Daines Has Trouble Garnering Enthusiasm

If the latest unscientific Bozeman Chronicle online poll is indeed an accurate predictor of the US Senate race in Montana, then we should expect Amanda Curtis to defeat Steve Daines this November by a comfortable margin. When I checked early yesterday, she had over 2,000 votes and Daines had only a few hundred.

curtis poll

That’s the difference between Democrats and Republican grassroots.  GOP “young guns” are apparently no match for tech savvy progressives, who quickly voted in large numbers for Curtis.  It has tightened today, but she is still beating him by a 1,000 votes.  By percentage, the current standings are:

Daines         R     35%   (1,488)
Curtis           D    58%   (2,413)
Roots            L      3%     (142)
Undecided            2%      (94)

See live results here.





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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 30, 2014 4:16 PM at 4:16 PM |

    WELCOME TO PEE WEE’S WORLD! Pee Wee Daines that is! THIS is why Montanans are turning out in overwhelming numbers to see Amanda Curtis! (see below) FINALLY, we have a chance to reverse the Big Kockh tide! It wasn’t supposed to happen this way, for the Barfus wing of the Big Kochk little d party had carefully selected and hand picked a guy who wouldn’t ask any questions and simply follow orders. And a guy who definitely wouldn’t make any waves for the fascists. HE WAS PERFECT, THE PERFECT TOOL!

    And then, the Pubbies had to go and shoot themselves in the ass! They just couldn’t leave it alone and allow Pee Wee to work his magic. They had to go and MESS with success! And I thank’em for that! The ReePubes did us a HUGE favor! They outed the generalismo as a lightweight and liar! GREAT JOB, BROWNIE! And now, WE THE PEOPLE chose one of our own! What a novel idea! And Amanda could be the first of many, in fact, maybe the first of a new party altogether, a PEOPLES party! Funny how things work out sometimes. Now we’re gonna see just how red Montana really is! I’m bettin’ that we’re STILL pretty damn blue!

    And now, as promised, welcome to Pee Wee’s world. In Pee Wee’s world, all you need is your gun, JAYsus, and a CREATION museum! THAT is true freedumb, for “freedom’s just another word for nuthin’ left to lose” ANY way! But IF you’ve got Cracker Jaysus, a heater, and a creationism museum, you’re never alone! PuuuuhRAZE Cracker Jesus!

    So, sit back, luv JAYsus, fondle your gun, wave the flag, and try like hell to save up enough to visit the Giantfart and Pee Wee creation museum nearest you! And be SURE to stick lot’s of Murcan flags on your car!


    PuhhhhRAZE Vitory!

    My belief is that the inbreds have run their course here in Montana. Folks are tired of their fascist bullshit wrapped up in patriotism and religion. My belief is that we have INDEED reached the point of satiety with this nonsense. And I say let’s run with it! The young folks Amanda’s age are gonne win this one for us! You just wait and see. They are NOT like the inbred elders in the Pube party!

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 30, 2014 4:28 PM at 4:28 PM |

    The truly great thing about Cracker Jesus is that he is really Holy Gumby Jesus! You can twist Cracker/Gumby Jesus into what EVER form you want him to be! Just ask Pee Wee Daines! Pee Wee knows that Cracker Jesus likes free markets, and creation musuems! And Gumby Jesus LUVS the Big Kockh brothers, hates gays, luvs guns and pollution, and was an American!……………only one small, wee, tiny PROBLEM with all that!

    The truly great thing about Cracker Jesus is that he is Holy Gumby man!

    Let’s get bullshit chrsitofascsim OUT of our government! If you want to believe in Gumby Jesus, do it in your own spare time!

  3. Little lonely Larry? Four in a row?

    As for the poll, that’s complete delusion. It’s not a scientific poll, for one thing, but self selecting both in terms of who would be interested enough to vote — and those would tend to be the young, naive college “progressives.”
    Curtis might give it a run — she’s young, energetic and clearly (if her vids are any indication) hasn’t been pounded to earth by reality just yet. It’s a wobbly candidacy on a wobbly trajectory. The question is whether she has any cred left at all come November for a later try-again.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 30, 2014 6:52 PM at 6:52 PM |

      No, Dave. The ONLY question yet unanswered is WILL Pee Wee debate?! OR rely solely on Kockh brothers millions? Dave, I know that you’re not from here, but we’re about to go back to our ROOTS with Amanda Curtis! Once we were Wobblies, dude! But you wouldn’t understand. You never worked down at the 4500 ft. level like all my ancestors did! My great granddad and old west sheriff and miner would have LAFFED like HELL at pissant “fifth generation” born in Kalifforneecate Pee Wee Daines! REAL working people, Dave, view Pee Wee as a nancy girl Cali pretender! Hey, maybe Pee Wee could grow a beard and have a couple of digits surgical removed to look MORE like a real Montanan! ‘Cause as he looks now, he looks like the Kockh brother’s BEEyatch! Not good, Dave. Not good! Watch the polls and weep! Will the Kockh millions be enuff? Not this time, dave. Not this time!

  4. Young does not equal naive!

    Who will have credibility in November?

    How about who do the people trust Now?
    There may be more polls. You know, who has experience. OR, who do you trust to represent the People of Montana, OR polls focusing into carefully selected issues.

    Maybe more meaningful results if polled by age brackets and for BOTH House and Senate seats. If Zinke looks to be loosing maybe more Republicans have to vote for Steve Daines in the Senate !

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 30, 2014 7:12 PM at 7:12 PM |

    Pee Wee’s peeps! A creation museum for ALL the Cracker Jesus jumpers OUT there! Can’t we all just luv Cracker Jesus as much as Pee Wee Daines and his best butt buddy and benefactor mr. giantfart?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 31, 2014 9:54 AM at 9:54 AM |

      Pee Wee’s peeps. THIS Cracker Pastor just LUVS Cracker Jesus, and he LUVS him some creation museum believin’ inbred politicos like Pee Wee Daines! He wants you to vote for Pee Wee! This is Pee Wee’s base.


      Look, my fellow Montanan, we can NOT send a moron like Pee Wee to the senate to embarrass our state with his creationism beliefs! Jeebus! We al READY sent one idiot to the senate in Cornhole Burns! We can’t do it again so soon!

  6. I did a self-selected respondent poll on my blog asking a question about the value of self-selected polls, and the number one answer I got was “Kim Kardashian.” But you gotta remember, it’s a very stupid country.

  7. in4it

    young ARE not naive!
    our country IS not stupid!

    get beyond X=Y ! !

    Then Post about realities
    of consequence!

    No more of your cheap and sleazy self delight in your own word trickery!

    • I don’t know about the capabilities of most people, but assume that the average IQ of this place is 100 or so, enough to hold a job and make car payments, but not to deal in complicated matters of public policy. That’s why they deliberately dumb down political campaigns, as people are just not capable of dealing with complexity. They want it simple and straight.

      We need enlightened leaders. No Democrats, not Republicans, but re.al leaders not in the pay of financiers. Right now, we ain’t got none.

    • I don’t know about the capabilities of most people, but assume that the average IQ of this place is 100 or so, enough to hold a job and make car payments, but not to deal in complicated matters of public policy. That’s why they deliberately dumb down political campaigns, as people are just not capable of dealing with complexity. They want it simple and straight.

      We need enlightened leaders. No Democrats, not Republicans, but re.al leaders not in the pay of financiers. Right now, we ain’t got none.

  8. Youth and women. Get the vote out! Change can’t come quickly enough. Amanda is fantastic! First Rankin, now Curtis. Montana is breaking out of the pack, again! Talk to your friends; post on your FB page- we can do this!

    • Rankin was SO yesterday.
      First elected as a Republican, by the way. Then runs again, the ultimate peacenik, for Senate, for a PRO war socialist spinoff. Then gets elected as a Democrat (against a flaming Jew-hater, which is a good enough reason) and is the only vote against fighting the Axis? Brilliant! Out of the pack, all rightie!
      Rankin certainly had principles, but they weren’t shared by many.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 31, 2014 1:40 PM at 1:40 PM |

        How ’bout Amanda’s amazing fundraising, dave? How do you explain THAT away to the Big Kockhs? You see, Montanans aren’t as dumb as the inbreds think! The ONLY thing that could save Daines is cracker creep! Hard to say how many cracker inbreds like Pastord Bulbdim have moved up here recently. But REAL Montanans are fired up, more so than I’ve ever seen! After the last few legislative sessions, people are ready to kick inbred ass! I call is Birtherism, and in Birtherism Bob! We’ve had enough of Birther Bob politics! In other words, complete IDIOTS in elected office! And Pee Wee and his creationism is right IN there!

        The young are on the march! Women are on the march! Workers are on the march! Where there were old alliances, they are being re-formed! On one side, they’ll be the crackers, inbreds, racists, chamber pot of commerce crowd and the Jesus jumpers and holy rollers. On the other side, EVERYBODY ELSE! I’m bettin’ on everybody else this time!

    • I recall the 2012 State Representative District 62 race when Democrat and newcomer Reilly Neil was not expected to unseat incumbent Republican and good ol’ boy Dan Skattum. She did.

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 31, 2014 1:31 PM at 1:31 PM |

    Holeeeeeeeeeee SH*T! Montana means mountain, and Pee Wee’s got SEVEN of them. In case you hadn’t noticed, Pee Wee and his best butt buddy benefactor Giantfart are part of a very, very scary Tealiban and anti-American movement called the Seven Mountain Movement! Yes, these cheese balls think the ONLY thing that you peasants need to be happy are Cracker Jesus and a prayer! That’s it! And that’s all you deserve too from gummint! And that is ALL you’re gonna get from the christofascist billionaires! Oh, and of course, maybe a creation museum and a maybe some type of cracker Jesus Disneyland. Check it out before you vote for Pee Wee, because you must understand just where lil’ Pee Wee is coming from!

    And it would help if SOME, AT LEAST ONE pissant reporter from the press would ask Pee Wee to explain just WHY he thinks the world is four thousand years old! I mean, my GOD, we could very well elect a christofascist to the senate! Shouldn’t we at LEAST know WHY he doesn’t believe in science? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Adams?? Anyone? Ecke?? Oh, I see. We don’t want to OFFEND the christofascists in this country, for they are such nice people and the LUV cracker Jesus. JESUS, you slime balls, DO YOUR DAMN JOBS! Why do the blogs have to do everything FOR you?!

    Please familiarize yourself with the American Tealiban. They ARE comin’ for your country!


    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 31, 2014 1:56 PM at 1:56 PM |

      From a recent article about Amanda:

      “But Amanda Curtis’s campaign might all be in service of the long game anyway. In 2000, 33 percent of Montanans voted for Al Gore. In 2008, 47 percent of Montanans voted for Barack Obama. Charisma and the advantage of victors aside, Montanans have been more open to Democrats lately. The state has had two Democratic senators for ages. Issue-wise, the state is primed to listen to Democrats on a few surprising fronts. Montana has fought a few high-profile battles against Citizens United, stoked by the state’s history and libertarian streak. In 2008 and 2012, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee flooded Montana with support. The investment paid off.

      And young people in the state have been increasingly active when it comes to Montana politics. Forward Montana, a 501(c)4 that runs voter registration drives and events in the state, was mentioned in a New York Times article last year titled, “Young, Liberal and Open to Big Government.” Curtis, who was helped by Forward Montana, praises them on their Web site: “You kick so much ass, it’s ridiculous. You’re pretty much my favorite people ever.”

      Democrats are crossing their fingers that those young people feel the same about Curtis — and hopefully show up in strong enough numbers to help them in a far-closer House race that’s also happening in Montana this fall.

      Jaime Fuller reports on national politics for “The Fix” and Post Politics. She worked previously as an associate editor at the American Prospect, a political magazine based in Washington, D.C.

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 31, 2014 2:07 PM at 2:07 PM |

    Elect Pee Wee and kiss your ass good bye! Well, not your ass but your public lands! Hell, there’s no NEED to hold a debate! Amanda Curtis responds to the reporter, and Pee Wee issues a talking point press type release!

    Let’s be DAMN clear on this one. Pee Wee will STEAL our public lands and sell them off to the Kockh brothers! That is exactly what privatization DOES! It’s takes public resources and sells them off! Game over! You want to hunt? Well, go beg a Big Kochk! But I guaran TEE you that you will no be allowed to hunt on private Kockh land! This AIN’T theory, folks. It’s already happening in areas around the state and country! You wanna be Texas, well then, vote for Pee Wee Daines! You want to keep public lands public, then vote Amanda Curtis!

    This is one of the biggest issues out there. The Pubes like this outta state moron ms. fiddler are serious about it! ASK them gun nuts just WHERE there gonna hunt when all the public land is gone!


  11. The newspaper polls picked Tester over Rehberg. MOntana is an outlying state for polls….

    • Polls that picked Tester over Rehberg got it right. Your point???

      Perhaps the next poll should ask whether Montanans want a Goth as senator. https://twitter.com/lachlan/status/502446236600123392/photo/1

      • A great picture of a young woman having fun on Halloween; she’s got my vote!! An actual living breathing human being, and not some blow dried Madison Avenue stylized human being; she’s got my vote! Critics be damned, I’m not apologizing for who I am; she’s got my vote!

        But, go ahead, let the smear (smells like fear) campaign begin.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 31, 2014 9:32 PM at 9:32 PM |

          Can someone out there in Montana explain to me just HOW Pee Wee goes from driving a cement truck one day to being a millionaire many times over is such a short span of time?! Really? Really? Pee Wee did something extraordinary for/to Giantfart to make himself thirty-two million dollars? Overnight?! What? What special skills did Pee Wee, who LOOKS for all the world to be a complete moron, BRING to the company that allowed him to end up with that much money in a mere ten year period? Ever heard of THAT happening before where YOU work? Me neither!

          Me THEENKS that Pee Wee was groomed by Giantfart and the Kockh brothers to run for office. That’s IT….. in a nutshell. THAT is how lil’ reetart Pee Wee got his money! And now, he’s a “business” man? Give me a friggin’ BREAK! The dude has loser written all over him! But HEY, he DOES go to the same church as Giantfart! Funny how that works! Jus’ sayin’, somethin’ stinks at Giantfart industries! And they want’a bring that same odor to Washington! Not THIS time, Giantfart! Un LESS of course you can state specifically what made Pee Wee worth thirty-two million in ten years to your company! I’ll wait. From the articles I’ve read, MOST of his coworkers thought the guy was kinda dense!


      • Goth? What the fuck are you talking about? She’s a school teacher and dresses conservatively for her job. You’ve apparently never seen her. She’s tall, athletic, and dresses the way any other pretty professional woman her age dresses.

  12. “Vagrants on the BNSF train tracks in Whitefish choose Curtis 2 to 1”, Bozeman Chronicle reports.

    Keep up the totally scientific polls, mtcowgirl

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 31, 2014 7:04 PM at 7:04 PM |

      THAT was scientific, nancy boy??? Um, nancy, only YOU would assume that that poll was intended to be scientific. No one claimed it was. But then again, you’re a MORON! But for the record, please show ANY poll, scientific or not, that shows Pee Wee in the lead! I haven’t seenit. For you see, nancy boy, the legislature is NOT representative of Montana in general! The Pubes have gerrymandered the state beyond recognition. That’s why we end up with a Lege filled with Birther Bob, Fart Fetish, the Assman, Windy Wharpedburin’, etc. But this, THIS will be a freakin’ entire STATE WIDE election! And that’s a whole different story! Be afraid, VERY afraid, nancy boy! You morons are out of ammo and you know it! You don’t know how to attack Amanda, and it shows!

      But hey, that’s OK. The Big Kockhs will come to the rescue if they can. Hell, the ONLY thing your morons have left is to run endless commercials full of lies! That’s it! Lie after lie after lie! But will it be enough? I dunno. I’m bettin’ not. For you see, what the Big Kockhs DIDN’T count on was a motivated, invigorated, fed up, ANGRY Montana public! It ends here. The Kockh reign is over. RIP. And take Pee Wee WITH you!

  13. Imagine earth haters like Steve Daines and Dave Skinner managing public lands.


  14. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 1, 2014 6:58 PM at 6:58 PM |

    HAPPY LABOR DAY! Smokin’ Joe pretty much nails it! Have a beer and have a listen!

  15. Just completed a telephone opinion poll conducted by Elkhurst Communications, which focused on the Curtis/Daines and Lewis/Zinke races. One of the more interesting questions asked was whether the recent flurry of media releases concerning Daines and Zinke had a positive or negative impact on my decision whether or not to vote for them. The same question was not asked of Curtis and Lewis.

  16. Earth hater Steve Daines and a South Dakota colleague have been endorsed by the US Chamber: so was Bob McDonnell convicted today of being a Republican.

    • http://www.gallup.com/poll/113980/Gallup-Daily-Obama-Job-Approval.aspx

      The maelstrom created by Obama’s sinking approval is going to suck many Dems down the vortex.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 4, 2014 6:21 PM at 6:21 PM |

        Unfortunately for you, NOT Amanda! Sorry, craigy, but I already TOLD you. You have NO way of stopping the Amanda Tsunami! All the Kockh gazillions in the WORLD ain’t gonna be enough to slime this woman, for she’s the real deal, and Pee Wee is a cheap imitation!

        BTW, you STILL haven’t answered the question. Why won’t creation boy debate??? Just ONE reporter with balls could sink Pee Wee forever!

        Debate questioner: Mr Pee Wee, just WHY do you believe that the earth is four thousand years old?

        THAT question alone would send Pee Wee into a tailspin from which he couldn’t recover! For that opens up the entire arena of his ties to christofascism, the ugliest movement this country has produced in a long time! Jesus. Just take a LISTEN to these politicians from the south. You can’t tell where THEIR asses end and Jesus’s begins!

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