Whitefish Anti-Racist Battle Featured on Rachel Maddow

The town of Whitefish’s battle against white supremacy was feature on Rachel Maddow last night.    The Flathead Beacon first reported the story. But if you go to the Beacon’s site, beware the comments section, which has been taken over by racists’ sickening ravings that make it obvious why the people of Whitefish don’t want Richard Spencer’s white supremacy group in their town.

Here’s last night’s Maddow Show – the segment on Montana is first up.

Maddow also skewers the local private Big Mountain Club.  That’s because after white supremacist leader Richard Spencer got in a fight with a former McCain advisor on the chair lift, the club decided they could only keep one member – and chose the racist.

The effort to condemn a white supremacy group operating out of Whitefish through the city resolution process is being organized by Love Lives Here, a Flathead Valley affiliate of the Montana Human Rights Network.  To help, you can donate to the Montana Human Rights Network online here. 


**UPDATE-  There are two entities- Big Mountain Ski Club-which is not involved in this in anyway and is a local community ski swap- and “Big Mountain Club” which is the entity Spencer is a member of.

Please help spread the word so that this great local group can stop responding to angry emails about Richard Spencer!


UPDATE: As of this morning, the online petition drive us up and running.  You’ll be able to find it and sign here from the Love Lives Here Facebook page:



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  1. Richard Spencer’s views are reprehensible. He’s also a law abiding resident of Whitefish. Trying to run him out of town because he holds unpopular beliefs is an act of intolerance, not love.

    The situation is approaching a point where some will think it wise to erect on the city limits a sign saying “Welcome to Whitefish — but only if you’re a liberal.”

    • As usual, James stands on principle and consistency.
      On the bright side, this whole stupidity portrays the Flathead as a hotbed of scariness….and I’m okay with that.

      • Welcome to Whitefish if you’re a liberal??? I don’t think so. Has nothing to do with being “liberal”. Welcome to Whitefish if you are a hospitable, decent, kind, accepting Montanan, not a hate-filled, intolerant extremist.

  2. What a shame it has come to this in Whitefish, but all the warning signs were there Long before the incident ever happened. Because of people like Skees, it has become the place to move to for supremacists.

    8 hategroups call Montana Home and 3 of the 8 live in Whitefish Alternative Right, National Policy Institute, and Washington Summit Publishers. All three of them started by Richard Spencer.

    • Three groups, one member. Big deal. Do what I do….shun the bustard.

    • Using the SPLC hate map as credible information about ” hate groups” is about like using one of those Dark Ages maps with pictures of sea serpents and mermaids in the unknown areas of the globe.

      The 3 “organizations” they claim to have in the Whitefish area are all just websites that belong to Richard Spencer. When and how is a website now an organization? They are also making claims that po boxes opened over a decade ago (for a few months) are ” hate groups”…..

      They really like to encourage the idea that the sky is falling and that if you give them more money they will be able to do something about it. You are being made into pawns in an attempt for a few people to create high paying influential political jobs for themselves. Check out the salaries of the top level of those in the SPLC. That is the end game goal for sister organizations like the Montana Human Rights Network and its spinoff ” Love Lives Here”. These people know full well they can legally do nothing to ban anybody from moving here, living here or doing business here due to their political views. Therefore this whole exercise is just to create drama, make a name for themselves, to sell their book, program or whatever else they are peddling.

      Personally I think it is funny as all hell.

      • Rather an extravagant Ad Hominem, Angle. And like most such drivel, it’s also incredibly clueless. You make claims about the MHRN you cannot (and quite willfully will not) back up about their profit motives when their actions have belied that very accusation for years. So come on, Angle, show what you know. I of course know that you won’t.

        The organizations that you dimwittedly refer to as ‘websites’ are actual businesses, with balance sheets and everything. Or do you claim that Huffington Post is ‘just a website’? These are profit ventures that Spencer runs, and your suggestion otherwise has *me* laughing that you could be stupid enough to assume others to be more stupid than you. Given that, it makes it even more insane that you would project a profit motive onto a human rights organization while blatantly lying about known profit ventures. Frankly, it almost makes me wonder how you are rational enough to get dressed in the morning (please tell me that you do that; the alternative is way scary …)

        Still, all of that is beside the point. Spencer, undeniably, advocates a white nationalist state carved out of Montana, *MY* state of Montana. Even to one as addled as you, it shouldn’t be a mystery as to why I find that idea loathsome. It shouldn’t be a mystery as to why any Montanan would hate that idea with a burning passion. Read the comments to the Flathead Beacon article referenced by James Conner, and you find all kinds of stupid such as yourself, Angle, claiming that if Montanans don’t want to live in your new White Utopia we can just leave. No, asshole. No. It’s our state, not yours. You want a happy pasty Homeland, I suggest establishing the Holy Protectorate of Heyden Lake, Idaho. Just don’t be surprised when those folk don’t want to walk away and give your little Pioneer Europe Kingdom a chunk of their state either.

        See that’s the really funny part, Angle. Just as you laugh that the Constitution protects assholes like you and Spencer, I laugh because you;”re too twisted to realize that it also protects us from being invaded and broken by your fascist little sovereign ‘Homeland’. However, I would rather light a candle than curse your darkness. I understand that there are still small islands in the Pacific and areas of both Arctic and Antarctic that are ‘unclaimed’ and not covered by a Constitution that protects people from being hurt by your urge to be separate and superior from the mud-people. Go there, claim it, own it. That way you won’t have to tell good people that they follow your rules now. You won’t have to claim a “Homeland” out of anyone else’s free country. Doesn’t that sound nice?

  3. What’s wrong with a city resolution condemning hate groups- that doesn’t prevent anyone’s right to anything. Good for Whitefish for taking a stand!

    • That is not what is being asked for. What the Love Lives Here group is requesting is not a resolution stating that ‘racists are icky’. They are asking for an ordinance that prohibits the group from meeting and/or doing business in Whitefish. The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America speaks pretty clearly to the legality of that effort.;

      Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

    • Rebecca, it is entirely possible that in my previous comment I mistook your intent. If what you are proposing is a resolution of disfavor in lieu of the proposed ordinance, then I apologize for being a little trigger happy against your suggestion. A resolution or statement of rights from the Whitefish City Council would not be ‘wrong’. It would also not be binding, mores the pity.

      • Hi Rob – No worries at all. I believe what is being proposed in Whitefish is indeed a resolution of disfavor. This wasn’t reported properly in the papers, but I have a friend who lives there who told me about it.

        • Insofar as I have been able to determine, no draft resolution has been released for public examination by either the city council or the Love Lives Here group. At this point, I have no reason to believe that the Flathead Beacon, InterLake, or Whitefish Pilot, published reports that misrepresented the facts.

    • A non-binding resolution endorsing brotherly love in Whitefish may be a viable political compromise.

  4. Hate to tell ya Rob, but Congress can’t make such a law but I believe that States, Counties and Cities can and do make such efforts in making laws. It is a little thing called states rights-it is in the small print section that many overlook……..

    • Look at Montana’s constitution.


      Section 6. FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY. The people shall have the right peaceably
      to assemble, petition for redress or peaceably protest governmental action.
      shall be passed impairing the freedom of speech or expression. Every person shall be free to speak
      or publish whatever he will on any subject, being responsible for all abuse of that liberty. In all
      suits and prosecutions for libel or slander the truth thereof may be given in evidence; and the jury,
      under the direction of the court, shall determine the law and the facts.

    • Old Line Democrat | November 20, 2014 2:58 PM at 2:58 PM |

      It is convenient to ignore those parts of the Constitution that don’t agree with your preconceived ideas. I suggest you read the 14th Amendment and the cases that follow the same. The proposed Whitefish ordinance would clearly be unconstitutional under both Montana and Federal law. The way to combat this stuff is to stand up and refute these folks but apparently Flathead County has more folks who agree with these sentiments than those who don’t.

    • Hate to tell ya, Richard, but as these fine folks have just pointed out, rights granted by the Federal Constitution cannot be superseded by the states, or municipalities.

      In context, there is a very particular irony to your argument, that being that ‘states rights’ has been the battle cry of racist efforts since the civil war. Though I certainly don’t suggest doing so, if you read any of Spencer’s writings, he justifies creating and securing a white haven (homeland) based squarely on reclaiming a more narrow interpretation of the 10th amendment.

  5. The same Jim Demint who endorsed Tim Scott to replace him as Senator from South Carolina? Republican, Tim Scott, who recently won re-election as the first black senator from the south since Reconstruction? Apparently Maddow couldn’t include those facts in her report due to time constraints? Bias is not determined by what is in a newstory, but by what is left out. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/dc/sc-gop-official-tim-scott-is-demint-s-choice-for-replacement

  6. The life, struggles, and triumphs of Josiah Henson, the person upon which “Uncle Tom” was inspired are indeed amazing. Uncle Tom was not a docile subservient character, he was smart, shrewd and determined; much like Senator Tim Scott. Facts are stranger than fiction.

  7. While I enjoy trolling & bashing the racist flathead wingnuts as much as the next guy, a resolution banning their group from meeting is definitely unconstitutional. The way to go is to get the federal government to declare it a terrorist organization and then they could freeze their bank accounts, seize their assets, arrest the members for giving material aid to a terrorist organization, hold them without trial and potentially target them with drone strikes. This would not be a violation of their First Amendment rights because they could still theoretically get together and talk about things. But this city resolution thing is a waste of time.

  8. I’d like to thank Cowgirl for posting the link to that Flathead Beacon article. I’ve really enjoyed myself over the last 20 minutes or so riling up the inbreds posting on there, including a gentleman named “Scott Ernest” who apparently considers himself to be a white supremacist of some local stature. Unfortunately I must be going, hopefully someone can pick up the slack where Gerry Cooney has left off.

  9. Well I follow the writings of The National Policy Institute and applaud Richard Spencer for his thoughtful and provoking insights in planning for a future White Ethno state.

    It’s normal and natural for peoples of the same racial/ethnic background that share the same core values, culture, and heritage to gather together to form a NATION.

    Racial/Ethnic homogeneity strengthens a society; common interests and core values create trust which produces prosperity and security, whereas diversity weakens, divides, and eventually destroys a society.

    No nation is born diverse. Diversity is indeed the antithesis of nationhood. Nations arise in large part from their very racial, religious, and cultural unity and uniqueness. America’s “evolving” diversity is an unnatural and unhealthy condition that is only creating disharmony, conflict, and national decline.

    WhiteFish and Flathead Valley residents should be thankful they have a racially homogenous population and enjoy many of the harmonious benefits of living among others that share similar values and morals.

    I wish Richard Spencer and NPI all the best and look forward to their next event or conference.

  10. Did anyone tell Mstr Rick, that the reason the state is called Montana is because of the spanish and Indians that lived here long before the white came and started killing everybody? Or doesn’t history count in all his homogeneity BS?

  11. Sociopath dead-enders have always been around. They listened to Father Coughlin in the 1930s like they listen to Brother Stair today on the same AM frequencies.
    Though few in number, they tend to metastasize when unchallenged, which is the cancer Whitefish faces. It’s not unlike the broken window theory that explains urban decay, except this rot is rural and it is taking place in God’s country.
    The good people of Whitefish are right to stand up to oppose this pestilence, but an ordinance just won’t do it.
    Putting local officials on the spot is a good start, however. The information disclosed will be essential at election time.

  12. Dear All,

    If you’re going to engage in a good ol’ Salem-style witch hunt to run a *law-abiding private resident* out of town solely based on his purported views – by all means, see how far that gets you. (Hint: not very far.)

    But, if you are actually in possession of *critical-thinking skills*, then, perhaps, you’d actually like to address some *facts*. And they are as follows, according to the Whitefish Pilot dated November 12, 2014: the ‘offensive’ think-tank in question is NOT and WILL NOT BE based in Montana and has NOTHING to do with Whitefish: http://www.whitefishpilot.com/opinion/who-is-richard-spencer/article_a03bc4e2-6a95-11e4-90f8-ef6dee396ce9.html

  13. Actually, Spencer is developing a new building that is going up in Whitefish, that has commercial and office space. Residents fear that he will try to put his headquarters there. Thus trying to get the anti-hate ordinance passed: http://www.whitefishpilot.com/news/mixed-use-building-going-up-in-railway-district/article_d08a2b12-6512-11e4-94fa-e30ce2132cda.html?mode=story

    • The op-ed scan in question addresses the residents’ ‘fear’: NPI did not, does not, and will not have a facility here. This was additionally addressed here: http://www.dailyinterlake.com/members/crowd-wants-no-hate-law/article_5274d872-6f9d-11e4-837d-db34e5de4768.html “Some people wondered if Spencer will use the facility for the National Policy Institute, although Spencer has reiterated that the institute will operate on the East Coast. The building will offer retail space and apartments, and will ‘absolutely not’ be used in any for the National Policy Institute, Spencer told the Inter Lake.” A simple Google search confirms that NPI is officially located in Virginia.

      It seems that this town’s LYNCHING IN PROGRESS was initiated by the first Whitefish Pilot article that you quoted. Its author seems to have failed to follow the rules of basic journalistic integrity by doing internet research AND contacting the parties in question for comment or fact-checking. This is either carelessness or deliberate misinformation to generate scandal where there should be none.

  14. The address of the National Policy Institute was listed as Whitefish until 3:21 on Nov. 18, 2014 so your comment about the Whitefish Pilot engaging in lazy reporting or not fact checking the article is simply NOT TRUE AT ALL. If they had checked Wikipedia when these articles were written it would have said the group was based in Whitefish. But the article didn’t even mention NPI so how could they be trying to create a scandal? It was people who support Love Lives Here who became worried about Spencer building a permanent structure in town, not the media as part of some “lynching.’ Don’t be so quick to make assumptions about the Whitefish Pilot because it looks like “8richardspencer8′ and “Solar-Wind’ are trying to put one over on the Whitefish people by changing NPI’s address on Wikipedia now that they are getting some attention.
    Go to any Wikipedia page there is a “View history” tab right in between the search and edits buttons. You can even see it on the screenshot you posted. Click it to see a list of revisions of the Wikipedia page. You can see that revisions were made to that NPI page on November 18 of this year. Click on ‘prev’ and it will show you side-by-side versions of the edits. You can clearly see where the address was changed in several places on the entry. So maybe NPI is moving, but don’t say the Pilot showed any lack of integrity in its reporting.

    • Using a Whitefish PO Box for mailing purposes by a long-time part-time Whitefish resident–which is what was listed on Wiki–does not mean the institution was, is, or will be located in Whitefish. It is also perfectly legal, or should we now prevent people from sending mail?

      A journalist should MOST CERTAINLY go beyond an internet source: it is his/her professional duty to contact all parties in question for comment rather than regurgitate what was published elsewhere. The latter is the equivalent of an 8th-grade essay.

      Furthermore, having a city council meeting without inviting the ‘offending’ party (or should I say ‘ganging up on a scapegoat’), is incredibly cowardly; and spreading misinformation–from the purpose of the building to the purpose of NPI–this way is most certainly a shameful WITCH HUNT.

      • “Inviting”? Show me a city charter that that requires inviting anyone to a public assembly. Or do you think your poor victimized little millionaire deserves ‘special treatment’?

        City governments are not constituted to hold court over citizens, but rather to serve the public need, and hear the public concerns in open forum. To suggest that someone receive ‘special invite’ is suggesting that a city serves some of it’s citizens more than others. That’s the thing I find most laughable about bigots, religious, racial or otherwise. They are so stuck on the fantasy of their own importance to the public weal that they can’t imagine that others really don’t care about getting their oh-so-important point of view. They call for special concern from public servants and activists alike, and then wail like toddlers about being oppressed because they are not special snowflakes who speak for us all. Once again, the racists can’t get beyond the fact that they most certainly are more intelligent than anyone else, and think they can shame their lessers by crying foul against a system unjustly biased against a mythology only they themselves hold. Sorry, snowflake, most of us just aren’t that into you to give one salient shit about your hurt feels.

        Something about human nature that the supremacists will likely never understand. People will only feel moral obligation (shame) if they already have sympathy for your moral mythology.

  15. On a brighter note. we are getting a look at all the skinheads that troll Liberal sights with propaganda for NPI. Does help to pinpoint Haters in Montana.

    • On a rational note, you are getting comments from those who 1) present you with factual information, not hysteria, and those who 2) understand the meaning of the first Amendment as well as 3) the lessons of history, like the Salem witch hunts. And, unlike you, these comments are not throwing ad hominems at those who disagree, which is indicative of the maturity level, or lack thereof, of those who want to silence others.

      • Sorry, puppy. Your use of the second person here is misplaced. Norma didn’t write this post at this website. Also, your application of the Salem Witch trials is completely misplaced, and actually pretty hilarious given context. You don’t have the first fricking clue what you’re talking about, do you? If you actually had an understanding of the meaning of the First Amendment, you’d know how stupid you truly sound by bringing up “witch hunts”.

      • I didn’t write the post asshole, but I really think you should get out and learn American history a little better, especially if the first thing you come up with is Salem?

  16. I am surprised this is even an issue after Skokie Illinois. http://www.kansaspress.ku.edu/strwhe.html When a human rights organization agitates against constitutional rights for the despicable while turning a blind eye to history, we are in trouble.

  17. This skinflute asshole is a real corporate whore. The earth haters are gonna go from broke on this one. Should be interesting.


  18. It’s almost depressing. It seems all the little Aryans have run back to their anonymous newspaper comments. Obviously a brave lot, this bunch …

    • What’s depressing about it? They dropped their deposit, and now they’re going back into their foorerbunkers. BFD.
      However, I’ll admit I am kind of depressed at the sheer number of comments made and the views expressed. Never imagined that such an old, dead topic would pull a zombie.

  19. Rob: kurtz is German for short.

    “Honestly, it’s easier to deal with a skinhead or someone whose hate is more overt, someone whose intolerance is uglier on the surface,” said Diane Smith, a Whitefish-based entrepreneur who is among the residents urging the Whitefish City Council to adopt a measure that would bar Spencer and the National Policy Institute (NPI) from conducting business here.


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