Putting the Crack in Crackpot Ideas

A TEA Party state senator this week lashed out against Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke for eagerly voting against a measure pushed by special interest groups and right-wing legislators.

The scheme to takeover, seize, or auction off our public lands (TPL) is so unpopular with voters that even Zinke, who during the election went out of his way to sympathize with schemes favored by his conservative base, even bragged about opposing idiocy on his congressional webpage. 

Fielder posted on Zinke’s Facebook page:

Here, Ryan Zinke openly touts his vote AGAINST a repeal of Obamacare, AGAINST a balanced budget, and AGAINST transferring federal lands to State control (Despite the way his blog is spun, the rider he voted against WAS NOT about selling public lands to private interests, it was about transferring federal land to the States). A glance at his Facebook page shows he made the Green Decoys/Democrat political operatives very happy with this vote.

Screenshot here:


Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.35.18 PM


State Sen. Jennifer Fielder (R-American Lands Council), the leading proponents of public land takeover in Montana–and a TEA Party state Rep. Kerry White (TEA-Bozeman) both “have deep ties to extremist groups and ideologies like the militia and Agenda 21 conspiracists.” According to a new website behindthemtlandgrab.com, which says “These ties shed light on the true nature of the American land seizure movement.”

The Montana Republican Party is more fractured than ever. This week the Helena IR chastised Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen for characterizing the legislature’s failure to pass a major jobs and infrastructure bill as a “win” for the far-right wing.



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  1. Welcome to the 2016 Republican primary, where Zinke and Tim Fox will be among the targets of the more conservative than thee wing of the party.

  2. Drunks for Denny | May 6, 2015 9:29 AM at 9:29 AM |

    I think James is right. I have known Tim Fox for 20 years, and used to think he was the most right wing person I’ve ever known. It is amazing that that is no longer true any more.

  3. Dear Cowgirl,
    To repeat what this link states;
    Fielder is gunning for statewide or even national office, and her comment against Zinke shows she’ll say anything to get there.

    John Marshall

  4. Ryan Zinke is just as evil and against the US Constitution as all of them. Fielder and her TeaTaliban militia traitors (which Zinke is a part of) knew that their land grab was not going to work so, have you not thought that perhaps they are trying to set Zinke up as being the “good” guy amongst them so that he can go on up the ladder and do their evil deeds?

    All of them WILL be going to prison for their treason against the United States. There’s already enough evidence against them to put them away now. I just don’t understand why they haven’t been arrested yet.

  5. Ahem, I think we’ve been through this before, Democrats scaring their base with the antics of the “other” party. But what happens when they gain office?

    Well, nothing. 2008-2010 Democrats had control of the House, Senate and presidency, and so cleverly set up a filibuster rule in the Senate that effectively surrendered control to the “other” party. Then, when Republicans used the filibuster rule, Democrats screamed foul.

    Welcome to politics. Nothing is what it seems, no one is honest.

    • Only on FOX “news” does 72 days = 2 full years. First, did you forget that the President needed 60 votes to pass legislation? The fact is for only 72 days the Democrats held a 60 seat majority in the United States Senate. Democrats had a shaky 60 vote supermajority for all of four months and one week; from the time Kennedy’s interim successor Paul Kirk was sworn in on September 24th until the time Republican Scott Brown was sworn in. Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune – “The claim that Obama ruled like a monarch over Congress for two years – endlessly intoned as a talking point by Republicans – is more than just a misremembering of recent history or excited overstatement. It’s a lie.”

  6. Either the Democrats didn’t vote or they supported Zinke, who is a moderate. Democrats may get a number of things they wanted vote wise from Zinke.

  7. I don’t get it. Jeff, did you mean a moderate Republican, compared to our Attorney General?
    Lewis looks to be the moderate Politician, compared to Zinke the Politician.
    Or, is Zinke just a moderate person?
    I still don’t get it. What will Democrats and Independents “get” from Zinke?

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