Chronicle: Two Top Montana Attorneys Will Prosecute Wittich Case

The Bozeman Chronicle is reporting today that two of Montana’s best lawyers, Gene Jerussi and John Heenan have been appointed as state’s special attorneys general to prosecute the political practices case against TEA Party state Representative Art Wittich, of Bozeman. Both Jarussi and Heenan are shrewd, with good insincts in the courtroom and in politics (as is the firm’s other partner Randy Bishop).

They will play the proper role of prosecutors, which is to bring down the quarry.  So whomever represents Wittich has their work cut out for them. Perhaps it will be one of the state’s collection of famous republican attorneys like Matthew Monforton or Jim Brown at Thunderdome Law.

The Montana Commissioner of political practices found that Wittich received thousands of mailers for his campaign from mail house subsidized by ATP. However, the COPP findings also note that the amount Wittich paid for the 12,000 mailers didn’t even cover the cost of postage, Chuck Johnson reported last year. The Commissioner’s findings also included allegations of illegal coordination with the dark money group.

Wittich would be the first Montana elected official to be removed from office since 1940, the Chronicle reported, so the other question is whether Wittich is going to run again. One wonders whether he will get re-elected if he does. To be sure, he would face a primary, however he also chose to run in a very conservative district last cycle, which by definition includes a high number of low information voters.



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  1. While the contract says the law firm and its attorneys will provide their services pro bono, the judge will most likely award compensation if they prevail.

    • Though I believe you are right HighPoint, the Attorneys Gene Jerussi and John Heenan would have to file extra legal proceedings to get it if they prevail….just saying!

  2. Right, the same Gene Jarussi that filed the technicality lawsuit to blow out Van Dyke and pave the road for whatzisname.
    Smells partisan, but we expected that, especially now that Motl’s a lame duck and is free to run riot.

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