Gun Bills Move Forward: As Does Case Against Man Who Threatened to Shoot Up a Local School, Jewish Leaders

As the fight to nullify federal gun laws, force guns into college campuses and workplaces and encourage the proliferation of concealed weapons and ammunition stockpiles rages in in the Montana legislature, the Missoulian is reporting today that a man who threatened to kill hundreds of school kids and Jewish leaders will be arraigned in district court in Missoula this Thursday for “felony charges of intimidation and criminal defamation.”

David Lenio is the white -supremacist, 9/11 conspiracy theorist, and holocaust denier who tweeted comments saying he wants to execute  “grade school students” and “shoot up a school” and a synagogue, and put “two in the head” of a rabbi or Jewish leader. He also said he hoped to go on a killing rampage until “cops take me out.”

Lenio was also stockpiling weapons and ammunition, and for some reason,  “jugs of urine” in his van.  As Salon reported:

When they arrested this white supremacist, he had just finished a day of snowboarding in Montana. He had marijuana and a pipe in his van (along with jugs of urine). He worked as a cook in a local restaurant, and had three guns. He had on Sunday retrieved ammunition and two rifles—a bolt-action and a semi-automatic—from his storage locker.

Lenio even threatened the guy who uncovered his threats on Twitter.

That guy is Jonathan Hutson who has a background in investigative journalism and now serves as communications director for the Brady Campaign and Center to Prevent Gun Violence.  He is also the dad of a first grader.  After Hutson discovered Lenio’s threats–and endured threats against Hutson himself and Hutson’s kids– FBI agents and local law enforcement officials in Montana and two other states were able to track Lenio down.


Meanwhile, there are just a few of the gun bills still being pushed forward by the MT legislature:

  • Legalize guns and rifles in office parking lots. HB 505 the official title of which is “establish employee safe travel to work laws”, by Matthew Monforton (TEA-Bozeman)
  • Lift the prohibition on carrying concealed weapons in bars, parks, and schools. HB 371 by Rep. Kerry White (TEA-Bozeman)
  • Legalize guns on college campuses. by Rep. Cary Smith SB 143 (R-TEA Billings)
  • Allow anyone to carry a concealed weapon. HB 298   Bill Harris (R-Winnett)
  • Nullify all federal gun laws. HB 203 by Rep. Art Wittich (R-TEA Bozeman)
  • Encourage the manufacturing of ammunition to prevent a national shortage. HB 122 by Matthew Rosedale (R-TEA Glendive)

Hutson shared some of Lenio’s tweets with the Cowgirl blog, and they are indeed disturbing. You can see them below the fold  (click continue reading):


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10 Comments on "Gun Bills Move Forward: As Does Case Against Man Who Threatened to Shoot Up a Local School, Jewish Leaders"

  1. America will do better than most countries when the world goes under, because we have guns. So instead of people dying off slowly over weeks due to starvation, 50% of the population will be gone in the first couple of days. That’s a huge boon to the 50% that are left, for they’ll have twice as many resources to fight over.

    Montana Republicans realize this, so in a way, they’re just looking out for us. If people begin to kill each other more often before then, well…you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

    • You are advocating the murder of 50% of the population.

      • I wouldn’t say that, but I would be at a disadvantage – I don’t own a gun.

        What is the overall Tea Party plan? We know they want to see more draconian rules and regulations, and they want all spending by government to stop. They have the money, they don’t want it taxed, and they certainly don’t want it used on services for poor people.

        So what do they want the money for? I guess that depends on which part of the Tea Party spectrum they are. If you view the world as coming to an end, then you want to do all you can to take that money and build up your castle. If you think Jesus is coming back, you want to use that money to hasten His return. If you view the markets as triumphant, all the money gets plowed there.

        I figure most are anticipating the last few trumpets of the apocalypse to sound, biding their time with fear and insecurity until then. Money helps with that, and the more they can keep from the government, the better. And if those policies happen to drive a large segment of the poor population out of the state, so much the better.

        Remember, there’s that slight chance that Jesus might not come back when He’s supposed to, and things could get dicey. If that’s the case, you need that castle, so they’re building them. Some are more palatial than others, some are just trailers out on the plain. But they’ll get built up, so long as more money can be taken from the state so it can’t function.

        It’s very important to figure out what drives the other guy, even if it gets scary.

  2. David Lenio and his kind need taken down hard. I’m glad that the authorities are taking this case seriously. I just with they would take the many other threats to our public seriously. I and others report domestic terrorist threats almost on a daily basis and nothing is eve done about them.

    People need to get a clue. If a person is a member of any white supremacy group or anti-government militia then that person is a threat to the US public and needs taken off of the streets for their threats to do harm to the US and to the public. They’re all just ticking time bombs.

    Do the research on any Tea Party member that you can think of and I guarantee you that they have ties with these domestic terrorist groups and/or are members of said groups.

  3. Greg – It’s time to put down the bong buddy.

  4. Also out of Kalispell, just last weekend, this story:

    A woman shoots her husband then kills herself, all while the kids are in the home. I’m sure the gun bills mentioned above would have prevented this tragedy (not). And I’m sure Gary Marbut and his cronies take these incidents into consideration when the advance their bills (again, not).

  5. Justice will be better served in the Lenio case if Hutson stops prosecuting the case in the press. He’s a potential witness. Let the courts do their work.

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