GUEST POST: Your Vote Counts

By Mary Ann Dunwell

Mary Ann Dunwell is Representative-elect to Montana House District 84. She was the progressive democratic candidate and will propose progressive democratic policies to help every Montanan enjoy equal opportunity to succeed. She welcomes your questions or comments at 461-5358

The tight race for Montana House District 84 underscores why it’s so important we exercise our right to vote, our fundamental freedom in a democracy. So many people sacrificed so much for this right, especially veterans who we honor on Veterans Day and every day. By the end of election night, I was up by a mere 20 votes. With provisional ballots counted late this afternoon, we won by 23 votes. I am honored, humbled and don’t take this slim lead for granted. I will represent all Montanans.

This is a win for the young mom I spoke with who was fired from her minimum wage job because she couldn’t get a sitter for her sick child; for the woman with tears in her eyes who asked if I would fight for low income people; for the young couple earning minimum wage struggling to support their family; for the young adults who want to go to college but can’t stomach sky-high loans; for the four-year-old whose young mom can’t qualify for Head Start or afford pre-K; for the woman working a $300-a-week job with no health insurance and living in pain; for the mom whose daughter committed suicide, the sister whose brother took his life, and the mom who struggles to find mental health care for a child. It’s a win for so many others whose voices haven’t been heard.

Thank you to our many supporters who stepped up with me and invested their time, energy and money in our grassroots campaign. You gave up something in exchange for something much greater in which we can all believe – equal opportunity for all Montanans. For those who were not able to vote, I encourage you to please register and vote the next time. Thank you to those who voted this time. Your vote will resonate at the Capitol. Your vote will make sure the people’s voice is heard in the people’s house.

Your vote counts.


4 Comments on "GUEST POST: Your Vote Counts"

  1. Congratulations on your win and thank you for putting in so much hard work. Your presence this session will make a big difference for Montanans – not just in your district!

  2. Wasn’t this just a comment yesterday? Now’s it a “guest column”???

  3. “The tyranny of a prince in an oligarch is not so dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy.” Charlies De Montequieu

    I think that quote NAILS it. Do we want to live in an oligarchy/plutocracy/corporatocracy or a democracy.? I for one do not want to ‘suffer fools’ when my rights are infringed by feckless, non-voting fools. At least if they vote for ALEC/KOCH Brothers and ilk, then VOTE for them, don’t sit out and whine, bitch and moan
    that your cable is out!

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