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You may have noticed the Cowgirl Blog has been experimenting with a new look, as well as an increased number of guest posts.  I’m always looking for ways to improve the blog and your suggestions to the tipline at mntnacowgirl (at) are welcome–as are your submissions for guest posts.

Many guest posters write under their own name, others prefer to remain anonymous or to have me post the content directly as Cowgirl.  If the post has concise, valuable information on Montana politics,  it’s likely to be accepted.   The blog gets about 20% of the traffic in terms of “unique monthly visitors” as many of the state’s major dailies (not bad at all for an unfunded, volunteer effort), so  a guest post is a good opportunity to share your perspective and insights and spread the word about what’s going on in your area.

Cowgirl Blog: (stats summary located in lower right)

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.02.51 PM

Montana Standard (screenshots from

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.59.10 PM
Helena IR:
Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.58.32 PM


Bozeman Chronicle:

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.58.04 PM


I’m also pleased to announce that I hope to begin comment moderation on a trial basis in the near future, so it’s a good time to review the blog’s comment policy here.  I’m bringing on a moderator to help keep things civil and attract more commenters and readers.

Comments will not be pre-moderated and will not require approval before they go up, but they will be taken down if they are inconsistent with the policy and retained in case a pattern of attacking other commenters becomes evident.

Thank you for your readership, comments, and fantastic tips! Your participation is what makes this blog a success. –Cowgirl




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  1. Those are very impressive numbers. I’ve often wondered why you don’t monetize with sidebar ads or some such, because with numbers like that you can make a few hundred dollars a month in passive income and you’ll also attract larger advertisers that will set up marketing packages.

    I’ve often wondered why you don’t do this, but the answer was clear when Copper Commando put up its analysis last month on who runs this site. The evidence that it’s Eric Stern is quite overwhelming, and if that’s the case, it makes sense that you can’t do advertising. I mean, you’d have a state employee profiting from work they do on the job. What’s more, how would you account for that state income? And it would be state income.

    So…I think that answers the question on why this site isn’t raising hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year for Democratic causes. I find that very interesting, myself.

    • Do keep in mind, Greg, that the anonymous commando followed that post with a plaintive wail about ‘identity politics’. This doesn’t strike you as at all hypocritical?

  2. House of Ill Re-Butte | May 20, 2015 10:51 AM at 10:51 AM |

    Well done, Cowgirl. The fighting between posters, far off-topic comments, and seeing some bullying kept me away from the site for awhile. Your content and excellent writing skills brought me back. Your site is the best in Montana.

  3. Greg,

    Once again, the first counter-Posts on Cowgirl,
    reveal individual pre-disposition,
    I skip over.

    Today, #1 is working with a moderated Post method for a month.
    Makes sense to me. I’ve seen too much trash talk + bait/switch/abuse Post language on Cowgirl.

    #7 or so, is Eric Stern the type of person who would have gone to great lengths to maintain a very open site for Guest Opinions and Anonymous Opinions plus a very wide range of Posts?

    Really, to this geezer, some Posters got used to acting like they occupied center stage. Worse yet, hypocritical Posters seemed habit-formed to oppress Posts from the Public.
    Would Eric have allowed that?

    And week in, week out, well composed language with a consistent voice is oh so evident in the articles and statements from the Cowgirl name/brand.
    Could Eric have achieved that?

  4. Secret Squirrel | May 20, 2015 1:36 PM at 1:36 PM |

    I’ve written a few anonymous, and one semi-anonymous, posts for Cowgirl and I have no idea who he or she is. They have always been receptive to posts and hints, which is what makes this blog better than any other in Montana.
    I personally think the core of Cowgirl is a collective effort between a few people with a love for this labor but I really don’t care. The content is spot-on and the muckraking is usually full throttle. If it ends up being accurate, what’s not to like about that; no matter who writes the content? Montana journalists are not doing it, so create a space where people who want to do the good work have an honest venue.

  5. Dear Greg- the Copper Commando- run by the MTGOP “young guns,” presented no evidence that the blog was run by Eric Stern nor anyone else- and no evidence that any work was done on state time- indeed it’s pretty obvious that all of the posts are outside of work hours! The mind boggles…

  6. It is truly the stuff of legend that the knowing of a name confers power! I’d like to think that in the age of the Internet, we’re a little more adult than that. It doesn’t matter who the MT Cowgirl is, or who the ‘cowgirls’ are. It’s funny that we demand, demand I tell you, honesty from our politicians and then assume anything that doesn’t agree with our view, or worse with ALL views, is somehow dishonest. These fantasies, legends, mythologies are contradictory.

    I’ve been blogging a very long time, as has the Cowgirl, and this I have learned: There is no possibility, whatsoever, for a blogger to be known, honest and still ‘fair and balanced’. It doesn’t matter who the Cowgirl is, and it doesn’t matter at all if she/they are political functionaries. Are they telling the truth? Do you agree with the truths they tell? Have you the courage to tell them what is ‘untrue’ about what they present here? Those things matter, and that’s the only reason any of us should be reading here.

  7. Rob,

    Great and timely Post from you!
    Concise plus informative, from experience with conviction!

    I’m with you sentence by sentence, until the last four.

  8. An Unimpressive, politically biased, disingenuos blog.

    • All blogs are biased, all come from a point of view from the bloggers, and yes this one is liberal in Nature.
      I disagree with your opinion sir.
      I have listened to people postulate about this blog since it first paged up. The info here has been Informative and true. that’s why it has staying power…. when countless other conservative blogs dust up from the right, and blow away.

      Show me a comparable red meat site from Montana, that has the backing, from real media… or the visitors?

      It surely not because of the commentors?

  9. I use my real name when I respond here. Thank you Cowgirl, whomever you are, for allowing us to spout off on topics important to Montana with out having to sign up to Facebook in order to comment like many media outlets are doing. DO NOT start the annoying ads as some have suggested here. This is a pretty clean site compared to what else is out there and does provide some very useful information.

  10. Well said Mr. Miller. If people are not happy with what is posted here they have the choice to not visit this site. Looking right at you Mr. Cowboy.

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