First Ever MT Online Legislative Newscast Covers News For Young People, By Young People

Montanans following the 2015 legislature have a great new non-boring source of legislative news.

2Legit is a weekly video podcast that puts out valuable information on serious topics with the wit and irreverence they deserve –and some well-deserved snark and satire thrown in for good measure.  If you like this blog, you’ll love these videos.

It’s Montana’s first ever online weekly newscast covering the session, and is brought to us by the young progressives at Forward Montana. 

Here’s the latest: Episode 3

From the video’s youtube notes Published on Feb 3, 2015

Check out the Forward Montana website for more information about the State of the State and the legislative biznazzz talked about in 2Legit this week:

You should definitely subscribe to the 2Legit listserv too.

And for anyone who missed the first two episodes, you can check them out below:

Episode 2



7 Comments on "First Ever MT Online Legislative Newscast Covers News For Young People, By Young People"

  1. brilliant put-down on hypocrites, fakers and frauds in the legislature………

  2. I Like it!!!!

  3. These bright young Women give me great hope for the future of Montana!
    Montana is a state with a long and deep progressive history (fact) that the MT GOP would like to erase and rewrite. Someone has to stand up and take on the struggle to leave things better for future generations, just like the people before us did for our generation.
    I am glad today’s youth is speaking up and fighting for Progress.

  4. These videos are fantastic- I hope they get a lot of viewers.

  5. Very refreshing to know that there are some young people out there that are intelligent, witty and most importantly, involved. I signed up for their emails. Good luck!

  6. Interesting. Witty. The middle finger was a class act!

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