Governor-wannabe bankrolls pro-hate, anti-Halloween crusade

halloweenbanAs the GOP-dominated Montana Legislature narrowly defeated an Indiana-style bill to legalize discrimination, it has come to light that Bozeman billionaire Greg Gianforte has been bankrolling a crusade in favor of such laws.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, which was previously called the Alliance Defense Fund, has been the recipient of tens of thousands of dollars from the Gianforte Family Foundation – tax-exempt political arm of Gianforte’s dark money leviathan.  According to Right Wing Watch, the ADF is, “particularly persistent in attacking attempts by [LBGT citizens] to have families, establish domestic partnerships or civil unions, or to be protected from discrimination in employment or housing.”

Gianforte – a billionaire transplant from New Jersey– has personally bankrolled the legal efforts of a Colorado baker who got into hot water for refusing to serve a same-sex couple.  But it’s not just the LGBT community that Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakes in Lakewood, Colorado is crusading against.  He’s also believes Halloween is a among the problems facing our times. Gianforte is his patron.

From a document Gianforte sent to Bozeman City Commissioners promoting the effort he bankrolled:

In addition to being a baker, Jack is a committed Christian who believes that he should live consistently with what he believes to be true.  As a consequence, Jack seeks to operate his business in accordance with his faith, even when it costs him.

For instance, he will not bake any Halloween-themed goods, event though Halloween typically provides bakeries increased revenue-making opportunities, because he believes that Christians should not promote Halloween.

Halloween – costumes, pumpkins and trick-or-treating – has long been a big celebration at the Montana Governor’s Residence, with every Governor in recent memory getting into the spirit.  Steve Bullock and his family dressed as characters from Peter Pan, Brian and Nancy Schweitzer were Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty in 2012, even Judy Martz had some fun, dressing as “Tigger.” These bipartisan festivities have featured full-size candy bars and thousands of trick-or-treaters.

In order to rid the world of this demonic holiday, is Greg Gianforte one of those guys who pass out religious pamphlets on Halloween?  Or does he simply turn the lights off and pretend he’s not home?  Either way, it looks like no candy – not even Smartees or “fun sized” bars.



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  1. This asshole will be in Dillon next Monday morning at 9:45, ostensibly to promote tech careers for students. I suspect that his real reason for coming to Dillon and elsewhere is to put himself forward as a candidate for governor next time around. UM Western has been very friendly to him — they invited him to speak at a commencement ceremony recently — so he probably expects a friendly reception.

    It’s in the Lewis and Clark Room and is open to students and the public. I wonder if anyone will ask him about his efforts to punish homosexuals.

  2. New Jersey, huh? Wow, didn’t know that. We could have some fun next year.

  3. I believe that Greg Gianforte is actually the leader of a Devil worshiping cult. He wants to destroy our Democracy, possess our children with Demons and take our guns away. He must be stopped, our children’s souls are at stake!

  4. Does Gianforte and his ‘disciples’ realize Halloween is well celebrated in the Catholic community, particularly Irish? Remember when Gianforte was invited to Carroll College, so would he attack the students and faculty there who have fun with it? I’m very confident Gianforte would do all in his powers as a governor
    to invote ‘teabag Sharia’ Law.

    • So a billionaire gives a few million to educational programs. That’s chump change for him, and a write-off on his taxes too. He’s a miserable human being trying to buy love.

    • In reflection, his generosity is thoughtful, but I would hope that science respected, and the Earth is millions of years old, and faith and science can co-exist but advocating religious ‘litmus tests’ doesn’t instill confidence.

  5. For those with millions to toss around and what real charity and compassion all about….

    Luke 20:45-4721st Century King James Version (KJ21)

    45 Then in the audience of all the people, He said unto His disciples,

    46 “Beware of the scribes who desire to walk in long robes, and love greetings in the markets, and the highest seats in the synagogues, and the chief rooms at feasts;

    47 who devour widows’ houses, and for a show make long prayers. The same shall receive greater damnation.”

    • Gianforte foundation gives to:

      Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch

      Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation

      Uganda Orphans Fund

      Ronald McDonald House Charities

      ROC Wheels

      International Princess Project

      Intermountain Children’s Home

      Families of SMA

      Touch the Sky

      Montana Theatreworks

      Montana Shakespeare in the Parks

      Intermountain Opera Bozeman

      Gallatin Historical Society

      Bozeman Symphony Orchestra

      Bozeman Public Library

      University of Montana

      Montana State University

      Montana Shakespeare in the Schools

      ACE Scholarships

      just to name a few of who benefit. Now, are you suggesting they give those contributions back? Should Mr. Gianforte leave Montana and dedicate his charitable giving to other states? Please advise on both questions.

      • Again, commendable to all those activities that promote learning, science, the LIBERAL arts and more…………

      • Yes, Mr. Moore, keep sucking for those millions from this man. Soon your knees will get tired as will your jaws. Gianforte, a commodity that Montanans do not need. We were doing just fine before he bought up MSU. Our charitable donations were given from the heart and with knowledge that it hurt our home budgets and we may have had to do without something so that others may have just a bit of a touch of humanity. Mr. Dirt bag does so to show that he is just a really nice guy and wants to “give” to assuage his ego because he fucked over his employees to get where he is today.

        • and again, those donations are fully deductible. Which is how billionaires and corporations can get by paying no income tax and even getting “rebates” in many cases. Show me what he gives and receives nothing in return if you want to show his generosity.

  6. So, Craig Moore, he can be a complete ass-clown politically as long as he gives a minor portion of his fortune to charity? A low-income Montanan pays a larger percentage of her fortune buying Girl Scout Cookies than this d-bag has given of his through his “tax exempt family foundation.”

  7. So, Craig Moore, he can be a complete ass-clown politically as long as he gives a minor portion of his fortune to charity? A low-income Montanan pays a larger percentage of her fortune buying Girl Scout Cookies than this d-bag has given of his through his “tax exempt family foundation.”

  8. Democrats one time had control of the House, Senate and presidency at once, and so enhanced the filibuster rule to allow Republicans to block everything they fake-attempted to pass. This freed up the Pelosi-run house to pass a host of nice-sounding Bills, knowing they were DOA in the senate. It was quite a scam. It is no accident. They are false friends.

    Now they are running about making Medicaid their issue de jour, not telling you that it was they who stopped Medicaid expansion in the last session, a supposed miscast vote derailing it. Righto.

    This post is a look-here-not-there attempt that leaves readers with a sense of moral superiority, an essential feature of big D Democrats. Craig undid her, showing that Gianforte is just a man, not a monster. Sure, he has too much money, and so too much influence for his half-baked ideas, but the solution to that problem is systemic. Much bigger reforms are needed, and for that we need a true second party.

    True reformers who join the Democratic Party are quickly marginalized. If they try to work outside the party, they are demonized. Democrats are our biggest problem.

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