Cowgirl Poll: Who would make the best democratic US senate candidate?

UPDATE: Tipsters report Franke Wilmer is no longer running because she is staying in her legislative race. The legislative races are undoubtedly this cycle’s most important.

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If there is someone you like that’s not on the list, let me know in the comments.


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  2. Nancy Keenan

    • Nancy Kneenan would have my vote. There is name and face recognition with her.
      You would know you are getting a Montanan with the best interest of the people of Montana in her representation.

  3. How about JESSE LASLOVICH? He ran statewide race and if Frankie Wilmer couldn’t get last
    Dem ‘nod’ against Daines then, what makes her more competitive outside Missoula? Frankie
    is superb legislator, but here we are, cast ‘ADRIFT’ by Mad Max…………lost somewhere in China?

  4. Hey it won’t let me vote!

  5. Denise Juneau or Carol Williams. Juneau’s answer was “not interested”, which doesn’t strike me as close-ended as Keenan’s more probable “eff’ no.” If the choice is only one of those listed in the poll or the people first showing interest so far, no one is going to turn out in November.

    • “No one is going to turn out”? What do you base that on, Party Insider? A desire to keep non-establishment Dems out of the picture, I suspect.

  6. why not angela mclean

  7. I’m trying to vote but can’t.

  8. Amanda Curtis. Awesome lady who won’t pull any punches in taking on Daines.

  9. Amanda Curtis

    • Sorry, getting lost in the Highlands skiiing and having to spend tax payer dollars to search and rescue to get saved is worse than plagiarism, at least to the average Montanan (of course, not to you yuppie Subaru drivers who want to ban trapping because you are unable to control your dogs).

      Amanda Curtis is a no go.


    Kinda hard to believe that bush and his dick, cheney, could have provided enough weapons for this to happen!

    EVERY last idiot fascist teatard pubbie must be voted out of office! Their successs in the Middle East is now legendary!

  11. Let’s see here… Amanda Curtis is amazing, of course, but she has only lured us hardcore politicos and her friends and students into learning the actual process of how policy is crafted in Helena. Amanda was so revolutionary in her communication about what she was doing when she could not be with her beloved students, husband and dogs in her beloved Butte Montana that it would be a waste to prematurely catapult her to another position before she has had the opportunity to capture and solidify the next level of interested Montanan’s with her teachings.

    Denise Juneau, Monica Lindeen, Pam Bucy and Kim Abbott, all amazing women and leaders that are currently ‘manning’ foundational and strategic positions that would likely fail to the “so-called-free market”, people are possessions movement that comes from the right.

    I heart Frankie Wilmer big time, but she would need more time to ramp up a campaign and we would lose her in Helena without a replacement.

    Carol Williams, maybe I heard that she was facing some pretty severe health challenges-has anyone heard anything at all from her in recent months?

    Ken Toole, what is going on with him?

    John Bohlinger, I would support him
    if he was going for the House but he is not creative enough to warrant a six year term in DC. Linda McCulloch- would be amazing, but I don’t think she wants it.

    Carl Borgquist (Bozeman), Ed Smith (Helena) Mike Phillips (Bozeman)–who what? Former Schweitzer staffers Dan Villa (Anaconda) and Eric Stern (Helena)-again who what?

    Anna Whiting Sorrell (St. Ignatius) might like to visit DC-not to work there. Diane Smith (Whitefish)- too smart for Republican ticket, but lacks a comprehensive understanding of the ways Montanans and Americans live their lives.

    Jacquie Helt (Helena), Elizabeth Best (Great Falls), Casey Schreiner (Great Falls), and Mike Cooney (Helena)- how have they been involved recently?

    I has to be Dirk Adams now.

    • Good rundown!

      Why do I have a feeling there’ll be some new blog posts on Amanda Curtis soon?

    • Excellent analysis. But Mike Cooney?? Seriously? Is he still alive?? Just kidding of course. But could they get the DUST of Mike in time? Haven’t heard his name in a long, long time now. I like Mike and could support him. He’s very congenial and speaks politico very well. But is he still on his game?

      But I keep coming to the same conclusion as you. Dirk Adams. He did a helluva job in the debates. And he didn’t have to. He just did. He could have played it safe, but he chose to put it all out there. And that’s what we need right now, someone to really compare and contrast, ENDLESSLY, MERCILESSLY, COGENTLY, ARTICULATLEY, IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE, the differences between the sane Democratic Party, and the corporate fascist christofascist Jesus jumpin, the-earth-is-four-thousand-years-old Tealiban caliphate! Hit them HARD right between their misogynist, racist, fascist woman hating eyes! I mean, ferrcrhisakes, the earth is four thousand years old? DINO saur museums?? STILL arguing about women’s rights and even freakin’ BIRTH control??? And talking about secession??? And wanting to sell off public lands??? And destroy social security and medicaire???? And gays??? Who the hell still CARES about gays anyway other than the krisofascists?? And taking away Native sovereignty??? And destroying our wonderful public ed system???

      Jesus. If we CAN’T beat the Tealiban in Montana, we really ARE screwed! And Pee Wee Daines is right IN there! Do you REALLY want a guy who believes that the earth is four thousand years old making education policy???

      All Adams every Dem has to do is to over WHELM your local newspapers with letters to the ed explaining just WHAT Pee Wee Daines’ vision for America is! (creation musuems, no more public lands, NO enviro regulations, etc.) Do we REALLY want a kristyeean caliphate running the show here? I think not!

      The ONLY question is have enough southern inbreds moved up here to tip the voting balance. And that’s a very real possibility. There’s been a HUGE inmigration of teabillies and inbreds. They’re everywhere! We very well BE a majority red state now thanks to the timidity of the Dems and the perfidy of Mini Barfus! It’s a helluva mess that old Mini left us in! But we gotta make the best of it. If we’re gonna LOSE this f*cker anyway, I say let’s fight like hell!

      • Dirk Adams definitely has the smarts to run against ‘Peewee’ Dainesboy. Have we completely washed our hands of Schweitzer?

        I liked Dirk in the primary, but THE PARTY had spoken whoever they are.

        • Dirk Adams’ smarts is overrated. He purports to have an economic plan for Montana; however, he can’t even get a chicken plucking facility up and running in Wilsall.

    • Pretty good analysis! Casey Schreiner is very involved right now though. He is a 30 something Rep out of Great Falls, also a teacher. In the last few months he has really championed reforming our prison and mental health systems. Not a big name right now, but he is getting thing done. I also hear he is known as a guy the R’s also have a lot of respect for. Pretty moderate. I just hope that at some point folks in our party start to look to the younger women and men in the bullpen to take the mound. From what I can tell our bench seems shallow for state wide candidates. Sorry too many sports references for this politico. I’ll do better next time

  12. Are the Republicans joining with the far left progressives here to choose the weakest candidate? Kevin must be salivating at the thought of the salary.

    • Kevin D. Curtis | August 8, 2014 4:58 PM at 4:58 PM |

      Oh that’s funny Elizabeth…..but I assure you my salary will remain the same (minute). If you knew me you would know I’m not a money chaser, quite the opposite in fact. My point always has been that $14,000 a month is an insane amount of money for people who only “work” less than 150 days a year. No matter who is chosen we need someone who will be the voice of real working, taxpaying, Montanans and not millionaires and corporations and big money. Amanda is true blue, unbought and unbossed (to borrow a phrase from Shirley Chisholm), that’s why I believe in her.

      • Good point, Kevin. I’m working up some commercials as we speak that the Dems might want to use. I think you’ll like them. But will they have the nuts to use them? I dunno. What do they have to lose? Everyone says that Pee Wee Daines is gonna win anyway. Let’s have some FUN with this f*cker! And it should be fun. I mean, look at Pee Wee. He’s a comic character right outta Rightwingnow Technologies. Do YOU know what that company does? I do. And the ONLY way that some asshole from that company will get workers comp is from a f*cking PAPER cut! Tell that to the guy who lost an eye to a wood chipper, or a finger to a meat cutter, or an arm to a steel worker, or a farmer who lost both hands to a grain auger, or a trucker who broke his back in a wreck avoiding a collision, or the city worker knocked out of a bucket truck repairing a light, or the brick layer who fell off a scaffold, or the dock worker caught between the dock and a fork lift, or the construction worker who hurt his back trying to save a coworker with the ditch caved in, or the refinery worker overcome by fumes in the tank who died, or the ranch kid who hit a wire with the grain auger and was electrocuted, or the cop shot on duty! I KNOW personally all these people! And then, ask Dipshit Daines about the injuries suffered at Rightwingnow Technologies! Paper cuts??? Carpal tunnel??? Stress??? Obesity?? Boredom???

        Ferrchrissakes! Pee Wee Daines has NOTHING in common with the average Montanan. And I plan to point that out…….ENDLESSSLY! The dude is a nancy boy pretender! We need someone who will represent ALL Montanans, not just his billionaire butt buddy, GiantFart!

        I’ll be back. And that’s a promise, Pee Wee!

      • Oh Kevin, I believe in Amanda as well. What I am having a difficult time with is the idea that the Senate seat is really more important than the state seats. I was unaware that Amanda was not running this time- it must be time for me to take a closer look at the entire board again.
        The people who serve in Montana are so important in keeping our lives as stable as they are. When we look for a star to send to DC, we are essentially depriving ourselves of their participation of Montanacare.
        Jessie Laslovich, I hope that he can follow Monica when she moves on to her next gig. Ellie Hill, Jenny Eck and Kelsen Young haven’t been mentioned, nor has Bryce Bennet or Margie MacDonald. We do have some really good people, but we need even more to keep Helena a healthy place to be.

  13. Charlotte Schmiedeskamp | August 8, 2014 8:18 PM at 8:18 PM |

    I voted, but didn’t like the choices. I would prefer Nancy Keenan.

  14. Robert Sndgrass | August 8, 2014 9:23 PM at 9:23 PM |

    Amanda Curtis and if she wasn’t so” Green” Mary Sexton…either one would be a good choice

  15. Scott Wheeler

  16. I did some research on Curtis and I’m quite impressed. She chose not to run for the 2014 legislature, mainly as a way for Gordon Pierson to run. Redistricting caused lots of headaches, and some folks that’d been serving ran the risk of not reaching their term limits if people like Curtis ran. So Curtis did the loyal thing, she didn’t run.

    I think that counts for something myself, and I was also impressed by the speech she gave in favor of background checks as well as how she shot down the anti-sodomy law on Day 75 of the 2013 Legislature. She’s certainly one to watch!

  17. Awareandnotstupid | August 8, 2014 10:05 PM at 10:05 PM |

    You all are scraping the bottom of the barrel, good grief, Kelleher is dead, maybe you could get Brad Johnson to switch parties, he’d do it in a heartbeat! Why don’t you let poor John Bollinger do it, you’re not going to win anyway so let ol’ John have some fun, he sold his soul to Scheister for 8 years, that ought to be worth some kind of a reward.

    • Whistlin’ past the graveyard again, stupid? Here, lil’ fella. Here’s my NEXT commercial for Dirk Adams!

      Opening scene: A Pee Wee Herman Dipshit Daines look alike riding a dinosaur having a good time, yelling YEEha! and swatting the dinosaur with his cowboy hat and kicking him with his spurs, yelling Jaysus, we’s a’comin’ Lord!”

      Then, a solemn Jack Horner comes on and says, “Sorry, lil’ stevey, but Jesus did NOT ride dinosaurs! In fact, the dinosaurs preceded Jesus by some ten million years! And for YOU to advocate for the teaching of young earth and creationism in schools constitutes CHILD ABUSE! You’re a moron, steve, and so is your butt buddy and benefactor and creation museum builder, outta stater dude GiantFart! We in the scientific field do NOT want inbreds making policy for our schools!”

      I’m Dirk Adams and I approved this message!

      Just do it, Dems. Have some fun with this pissant retard and his butt buddy and benefactor, mr. giantfart!

  18. Whoever it is has to come out swinging. I think Franke Wilmer has it all on the tip of her tongue and on the fly.

    • I don’t think so. Wilmer is facing a tough race against Tom Burnett this fall, and he picked up a lot more votes in the primary than she did. What’s more, like someone else said, why would they want to lose her in Helena, if she can win again?

      Dems already switched her over once to fill in for Marty Livingston in SD63…not sure if she can do so again. I think she’s more valuable in a governor’s administration.

  19. Here’s how you do it, Dims! First, get Paddy quitter wms. and max barfus outta your party. THEN, find folks with some balls who wanna fight, nay, LOVE to fight. And put them in charge. Paddy quitter wms. will do just fine doin’ the sally mockery lost dog report radio editorials. I mean, really, what’s NOT to like about milktoast quitters reminiscing about how many bowel movements they had while living in Butte?! Jeebus! We really GOTTA have that lost dog report from Mizoola to know what’s goin’ ON in Mizoola and the world! It’s that important!

    Here’s how to do it RIGHT, though. Fight BACK, you nutlees wonders in the Dim leadership! You dishonor all who came before!

  20. REMEMBER – We Democrats already look like we tripped on our dick — don’t compound the image issue by picking someone less than up to the challenge, and for shit sake GET THEM A DECENT STAFF NOT THESE ROOKIES. We, as Democrats, need an extremely articulate person, who has natural excitement that translates into energy and momentum. We Dems have a huge image problem that could effect other races, so I beg you pick correctly because time and time again over the last 10 years we truly have tripped on our dick & I am sick to death of this rookie, pre-season BS — get it together think articulate, passionate, tough, and willing to get your hands dirty because you’re going to have to with Steve Daines because he has a mountain of bs behind him and it has to come out if we stand a chance – given all this I would put my money on Wanzenreid!

  21. PS, can you blame Nancy Keenan for not wanting to run, her heart was a little broke by the Keenan/Rehberg race, Which reminds me when its time to go negative one should use the same format as the ads Rehberg ran against Nancy. put his pudgy little face in a black and white box in slow motion making him look crazy … which reminds me, remember Daines aligned himself with the Cruz efforts the more one can connect him to Cruz the better Daines and Cruz bromance Then inform Montanan’s exactly i

  22. You want to win . . . recruit Jeff Bridges to run.

    <a href=";

    • Heck, why not? Remember GOP had Fred Thompson, who now is selling America reverse mortgage schemes? Again, ‘thanks’ MAD MAX for leaving with some good ‘timing’ and the boat adrift and you
      could have stayed one, stinkin’ year longer, LOCKED the Senate seat and take see for sure that your Rocky Mountain Front legislation was finally FINISHED, now it will be lost forever int he bowels of Daines?

    • You do realize it’s public record that Jeff Bridges donated to not just Babs Boxer but also Dennis Kucinich — you know, Obama’s white political twin? That will go over really well once people find that out.
      Just goes to show how unserious your side is. Steve Daines isn’t the most wonderful candidate ever, but you can’t even match him, Dems — so, let’s get a stoner Movie Star! Yeah! Or Zeno, he can run on name recognition alone! Oh, THAT’LL work.

      • Donating to Dennis Kucinich is a plus in my book. Appreciate your help documenting the fact.

        • Yeah a Big Plus…. Dave your way to serious to be a Democrat I see……..Betcha theirs no “Hope” in that GOP brain either. Frankly, Danes people are afraid of that decision tomorrow… because the Dem base in charged up for the fight to November.

          • Agreed! This is gonna be fun re GARDLESS of the outcome! Time to have some fun with the Jesus jumpers!

            BTW, Norma, did you know that according to Pee Wee Daines and his best butt buddy giantfart, the Earth is four thousand years old? Hmm. Makes perfect sense to me…………IF I WERE RETARDED!


            We need to get Jack Horner involved in this one. WHO will giantfart bring in to rebut?? The dick, cheney???


            Sorry, I’m havin’ too much fun already!

      • ” … Obama’s white political twin?” Surely you jest, Dave. I know you guys hate Obama but since your party has moved to the right of Mussolini, the Prez seems like a pretty moderate fellow to me, especially compared to Kucinich. And I second Mr. Conner’s comment on donating to Kucinich as a plus. (Although the entertainment value would be enormous if Bridges ran, I’m withholding judgement until I’ve read some of his white papers.)

  23. How ’bout Pam Bucy? She’s got all the tools, a solid political track record and a CV that doesn’t include plagiarisms.

  24. Brian is the only person who could jump in and win that seat for the Dems. There needs to be a “Shanghi Schweitzer for Senate” mobilized on Georgetown Lake – a bunch of boaters & floaters making a racket until he rises to the will of the people to serve MT in DC. Otherwise, it’s “Sen Daines.”

  25. Schweitzer could win but he isn’t running. Keenan would be good but she is retiring. Bucy has not said she will run- but people want to see a woman candidate and I predict that’s how this vote will turn out. The person who will win is on the phone calling central committee members. I’d be interested to know who people are getting calls from and who they aren’t hearing from. I’d be also interested to know who is calling on another’s behalf. That will show who will win this. Those who want Amanda, Linda, or Franke should start calling others.

  26. Bohlinger has the name recognition and reputation as an honest, thoughtful public servant. His former Republican party ties would also help. He’s the only one who has a chance against Daines.

  27. I’d like to see Jeff Bridges actively politic for the candidate we choose. Preferably Amanda. The Dude could be a big help.

  28. Nader says just do it, Dims. Do the right thing for once and let’s see what happens. Hell, even a ham SANDWICH should be able to beat mini Giantfart Pee Wee Dianes the Creation Boy!

    How ’bout a commercial with the Pee Wee Daines look alike who says, “Hi, I’m steve daines, and I think the earth four thousand years old ’cause if you add up all the ages and dates in the Holy Buybull, that’s what you get! It’s Jesus talkin’. It’s God talkin’. And it’s just me with my calculator addin’ up all them that was begatted since the beginning of time! So, vote for me. Who you gonna trust, science or me and Jesus and my calculator?!”

    You see, Pee Wee Daines don’t NEED no science! Oh sure, there may be 400,000 people in Toledo with OUT drinking what, but steve’s gonna pray for them and send they little pocket Holy Buybulls! That otter do the trick. Pray away the nasty shit in the water! Maybe stevey can turn toxic water into happy FIZZY water, just like Jesus did!

    • LET’S DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN, EXCEPT THIS TIME IN MONTANA! Ah yes, Pee Wee daines and his best butt buddy benefactor, mr. giantfart, BOTH believe in the young earth theory, that states the earth is less than six thousand years old! In fact, mr. giantfart has gone so far as to put his billions to good USE, by actually BUILDING a creation museum in Montana! NOTHING invites inbreds to Montana like a good creation museum! THIS fact alone disqualifies Pee Wee from being a senator from Montana! Tennessee maybe, or perhaps Kansas, but NOT Montana! Hell, our educational system is one of the best in the country! We can’t allow Creation Boy to destroy that reputation!

      I suspect that mr. giantfart is PURPOSELY trying to attract the religeeous inbreds here to swing the vote! And it appears to be working! And THAT is really scary! And entire state run by christofascist inbred reetarts can NOT turn out well!

      A little history read for Pee Wee and giantfart. We done BEEN down this road before! PUHHLEEZE, Montana voters, don’t send an idiot to the senate!

      • Ya know, Larry, the greatest thing ever for Democrats would be you in a thirty second spot endorsing whoever gets dredged off the bottom of the slop bucket.

        • Schadenfreude Skinhead: don’t expect a call from us, k?

        • Dave, dave, DAVE! You wound your old buddy Larry too deeply, amigo!

          “No, ’tis not so deep as a well nor so wide as a church-door, but ’tis enough, ’twill serve. Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man. I am peppered, I warrant, for this world. A plague o’ both your houses! Zounds, a dog, a rat, a mouse, a cat to scratch a man to death! A braggart, a rogue, a villain that fights by the book of arithmetic! Why the devil came you between us? I was hurt under your arm.”

          You see, Dave, I don’t consider you to be a COMPLETE idiot, so let’s have this conversation that needs to be had, shall we?

          You’re a professed Pee Wee Daines supporter. OK, fine. I’m good with that. But could you PLEASE explain to the forum just HOW you could vote for a nincompoop who says he actually BELIEVES that the Earth is four thousand years old? I would really, really like to know!

          Here’s the problem, Dave. Pee Wee and his best butt buddy benefactor, Giantfart, SAY and PROFESS and WITNEES loudly and longly that they actually BELEIVE in the young Earth theory. Fine. But HERE’S the problem with that. Giantfart has apparently amassed a HUGE fortune doing something, I’m not sure what. Do you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY think that a guy smart enough to amass a fortune is f*cking DUMB enuff to believe that the Earth is only four thousand years old?

          Me neither. So, what’ really going on here, Dave. I suspect that Giantfart and Pee Wee Daines are creating their OWN southern strategy! Yes, that’s right, a veritable southern strategy! As in the southern end of a horse headed north! They’re a couple’a horses asses! BUT, they believe that they will CORNER the inbred racist vote in Montana if the come across and duck dynasty dickwads for Jaysus! Hell, what other explanation COULD there be?!

          There is none. Giantfart is much like a very dubious insurance agent I know here in GF. For YEARS she’s been a christofascist fundiwackmentalist! Hell, they’re at her house all the time! She SPECIALIZES if fleecing/f*cking the inbred retarts who luv them some Jesus! And Giantfart and Pee Wee are doing the same! They’re flocking the flockers by POSING as a couple’a ignernt, inbred, duck dynasty dickwads! True story!

          Is that who they really are, Dave? I seriously doubt that! But JUMPIN’ Jesus Christ!, if’n ya CAN’T put religeeon to good use, what the hell is it for??? It’s GOOD to make money offn’ the LAWyord!

          OK, Dave, please respond to the above. I really want to understand the reetard mindset. Can a guy SMART enuff to amass a fortune REALLY be f*cking STUPID enuff to believe the christofascist nonsense?

          Pee Wee Daines and his best butt buddy benefactor mr. giantfart are simply a couple of grifters!

          And it AIN’T quite as over as you THINK it is, Dave! We just gettin’ the party started!

          I await your cogent response!

  29. If we we are looking for a true young democrat leader who could make a real difference for Montana, than we should be talking about Representative Pat Noonan. But, like any real leader, his ego is not as big as some of the names previously mentioned.

    • Give me a break- Pat Noonan has no chance. He’s not exciting, has not distinguished himself as particularly willing to stand for much of anything, plus people want a woman. If Denise Juneau would get off the fence and show some actual initiative, this would be hers- but anyone who expects to sit back and be asked to run is to naive to be taken seriously. Whoever gets this is on the phone right now– not asking her or his personal friends what to do but asking delegates for their support.

      • Pat Noonan has not distinguished himself!?! You must not have paid attention. Rep Noonan was one of the most articulate legislators in Montana and he has been a beacon of light when it comes to DPPHHS and the services provided. His leadership was apparent last session, so much so there is even a rumor that some dem house members would like to see Noonan as their next leader. Look at the legislative records of the candidates named in this thread, Noonan has accomplished more in 6 years than most, While serving in a minority for 4 of them. The candidate that got the most votes on this poll accomplished a total sum of ZERO in the last legislature. If we want to send a U.S. Senator to DC who will roll up their sleeves and actually problem solve for Montana, we should be talking about Rep Noonan. But if we want an “exciting” candidate who will grandstand on a daily basis and accomplish nothing besides some youtube videos and a lot of partisan sound bites, you know who your choice is.

        • I agree, I think Pat Noonan has been a fine representative and has a great future. He probably is not as “exciting” or as big a self promoter though as a lot of politicians.

          • This is not a district race, nor even your typical statewide affair. We’re taking about riding a media catapult into the American House of Lords. I suggest that ‘loud and proud’ is the only way this thing even becomes competitive. That’s why Jeff Bridges is so appealing. It has very little to do with governance and everything to do with being a high-profile Montana placeholder in a broken and archaic institution. Only a high profile actor (and let’s not kid ourselves, that’s exactly what Daines is) can hold their own in our modern Senate, crowded as it is with arrogant people drunk on what power they think they have.

          • Sounds like either Governor BS or Jesse the body Ventura are our only real chance of actually winning. My point was that Rep Noonan is a fine legislator not necessarily that he would beat Daines. I don’t see anyone on that poll or walking in that door that’s going to beat Daines…except maybe BS or Jesse the body.

            • I do not disagree, unless Jeff Bridges decides to run. Then we’d just have to see,

            • One thing that should be stated clearly: one thing that won’t help is the “my way or the highway” mentality which tainted the race between Bucy and Lazlovich, that Bob Brigham has made so evident against Walsh, and that seems to be creeping in to discussions here.

  30. Denise Juneau should be our next Senator from Montana. Denise, you owe it to Montana people – Indian, equality and all. Please speak your wise, important voice that’s waited way too long to be heard. Please don’t stifle your wisdom.
    Folks, Denise has so much moral conviction that she won’t move forward because she feels less than perfect. But, she’s excellent. Please join me in advocating for Denise and for Indian People, for all Montanans, and for justice for all – some day – soon! Thank you. Mary Ann

  31. This is a perfect time to be bold…pick someone who wouldn’t put up with the circus that the primaries are. The Dude would be fun, but I would like to see Bucy or Mike Halligan…none of the three has made politics their whole life, they actually know how the big wide world works, and have chosen lives not based on money alone. Montana will go Dem every time if the candidate is strong, articulate, and ready to fight for Montana.

  32. FILL YOUR QUIVERS, INBREDS! Pee Wee Daines and his best buddy benefactor giantfart want ALL you inbreds out there to fill your quivers so that we can FINALLY have our white homeland, Montucky! Send us your tired, your retarded, your inbred, your christofascist, you feeble minded, your duck dynasty dickwads, YEARNING to fill their quivers with little inbreds here in Montucky!, where Freedumb reigns, one STATE under GAWD!

  33. I’ve been around a long time. Who the heck is Amanda Curtis. (Name recognition problems.) Here’s a thought: Marine vet Mike Wheat.

    • Jeff, Go to YouTube and look for “Amanda Curtis Montana.” You’ll find a number of videos of Amanda looking straight into a camera explaining, unscripted and brilliantly, what went on in the legislative session on a particular day. The videos are the best window into who she is. None of the other candidates shows this ability to communicate as well as she does.

  34. Thankyou Publius II for August 9 Post!
    Thnakyou Larry for writing what we have been thinking!
    Leading right thoughts toward right action.

    So to carry on here is another lasting fall-out of Max’s pull out,
    Look at it as might US Senators!
    A new Senator to offset Paul, Toomey, Cruz and Santorum.
    A new Senator for the new world order
    Global Courts for global corporations and SOE’s.

    Here’s another hought experiment, think through how to teach Genesis in Public Schools.
    Which of the two Flood Stories is accurate. Which of the long recognized by people, also by scholars, two Creation textual documents is accurate?

    Think of the beyond bizare other-worldly nonsense of no dinos in MT
    Nothing old at the bottom of deep holes in Montana and Wyoming

    Think of the people you know of that have strong emotions re literal only understanding of Genesis.
    Then go read what Mike Dennison narrated at this most critical time in Montana History!
    Look worse? When you remember this is another consequence of the great Baucus default.
    When you remember strong and fervent adherents of doctrinare tilted emotions and how THEY FEEL WHEN THEY READ MIKE DENNISON FROM HERE ON OUT.
    Thanks Larry, i was not thinking through!

    What’s the thinking on the Dennison narrative?
    What are odds on House “race?”

    • No Matter what anyone thinks of Max, one thing is very clear. ACA is working better than we could have imagined.

      In a country filled with partisan Bullshit, Max wrangled out a plan, and helped get healthcare for everone. It is the GOP you blame in this state for not expanding it, But Max should be lauded for getting us better, cheaper healthcare.

      Whine if you want. Most liberal and progressives are never satisfied with a step at a time….. but he saved peoples lives in this country with the ACA ….

  35. AMANDA CURTIS or {{{BUST}}} What is with all the talk about Jeff Bridges? It’s just a distraction? No way in hell, is Montana voting for a Hollywood, Rich Actor??? I also want a {{{PONY}}} Get real!

    • Big Sky Girl, I am guessing you did not mean it the way it sounded, referring to your bias against
      Hollywood rich folks. “money” does not make you evil, how you distribute it, just might!
      Anyone we select will beat Rep. Daines on the issues, IF we back “em with resources, even that Hollywood money, time and energy.

      Would love to have Jeff Bridges on our team any time!!

      • WHOMEVER is selected, that’s fine with me. They’re all very good people. I don’t see one name that I dislike. But once selected, THEN it becomes our turn! We Dems/progressives in this state can take the fight to Pee Wee! We don’t have the money that Pee Wee can generate, but we DO have the skills and means to fight back! It’s not good enough that the Dems pick a fighter, for they can’t do it alone. WE must actively join the fracas! Embrace the fray! Make the Pubes PAY! No free rides this time around!

        Story time, TRUE story time. A buddy, Dyrk Van Hyning, calls me up many years ago and says there’s this guy named Brain Schweitzer comin’ to town to announce his bid against for senate against Sen. Cornhole Burns. I said, really, who’s Brain Schweitzer? Dyrk said he liked him, and that was good enough for me. I trust Dyrk’s opinion.

        So I get down there to the Wheat Building where he’s supposed to announce, and there’s no one there! I thought, crap, I’ve got the wrong time or location. About that time a car pulls up, and a big tall man gets out. It’s Brian. We chat. He seems very nice. A little later his brother Walt shows up, and then a very tiny group of hard core local Dems. And along came a couple of local press guys. And we all went inside for Schweitzer’s announcement.

        THAT’S when it hit me! Jeebus! Immediately Schweitzer went on the offensive against that idiot Burns! And he pulled NO punches! He spoke only the truth, but he did not mince words! I could not believe what I was hearing, a Dem who was actually spoiling for a fight! I was a believer from that moment! It was an incredible bit of Montana history happening right before our eyes!

        The interview ended, and someone suggested that we go to the TV station on the hill and do a TV interview up there too. So that’s we a couple of us and Scwheitzer did. SAME thing! He came out swinging, and started from the very first public appearance to land body blows on the blowhard Burns! I thought, FINALLY, we’ve got our man! Our candidate! Our fighter!

        I went home and started writing letters to the ed in as many papers as I could! With their time limits letters, I used my wife’s name, her grandma’s name, my kids’ names, names off tombstones, ANY name I could think of I used to write letters supporting Schweitzer! And of course, Schweitzer just boldly did his thing, he never stopped landing punches! And he just kept growing in the polls!

        Long story short? Schweitzer NEARLY pulled off the impossible. He damn NEAR whuppped ol’ Sen. Cornhole Burns! It was an unprecedented achievement! NEVER before had a no name upstart nearly unhorsed an incumbent senator, even one as dumb as ol’ Cornhole! And we all know the rest of the story!

        So you see, it can be done. We need a good candidate who will fight, and we NEED Dems who will fight too! Not good enough to just pick a capable person. We’re all gonna have to join in! We can’t match Pee Wee’s best butt buddy benefactor giantfart, but we CAN get off our asses and start writing, talking to neighbors, educating those around us, and getting the message out, checking tombstones for names! For Pee Wee and Giantfart are bad, baaaad news. They’re the worst of the worst, the christofascist kind! They’re right outta Jeff Sharlet’s book, The Family! The time to stop them is now! We can do this, I FEEL it!

        • p.s. You just KNOW that karl rove, the kockh brothers, and giantfart are AMASSING their inbred army of christofascist Tealiban and teabillies as we speak! If we are to have a chance at all, we must do the same! It’s now or never! Do we want Freedumb, or FREEDOM?! Do you want,

          Good educational system or private schools!
          Public lands or ALL land private!
          Health care for all or die alone! Bankrupt!
          Access to birth control or NO birth control!
          Women’s rights or women’s servitude! Again!
          A healthy environment or TOLEDO WATER FOR ALL! (the Pubbie plan)
          Civil law based upon precedent or civil law based upon the holy Buybull!
          A democracy or a theocracy!
          Democracy or dominionism!
          Civil rights or civil WAR era rights!
          A democracy or corporate fascism!
          A good person in the senate, or an IDIOT who believes the earth is four thousand years old?

          I report, you decide!

          • Right Larry, and let’s not forget the evangelical Wilks Boyz from Texas, the ‘Fracking multi-millionaires’ who’ve bankrolled GOP and teabaggers and buying up Montana

    • Totally agree!

    • This is where I meant Totally Agree!

  36. Mike Phillips (Bozeman) can beat Steve Daines! He appeals to young voters because he takes about things they care about. He has fundraising avenues. He’s ready and willing!!
    If dems don’t run a clear contrasting view, we lose. If we run someone who isn’t dynamic, we lose. Running a moderate is a losing game. Go big or don’t play!!

  37. Please tell me this senator dude business isn’t for real. I’m a bridges and lebowski fan (I even have a few tshirts), but c’mon, do we really think he has montana s best interest in mind?

    I’m on the Amanda Curtis train

    • Anyone who is seriously under the delusion that Jeff Bridges will run for senate, or who is promoting or discussing it on the internet in any way should put down the bong and seek gainful employment.

  38. Well Amanda Curtis certainly has the most anonymous internet fans. Has she been properly vetted? I don’t know who she is so I googled her. On the first page is something about causing a ruckus by skiing out of bounds in an avalanche zone & needing to be rescued and getting the Butte search and rescue in an uproar. Im only a part time volunteer troll. I’d imagine the full time Daines staffer trolls will be much more devoted. Hopefully there will be no repeat of the Walsh type egg on the face with whoever gets selected.

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