Live Blog of the Curtis Daines Debate

5:57 pm I had thought that Twitter put live blogging out of business, but others say Twitter in Montana political circles is still a tiny niche audience and live blogging reaches more people – would be interested in what readers think.  You can follow the debate here for regular updates.

6:02 Audience asked not to clap, hiss or boo.  Amanda Curtis introduced first as a Butte High School math teacher and Montana legislator.

6:04 pm Debate moderators introduced: Mike Dennison of Lee Newspapers, Jackie Yamanaka of Yellowstone Public Radio, and TV reporter and political director for KXLH, Sanjay Talwani.

6:06 pm First question on ISIS – Curtis says we can’t be the world’s police and we must ask where the money will come from

Daines claims the president lacks strategy and needs approval of congress. Daines tries to say the response to ISIS is “secure our borders.”

Daines asked how we will pay for ISIS threat but avoids question with “secure the homeland” platitudes.

6:08 pm  Daines asked if he would shut down the government again. Tries to blame president Obama for government shut down. Says it “takes two” to shut down the government. Total cop-out. Tries to justify it by saying he didn’t take a salary during that time.

Curtis reminds audience that Daines voted for shutdown and is so out of touch he can afford to go without pay which is something most Montanans can’t do. Gets audible agreement from audience.

Daines asked again to answer the question of whether he would vote for the shut down again.  Curtis points out that Daines didn’t say he would not vote for a shutdown again.


6:14 pm Talwani question for Daines on repealing Affordable Care Act and replacing it with “tort reform”  Will this really help people get health insurance?


Daines says response to health care is “tax deductions” and tort reform to save money.  Also Health Savings Accounts – doesn’t mention these mean nothing without health coverage.  Daines also tries to say that ACA should be repealed because not everyone will have insurance coverage even though it passed.  Makes no sense.


6:19 pm Sanjay T. points out  in a question to Daines: if people can’t afford health insurance, can these people afford health savings accounts – will they benefit from tax cuts?

6:22 pm  Dennison asks Daines about his statement that abortion should be illegal in most cases.  His true position is that he opposes abortion in ALL cases, even when a woman is raped.

Curtis nails Daines for voting for a bill to ban most forms of birth control.

Daines is saying something weird about how the first amendment supposedly limits birth control. As Curtis points out, Daines is saying he supports Hobby Lobby decision to let corporations decide which women get birth control and which do not.  Well done Curtis.

6:28 pm Debate is half over – taking a 1 minute break.

6:30 pm – Odd Question from Jay Kohn about whether “one of us” means a dumber U.S. Senate.  Curtis points out that the founders did not intend corporations to run the U.S. Senate and Curtis says you don’t need to be a silver-spoon fed politician to be a good senator.

Follow up – asked if Curtis has the experience to be a good U.S. Senator.  Curtis says she has dedicated her life to education because it is the pathway out of poverty. Daines is saying something weird about his grandparent’s high school mascot….trying to relate to normal people I guess after Amanda’s comments about relating to working families.  Not really impressed by this pathetic response by Daines.

6:34 pm Daines called on carpet by Jay Kohn for touting a bill in one of his campaign ads that has never even passed – his so-called balanced budget act.  In my opinion, it is disingenuous to take credit for a bill that never passed.  As Jay said – “isn’t this just a symbolic bill with no teeth?”  Kohn calls the ad false.

Glad to see moderator holding Daines accountable.

6:36 pm Jackie Y. asks Daines about what his real concrete specific Medicare reform proposals are.  Daines is saying he supports “reforms” but is not saying what they are.  He again avoids the question.  It’s becoming a theme tonight (Daines avoiding answering.)

6:39 pm Daines claims the Affordable Care Act harms in-home health care for seniors, says he knows this anecdotally.  Curtis reminds audience that Daines has a 10% (abysmal) rating with seniors groups.

6:40 pm Dennison to Curtis – Why should I support you if I’m a gun owner?  Curtis points out she does not opposed guns and was just out shooting recently.  Daines goes all TEA Party liberty and freedom language on guns, says guns are not about hunting….

6:41 pm Curtis points out that Daines has lowest rating on conservation/public lands of any politician ever in MT – a 4%.

6:42 pm Talwani asks Daines why he refuses to compromise on public lands solution proposed by Tester that would result in logging and timber jobs – a solution that can actually pass.  Daines says Tester’s bill is “a good start.”  But he doesn’t say why he wouldn’t vote for it.

Curtis said she supports Forest Jobs and Recreation Act as a true compromise by Tester.  Says Daines didn’t support the Montana solution and instead is forcing a DC solution Montanans don’t back.

6:46 pm Jackie Y.:  What do you think should be done on immigration to protect public health?  Curtis supports doctors and agencies working to protect us from biological threats. Points out that Daines voted for shutdown, which harmed these agencies.

Daines repeats “secure the borders” pablum again.  Starts telling some anecdote he heard from a Texas house member. Says “secure the borders” a few more times.  Says the threat of ebola and national security is at stake.

Curtis says she supports immigration reform.

6:49 pm Dennison asks how Daines jobs rhetoric isn’t just warmed over trickle down economics.  Daines launches into his same talking points in response.  Seems to believe Keystone pipeline is some kind of magical talisman for the middle class.

6:52 pm And at this point, the live stream from KUFM’s website appears to be no longer functional. (Or Charter internet just stinks–always need to remember this possibility is probably the most likely.)

6:53 pm Last question about to be asked.  MSU-B poll says 20-25% still decided in the race.  Candidates asked to give their final pitches.

Curtis says people should be able to retire without worrying about where their groceries are from.  Says out public lands shouldn’t be sold off and that Medicare shouldn’t be a voucher system.  Daines thinks corporations are people and money is speech.  Intermittent cheering.

Daines says he “grew up a sportsman” and has an A plus rating for NRA. Says “Montanans vote their guns.” More jobs blah blah blah – I’m not Obama, basically.  (Curtis pointed out earlier that Obama isn’t on the ballot.)  Daines tries to say his background is different than most in congress.  Bwhahahahahha!  Right.  Basically keeps saying “I’m not Obama.”  Really embarrassing.

Curtis says choice is between Daines, most extreme Congressman Montana has ever had, and a woman like herself. Says she’ll help all sectors of economy, not just big corporations. Says as Montana’s first female senator she’ll vote for equal pay for equal work and FOR the minimum wage.  Loud cheering, louder and longer than for Daines.

Debate concludes.




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  1. I’m a Washington resident but just watched your debate and you knocked it out of the park. I hope you were watched by all Montana residents as i think they will vote for you.

  2. I thought Curtis did a great job. She kept in his face all night, stood on facts and her closing was positive while Daines was visibly exasperated with Amanda and his closing was all about being afraid.

  3. Daines looked very, very uncomfortable. Curtis never lost her cool once. She won!

  4. I think that the only mistake that Amanda made was not referencing Daines support for the Ryan Budget Act. With it she would have demonstrated that Daines had to lie during the debate to say that he did not support vouchers for Medicare. Vouchers are part and parcel of the Ryan Budget. Then there are the other cuts to good programs in the Act, that will harm “US”.

  5. According to Daines “50% of the University graduates are underemployed or unemployed.”

    What planet does he live on?

  6. Daines looked uncomfortable because he’s dealing with someone who simply lacks class. I would act that way too if I met her after watching those videos she made. Talk about throwing tantrums! Good grief! I felt like I was watching a woman trying out for the part of Elaine on Seinfeld – you know, the woman who didn’t gt the part – because she wasn’t funny. “Bible this, and Bible that…” (CRINGE)

    By the way, you five people who appear to like Curtis, did you ever wonder why she chose the slogan “One of Us”? Isn’t it a line from a cult film entitled “Freaks”, circa 1932. C’mon people, every film student in the country has probably seen the movie or at least heard of it. Maybe she sees herself as the heroine? And what does that make all of you? Well, if it’s just a coincidence, her campaign writer needs to be fired. What a poor choice for a slogan! Ha! “One of us … gooble gobble …. One of us!” Priceless.

    • Gee “Mike” I wasn’t alive in 1932, so I wasn’t watching cult films from that era. Sounds like you pine for a bygone era where women stayed home barefoot and pregnant and domestic violence wasn’t a crime. The world has changed since then buddy. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

      • Rebecca… get real and quit being so snarky… it does not put you in a good light…Mike certainly was not inferring that you had to be alive in the 30’s, and he never inferred that women remain home with dirty feet and increasing the population. taking the approach you just took is nothing less than reaching for straws. You just insulted your own intelligence in the eyes of most people in this state. now, My girlfriend, a holder of 2 masters degrees in the sociology field, and I watched the flick… her take on it is pretty much what Mike said… and she, much to my dismay… is a liberal… she also was dis satisfied with the fact that Curtis could not directly answer questions from the panel, choosing instead to roll into the scripted “patter” she used in her commercials… several times, just saying the same thing for effect ( saying SOMETHING instead of not answering the question because she didnt know the answer, of because her handlers didnt anticipate she would have to… UMMMM duuuhhhh say something Amanda)… it just shows that you are better asking for forgiveness than asking for permission….

        So Rebecca, There are plenty of other fun things to annoy people with on the internet, that wont make you look like such a moron. Please do us all, especially yourself, a favor and find something less embarrassing to play with.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 22, 2014 10:10 AM at 10:10 AM |

          AGAIN, andy /w the liberal girlfriend (teehee, lying for the lawyord again I see), the ONLY one who looked like a Wobbly on the stage that night was Pee Wee DAINES! He shooke and wobbled all OVER the place! Did you even watch the debate, dude?! Poor Pee Wee didn’t need a FAN under the lecturn, but a CATHETER!, so’s he didn’t wet himself! (maybe he did, who knows?) The idiot was outclassed and outmatched! He’s just damn lucky the panelists were nice enough to NOT ask him about his creationist beliefs!

          Nope. No way to spin this one. Pee Wee showed his true colors, and the ONLY thing you can do is try to attack Amanda, which your doing. As I’ve said before, that will just anger people more! I would suggest a different tack, for this one will backfire. But you inbreds NEVER listen to me, and I’m glad!

          • Every response given by Curtis was nothing but a poorly rehearsed talking point and felt like I was watching her commercial over and over again. She failed to answer the very first question. Don’t believe me, watch it again. The question was if she agreed with Obama’s response to ISIS. She never answered it. She was so rehearsed in her talking points that she attempted to drop her prepared answers wherever she could, even when it had nothing to do with the question… ISIS, border security, gov’t shutdown… her answers gave no details and contained no substance. She played the blame game the entire time, then at the end mentioned how she’s proud she hasn’t run a negative campaign. Really? And Daines wasn’t very impressive either. He should have fired back at her snotty comments and called her out when she was flat out lying. He failed in that respect. But there is NO way she can be crowned a winner. One good thing, I am a LOT less concerned about her winning the election now. She was clueless when asked about the issues. Her empty answers about “absolutely” this and “absolutely” that did nothing but show everyone how ill-prepared she was. She better come up with some real answers quickly and realize Montana is a red state and to win she will need to get some republican votes and not alienate every one of them. Do the math, Math Wizard Amanda. I wonder if she thinks any of the people pulling her and her husband off Red Mountain after they triggered an avalanche in a closed area, might have been republicans. No, she’s probably trying to forget about that.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 23, 2014 5:40 PM at 5:40 PM |

              Franny, you’re a keen observer of debates. Maybe YOU could answer the question that is on everyone’s mind. Did Pee Wee WET himself, or did he just spill his water his trousers?? Jus’ wonderin’. I’m sure you know bein’ such a keen observer and all! Thanks in advance!

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 23, 2014 6:38 PM at 6:38 PM |

                p.s. And Fanny, the Pubes are some REALLY seriass DUMBSHITS! I mean, it DON’T take much brains to PUT in your platform that you want to sell off our public lands to the Kockh brothers! BIG ass mistake! What WERE they thinking?!

                Second big mistake. They tried and tried to avoid a debate so that Montanans wouldn’t see the REALL Pee Wee daines, an idiot extraordinaire! So what did they do? They stalled and stalled and STALLED, until the people and press called Pee Wee out!

                Now, fanny, HERE’S where it gets interesting. By waiting so late in the game to debate, they RUINED any chance they had to remedy a poor performance, (I call it par performance) by Pee Wee! That’s IT! A one shot deal with NO chance for a do over! LUV IT! I mean, how STOOOPID do the Pubes have to be to think that Pee Wee would do ANYTHING but look like the creationist moron he is?!

                So, that brings us up to the present. We’re just weeks away from the election, Pee Wee has proven himself to the ENTIRE FREAKIN’ STATE to be a pathetic moron, and Amanda’s star is rising! WHAT A GREAT STRATEGY THE REEPUBES HAVE!……….. TO HELP AMANDA!

                Thank you, franny, for doing your part. Keep posting, for you anger people even more. We really DO want clueless observers like yourself running the country!

                But my advice for your party? SEEK JESUS! He’s ’bout the only one that can pull THIS one outta your ass for you! But the problem is that Pubbies are SO stupid that you just knew they were gonna do sumthin’ REAL dumb! And they got’er done! GREAT JOB, BROWNIE!

                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 23, 2014 6:44 PM at 6:44 PM |

                  JONI GOT HIS GUN!

                  Now HERE’S an inbred that franny might like!….in a non-sexual sort of way, of course!


                  Inbreds, whacha gonna do with them except laff?!

                  • Hey ranger man.. Let’s you and I get back together on 11/5 and discuss the results. Even your own national party isn’t taking math wiz Amanda seriously. They aren’t funding her campaign because they know it would be a waste of resources. Now if she was such a rising star wouldn’t the dumbs jump on board and start throwing some cash her way?? Even liberal MSNBC thinks she’s a joke and won’t discuss Montana’s senate race. They know she’s a loss for the dumbs and they are moving on to other things. Maybe you should too.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 24, 2014 8:38 PM at 8:38 PM |

                      Fanny, I got just three words for you.

                      SENATOR CORNHOLE BURNS!

                      Remember him? Well, they didn’t expect ol’ Cornhole to win either. Go back and read your history.

                      Now, just three more words for you.

                      SENATOR AMANDA CURTIS!

                      Has a nice ring to it, don’t it? Your team screwed up BIG time, fanny. Public lands to the Kockhs? I can’t think of a faster way to get Amanda elected than that!

                    • Oh and Larry, you may want to check how much Amanda actually knows about public lands. Obviously she can’t read a map since she “didn’t know” about designated closed areas on Red Mountain. She admitted she broke the law five years in a row, so at least she was honest about her ignorance. That’s plus for your side.

                      Here’s 3 words for you… WELCOME BACK AMANDA. Has a nice ring to it, don’t it? That’s what she will be hearing when she returns to her teaching job next month.

        • Ooohh Another women hating conservative! Oh Boy is conversation ought fire up Ladies around here. to vote Democrat a la Pronto. You Dummies realize that the Majority of “Haven’t decided yet Voters” are Probably woman since we are the largest voting Block in Montana?

          Keep it up Male Pinheads, nothing irks a modern educated woman to action faster than a dimwitted Man!

          • Norma, I hope you one day realize that it is actually possible to see a politician as more than their race or sex. Your comments are sexist.

            Am I crazy, or are all the women on this blog capable of nothing more than school yard name-calling?!? If you’re trying to make women look good, you’re failing miserably.

            Thankfully, I know a lot of really intelligent conservative women, so don’t think it’s based on anything but your own moral and intellectual shortcomings.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 22, 2014 8:48 PM at 8:48 PM |

              Mike, you want shortcomings? Look in your SHORTS, dude! It’s all in there! Ask your conservative female friends!

              BTW, conservative just means dummer than DOG shit! But HEY, I don’t blame you, lil’ fella. A woman dummer than dog shit MIGHT be an easy lay!! Say, is THAT why you’re an inbred for Jaysus??? For the groupies???? To get laid??? YOU HAVE MY BLEESING, SON! PurrrrRAZE VITORY!…….and fill your quiver at the same time!

              • Larry ….. (I’m sorry, I have to stop chuckling before I type)…..Larry, Larry. Only someone who was a little insecure about their manhood would launch a post like that, on the internet, where you can pretty much get away with it.

                Look, I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I’m pretty sure we know the only people who get less action than masculine feminists are Environmental Rangers.

              • Oh, and the internet is also telling me you’re 63 years old. Dude. You’re 63 years old. Now I’m just sad.

                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 22, 2014 9:10 PM at 9:10 PM |

                  Au contraire, Jaysus Jumper! You were sad bee FORE you posted! Again, ask your female Jaysus jumper friends!

  7. How on earth did you jump from cult films to male chauvenism? If you must know, I pine for the day when people could actually write coherent sentences, much less refrain from jumping to ridiculous conclusions. The phrase “barefoot and pregnant” – golly, it’s overused, don’t you think? And you left out the kitchen part – I’m afraid I was thinking more of flying combat aircraft while wearing a G-suit and smoking a cigar. I know, smoking’s bad for the baby. And the bit about the coffee! Ha! Tell me, who made the coffee? Because it wasn’t me, I was in bed apparently. Maybe it was the barefoot and pregnant lady? Hey, that means she’s in the kitchen, right? Heck, you’re a natural. I underestimated you.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 22, 2014 8:06 AM at 8:06 AM |

      Um, mikey, I shouldn’ t ask and you don’t have to tell, but did you WATCH that 1932 cult classic with your “pardner”? Jus’ wondering, for that really don’t seem to like a “normal” Montana guy activity! But HEY, that’s OK! Guys bond in diverse ways, and I believe in diversity! Just a couple’a fellas sittin’ around in their little Montana cowboy outfits sharin’ some popcorn and a good time. I got no problem with that, lil’ buckaroo! And now, you artsy farsty fellas can even get hitched if you want! Put your brand on each other so to speak! And ride off into the sunset together! HEY, that might just be a new classic movie plot!

      • Look, Environmental Brownie, or whatever weird liberal group you are a part of – Odin help them – your sarcasm is really clever, but you need to learn the art of when to quit. The joke stopped being funny after I read half your post. Next time, just skip right to Brokeback Mountain, that way you end on a topical and media savvy note. But something tells me that an Environmental Ranger has no time for crafting clever posts on a computer that is fueled by electricity and therefore carbon emissions. Yes Larry, you must go and fight the Carbon Monsters like a good Power, er I mean Environmental Ranger…(little cringe)

  8. Dennison, Yaminaka, good grief, same old same old, professional journalists devoid of curiosity and innately attuned to where power lies. That’s why they and their ilk moderate our “debates,” otherwise known as talking point extravaganzas.

    I am writing this from Ecuador, a place where there is really existing democratic governance, which Americans would not recognize.

    • De veras lo reconocimos y deseamos, at least more and more of us. But it’s been uphill ever since the Revolution threw the first serious gauntlet down, and it took a definite turn toward the war-state klepto-corporatocracy with the Federal Reserve Act.

      You’re not wrong about the debates, the “journalists” and their bosses are afraid of offending the viewership magnets, though Ron Paul managed to spice a few events up nicely. On the other hand, we get moments. Remember during the Yellowstone Public Radio Burns-Tester debate when Burns insinuated his opponent wanted to weaken the USA Patriot Act? Tester’s turn came and he replied, “Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I do not wish to weaken the Patriot Act. I wish to REPEAL the Patriot Act.”

      Damn near fell over sideways laughing – and voted for him regularly ever since :-)

      Que el Ecuador cuide bien la democracia que tiene.

  9. Wow. Not the debate – the nastiness of far liberals like Larry Kralj.

    I’m not an “inbred,” like the obnoxious liberals like to call anyone who lacks a Trotsky poster in their studio, I’m an Ivy-degreed intellectual.

    I’m not a conservative, I’m a former-left centrist who’s never voted for a Republican presidential canditate ever, starting in the 80s. Who voted for Obama two times (because Romney was clueless about the Middle East) and for Jon Tester (still proud of him at least). And I am definitely voting for Daines.

    Meet Daines in person, and he’s polite, respectful, genuinely humble, and has a real love for Montana. He gets real issues. He understands basic math. Watch Amanda’s blog, and she’s snarky, bitter, ugly, and rudely condescending to anyone who dares to think differently from her. Clueless about the most foundational simple economic principles. Probably believes if you printed a magic $20 trillion coin you could start spending money that you and the next three generations don’t have all over again.

    And she got an F rating from the NRA? As in the first state candidate from MT ever? Are the Dems finally so drunk on their Koolade they believe their own delusionalities and think they can win here by going far liberal instead of center? Can they possibly seriously be that stupid? Somebody please say it ain’t so. I’m NRA – and I’m vegetarian, for crying out loud (yes, the 2nd Amendment actually is NOT about hunting.) Tell me they can’t possibly be that dumb.

    Larry, if your girl and your party (I reject them for the Libertarians now) lose like they deserve to, feel free to eat a little crow here fair and square; troll karma, I think it would be called.

    Never thought I’d be proud of the day I pulled the lever for a creationist Republican, but there you are. Dems made it inevitable themselves :-/ :-/ :-/

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 28, 2014 5:37 AM at 5:37 AM |

      I’m not an “inbred,” like the obnoxious liberals like to call anyone who lacks a Trotsky poster in their studio, I’m an Ivy-degreed intellectual.

      Wow! No WONDER you’re an Ivy leaguer, Ivy! How did you find out that we all have Trotsky posters on our walls? You simply GOTTA be an intellectual to know that! And really, Ivy, you can be what EVER you want to be on the net as long as you don’t use your real name, Ivy! Can I call you Ivy? Or do you prefer inbred? For you SEE, Ivy, ANYONE who believes in creationism, or VOTES for someone who believes, is an inbred in MY book, Ivy! No, if you’re really an intellectual, Ivy, stop farting up the forum with crap and provide a few FACTS, mr, intellectual! Do you have any? Explain you support of creationism! Never heard of the Scopes Monky Trial eh?

      Here’s your challenge, Ivy. I’ve stated it quite plainly. I will vote for Pee Wee Daines and publicly KISS YOUR ASS if you can find me one, only one, JUST ONE Jesuit who believes in creationism! Here’s you chance, Ivy. Put up or SHUT up! Are Jesuits not religious people too?

      I THEENK I just heard Ivy leaving the building!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 28, 2014 12:04 PM at 12:04 PM |

        UH oh! This is sure to piss off the inbreds!, es-PECIALLY all them self-appointed preachers!

        Is Pee Wee Daines saying that the Pope is wrong??? Has Pee Wee just elevated himself above the Holy See? Did the Pope just poop on Pee Wee’s parade???!!

        GOOD, JOB, POPE!

      • Congratulations, Larry. Not only have you proven (with your past remarks about making love to livestock, must be an image close to your heart) that you deserve to be banned, BUT…

        …you just proved yourself stupider than the Montana “inbreds” you like to make fun of.

        I DON’T believe in creationism, and I’ve opened the eyes of more creationists than you ever have or will. Even an “inbred” could have figured that out from my posts. You? No.

        And Jesuits are not much to appeal to. They have the blood of millions of suffering innocents on their hands, from Asia to South America. I know one who was reasonably smart – not brilliant, but certainly smarter than you. Except he was hitting on male students at a university. Got his ass kicked out. But hey, at least he wasn’t a creationist.

        You didn’t hear me leave the building. That must have been the last few tiny shreds of dignity you had left instead.

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