Thursday Quicktakes

Slight of Hand

this is mind-bogglingSay there was someone, let’s call him “Ron,” who wanted to fund some of the state’s  community mental health care needs, but only with patched, temporary, gimmicky spending bills that are one-time-only appropriations with less money, and that completely ignored the needs of Montanans in crisis who have been placed in crisis facilities by court order – they have no other choice.

Say there was someone else, let’s call him “Steve,” who has a mental health care solution with more money, that was permanent funding, and that addressed the needs for community treatment with new, increased, permanent on-going money – and also addressed the need for crises care for people who were sent by court order to the Montana State Hospital or public nursing home in Lewistown, which would you say was a greater help for Montanans with mental illness?

Just checking.

The issue of mental health funding has become a hot topic in the Montana legislature of late. That’s because Ron Ehli and his fellow GOP-ers are working to block permanent, much-needed new funds to help Montanans who need mental health care by pushing a temporary, one-time-only, bandaid of sorts instead.  The bandaid approach is the way Ehli is blocking the increased, permanent, new additional dollars Gov. Bullock has proposed to ensure Montanans have a pathway to get their community and crisis mental health care needs addressed.  Montanans need a real mental health care solution, and would be ill-served if the legislature, and Lee Newspapers, were to fall for this slight of hand.


What’s Behind the Human Trafficking Bill Vote Count?

An interesting outcome from the vote on a bill by Rep. Kim Dudik to crack down on human trafficking bill this week, House Bill 89.   The bill passed the house 98-2.  The two who voted against cracking down on sex trafficking and protecting victims?

TEA Party Republicans Nick Schwaderer  and  Tom Burnett.




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  1. I just clicked on Schwaderer’s name. Yikes.

  2. Quick hit: Can House Dems (preferably en masse) do a “point of privelege” and ask, “Where is House Bill 249?”

  3. Well, what the big deal? We fund part-time mental health care every two years and provide excellent insurance for more help if you need it-we call it the Legislators in Helena doofus fund! :-)

  4. Seriously the level of stupid here is unbelievable- the biggest thing Mt could do to help treat mental illness is pass Medicaid expansion and house bill 249- TIME FOR A HEARING!!!!

  5. I think I read an early draft that said the Human Trafficking Bill includes a provision for seizing property. That made me think twice about this bill. We need to address the real problem of trafficking, but we also need to stop giving law enforcement the ability to seize property.

    • Is this a joke parody comment to expose the TEA Party belief that women and kids are less valuable than property or is this for real?

      • Law enforcement confiscating property in the war on drugs has been an abject failure. If we know that confiscating property failed in the war on drugs why would we assume that it would be successful in another situation?

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