Worst Political Ads of 2014

Here’s a treat for everyone in need of a good laugh to get rid of some post-election stress.

The Cowgirl Blog has scoured the web in search of the worst campaign ads of the 2014 cycle.  Here they are.

1. For reasons unknown beyond a cracked noggin, this Iowa candidate for U.S. Senate stops in the middle of his ad, turns to the camera, and says:

“If you’re the socio-path and sexual predator who murdered my sister Lynette, and you come to my front door to do harm to my girls, I’m going to use my Glock to blow your balls off.”

Ignore the dial testing graphics.

2. This newspaper ad, which appeared in the Lewistown News Argus, pretty much sums up the Montana GOP’s world view and campaign strategy:
butcher ad

3. The National College Republicans put out a series of ads like this, since I guess they don’t believe women have been insulted enough yet.

4. This ad, produced by an (unsuccessful) Republican candidate for the Mississippi state house named Chris McDaniel, features a series of non sequiturs.  It starts with a Lincoln impersonation voice-over, then some very bad actors engage in a forced promotion of some nutjob’s book, then someone says they “had a dream about that.” Then some very strange singers sing a very strange song.

5. This ad by Arkansas Republican Tom Cotton commits one of the biggest sins in PR – using your own air time to spread your opponents attacks on you.  Then there’s an awkward part where he says his opponent says he hates puppies, then admits that it actually did take him a while to like his girlfriend’s puppy, then he tries to say he was “just joking.” And that’s the entire ad.


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  1. Those are painful to watch.

  2. The Argus Ad – no surprise from Butcher – featuring the ‘laundry list’ to hate the Black Man, really is
    a ‘piece of work’ – coal industry dying, HOW ABOUT A PLANET dying! Butcher, read Isaiah 24:5, where the Lord warns of those who DEFILE the Earth. And how about Ebola, when GOP keeps GUTTING CDC, medical research and we can’t even get ambassador vacancies filled, like for RUSSIA, where Butcher rants about Putin, the guy that ‘Dubya’ embraced and looked into Putin’s soul, how about THAT Butcher!? The economy is NOT tanking like under your boy Bush Butcher, and job growth EVERY month, unemployment dropping and stock market SOARING! Food stamp applications on the decline, and yes folks are still in stress, but where would the Tea Party voting seniors be now if ‘Dubya’ had gotten social security privatized to Wall Street!? How about a tin cup on the corner to put their TEAbags in?

    We’re deporting more illegals than ever, and GOP can’t even find the decency to help ‘Dreamer’ kids
    who by no fault of their own came into the USA, and doing the hardwork that whites won’t do! And
    how about ISIS, where bumbling Boehner gutless and won’t FORCE Congress to convene to recommend
    funding and strategy for the Commander-In-Chief? That shows how gutless the GOP congress is.

    Businesses are FLEEING overseas, thanks to GOP approved corporate OUTSOURCING, and NSA spying was initiated by and RAMPANT under Dubya Bush’s direction, which ‘Darth’ Cheney at his side.

    I’d just like to take that list roll it up, and IRS going after BOGUS non-profit 501c4 POLITICAL attack groups, not individual citizens. And Benghazi? Really, where was the anger and indignation when on 23 October 1983, 243 US Marines killed in Beirut by a terrorist truck bomb, while Reagan had the Marines on low
    force protection? Congress didn’t ‘Benghazi’ Raygun then.

    Let’s be thankful Butcher is NOT in the legislature anymore!

  3. To punch through the making-a-living fog in which most average Americans exist, nothing works better than inspiring fear — even irrational fear.
    The Republicans are just using the human-nature knowledge that every stick-up man knows — keep ’em terrified and it’s easy to take their money.

    • Yep, the ‘Republican’ Reptilian brain, the lowest and base appeal. No wonder they believe Jesus
      walked with dinosaurs…………..BUT, oh boy, when their family member has cancer, what do they do, they visit a physician – schooled in SCIENCE – not the witch doctor or snake healer.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2014 8:07 AM at 8:07 AM |

    Jesus. WTF has the country done? I’ve said it a hundred times before, but apparently the corn fed, lardassed, Rascal ridin’, ignernt inbred Walmart shoppin’ gummint suckin’ christofascist reetarts in this country WANT fascism! Hey, now THAT’S some hope and change alright!


    Didn’t take long. I suspect we’re gonna see a brain drain here real soon. Anyone with any brains and money is gonna be lookin’ to relocate to someplace sane REAL soon! Yes, Sinclair Lewis, it can happen here! And damn near pretty much as his book said!

  5. I’m not sure about the worst ad, but the best TV spot I saw this entire season (and I travel a lot) was Montana’s own Tomy Parker. This disabled Iraq War veteran looking into the camera and telling folks to vote no on Referendum 126 made for an extremely genuine and powerful spot. Damn near brought tears to my eyes.

  6. I thought the Hollenbaugh and the anti-LR126 ads were good. The sound wasn’t synced properly in the Wheat ad.

    I didn’t care for Lewis or Curtis’s ads.

  7. I’m heartbroke but not surprised, Nate Blumberg taught me all about this crap back in the 70’s at UM. Justice Powell had just written his memo a few years before but the wheels were already in motion. Watching the Reagan debacle unfold was frightening as to how closely things followed Powell’s plan. I’ve had the same experience after reading PNAC and my greatest gripe with Obama, Nancy and Harry was their decision to “put it all behind us” rather than prosecuting the war criminals and profiteers from the previous administration. The plan rolls on and I’ve had way too many people tell me they won’t vote “because both parties are just the same”. I am so old it really doesn’t make any difference in my life other than my VA check might not raise quite as much-I don’t need contraceptives or health insurance, I drive less than 2000 miles per year so high gas prices don’t panic me, I mean hell, I could just turn my back on this whole pile of sh*t and adopt Mencken’s attitude; the people know what they want, voted for it and now they deserve to get it, good and hard! But I live in pain because I wrote my Government a check for everything I had, including my life, and did so to protect our vote and our voice. The oath I swore had no expiration date and so, as frustrating as it is, I shall continue agitating and doing everything in my power to undo the Silent Coup that has taken over our Government. and sold it to the highest bidders. I do think ultimately we will only succeed by starting locally and working up, even so far as beginning my transition off of fossil fuel right here at home, producing 70& of my food staples and killing the rest. And telling kids stories and showing them by example how to live without producing mountains of garbage and polluting our air and water like it was replaceable. I figure if I don’t change my own greenhouse gas producing habits I have no business criticizing anybody else. Oh well, one last thing, I AM unsubscribing from all my political/activist emails but I am staying with you Cowgirl, your comments are frequently the only thing that keeps me smiling….

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2014 9:18 PM at 9:18 PM |

      Bob, Nate Blumberg, K. Ross Toole, and Bob Peterson are three of my greatest Montana heroes! Birth control and fusion are our only hope. We gotta get this shit under control. Quality over quantity. What fucking GOOD does it do us to produce more fat, lardassed, ignernt, Jesus jumpin’ Walmart shoppers buying Chinese shit?! Let us strive for quality people over corn fed Jaysys jumpers! Where ya gonna go on a vision quest? Your camper in Walmart parking lot????

      p.s. I miss Nate Blumberg and K. Ross Toole greatly. And John Steinbeck!

      Keep writing, amigo. Only us elders have legitimate perspective on this shit.

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