The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to

…the uber-right lobbying group the Montana Family Foundation.

Let’s hear it for the Montana Family Foundation, who went all Twitter Rambo criticizing another organization–for doing the exact same thing they did.

Both organizations committed what most people would consider a minor reporting mistake – they grouped election expenditures together on the same line, instead of breaking out the races onto separate lines.  But the Family Foundation expressed outrage on social media about the error:

image[2] Screen shot 2014-12-12 at 2.35.34 PM

The COPP ruling referenced in these tweets says Planned Parenthood reported their expenditure incorrectly because it lumped mailers it sent together into one reporting line (instead of breaking it out per candidate).

But what takes these statements beyond annoying faux outrage and into the realm of rank hypocrisy is that this is exactly how the Montana Family Foundation reported its own expenditures, for the exact same election cycle, as you can see from this screenshot.  The full MFF filing is here.

The complaint against Planned Parenthood was also crowed over by Tonya Shellnut, another of the Montana GOP’s hypocrisy heroines. Shellnut ran unsuccessfully against Rep. Mary McNally in Billings, with the backing of the Montana Family Foundation of course.

It seems hypocrisy is the backbone of the Montana Family Foundation.  So pat yourselves on the back Laszloffy and crew. You’ve wowed us once again.



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  1. Of course when Planned Parenthood became aware of the violation they immediately stepped up to the plate, notified the authorities of the mistake, re-filed their report, made a very public apology and listed all their expenditures properly and publicly and stand waiting for any penalties that may be assessed.

    Still waiting for the Montana Family Foundation to do the same………stilll waiting………and waiting……………….and waiting…………..

  2. What a dishonest article.

    The complaint that was filed was regarding notifying Ms. Shellnut about the attack mailers, it had nothing to do with the campaign reporting requirements.

    It was Mr. Motl who decided to further investigate the complaint and then clarify to all interested parties that expenditures were reported incorrectly since they were not itemized, WHICH HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SHELLNUT’S COMPLAINT. Motl further goes on to advise parties to amend returns.

    How exactly is the Family Foundation hypocrites when they learned of this reporting requirement at the same time as everyone else, WHEN THE COMMISSIONER TOLD EVERYONE??? He found that the original complaint about notification of Shellnut was valid, and advised all other parties because of his investigation to amend returns.

    The lengths of dishonesty you’ll go to just to score cheap political points is sad. Considering how much time you like to crow about voter fraud and Republican dishonesty, you might want to apply similar standards to your own side, or else you just come off like a blatant hypocrite.

  3. What is noteworthy about this particular report is that it is a combination of Form C-4 and Form C-6. Is the Montana Family Foundation an incidental or independent political committee?

  4. Funny! I am not seeing anywhere on these reports that Senate District 24 was helped in ANY way by the Montana Family Foundation. #factsmatter

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