GOP Stormtroopers Move up a Notch

Republican operatives are moving up in the world, now that the GOP has had a good year. It’s a colorful bunch.

Randy Vogel, Denny Rehberg’s long time aide, will be Ryan Zinke’s state director.  Vogel was last discussed on this blog when he was being prosecuted for poaching an elk out of season. He was acquitted.  Also, several sources tell me that Vogel’s nickname when he was on the police force was “Thumper” for the way he treated detainees. And we know Zinke will be well protected, because Vogel once punched out a critic of Rehberg at a bar where Vogel and Denny were drinking.

Bowen Greenwood, meanwhile, fresh off of his big electoral victories, has been snatched up by the Montana Family Foundation.  That’s a good fit, for several reasons.  First, Greenwood is a very religious person.  While other GOP operatives tweet often about politics, Bowen tweets mostly about Jesus as well as his own religious writings.  Second, the Family Foundation will have outsized influence in the 2015 legislature, with alumni luminaries such as Lazsloffy and Lamm heading up committees.

But lest you think Greenwood to be a total square, see this video of him letting his hair down to Baby Got Back.  Perhaps he was celebrating his Family Foundation appointment:

Moving on, Chris Shipp, a young up-and-coming right-wing brown shirt, will be taking over for Bowen.  Shipp, 25, spent his time at Carroll College and UM Law as a Rob Natelson disciple.  Natelson is the wingnut extraordinaire law professor who has argued the legal basis for the pro-slavery doctrine of Nullification, which holds that states may selectively ignore federal law.

And the State Fund, which administers our state’s workers comp system and often screws workers, has shown its true political colors by hiring Ethan Heverly, the campaign manager for Matt Rosendale (the frightening uber-right candidate who lost in the primary), as government affairs director.  Heverly was also a member of the “McCain Youth.”  That’s an excellent fit, as the State Fund’s latest promotional campaign is modeled on a slogan that the Nazis employed at the entrance to concentration camps.


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  1. When liberals can’t win policy debates, they make personal attacks. But then again, that’s half the point of this blog, right?

  2. As a BLM employee in the late 70’s and early 80’s. it was near impossible to get rid of bad employees (Its changed now). So in order to send people to their doom, they often raised them to levels they could not work at effectively, and a higher standard would get them fired.

    We had an surveyor here who was so bad he would get plot lines for building fences a mile off, most times. He wasn’t even in the same township/ range squares on a map.

    My fire crew who had to build the fences when not fighting fires complained of not finding the survey bars and lines. and I went out with them and we decided of spend a couple of days searching for them, before we started to drop the wood to build Jack stock Fencing by hiking around. We finally found most of the survey lines the smallest mistake was a mile off.

    Took the info back to our big Boss at the time Dick Cosgriff, and he himself got the guy a promotion to got him off our district here and transferred. Where a year later the twit was fired. By the way the Surveyor was a fire breathing conservative Republican.

    My guess on SHipp and Vogel, is it will happen just as it has for that surveyor. those two are the dumbest tools in the GOP Arsenal shed.

    Chris Shipp’s twitter feed for example, is full of rewteets of Heritage Koch tools and Jeff Essmann. a Guy who doesn’t require an original thought of his own. Vogel was the dumb sidekick of Denny Rehburg, who as we know, didn’t have too many original thoughts of his own either.

    • There is a glaring lack of intelligence and a disconcerting inability to come up with anything original in the Montana GOP. For instance, that Twitter feed. A lot of these guys could go out and figure out tactics and strategies that would help them, make them look better, make them appear stronger, and make those they’re trying to help do a lot better too.

      Anti-Intellectualism in American Life is a good book to refer back to.

      Perhaps an electorate will only tolerate so much intelligence, and the current crop of GOPers is what they want. Debby Barrett’s ill-conceived idea on getting rid of the Capitol press room today shows that. Talk about stupid and terrible PR, the kind of mistake that can take a session to clean up in the public’s mind.

      But maybe not today. Maybe in the 80s, but not today. Today no one seems to care. Some of the major newspapers seem hamstrung in what they can report, at least in the time they can get the stories out. So there’s a real lack of knowledge on what’s going on, and that just helps the crazy GOPers setting up shop in Helena.

      A good strategy is to start peeling off the moderates. Look at term limits. Some of these younger people in the House can’t afford to have the terrible policies and procedures of the GOP “leadership” follow them around their whole political career.

      The Montana GOP is already divided, just finish the job and slice them in half – “leadership” already wants to do it!

  3. I was fortunate to watch Vogel in action around Denny the Dumbest. First as a boot-lick and then as a tough guy henchman when seniors tried to attend a “hearing” on Social Security that Comrad and Rehberg were having. We have had the opportunity to read his comments on facebook in the Billings Gazoo……maybe he and the new congressman can get together and compare their pistols and how far they can shoot.

  4. GOP ‘whining’ that public doesn’t care about their secret meetings……….really? The public is focused
    on SHOPPING right now and probably forgot there is even a session pending, BUT that doesn’t mean
    many concerned citizens don’t have a right to expect INTEGRITY from legislators and respecting open government we value I hope.

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