Trappers try to expand their cruel hobby

Another bill may soon be submitted to the Governor that trappers believe would strengthen their right to torture animals.

The Cowgirl Blog has consistently voiced opposition to the practice of trapping, and I must do so again here.

The practice is barbaric (here is a photo from the Helena IR last week, of a mountain lion who lost a paw that was severed in a trap).  And trappers try, falsely, to persuade the public that trapping and hunting are equatable.  They aren’t.  Hunting is a more humane way to get food than eating a factory chicken or cow.  Trapping is cruel and unnecessary.


Furthermore, most of its practitioners are foul, inhumane, right-wing idiots and democrats should not be making common cause with them. One such person is Republican legislator Sen. Jennifer Fielder, who happens to be the sponsor of the bill which is awaiting action by the Governor.

54efb8e9ee4ae.image_-204x300In 2004, Montana passed a constitutional amendment protecting the right to harvest big game. Fish and game, however, cannot be trapped. So SB 334 attempts to get around this by statutorily redefining fur-bearing animals as game animals.
Fielder is a trapper herself, and her husband Paul Fielder is the Montana Trappers Association district director. In a hearing, the liar Fielder claimed that she had “worked with Fish, Wildlife and Parks on the bill,”  implying that the state agency was on board with the legislation.  This is false. The agency did not support the legislation and did not bring the bill forward.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 9.41.44 PMDemocrats bear blame too.  The bill had first been voted down but was then, for no apparent good reason, resurrected when four democrats–Caferro, McNally, Vuckovich and Windy Boy–switched their votes and brought this garbage back to life.  It is inexplicable that any democrat would support this bill.  Note that Sens. Caferro and Sen. Vukovich also voted against a bill that would have made it illegal to attend a dog fight–where dogs are forced to fight to the death.

The Trappers don’t have the votes to actually change the constitution- that takes a 2/3 vote of the legislature and a vote of the people of MT. Because they know they don’t have that much support, they are doing this instead.



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  1. The betrayal by McNally, Wind Boy, Caffero and Vukovich, to resurrect this bill after it was dead, is stunning and heartbreaking.

    One can at the very least admire Fielder for sticking to her principles. McNally, Windy Boy, Caffero & Vukovich have lost all credibility by demonstrating that when they vote, it’s meaningless.

    To change your vote in a 24-hour period when the bill did not change, when you’ve been debating it for a month, that’s Schizophrenic Representation.

    Senator Windy Boy is handing over the last sad vestiges of free living and once abundant, Montana wildlife to the same European overlords who swarmed over his ancestor’s lands in search of pelts for Parisian prostitutes; while also supporting the same woman that wants to sell off public lands to the highest bidder.

    Everyone supporting this issue has been bullied by the trappers. Were you four frightened? Then please don’t run in the next election if you aren’t brave enough to withstand the heat of taking a stand.

    Looking for your cojones McNally, Windy Boy, Caffero and Vukovich? The trappers have them. Baiting their traps.

    • Re: SB 334
      I am very disappointed that a bill that was killed, was resurrected. Why was there another vote, after a decision was made? As noted in the testimony FWP Chief Legal Counsel notes this bill is too fundamental and causes too many unknowns. This bill was not due at the request of FWP but instead trappers. Many groups oppose this bill such as Montana Wildlife Federation, Anaconda Sportsman Club, Wolves of the Rockies, Montana Audubon, Butte Sportsman, and all of us who have called and written about our opposition to this bill.

      Lori D.

      • Like it or not, this bill was not killed. It was about to die because it had been amended in the House and missed the deadline for transmittal back to the Senate (whether or not that was really due to Fielder’s appendicitis Inhave no idea). But the vote had a majority vote in both houses as well as for the first time there was a vote to suspend the rules and let bring it back to the Senate. But it needed a super majority to do that, and it got that when 4 Democrats switched. Given that we had managed to pass campaign finance reform, the compact, and Medicaid expansion only by defeating super majority voting rules, maybe, just maybe, those 4 Democrats were trying to be consistent and let a bill that clearly had majority support work its way through the process. I’d suggest being a little less judgemental here.

        • Since we haven’t heard from the 4-Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I appreciate your mind-reading and analysis of their silent thoughts, Senator Barrett.

          You’re right, as Montanans, as Americans, we shouldn’t complain or be judgmental. Whatever our elected representative does is correct. No explanation is required nor should it be expected. Do not question authority.

          • My goodness, did I say all that? About how you shouldn’t complain or be judgemental? Or about how elected representatives are always correct and their authority shouldn’t be questioned? Or that no explanation is required or should be expected?

            I thought that offering a potential explanation was just what I was doing. And I suggested that in light of that potential explanation, you might be a little less judgemental. You know, it’s that pesky business of getting the facts before leaping to conclusions.

            What’s happened here is that you attacked four legislators and when I said that “maybe, just maybe” there was an explanation for their behavior, you concluded you were getting quashed. Absurd.

        • Seems that judgement was justified today.

  2. You can always count on Cowgirl to beat a dead horse, push issues that hardly anyone cares about.

    • I care. I have been locked out of the woods by trapping. I can no longer safely use our public lands cross country skiing, back country skiing, etc. with my dogs as I have for the last 30 years. You see, all my favorite places to recreate in the woods are now popular wolf trapping areas. I have been locked out of the woods and I love……where are my rights?

    • MillionsofMontanans | April 19, 2015 11:37 AM at 11:37 AM |

      Millions of Montanans care. Okay, we know there are only 1.2 million Montanans but, when only less than 1% of that 1.2 million are trappers then I bet to you it feels there are millions of us. The 99% are the majority and we do not want trapping on public lands. Don’t believe us? Just allow it to be put to a vote by the people. But, you won’t because you know you are wrong.

    • A lot of people care – trappers are a minute and shrinking portion of the population – many states have banned trapping, and most people believe it should be outlawed. Montana will inevitably follow – it’s only a matter of time.

    • Many people care about this issue…!!

  3. Promoting her personal agenda of trapping and later her unfortunate medical emergency to persuade legislators to reconsider again….2 1/2 weeks after she got out of the hospital goes to show all about them, their special interests and the heck with public. All so disgusting and shameless.

  4. but they DID change the Constitution by the previous vote adding trapping to the definition of “hunting” in the Constitution. That won’t change until someone challenges it in a way that will bring it to the Mt Supreme Court. Bullock weaseled out of vetoing it by claiming since it’s a judicial matter rather than a legislative one, there is some other forum for addressing it.

  5. “In 2004, Montana passed a constitutional amendment protecting the right to harvest big game.” At least get the wording correct. It says “wild game animals” not big game. Nowhere in the constitution or the statute is “wild game animals” defined and therefore there is no constitutional protections for hunting or fishing. A statute always follows a constitutionl change aligning the two, as 334 will give definition to “wild game animals”.

    • MillionsofMontanans | April 19, 2015 11:32 AM at 11:32 AM |

      If you really thought that you were right then trappers would allow this issue to be voted on by the people. The fact that you scum go against the Constitution, both US and State, show’s that you are very aware that you’re the minority and would lose any vote by the people.

      You prove that trappers are cowards with your very words and actions. It doesn’t matter what the Koch paid Fielder and other traitors like her do. All of it is against the US Constitution and federal laws and therefore null and void. The people of the United States have grown tired of those of you who are trying to destroy this nation. You’ve lost already and you’re too stupid to notice it.

      But, I digress. Keep thumping your chests and acting like the village fool. It’s entertaining to watch an enemy of the United States drown in two inches of water. You people could save what dignity you think you have if you would just have the issue of trapping on public lands put to a vote by the people but, as we have to remind you every day, you know you would lose that vote.

      By the way, aren’t you the same Jason Maxwell who is a regional VP of Montana Trappers Association who say’s that you want to kill all wolves and if you go over your limit then you will just bury the rest so as to not get caught? That’s poaching. You lose.

      • If you want people to vote on this issue, why not allow a vote on our taxes as well. I’m not getting represented by these folks who claim to represent us.

      • Tommy,
        We will put it to a vote, when you get enough signatures to do a constitutional amendment. The fact that you still claim we are the minority is laughable. As I have stated before, we have hunters, fishermen, and agriculture on our side and that was evident in the open hearings as large groups sent speakers on behalf of the trappers. As much as you “thump your chest” online, its always people like you unwilling to show your face in support.

        • More lies from the cowards corner. Hunters, fishermen and ranchers are not on your side. In fact, ethical hunters and the majority of ranchers are very much against trapping. Yeah, about the signature gathering that you and your thugs harassed and threatened signature gatherers and those who were trying to sign, it won’t be allowed to happen again. Oh, I’m out there where and when I need to be. I’ve seen you plenty of times. If you see me then I’m not doing my job right.

          Now, stop talking to me. You’re too far beneath me to even acknowledge, traitor.

        • “As much as you “thump your chest” online, its always people like you unwilling to show your face in support.”

          Jason’s trying very hard to damp down his usual threatening demeanor, but the bully in him just can’t stay hidden for long.

          He has has highlighted a very important point: people are afraid to speak out publicly against trapping, and to sign the petitions, because they are afraid of trappers. It pains me to state this, because I know Jason receives great pleasure knowing that people fear for their safety around him and his fellow trappers.

          I experienced trapper harassment every time I publicly collected signatures for the initiative. Trappers would stand in front of our collection points, discussing their plan of attack, and then one of them would venture forward to start yelling at us, or they would aggressively accost people who were about to sign.

          The trappers stole petitions out of the hands of our volunteers, stole them from the counters of businesses, and threatened business owners if they put them out. They would act like they were going to sign the petition, then they would scribble over all the names.

          This is why we need a vote. So people can speak from their hearts in the ballot box. Trappers know this, or they wouldn’t have set up this legal battle with the Constitutional wording change.

          Nice selfie Jason! Your sadistic joy shines through.

          • Thank you for sharing my photo, first fox I have had the opportunity to catch although we have countless numbers running around the ranch. This fox in particular was outside of Missoula. He was getting aggressive towards children at the school next to where I work. Seen mostly during the day, the fox wasn’t acting normal so I was called in to remove it. The great thing about your ilk is you are all about assumptions. I have never sold a fur nor have I ever trapped anything but problem animals that land owners have lost their social tolerance for. “set up this legal battle with the Constitutional wording change”…. Footloose and Trap Free were so confused on what was happening because they finally had to go on the defense they even got their followers confused. It is “word changing” or clarification in the state statute not the constitution. We can not change the constitution without 2/3 majority vote and a vote by Montanans. They sure confused their supporters on this one.

            • Dear Mr. Maxwell- can you tell us the name and phone number of the person who reported the fox “getting agressive towards school children at the school” next to where you work?

              • I don’t release names and private information to your side. As history shows especially with the Trout Creek hunt your followers tend to harass and make death threats towards children. For the safety of the children and to prevent harassment of the employees I will keep the information confidential. Thanks for asking though.

                • Jason after hearing of the fox that was aggressive towards the school children I contacted the school next to where you work. They did not contact you and do not know what you are talking about. If there are aggressive animals close to where you work they suggested I contacted the Missoulian to let them know so they can look into this and see if others have reported any other animals acting abnormal.

                  • Typical activist, can not comprehend what is written. Nowhere did I say it was the school that contacted me or that it was trapped on the schools property. Like I said in my previous comment your ilk is all about assumptions, all emotion based never factual.

          • Disgusting and monstrous to treat animals like a joke.

          • Two Dot,
            Because you are obsessed with me, here is how the fox turned out. It looks great, thank you for sharing the original!!!!!

    • Ah Jason Maxwell, it’s Sunday. Why aren’t you out stomping some trapped animal to death?

    • So why the hard push to pass HB212 and SB334? If it is so obvious, as you seem to think it is, that trapping is preserved as a right, then why all this twisting of words, the legislative process, and the controversy? Sen. Fielder lied about FWP wanting this bill and yet she got support for it…just what is in it for these 4 to flip their votes in 24 hours? The legislature is not making things easy for FWP to do their job and now Fielder and others use them as a scapegoat? Is this governing? The Bozeman Daily Chronicle had a poll (which obviously is not scientific) last week to grade the current MT legislature. F was the overwhelming grade, and very appropriately so. I’ve listened and watched these sessions and it was nauseating to say the least! Thank you, Sen. Barrett for trying to be one of the few voices of reason in the MT legislature. Shame on those who support Sen. Fielder, her militia followers, and UT Americans for Prosperity “staff member”. She should be thrown out, as well as a few others, but unfortunately that can’t happen. Wouldn’t every citizen love to be married to a MT legislator to get laws passed for their spouses?

  6. Fielder’s destruction does not stop not with wildlife.
    She is leading the charge in the Montana legislature for seizing public lands. –
    She is a member of the SNRC which supports a governing policy of “coordination,” which echoes the goals of the county supremacy movement espoused by anti-government extremists –
    This is not what Montana needs or wants not sure how anyone could have voted her.
    See more at:

  7. I hated this bill and voted against it every chance I got, including on the issue of suspending the rules to take it back in the Senate. That said, I think it may be one of the stupidest bills I’ve ever seen, and I don’t think that it accomplishes much of anything. The Legislature does not have the authority, in a bill like this, to “clarify” that when the people approved a constitutional amendment to preserve the opportunity to “harvest” wild game animals, they meant to include trapping. Only the courts can determine that. Suppose, for example, that the Legislature passed a bill saying that elk were not a wild game animal? Would any reasonably same person conclude that the public didn’t have elk in mind when they approved the amendment? And another thing: even if trapping is considered harvest of wild game, what does that mean? Obviously, it can still be heavily regulated, just like hunting is. Has any regulation of hunting ever been successfully challenged on constitutional grounds? I think this bill comes from a bunch of people who have an inflated opinion of their knowledge of the law. I’m sorry it passed, but in the end I think it’s effect will be zip.

    • Mr. Barret,
      You are getting your bills confused, HB 212 defined the word “harvest” and was not ever voted on to “suspend the rules to take it back in the Senate”, that was SB 334. You are correct though, the Senate has no authority to change the constitution without a 2/3 majority vote and being voted on by Montanans. You do however have the authority to clarify the state statute that follows a constitutional amendment which took place in 2004. The state statute must align with that constitutional change and therefore 212 clarified the word harvest in the statute, NOT in the constitution.

  8. Thank you Sen. Barrett!

  9. Why are you all getting your panties in such a twist? The mighty Bullock will certainly veto this stated stupid bill. Worry not.

    • We were so very sure that Bullock would veto the last one and he didn’t. I really want to check his bank accounts, the one in the States and his offshore bank accounts.

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