Flathead Memo: Out-of-State Group Sends Fake Voter Guide to Deceive MT Voters

Another disturbing development in the Montana Supreme Court race today as more comes out on the radical right-wingers working to elect Lawrence VanDyk. VanDyke has practiced law in Montana for only one year (compared to Mike Wheat’s 36) having briefly worked for Tim Fox, but quitting in a huff because he didn’t want to work on the cases he was assigned.

An out-of-state group has produced a fake “voter guide” to instruct voters to make a partisan decision on the non-partisan MT Supreme Court race.  The mailers, which I have posted here, also use the Montana State seal to provide the (false) impression that the mailing is an official state publication.  The Flathead Memo has an analysis up on the mailer here, which you’ll want to go read.  James Conner writes that the mailer:

resents information in a way that invites voters to conclude that researchers at two of America’s most prestigious universities want them to know that Mike Wheat is a very liberal man; almost as liberal as that black devil in the White House. Given the context, only a fool would conclude the card is intended to help Wheat.


I’ll have updates as more information becomes available.  James Conner has the mailer posted so you can see it on his site.


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  1. American Tradition Partnership lives on!

  2. AP has the story. The deceptive mailers are part of a research project at Stanford. Incredible. The irresponsibility just boggles the mind. No more defensible than John Walsh’s plagiarism and should meet the same fate.

    • Using the State Seal quite intentional, while Walsh was too casual with his academic work. By the way, the Army War College should also be held ACCOUNTABLE as to why so LATE in scrutinizing Walsh’s academic works? That said, there’s – I can say – dozens, perhaps hundreds who by the same standard who should
      not be awarded a degree.

      • There’s no defense for what Walsh did. That’s why he was defrocked and his name ground off the bronze plaque of War College graduates.

        There also may be no defense for the War College, but the War College’s behavior in no way mitigate’s Walsh’s transgression.

        • I don’t dispute that about Walsh and his personal transgression, BUT the War College
          is deficient in it’s quality control and the faculty and advisers should have been more diligent when examining the student works.

  3. Sanford anld the rest of the Fraud voter mail assholes More Akin to Bernie Madoff, and should be charged with stealing the Voters votes.

  4. I got this piece in the mail today. I can’t comprehend its purpose but whoever initiated it needs to be fined/sued for the false use of the state seal and the words “voters guide.” I cannot believe that Stanford or Dartmouth faculty are involved in this charade. I wonder if those behind this mailer targeted other races in other states.

  5. Isn’t perpetration of a fraud using the U.S. mails a federal offense?

    • Now you might be getting to something, but then Stanford has admitted the mailers are theirs. But if the press stays on it, maybe we can find if there was another source, perhaps originating with some campaign money. But what if it was an out of state PAC? Even if a candidate benefits, it wasn’t they who spent the money or authorized it…right? So they’ll stay in the race.

      In that regard the damage is done and can’t be undone. How many of these have gone out? It says 4 major cities, so I’m guessing thousands, and hopefully not tens of thousands. For the life of me I can’t understand why it wouldn’t take Stanford a few minutes to find that on their budget spreadsheets on the computer. Maybe they don’t want to find it.

      A lot of unknowns still, but I know some voters saw that and learned about the candidates for the first time. Their minds are now made up, and I don’t think they’ll be undone. I’d like to see a new poll on this race pretty soon, myself.

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