TEA Party Lawmaker Compares Abortion Doctors to Veterinarians

When it comes to women’s health, Republican says we should think about what a veterinarian would do.

TEA Party Republican Bill Harris, of Winnett, MT

TEA Party Republican Bill Harris, of Winnett, MT

Why can’t TEA Party Republicans in the Montana Legislature talk about women without comparing us to animals?

In an executive action session of the House Human Services Committee yesterday, Rep. Bill Harris (R-TEA Winnett)  compared abortion doctors to veterinarians.  Harris said:

“Whether you call this an unborn fetus or an unborn what–anything else,  it still rises to the level of needing a humane consideration.

And if I took an animal regardless of what it was, whether it was dying or whether it was just needin’ unwanted or wanted rid of, to a veterinarian to have it euthanized that veterinarian would go to every effort to do that in as painless and as humane a way as he could manage, so for obvious reasons, I’m a yes to this bill.”

Harris was arguing in favor of  HB 479  by Rep. Al Olszewski (R-TEA Flathead).  The bill is your basic junk science fetal surgery bill.  It says physicians will lose their licenses unless they disregard the will of the patient in favor of pseudo-science.

This is one of the most offensive bills this session (and that’s really saying something). It treats women as incubators who should have no voice or opinion when it comes to procedures involving our own bodies .

Rep. Al

Rep. Olszewski, TEA Party Republican from the Flathead, who wants to force women to undergo junk science medical procedures at our expense.

Under the bill, the physician must also determine the gestational age of the fetus by performing “any medical examination and test” that the physician deems reasonable.  The only way to do this is through mandatory vaginal probe ultrasounds – but presumable Rep. Olsewski was hoping no one would point this out, as forcing women to do this has been the subject of much national outrage. 

Rep. Jenny Eck, Rep. Jessica Karjala, and Rep. Ellie Hill spoke out against the bill during the committee meeting and against the offensive comments of Rep Harris.  Committee Vice-Chair Rep. Ellie Hill (D-Missoula) said,

“I think its shocking that  party that ascribes itself with a philosophy of less government is giving us yet another bill of more government.  This is not scientifically proven, not medically necessary, and that’s going to cost women in the state of Montana more money.”

“I’m sad to hear this bill, I’m sad to hear one of the Representatives on this committee make an analogy to veterinarians…I think that this bill is a shame.”

House Minority Whip Rep. Jenny Eck (D-Helena) said:

“I’m sorry if women’s bodies get in the way of the development of a fetus; but that’s the reality. And until there is a day when babies can be grown in an incubator without women’s bodies, you’re gonna have this problem where, yes, we are the vessels that carry fetuses. And you can’t get around that fact.

We have a will of our own. We have opinions of our own. And we have lives of our own. So as soon as we become treated as just an incubator it becomes very problematic.

And, I would say, very different from a situation where someone puts their dog down at the veterinarian’s office.

During the 2011 session, Rep. Keith Regier, now a member of GOP legislative leadership, compared women to cattle on the floor of the House of Representatives. Regier analogized that pre-tested cows are more valuable than open cows in his speech arguing in favor of forced births for rape victims. Then TEA Party Republican Rep. Krayton Kerns made headlines by  “comparing Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke to a studding English bulldog named “John-Boy,” and here’s the story. 



6 Comments on "TEA Party Lawmaker Compares Abortion Doctors to Veterinarians"

  1. Time to castrate all members of the legislative body that see women as cattle, sheep, etc. That is what we do to livestock. So if this miserable piece of shit that calls himself a “man” that likens women to animals needing a vet, then he should also live his life as one.

  2. Grandma Jeannie | March 17, 2015 8:12 AM at 8:12 AM |

    It would be awful to have to sit in this committee packed with imbeciles every day and here them debate and pass laws that harm Montana with such stupid “logic.” I don’t think I could do it. These people make me sick: Bill Harris, Art Wittich, Forrest Mandeville, Alan Redfield, Kirk Wagoner, Seth Berglee etc etc.

  3. Drunks for Denny | March 17, 2015 9:16 AM at 9:16 AM |

    I sure miss the days when we Republicans just wanted to limit government and spending.

  4. When will they implode? They’re still in charge, and that’s a shame on all of us, women and men. Mysogeny is only one form of bigotry, humankind’s curse.

  5. I am speechless. So, this person who probably has his health care paid by the taxpayers, while I am sure he’s is not in favor of expanding health care to those who can’t afford it; he is in favor of mandating invasive testing of women to be sure their foetus is past the date of “pain”? Rep. Harris, as a Tea Partier (my assumption) is willing to disallow womens’s personal rights, and doctors’ rights, in the interest of his personal morality and “compassion”? Further, Rep Harris is supporting compassionate care for unborn children while he supports cutting off health, education & food for those who are currently breathing and taking up space. He wants an analogy to vets? Vets support spay & neuter clinics & believe in compassionate care, and my experience with vets and my animals has never been anything but good. However, his analogy fails…my vet would never require invasive testing of the pregnant bitch before he aborts the litter. Doesn’t a dog foetus feel pain? So let’s make this law apply to vets, too. My vets try to ensure my pets don’t suffer. Nor should, geez, a doctor be required to do the same with a pregnancy that maybe that woman, for whatever reason, feels she cannot give birth to a child. I love the fact that the Repub majority is supporting bills about guns which KILL people while invading women’s choice about their pregnancies. Let’s see, a moment where some wacko shoots a person vs considered thought about giving birth to a baby that perhaps that woman can’t raise. Nor should any woman be required by a doctor to to determine what is “right” if SHE chooses to end a pregnancy? I have to quit. The Repubs in the legislature (men, in the majoriyt, sorry) choose to mandate women’s rights, and geez, DOCTORS, too, where are you guys? Do any of you want any more mandated rules? And vets, what’s next? Pregnant dogs with “pain testing”? Yes, I am being silly…but look at that slippery slope and see just how far gone you want to go down there.

  6. Yep, Rep Harris “elected” to choose his taxpayer-funded health insurance…no, Richard, probably castrating is not covered…let’s propose another silly bill; castration is covered under state-paid health insurance…nah, that would impinge on men’s rights, support that child with money & time?…down that slope I go…done

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