Bobcat Fur Farm Draws Outrage

Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 8.32.05 PMA North Dakota couple wants to locate a bobcat fur farm in Montana, which has sparked national outrage. And rightly so.   Fur farms are cruel, barbaric, and completely unnecessary.
A Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Game Warden estimated that the proposal has sparked thousands of comments. And although the AP reported that the FWP representative refused to say whether the comments were for or against the monstrosity, it’s pretty obvious that the comments are overwhelmingly opposed.

Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 9.28.05 PMAs the organization In Defense of Animals explains on the group’s website, “Montana is among the worst fur farming states because it allows the breeding of captive animals, including mink, foxes, lynx, and bobcats, with very little oversight or animal welfare standards.”

Animals on fur farms endure a miserable life of captivity in wire cages small enough to drive them insane. Not being able to meet their most basic needs, these animals often self-mutilate by biting at their skin, tails, and feet; they frantically and stereotypically pace endlessly; and even cannibalize their cage mates, or kill their babies.

Montana is a state full of people who love to hunt and shoot guns. We also banned fee hunting of game farm animals  as unethical in 2000 by citizens initiative, so I have a hard time believing people support game farms for fur.  People in this state don’t support commercializing wildlife.

While the official public comment period on the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks “environmental assessment” ended Friday, it is still important that citizens make their voices heard.

You can do so here with just a couple of clicks.  It’ll take all of 30 seconds.  Or you can simply write to the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks directly at




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  1. I am not a tree hugger, and I believe in trapping, but this fur farm idea sickens me.

    Back in the day when the elk farm debate was going on, I recall the best idea that was proposed was something along the lines of, “Any animal remotely related to Montana’s wildlife, as well as said wildlife, should not be raised in farms in Montana. The only wild animals that should be allowed to be raised in Montana are those that might escape, but could not possibly mate with or pass diseases onto Montana’s wildlife.”

    That always seemed like sensible advice. Raise komodo dragons for meat, enterepissing Tea Party douche bags!

  2. The potential of captive-bred animals to reduce the fitness of wild populations is well documented in scientific literature (See studies: Rhymer and Simberloff 1996, Allendorf et al. 2001, Lynch and O’Hely 2001, Ford 2002, Garrant et al. 2003, Hutchings and Fraser 2008).

    Hybridization and associated genetic transformations may eventually result in the natural population being incapable of sustaining itself (Lynch and O’Hely 2001), leading to species endangerment and extinction.

    As Drunks for Denny points out, The spread of disease is another concern. Outbreaks of toxoplasmosis and canine distemper (CDV) have been reported on farms in North America since the late 1950s (Frank 2001). In 1998, a large Wisconsin mink farm experienced an outbreak of canine distemper, followed by an outbreak of toxoplasmosis in 1999 (Frank 2001). The farm had 7,800 breeding females, 400 breeding males, and 35,000 kits.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 1, 2014 10:04 PM at 10:04 PM |

    F*CK’EM! Simply f*ck’em! Take their sorry nodak asses BACK to NodakOTa! We don’t need/want them here! If they come, we’ll deal with it. Simple, easy. No questions asked, and no evidence! Barbaric nazzzi nodak bastards! What the hell is WRONG with these no good a**sholes? What age are the living in???

  4. The Montana FWP is a joke, run by a buffoon, packed with idiots, and with zero oversight. Does anyone expect them to respond to public wishes?

  5. This is just another backdoor attempt to commercialize wildlife. Game farms of any kind are unethical and appalling to anyone who respects wildlife for what it is. They are a disgrace to the state of Montana, and certainly to the FWP, which doesn’t need any more embarrassment then they already bring on themselves.

  6. Right, signing that petition puts me in with the anti-hunting, animal rights, let horses run wild and stomp it flat, no exploitative meat crowd. Nah. No such thing as animal rights — as rights must be consciously exercised by the rights holder to actually be rights.

    Object to hunting? Don’t.
    Find meat icky? Don’t.

    And before we get off on a screamfest about ethics — seriously, what makes the ethics of an animal rights activist so superior that they have standing to impose their belief system involuntarily on other people?

    There is a choice — just don’t buy bobcat fur. Simple. Or, have the commenters pool some dough and buy the guy out so he retires, maintain the spayed and neutered kitty cats in splendor until they die at a happy old age. Then everyone wins, right?

    • Animal rights are codified in MCA, Title 45, Chapter 8, Part 2: Offensive, Indecent, and Inhumane Conduct.

      • Yeah, but here’s some actual code:
        (4) This section does not prohibit:
        (a) a person humanely destroying an animal for just cause;
        (b) the use of commonly accepted agricultural and livestock practices on livestock;
        (c) rodeo activities that meet humane standards of the professional rodeo cowboys association;
        (d) lawful fishing, hunting, and trapping activities;
        (e) lawful wildlife management practices;
        (f) lawful scientific or agricultural research or teaching that involves the use of animals;
        (g) services performed by a licensed veterinarian;
        (h) lawful control of rodents and predators and other lawful animal damage control activities; or
        (i) accepted training and discipline methods.

    • Ronan has been ground zero for eco-terrorists idolized by Kralj. Perhaps the feds will come for coffee at his place after his threats displayed here.

      I do not want another fur farm in Montana. That being said, those that engage in a lawful enterprise should be protected to the fullest extent of the law. The solution is simple really. Change the law going forward and buy out the existing businesses.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 2, 2014 7:18 PM at 7:18 PM |

      Actually, the choice is simpler than that! We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again! Cyanide mines? Buh BYE! Game farms? Buh BYE! Bobcat farms? Buh BYE! You see, Davey, Montanans are MUCH more compassionate than you little wannbee nazzzi rightwingers! End of story, and don’t forget, BUH BYE! Too funny. Keep pushing the envelope, and you’ll soon have to move back home!

      • The comments from the environmental ranger are more disturbing than the idea of a fur farm. The imposition of one’s beliefs on others with the threat of violence is not acceptable.

  7. The comments from the environmental ranger are more disturbing than the idea of a fur farm. The imposition of one’s beliefs on others with the threat of violence is not acceptable.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 3, 2014 10:58 PM at 10:58 PM |

      Nope. Wrong again. Threat of violence? Nah. That’s rightwing nazzzi stuff. It CAN be done legally! ie. I-137. END of elk game farms. etc. We don’t NEED/WANT bobcat killers here in Montana. That’s NOT who we are. Sorry. Keep that nasty crap back there in Nodakota! We are humane, civilized people here. Now, is that a threat? Nope. Just your reality! Deal with it. And I guaran TEE you that there are more like me than you! You wanna VOTE on it? I do!

      So, you lose before the discussion begins!

    • Yet it is the same imposition under which these bobcats live and die.

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