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Now that it’s all over but the shoutin’, Democrats should feel okay about last night’s results. The one big, competitive and crucial race that mattered most, we won big. Mike Wheat destroyed Lawrence VanDyke to retain his supreme court seat.

Despite all of our pre-election optimism, no polling prior to the election at any point, ever indicated that the two federal races were winnable. They showed consistent double-digit leads for the Republicans. This speaks to the courage and backbone of the candidates and staffers who took on Daines and Zinke- we can be proud of them all.

Daines and Zinke ran smart races (not the intellectual content, but the strategy) and did what they needed to do. Amanda Curtis and John Lewis ran into an anti-Obama buzzsaw, and there was little they could do at all to scale the cliff that lay before them. Candidates of a lesser caliber would have fared much worse. Both have very bright political futures.
And for anyone who thinks John Walsh would have fared any better had his plagiarism not been uncovered–he might have put up better numbers but he still would have been beaten and probably pretty badly. Realize that Obama in Montana has lower numbers than he did in any of the other states in which important senate races were lost. This was not a night for a Montana democrat to win a ticket to Washington DC.
I was shocked at how badly Wheat beat VanDyke, but it goes to show you that Montana voters have a good nose and can sniff things out, and smell when something is not right.

We lost some good men and women last night: Franke Wilmer and Greg Jergeson, incumbents who lost state senate races will be missed. these were targeted Senate races that ended up not even being close. Jergeson eschewed help from the party, refusing to allow canvassers to go door-to-door, and this was a mistake that we can learn from and apply to future races. Wilmer struggled likely because Bozeman is Daines country and he got his people out. Ultimately, however, the tide was simply too strong against us to make more than small gains, much like in 2010.


In the state house, however, Dems picked up two seats, and the senate remains the same as last session. This is a small victory which deserves a big celebration in this climate.  It also means a net gain of one additional pro-Medicaid expansion vote in the house.


Also two big Helena races went our way. Mary-Anne Dunwell beat Steve Gibson and Moffie Funk beat Liz Bangerter, both rep seats. Bangerter is an angry right-winger who now understands that Helenans have no tolerance for posturing.
Two close shaves, by the way in Missoula. Diane Sands, of Missoula, was in the fight of her life last night in what had been thought to be a safe seat. It looks like she will win by a dozen or so votes. And Gary Marbut, the NRA lunatic, barely lost by a handful of votes, but again in a seat that was supposed to be safe. I think we can all cheer the fact that RWNJ Gerry O’Neil is no longer a member of Montana’s lawmaking body, thanks to Zac Perry.


Another major victory is the defeat of the Teapublican ballot measure to restrict voting rights. It lost big, and rightly so.
One dark spot last night, not of Obama’s making, is in Big Horn County- home of the Crow Reservation, where Daines and Curtis battled to a draw. That’s a serious problem for Democrats and we need to repair it. We also need to be mindful of the number of TEA party candidates who are directly in the pocket of the Montana Family Foundation- notorious anti education but jobs. They elected another of their lobbyists Debra Lamm, but thankfully Tonya Shellnut lost to Mary McNally.


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  1. WHAT? Tester And Bullock could not bring magic? a nose ringed communist couldnt compete? Folks, Indians and labor unions have already had enough of Bullock. Tester is sunk low. The lean Years are here. But you always have Diane Sands and Ellie Hill. And Hilltop Solutions for solutions. They will save the party. She and Amanda and Bob Brigham. Thats your future. It’s very bright.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 5, 2014 12:59 PM at 12:59 PM |

      What are you farting about, dude? You won, cupcake. And your solutions would be WHAT, dink? I wanna hear them! What more do you need than your obvious misogyny and hatred of the blackdude? Give us SOLUTIONS, little fascist puke! Not your ANALysis. Them days are behind us. Put up or SHUT up, lil’ fella! Do you HAVE any solutions other than name calling? Pretty pathetic. You’re bout the same league as mikey!

  2. “Democrats should feel okay about last night’s results,” says the Cowgirl. Well, I don’t. We lost ground in the U.S. Senate and House. In the next two years, Congress will be even uglier than the last two, if you can believe that.

    I was proud of Amanda’s effort, coming to the game late against a millionaire and his millionaire PACs. She’s a trooper.

    Still, we got a new right winger on the PSC: Johnson hammered Hollenbaugh. In Missoula, as you mention, Gary Marbut (possibly the worst candidate to ever come out of Missoula County) narrowly loses to incumbent Kim Dudik. Longtime Democratic Legislator Diane Sands is probably headed for a recount with Dick Haines. Most of the contests in Missoula were closer than they should have been, including a county commissioner race.

    Way too bad about Wilmer and Jergeson.

    I’m not sure what lessons the Democrats should take away from this election but they (we) need to take a hard look at our process, our strategy and our message, or Montana is going to end up like our Wyoming and Idaho neighbors … maybe even Utah.

    • Given Amanda’s message and her beautiful delivery of it, we all have to make sure that she gets better financial support than she did this time. Zinke will be vulnerable, especially given all the votes that he will recorded on. They will not be votes that reflect Montana, but the corporate interests that funded him this time.

      Amanda is right “We need one of US in Congress” Also makes a good bumper sticker.

      • Remember, follow Showhorse Zinke’s donors and votes, as he pitched he was building ‘out of state’ coalitions to ‘help’ us here, because our one lone seat
        too small, so that’s why he’s shilling for the Kochs/Wilks boys and teh military-industrial-congressional complex? I wonder how many ‘fact-finding’ junkets Zinke
        will arrange?

    • Any theories on why the Missoula races were so close, why the turnout there was so low, and why candidates we thought would ride in instead ran into difficulties? Anything happening in Missoula that could be inflaming the Republicans while just making Democrats shake their head?

  3. Well given the climate we are in it could have been a lot worse- we could have lost state legislative seats instead of gaining and we could have lost the Supreme Court! On the federal level things were bad- but on the whole at the state level we gained small ground.

  4. Thanks, Cowgirl, for trying. Glad there are some bright spots. But I cried for my country last night – they know not what they’ve done. An elderly man said he’d seen things swing back and forth for 80 years, and this too shall pass. The difference is – CITIZENS UNITED. Its power has come to full fruition, and I think we are screwed now and for a LONG time to come. SH&T.

  5. Plus congress can’t get anything done anyway! The real action is in state legislatures. Galen would have been a pickup – his loss puts us at status qui on the PSC, not worse off then we were before.

  6. Status quo- typo

    • I like your optimism, Rebecca, but it seems to me like we’re treading water, at best. I’m afraid we’ll be stuck with Daines, and maybe Zinke, for a long time. We still have Republican majorities in both our state chambers. The PSC is all Republican.

      Democrats have their work cut out for them in 2016.

      • Zinke will be vulnerable in 2016. I hope Lewis takes another crack at him.

        • When the Republicant machinery turns him into an inconsequential cog, he will be every vulnerable in 2016. I wouldn’t mind seeing Curtis take a crack at him. Or, for that matter, pretty much anyone.

        • The Lewis campaign didn’t excite me — a page out of the Baucus campaign playbook. I voted for him, sure, even though he ran to the right and used terms like “fringe environmentalists” and had TV spots touting his NRA credentials. Everyone I talked to says he’s a real nice guy, genuine Montanan, but I need more. Some aggressive/progressive/populist policy wouldn’t hurt.

          I hope Curtis keeps pushing, stays active and doesn’t go to the dark side of politics.

          • Surprised no one has yet pointed out that Curtis did just as well as incumbent Daines as Lewis did against Zinke in an open seat – and Lewis had a year and a half more time to campaign and at least $1.5 million more in campaign funds. That to me says Curtis is the kind of candidate we need more of – not more Lewis types.

            • I meant Curtis did just as well against Daines, who is an incumbent, as Lewis did against Zinke.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 5, 2014 8:16 PM at 8:16 PM |

                Yep. You’re right. I was going to point that out too. But I’ve been waiting to see what the tallies were by county. I’m really interested to see how Amanda did down there in Yellowstone County. I’m guessin’ that she nearly kicked Pee Wee creationist boy’s ASS there, for judging from the crowd at the debate, they loved the hometown girl! She really is sumthin’. Pee Wee had a hard time finding a sympathetic audience. Hell, the dufus bassturd had to go to Sidney, f*cking SIDNEY ferchrissakes! And I’ll lay you good MONEY that I’m probably one of the only posters here who has BEEN to that fracking shithole! It used to be peopled by solid Montana farmers, etc. But now, all the inbreds from down south have moved in! But yeah, Sidney at one time was some really nice farm country. I have many friends from there. Good, decent folks! When the shit from down south moves in, it’s fertile ground, fertile for creationist inbreds like Pee Wee and his best butt buddy and benefactor giantfart!

                • Curtis got her butt kicked in Yellowstone County – 61%-37% too whacko.

                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 8, 2014 6:27 PM at 6:27 PM |

                    Thanks, Eric, for the tally. But no, you’re wrong and you know it. She is NOT wacko. She’s an amazing lady who will be back. After creationism boy and his fascist inbred pals have run their course, Amanda will look very attractive to the folks in Yellowstone Co. BTW, how long did PEE WEE’S kin work at the refinery in Billings??? Or at the sugar beet plant maybe? I still miss that smell. Nuthin’ sweeter than the smell of the sugar beet plant! That’s Billings!

          • Both Curtis and Lewis totally ignored the fact that if you want to win big in crucial Missoula Co. you must take some strong environmental positions. Support for the
            Keystone pipeline, when Missoula has repeatedly been visited by Native people from Alberta for whatever support we can give in their fight against genocide by industrial disease, and Missoula’s own series of popular demonstrations against coal rape for China’s benefit, have made pro-coal, pro-pipeline positions unattractive here. The student/environmental communities had less than nothing to work with to garner support on these very important issues. I asked the Curtis campaign repeatedly to at least take some balancing move, like a last minute endorsement of new wilderness, but was greeted with thunderous silence.
            A positional battle of Mordor-ization of our state with union jobs vs Mordor-ization with Right to Work or continued access to public lands for Montanans with guns vs privitized access with guns, will justifiably never excite a state with
            Nobel prize winning educators on the environment.
            Most Montana sixth or seventh graders could assure you the problem with the electoral climate is precisely the CLIMATE.

            • Then Darrell, I suggest to you that most Montana 11 year olds are smarter than their butthurt parents who decided not to vote, especially in Missoula.

              It’s always frustrating when one encounters magical thinking, and that is precisely what you’ve described. The thinking that if a candidate doesn’t pledge to do exactly what you want than voting is useless, that is magical thinking. (Forgive the use of the second person; I’m not saying *you* personally.) The assumption that ‘most people’ agree on what a *real* issue is or should be, well that’s magical thinking. The certainty that doing nothing and blaming others is not part and parcel truly part of the problem, yup, that there is magical thinking.
              The funny thing about the KXL is that the only thing standing in it’s way is the Administrative branch of government, that Obama person who it is now so very fashionable to berate, even among ‘progressives’. NeoLib, G.W. Bush the second, a failure at bringing change who didn’t publicly crucify the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Yup, that’s the guy who’s standing in the way of the KXL pipeline. If, as you suggest, that the environment is so overwhelmingly important to Missoula non-voters, one would think they would turn out in droves to support a member of his party who could be swayed to vote ‘correctly’ on such a matter. After all, the only thing that can thwart the President on this matter is a truly oppositional Senate. I suggest … no, I contend that when people draw such tight lines in the sand that they just give up and hand the opposition a victory, they are using non-voting as cover for their own magical thinking.

        • i agree…. zinke needs to learn to take advantage of a good opportunity to keep his mouth shut. for zinke to use the demise of bin laden for political gain (accompanied with the incessant seal team chest pounding and posturing) his criticism of former navy seal o’neill of butte is nothing short of hypocritical. zinke’s ego may be his downfall.

  7. Better feel good about the results. As a matter of fact I do. The GOP have to Work now 97 days in the congress wont work. And the the cloture rule–Rule 22 is still there folks. Which means the GOP have to top 60 to pass law. We can now Watch them start fighting each other tea party vs moderates right out of the Box. Get out the popcorn because the next two years is gonna be a doozy.

    Yes we will need some self reflection time ourselves but at least, I think we will need to take the advice, and stop courting the Corps to do it. If in a year we do what AManda Curtis did to capture 40% of the vote in 3 months it would be all over for the GOP come presidential election time. Lastly almost two thirds of the Public again didn’t vote country wide…. we aren’t close enough to getting the Public involved in this experiment we call democracy.

    • GOP now thinks it can ‘seduce’ some Dem senators to go get the 60 vote threshold, especially for the corporate gift of XL PipeLIE (a foreign giveaway to Canada exporting it’s toxic tar sands to Texas to be refined and SHIPPED away for maximum profit) while rural America bears the liability to our clean water, air and land?

      If ‘Turtleman’ McConnell can get away with over FIVE HUNDRED filibusters, then some strategic filibusters from Senate Dems (that means you John Tester) are well in order.

  8. OH and before the trolls open there Mouth let me say to all you. … you know who you are…. YOu couldn’t buy the State Court, you couldn’t stop election day voting. …. you never spoke to the Issues in this state and country election but you did say you can make Montana better??? Game on. Lets see how little your picks perform for the middle class, as they try to privatize everything.

    • Norma, imagine if we had better turnout – and true some young folks, others totally disgusted and disengaged when they see pandering to the pipeline and even by Lewis – then think how really higher to no votes to LR126 would have been and also even more crushing to Tea-Vangelist VanDyke. At least we’ve defended our electoral and judicial rights, and having the Judicial branch and Governor crucial.

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 5, 2014 3:01 PM at 3:01 PM |

    Bend OVER, Murca! You’re about to be cornholed…………..cornholed FOR THE LAWYORD! You commie pinko city slickers are gonna learn a lesson bout messin’ with the christofascist inbreds for Jaysus! Squeal like a piggy, you lefty bassturds! Your Deliverance is at hand! Such a charming woman. I think that we can reach a middle ground somewhere! Maybe she won’t NUT us first! That’s a start……!


    • Yep, Joni Ernst is going to be a real ‘piece of work’, hognut cutter retailed politically like Sarah Palin, and her Teabag sedition rants still on Youtube, quite amazing as she IS a commissioned officer (Iowa Army Guard) preaching open treason to use arms to kill the government, which she represents as a commissioned officer!

      With Michele Bachmann leaving to help ‘pray the gay’ away I suppose (probably has a job with some ‘family values’ foundation), then Ernst will be the female ‘Ted Cruz’ (a really homely lookin’ dude with a face sharper than an axe to match his mind) if voters tolerate it.

      Batten down the hatches Mr. President, get out your veto pen, and Harry Reid get ready for Rule 22, payback is a BITCH!

  10. I think Sands and Haines are pretty much the same candidates on many issues, so that race probably didn’t matter much. The Democrats will continue to get hammered over Obama, but I don’t see any Republicans that can win the white house in 2016. Gridlock may be good in Congress, which means Congress can’t pass all those bad laws against us.

  11. The Democrats need to start blaming dark money for all their woes, and start doing job of getting their message across. When the Republicans say “So and so voted with Obama 95% of the time”, So and so should respond with “Damn straight!” and tout the accomplishments of Obama Care, the Recovery, etc. instead of running away from him. Pandering to the stupidity of the average voter is insulting to the rest of us.

    • I agree. The base likes Obama. When the democrats ran away from him, the base did not turn out to vote for them. Gary Peters in Michigan had Obama campaign for him and he won.

  12. Err, that should read “stop blaming dark money”.

  13. Drunks 4 Denny, spot on. The Democrats ran away from Obama very early.

    I wonder what the outcome would have been had they actually put up a fight and defended some of the Presidents accomplishments rather than throwing him under the bus.

  14. A couple of notes.
    First, congratulations Norma on your effort in an ever more reasonable Republicant county. I’ll just leave it at that.
    Second, I understand clearly why Pete doesn’t ‘feel okay’ about what happened yesterday. No one should, even Republicants. This election was not a referendum on policy, except in those states where actual policy was on the ballot (Cannabis, voter registration, restriction of women’s health care, minimum wage.) Notice, please that those are the policies which fell heavily in favor of progressives, even if the candidates didn’t. When the people have a say in what rules they are governed by, they tend to favor progressive lines. But …
    Third, Obama lost this election ~wink~. I’ve indicated here before that Republicants only have identity politics they can count on. If one reads national analysis one is inundated with caterwaul about how Democrats should have run towards Obama or away from Obama. Even here locally on the Tweeters and elsewhere, you find the Republicants spewing about their great victory over the Dibble in the White House. They didn’t win shit. Obama is still the President, and will be for 2 more years. And if they actually do grow the cajonies to impeach and convict him, then say hello to President Biden. The Repubs didn’t win anything except bragging rights, and they over-blow those as well, constantly. In 1995, Gingrich bragged about a coalition of the Contract on/with America that would ensure Republicant control for years to come and defeat that awful Clinton in 1996. How’d that work for him? After the election of 2004, Rove predicted a Neocon dynasty that would grow and last for at least a decade. That lasted a whole two years. Let the foolish have their day in the sun, because in truth, they’ve won very little.
    Fourth, just like after every election in which they increasingly do poorly, Democrats do their usual soul-searching without ever actually looking at their souls. Support Obama, revile Obama, move right move left? How about be fucking honest and quit asking “how high” every time a Republicant squeaks “Jump!”? This post is a fine example of exactly what I’m talking about. An outstanding post about the trials citizens face in being directly involved in their governance gets quickly derailed by a Repub pissant with an Ad Hominem. Udall, in CO, made a big stink about the ‘war on women’, a worthy issue to examine. Apparently that isn’t what voters in Colorado were attuned to and he got his ass handed to him. He sounded just like another Demonrat and not like a person who shows real concern for Colorado. The greatest coup the Republicants have pulled is to make people lose faith in government, and then run candidates who are anti-government for service in government. In short, they’ve convinced Democrats to continually play catch-up issue by issue. “Curtis is anti-gun!” Democrat response: NUH UH! Look at this picture of her with a gun! Don’t get me wrong, Amanda ran a terrific race but this just wasn’t the right year. We should all be overwhelmingly impressed that she got 40% of the voters who actually turned out. The “One of us” campaign was remarkable for 80 days. But here’s a thought, if Democrats really want to connect with voters over the next two years, run the one of us campaign for 600 days, instead of leaping to every special interest dog-whistle that Republicants throw out for consumption. It isn’t a matter of running towards or away from Obama, he won’t be President 3 years from now. Unlike parties, voters actually have issues they care about. If the Repubs want to care about that Negro in the White House then Ds are better served about hammering them on their platitudes and foolishness, not the issues which Republicants think are important to voters. (For the record, the NRA becomes irrelevant if politicians dismiss them. See where I’m going with this?)
    On the flip side, a certain commenter elsewhere is just certain that he and the 5 (THOUSANDS!) of the friends he has remaining would have turned out to vote if only Democratic candidates had paid attention to his pet issue. Not bloody likely.
    Fifth, and this is important, the Republicant victory is short lived and weak. Norma is correct that the Senate, which has accomplished next to nothing in 6 years, is now on the spot to do something. Yet, the only things they can do require 60 votes to even come to a vote on the issue. They don’t have that. What they can do is abolish the filibuster, and they won’t do that at all. This time around, Democrats faced being a target rich environment, fairly easy pickings when of 36 seats available the Democrats were defending 20 of them. In 2016, there will be 34 seats in the Senate up for election and the Republicants will have to defend 24 of those. In a Presidential election year, that favors turnout. Talk about a “target rich environment” for Democrats … Yes, the Rs have the Senate, for now. But they likely won’t keep it for long, and they certainly won’t give up the obstructionist tool they have used so well during the ‘Kenyon reign’. Those predicting the Republipocalypse are letting their feels get the better of them. Montana is a Republicant state and likely will remain so for a while now. Heres the thing though, it has been for a while now, ever since Mark Rashincrotch sold our energy profits to Goldman Sachs. Those are local issues and of far more importance than whoever is in the White House or controls the US Senate. To me, personally, one shouldn’t ‘feel okay’ about yesterday because we as Montanans let Brad Johnson again hold public office. We should feel bad that Franke Wilmer lost her Senate bid. We should be downright ashamed that Art Wittich and Tom Burnett are headed back to Helena. Maybe, just maybe, that’s where the Montana Democratic party should be focusing it’s attention. Not on Daines or Zinke, but on the people who can really screw us over.

    • If you look at the history – the opposing party who kicks butt in the mid-terms has won the Presidency during the election cycle almost every time.

      I’m glad the Dems stuck to their old playbook.

      • The Republicants did dramatically well in 1994, and Clinton won dramatically in 1996. The Republicants did amazingly well in 2006 (save in Montana Senate) and Obama took the White House in 2008. The Republicants took control of the House in 2010 and Obama took the White House in 2012. You are doing nothing but promoting an easily dis-proven lie, Eric. Or did you not actually look at the history for the last 8 years ? …

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 5, 2014 8:06 PM at 8:06 PM |

          “Mark Rashincrotch”?????? WTF??? Jeebus, Rob! Stop that! You just covered my computer screen with good Scotch! That’s funny! And that shit is expensive! Why didn’t I think of that? Oh never mind. I’ll steal it and use it as my own!

          • You do that, buddy. When I had the chance to have dinner with ‘Roscoe’ and with Dorothy Bradley, he was actually very engaging. I directly questioned him about his fundamental Catholic background and how that would affect his governance. His answer spoke directly to my legalistic little heart. But I was kinda stupid. I was concerned that he would throw women and poor folk under the bus. I was thinking small. I didn’t realize that asshole had plans and intention of throwing the whole fucking state under the wheels of his corporate master’s environmental rape van. That’s not a mistake I’ve made since.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 7, 2014 10:27 AM at 10:27 AM |

              Heck, when he was first elected, we all kinda liked him because he was a very smooth talker. He came our school and gave a talk, and he was very well spoken.

              But speaking of religious beliefs affecting policy, check out this futty nucker! Welcome to AmeriKockh, home of the easily manipulated and land of the plutocrats. We’re in deep doo doo! And damn if they don’t destroy everything sacred about religion to do it!


              And hell, ol’ Mini Barfus didn’t do us any favors with his insurance industry give away known as Obamacare. You see, Americans LOVE the lottery. And that’s what we had prior to Obamacare. Go without health care and hope for the best. If you don’t get sick, you win. If you DO get sick, you lose. And it worked quite well. The lottery system. At least we still had enough left in our paychecks to live on. But NOW, with mandatory monthly gifts to the insurance industry that we’re required to pay, most folks don’t have enough money to live on! If any one person can be blamed for the massive defeat of the Dems, I would say it’s Barfus. Hell, EVERYONE I know hates Obamacare for one reason or another.

              Now, if Barfus would have done what seventy-five percent of Americans wanted, which was to introduce single payer, we would not be in this crappy situation that we’re in today. And the Dems would have had something to run on. It wouldn’t have mattered if single payer didn’t pass. We would still be better off than we are now. Barfus did it. And now, we all must pay the price! Barfus epitomizes the Kockh sucking nutless wing of the Dem party which believes that instead of doing what’s right, do things that are senseless and counter productive but still funnels money to the corpos! And we see where THAT has got us!

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 7, 2014 10:36 AM at 10:36 AM |

                The AmeriKockh sheeple have spoken! PurrrrRAZE Vitory! I bet they’re a’singin’ victory songs down in the mega churches!

                Swing low, sweet chariKockh
                Comin’ for to take my home!
                Swing low, sweet chariKockh
                Gonna have to ask you for a loan!


                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 7, 2014 12:38 PM at 12:38 PM |

                  SH*T! Thanks, BaucusCare! The gift that keeps on giving! Jeebus! Not only did that dumb bassturd destroy the party in Montana, but the entire freaking country as well! Thanks, Max! Great job, browny noser!


                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 7, 2014 12:57 PM at 12:57 PM |

                    p.s. And anyone left out there that thinks these dirty fascist bassturds aren’t goin’ for the whole enchilada this time are freakin’ CRAZY! They fully intend to steal EVERYTHING that ain’t hooked down and never look back. For them, democracy is over in this country. They won! Simply make a list of all the crazy things you can think of that they can do. In other words, a fascist wish list. It’s ALL comin’! Hell, I tried to warn people. But would they listen? Noooooo! Buh bye everything that makes this country livable for the common man. We ARE back to the dirty thirties! (I would recommend reading the history of Spain beginning about 1936. That really IS the precursor of the twentieth century! Well, were back there! Fascists v. republicans. And we should all KNOW how that turned out!)

                    Health care
                    The environment
                    Public lands
                    Voting rights
                    CIVIL rights
                    Civil law!

                    ALL gone! And they aren’t going to waste any time.

                    The only unanswered question is where they’re gonna start the next war!

              • A THIRD of bankruptcies related to MEDICAL costs, so GOP, isn’t that a DRAG on the ecomony, duh!!?? Fix that Boehner, Cruz, the party of no solutions, just obstruction.

        • 6th year mid-terms set the stage for the next Presidential election.

          Truman suffered badly during his mid-terms in 1950, and Eisenhower was elected.

          The GOP lost in 1958, and JFK was elected,

          Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Obama were elected after their party had good mid-terms.

          The exceptions, were Clinton & GWB.

          So Rob, you can pretend that that runny feeling coming out the Dems backside Isn’t a mudhole stomped into it, maybe it’s all a bad dream – and please, PLEASE have the Dems nominate Hillary, and have her talk about all her and Obama’s accomplishments, have her push for gun control, and a ‘war on women’ , talk about Republicans pushing Granny over the cliff and wanting to end Medicare & Social Security payments, etc., and I’m sure it’ll work better next time – Ha Ha. In Montana, you need to have Tester & Bullock pull out their ‘Star Power’ to help Dem candidates again too.

  15. I don’t have to look at or receive “Liz B listens” signs or mailers anymore. Ill take that as a win. Wheat beating Van Dyke is huge, the federal races were lost causes from the beginning. They literally parachuted Van Dyke in from out of state to target Wheat specifically because the MT Sup Court challenged citizens united. Citizens United is the root of (most) evil in our system, and to me Ill take that sliver of hope is still there from our illustrious State Court.

    I’ve been too busy to pay attention this year like I normally would though, did Norma actually run again? LOL

    • Yes she did. She garnered just shy of 18% of the ~3900 votes cast in Beaverhead county. I remain wondering if perhaps it isn’t better to listen to potential constituents as opposed to telling them how you will rule them for their betterment …

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 5, 2014 7:23 PM at 7:23 PM |

      I’m thinkin’ that this guy is everything Slinky the Barking Seal thinks HE is! O’Neil’s the real deal! Slinky is slinky, a lifer puke! I wish O’Neil would’a run against Slinky the Barking Seal. Now THAT’S a SEAL I could vote for!

    • Fascinating.

      So a day after the election featuring an ex-seal in one race, and a Butte local in another, we learn that an Irish kid from Butte America landed with Seal Team 6 and shot Osama bin Laden in the head, and is going to give an interview with Fox News…

  16. I hear what everyone is saying about the federal losses, I just think that we should keep in mind that at the state level, not only was ground not lost, but we gained 2 legislative seats. In this climate, that is a big deal and worth feeling good about! (Not to mention that we need to remember that the state legislature has a much greater ability to impact our lives than congress.)

    A seat for Galen on the PSC would have been a pick-up, so the PSC is at status quo – it didn’t get any worse, not that it could have, but the state is not worse off then it already was with PSC. I think when the Missoula PSC seat comes up, we’ll have a pick-up there.

    I’m proud of our legislative candidates and MDLCC staff and our Governor’s leadership. I’m glad that we have a net gain of one Medicaid expansion vote – as we know from last session, every single vote matters!

    • Cowgirl,
      A big thank you for your tireless efforts; your work is superb. Your efforts in unmasking the evil Count VanDyke, his black money cronies and the academics’ shenanigans are beyond compare!! Kudos to you.

  17. You can’t get any worse than Ravalli County voting in Theresa Manzella!

    She is the bottom of the barrel. … the swamp. …the outhouse.

    • Hear, hear Mule Gal!! Theresa will undoubtedly focus on getting a horse slaughter plant built in MT. Seriously, for years she’s been obsessed with “humane (my ass) horse harvesting!! All you need to do is run a google search on her; she is certifiable. An apologist for Valerie Stamey, the former (rocket scientist) treasurer from Ravalli County.

      • Seriously???? Man, finally a candidate after my own heart! I LOVE HORSE MEAT!!!! This stuff is awesome. My late grandfather’s favorite sausage!


        • Give Theresa a call; I’m sure she’d be happy to identify investment opportunities in her noble endeavors. Unfortunately for Theresa virtually all of the communities faced with the specter of these “humane harvesting facilities” have all said a resounding “NO.” However, knowing Saint Theresa, as she’s referred to by those in the know, she’ll spend every ounce of energy she has insuring that Montana enjoys the dubious distinction of having one of these plants. Hey, think of the job opportunities; truly a place every high school graduate in MT would be proud to work. The woman is shameless!

          Proud fourth generation ranch kid

          • Old Line Democrat | November 6, 2014 9:35 AM at 9:35 AM |

            Years ago, the Pike Street Market in Seattle had a stall called the Montana Horse Meat Market which happily operated for many years before the tourists wanting to see salmon being tossed around by the fishmongers became appalled. I’m not a supporter or basher of horse meat plants, so don’t put that on me. I am however, commenting on how things have changed.

    • Park County voted in the dynamic duo of Nels Swandal (senate) and Debra Lamm (house).

  18. I think mt. could/should take lessons from the democrats. in Oregon

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2014 11:48 AM at 11:48 AM |

      You got THAT right! We run gen. wishy waslhy, and THEY run Jeff Merkley!, probably the best senator in the country! I see that Kitzhaber won too in spite of the Pubbie shenanigans. But you see, w.g., I think Montana’s demographic has change a great deal. Heck, they Pubes in Oregon ran that crazy woman against Merkley, and Oregonians laffed at her. Here in Montana, we LUV’EM crazy! The crazier the better! I mean, look at Pee Wee daines, creationism boy! It don’t get much crazier than that!

      Merkley is unafraid to tell it like it is. He truly is an amazing man. I would love to see him run for prez.


  19. Welcome to the United States of Koch and Old White Men.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2014 11:57 AM at 11:57 AM |

      Scary sh*t. Who KNOWS how deeply that son of bitch bush family planted christofascist inbreds deep within our security apparatus! Hell, him and that bastard cheney had eight long years to fire everyone they could and replace them with traitorous assholes!, just like they did in the Justice Dept. Treason is NOT patriotism! And looke at all the inbred Pubes politicians spouting treason. When did that become acceptable?! They can NOT be allowed to dominate the debate. Sane Americans have just as much right as they do to call them on their treason. And we must!

      Now, if the press will only do their jobs!


  20. I think it is much simpler than most. Republicans showed up to vote because they hate Obama. Dems didn’t show up because they didn’t care. Why didn’t they care? Because things are going all right in MT and the country. Plus, Lewis was a lousy candidate (Baucus insider, Republican lite, boring to the extreme). Curtis got over 40% in less than 2 months of campaigning, NO support from the national party or any PAC, and facing a string head wind of hopelessness because of the walsh debacle. Its pretty hard to get folks to give you money if no one thinks you can win. If Curtis runs against Zinke in 2 years, she’ll win. zinke won’t be able to run on “leadership” after he votes like Boehner’s rent boy for 2 years.

    But, stupid Republican stunts like LR 126 and Van Dyke got crushed. So, its not like MT is becoming more conservative, its just that our national senate and house races were snake bit.

    • Rich, I appreciate political hyperbole as much as the next guy, but you should try to ‘keep it real’. Lewis got about 500 *more* votes than Curtis on approximately 2000 fewer voters. Most of that difference can be accounted for by Gallatin county’s fascination with the local boy, Daines. Lewis was not a lousy candidate.

    • Yep, we’ll see if Zinke will be the workhorse, or just prance about doing the SEAL dance, and his actions haven’t been in accordance with SEAL code of not grandstanding, which that guy from Butte is in trouble
      for with the Pentagon, for claiming he tapped Bin Laden three times. Zinke certainly pushed the limits
      to BRAG his SEAL credentials at every step, and NEVER articulated he was also a Montana state senator, and
      why not? Is Zinke going to go on global ‘junkets’ to squander our tax dollars?

      I agree Lewis was saddled with Mad (yes, I MEAN it, as Max could have easily stayed for one more year and
      be re-elected, THEN go play with chopsticks, instead of Blowing it for down-ticket Dems suffering for Max and his ego) Max, and Lewis record and persona BLAND, vs. the clattering charisma of Zinke, who should have been SLAMMED on his Special Ops PAC, a clearly unethical display of selling out his military/SEAL
      credentials for BUCKS, and does abide with the SEAL CODE OF HONOR, to make MONEY off his
      SEAL credentials????

  21. It’s perhaps too fine a point, but Curtis did eke out a 1.95 point victory over Daines in Big Horn County. This even though, to listen to Daines’ adds, he was the darling of the Crow Reservation because his “friends” there were so appreciative of his pro-coal positions.

    Bob Oaks

  22. Your comment about Greg Jergeson not allowing canvassers to go door to door is a straight lie. I would like you to publish a correction. I was one of the organizers for Jergeson in Havre. We knocked doors a lot of doors. You saying we didn’t is one of the worse insults I have received this election cycle.

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