would be no promise of money from anywhere or anyone to Bohlinger until after he got in, and only then if he were competitive.

But Bohlinger does deserve a mention.  He and Dirk Adams were the only other two people to slug it out in the democratic primary, and Bohlinger finished second.  And there is something to be said for those who were willing to run from day one over those where not willing to step up to the plate in the beginning.

Bohlinger would bring some interesting things. He was once anti-choice but changed his position a decade ago.  That would still mean he might appeal to a few voters that value someone with a right-of-center credential of this sort.  He also brings the Schweitzer brand with him, or at least a little of it, which is valuable.  And, he was a Republican who left the Republican party (or you could say he was kicked out) because they became too crazy.  That again could be compelling story to use against Daines who as a part of the right wing.

Bohlinger is also from Billings, and was a businessman there for many years.  And it was he who Harry Reid told to get out of the race and leave John Walsh alone.  Perhaps he now has some claim to be the replacement candidate.



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  1. I wonder what B.S. would say now about his former Lt. Governor?

    • One can only hope. If you have ever watched him work in the political theater you would know that he is a true statesman when it comes to actually moving and passing legislation. However, Wanz, would also be good. He knows how to be tough when needed and he is quick brilliant thinker and always has good barbs when they are needed.

  2. He changed his position a decade ago? I must have missed the announcement. Given that he outright lied during the campaign about his legislative record on choice, there’s simply no reason to believe he’d be a good vote on choice, marriage equality, labor, prayer in schools, or any of the other conservative issues he championed.

    If the MDP even seriously considered Bohlinger, they would destroy their credibility.

  3. pogie you are just pissed that brigham has comebout the victor in your guys’ feud. and truth is, even though brigham is a certified lunatic, in terms of his anti walsh crap it should be recalled that you took after bohlinger very hard and nasty from the get go. what goes around….

    • The difference is that everything I wrote about Bohlinger was true. His record does not support his claims about abortion rights. He voted for a sales tax, for prayer in school, and against labor.

      And he was the chair of the JOHN MCCAIN campaign in Montana. I’d say that suggests he was still a good Republican pretty recently. If someone can point me to a single public statement from Bohlinger that he was pro-choice before last year, I’d be astonished.


      Bohlinger also ran the most negative primary campaign between Democrats that I can remember.

      There is no way the MDP would pick him. There is no reason they should.

      • Yes, but this was all before he CHANGED PARTIES. He was a Republican. He made all those votes as a Republican legislator. Then he left the party and became a democrat.

      • You’re right, of course, Poges, and as always. I would hope Boglinger stays out if the race. His integrity alone disqualifies him as a Democrat candidate.

  4. My gut tells me that any candidate the Dems put up would be a sacrifice, and that the Dems tell Walsh to stay the course and take his beating alone.

    • Yeah, just like ol’ sen. cornhole burns was a sacrifice! Remember him, Eric? You and I both knew him well. Don’t count your chickens, Eric. This thing ain’t even started yet! Hell, I lived out there in the Heights by Cornhole. We all knew him. There was NEVER a more unfit candidate for the senate than him, yet he won! Thanks to that asshole who owns Pays Auction. I can’t remember his name. You probably do though. He was a real racist asshole.

  5. I would love to see Bohlinger as the candidate at this point. You make some great points – he came in second in the primary and he’s been in the race since Day 1.

    He’s done a lot for this state over the years and instead of looking askance at him in the corner of the room we should bring him forth and let him do us proud for the next three months.

  6. So if Walsh decides to stay in the race, which I agree is his decision, will we all back him or will it thereafter just be bloggers that are the only ones willing to speak out on his behalf. Serious question, will all of you sign up for the Women for Walsh or are you afraid that the conservatives in your book clubs will mock you for it behind your backs? Will you write letters to the editor in the News Argus saying to your local business competitors and clients that you’re voting for him? I think we all need to ask ourselves this.

  7. Voting for the Libertarian may be the only answer. Why give Daines 6 years to pay off his contributors.

    • I love it when people try to promote libertarianism because it combines the “don’t tell me what to do” attitude of a teen with economic understanding of a small child. It’s like that annoying legislator Daniel Zolnikov, Twitter’s biggest self promoter. He thinks he’s some kind of libertarian hero because he sponsored a bill so that Verizon could increase their profit margins by making taxpayers pay for government data requests instead of the corporation. What a hero for America!

  8. Yah, right. Bohlinger. He has no belief core, and is what, 78? Just a perfect candidate, a complete cipher on the verge of ossification. Good thinking.

  9. The Flathead Memo has this right, though reporters have missed it:

    If John Walsh withdraws his candidacy for the Senate, Democratic leaders will want to have a replacement candidate signed-up before he announces his departure. But no potential replacement will admit an interest while he’s still the nominee. That would be a breach of party solidarity, and appear to be a disloyal and self-serving attempt to shove Walsh over a cliff. Once he withdraws, if he does withdraw, an honest and productive discussion on a replacement candidate can begin. And I believe that current demurrals of interest notwithstanding, a replacement would be found rather easily.

    Should Walsh decide to withdraw, Nancy Keenan, Brian Schweitzer, John Bohlinger, Dave Wanzenried, Mike Phillips, and Monica Lindeen would all make excellent candidates. That decision is in the hands of the 175 state democratic central committee members, not the Montana Democratic Party eboard. That means that the people, not the powers that be, get to decide the next candidate. And the people are not happy with the candidate the powers that be (Tester, Bullock) forced on the dems last go round with John Walsh.

    • Those 175 people couldn’t come up with a good pick in the first place. Can’t wait to see what they’ll give us this go-round.

      Who are these 175 people, who backs them, how are they grouped, what are the coteries, who funds them…? That might give hungry and smart reporters something to chew on besides the same old gristle and chaff.

      • The 175 who will be voting for a replacement (if Walsh steps down) are the top leaders in the county central committees, and Democrats elected to statewide and federal office.

        • Thanks Pete, that’s right. For anyone hoping that Democratic Party staffers are going to knock on your door and ask you to run, time for a reality check. That’s not how this works people. You’ll have to campaign by calling everyone of these central committee members, meeting as many of then as possible, and securing their vote. No one is going to hand you this candidacy on a silver platter and if you think otherwise you are definitely unfit for any office. Dave Wanzenried is perhaps the only one who gets this. I for one am tired of hearing about embarrassing calls from naive democrats wondering what they should do “if asked” to run. Please get a clue. Stewart is not my real name.

      • Greg, the 175 didn’t pick Walsh before, it was the 24 or so executive board members (Pete could probably tell us the actual number) who made the decision to ignore party rules and endorse Walsh in the primary. I don’t get the sense that the rest of these party leaders were too pleased about that, and they are the ones that have the power now- not the eboard.

      • I hear that Greg Strandberg is the favorite right now among the 175.

    • I’ve updated the post quoted above. If the decision to withdraw has been made, the discussion on who becomes the replacement are in progress. But no one will publicly express an interest until the withdrawal is announced (probably late Friday).

  10. I would support Bohlinger. I admire him for having the integrity to leave the Republican Party and I believe he has the best name recognition and could actually give Daines a run for his money.

    Obviously Scweitzer would be and has always been the ideal candidate but Tester got scared he would be shown up left and right by the guy and got his minions to make anonymous denigrating comments about him in the national press.

    And finally, we all know that Walsh is stepping aside because if he weren’t he and his spokespeople and the Democratic Party would me saying over and over that he is absolutely in this till the end. That’s not what they are saying, so they have stupidly tipped their hands.

  11. Anyone who thinks Schweitzer would be an ideal candidate hasn’t been watching him lately. He managed to open his big mouth and shove his foot clear down to his a**hole recently on national TV with misogynist, racist and just about every other ___ist kind of remarks you could possibly make.

    On top of that, he is now tied to a bunch of really dubious financial entities that make the Koch brothers look almost like a couple of Disney characters.

    Schweitzer has doomed himself to obscurity if he ever had any further national political ambitions with his big mough and his big money dreams.

    Anyone who thinks this guy has a future in politics is just dreaming pink smoke and roses.

  12. Bolinger and Adams two GOP with no where to go in the democratic party… but the way of dinosaurs. they were both beat badly by Walsh. BADLY! Get someone young forgoodness sake! Amanda Curtis, Bryce Bennett, Ellie HIll is what I am thinking. Dave Wanzenried would be fine also.

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