Koch Bloggers Caught Lying About Tester

Montana Republicans Also Demonstrate Ignorance of Ethics Laws (Oh, and Flub Another Attempt to Manufacture an Attack on Dems…)

Well, this is embarrassing.  The paid Koch Brothers bloggers at “Media Trackers” have been busted lying about Sen. Tester. The bloggers claimed that Tester had attended some high dollar fundraiser based entirely on a Tweet, which got it wrong.

Senator Tester didn’t attend this fundraiser that Republicans and Media Trackers are making a stink about. Senator Tester was in D.C. voting that day.  How do I know?  Because the White House posted the President’s remarks from that event and noted that senators weren’t present.

“I want to make sure that people know Tom Lopach, who’s heading up the DSCC. He’s flying solo tonight because the senators had to vote.” – President Obama

In an email, Tester spokesperson Marnee Banks confirmed to the blog that Tester was indeed not at the event:
“Jon did not attend this fundraiser with President Obama in New York City, he was hard at work voting in the United States Senate.  Any reports that say otherwise are simply not correct.”


In the same attack, Media Trackers bloggers –and Chris Shipp, Director of the Montana Republican Party, demonstrated their ignorance of Senate ethics laws.  They tried to claim that Tester was being sneaky: hiding his supposed attendance by omitting it from his official Senate schedule.  Let’s put aside the fact for a second that Tester is the only U.S. Senator who actually makes his schedule public.  (Nope, not Daines, and not Zinke either – their schedules are both secret.)


As Jackie Brown already pointed out–that even if Tester had attended the event, he couldn’t post it on his official Senate schedule. It’s a violation of Senate ethics and rules because a fundraiser is a political event not an official Senate event.

Here is a link to Sen. Tester’s schedule for the day.  Here’s a screenshot too because the schedule is updated regularly.



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  1. They’re not letting a little thing like the truth stop them. They doubled down today, including an attack from Rep. Zinke’s office:

    Also asked by Media Trackers why Zinke does not post a schedule, the congressman’s communications director Heather Swift deflected the question, attempting to put the onus back on Tester saying that “it is understandable why Tester would not why Senator Tester would not want Montanans to know he was at President Obama’s secret fundraiser in New York City,” and that Daines and Zinke should not be blamed for Tester’s omission.

    I’ll let you figure out which paid liar is responsible for the mangled syntax in that quote, but I’d bet we won’t get a correction.

  2. Any body know what George Soros is planning to spend in the 2016 election cycle?

  3. Why don’t you do a bit of research and tell us rather than playing the same tired song over and over and over.

    Soros gives money, so do a lot of other very wealthy people. The question is, what do any of them expect in return.

    • The only song skipping groves on the record player here is the Koch Bros. mambo.

      But I’ll answer my own question, Soros and wealthy buddys plan to give billions.

      • Nice regurgitation of FOX “news” talking point nonsense Big Swede.
        There is in fact a huge difference between the Koch’s and Soros – Soros has spent over 30 years supporting and promoting Democracy in the USA and across the world while personally gaining nothing….the Koch’s spend their money to defeat Democracy, gain political power and increase their personal wealth.

        • Personally gaining nothing?

          “George Soros has heavily been criticized for avoiding to pay taxes in the United States.[30] Soros moved his headquarters to the tax free Caribbean country of Curacao, which is outside of the supervision of the United States Government. The Netherlands Antilles has repeatedly been cited by the Task Force on Money Laundering of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as one of the world’s most important centers for laundering illegal proceeds of the Latin American cocaine and other drug traffic. It is a possession of the Netherlands.”

          • Related “personal gains”.

            Donations to the Clinton Foundation by Swiss bank UBS increased tenfold after Hillary Clinton intervened to settle a dispute with the IRS early in her tenure as secretary of state, according to a published report.
            According to the Wall Street Journal, total donations by UBS to the foundation grew from less than $60,000 at the end of 2008 to approximately $600,000 by the end of 2014. The Journal reports that the bank also lent $32 million through entrepreneurship and inner-city loan programs it launched in association with the foundation, while paying former President Bill Clinton $1.5 million to participate in a series of corporate question-and-answer sessions with UBS Chief Executive Bob McCann.

            • Anyone Notice Swede can’t provide links, because it would prove he follows red meat sites and is addicted to the entertainment of FOX.

              • Red meat sites vs. tofu sites?

                Maybe the reason red meat sites are formable is because your only defense is slander.

                Show us your real intelligence by countering their facts and research.

                • Real Experts, not fOx figurines say: Consuming tofu regularly helps lower bad cholesterol, alleviates symptoms associated with menopause and even lowers the risk of cancer. Other major health benefits of tofu compared to meat include making middle-aged bones stronger and delaying the ravages of age. Tofu has been found to be a great source of calcium and vitamin E as well. But that’s not what I meant… Politically

                  And you know better!

                  Red meat sites have that extra whopper flavoring of conspricy with the added flavors of bullcrap, and horse apples. all the untruthful rhetoric you need Swede–from right wing corporations who feed you a predigested plethora of lies and innuendo…..
                  The politicians on the right who would sell their mothers for a sliver of the Koch Pie…. and you have fallen for all of it…. because of your mistaken belief it is somehow being a patriot to believe money over you community, or country.

          • Let’s cut to the bone then Norma. Has Soros gained nothing personally?

            Or is it the opposite?

            • I believe the commenters below….Author Fenske and Turner answered that Question quite nicely Swede but you’re ignoring those answers.

              False insinuations Swede????

              Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored by people like you, trying to fake the truth.

  4. Every time right-wingers invoke George Soros as a equivalent to oligarchs like the Koch brothers, I’m reminded of a piece I read a few months ago in AlterNet. Here’s an excerpt:

    “It’s time to put another false equivalency to bed.
    Whenever I complain about the influence of the vast sums of money donated to various candidates by the Koch Brothers, inevitably someone chimes in and says, “George Soros does it, too!”
    Let’s take a close look and learn why this comparison is bogus. In my opinion, you have to look at who, in the end, benefits from the donation.
    When The Kochs donate money, they support candidates who lower taxes for the wealthy. Beneficiary: The Koch Brothers, along with 1% of the nation’s population.
    When Soros donates money, he supports candidates who want to maintain and bolster Social Security, food stamps, health care for the uninsured and other social programs. Beneficiary: Millions of poor, working and not. NOT George Soros.
    When the Kochs donate money, they are supporting candidates who will help them get approval for pipelines, offshore drilling and other fossil fuel infrastructure. Beneficiary: Koch Industries.
    When Soros donates money, he supports candidates that want to improve the nation’s infrastructure… roads, bridges, ports, airports, etc. to keep us more competitive with nations around the world, and create millions of good-paying jobs here at home. Beneficiary: The entire country.
    When the Kochs donate money, they support candidates who want to dismantle the EPA and get rid of all environmental regulations. Beneficiary: Koch Industries.
    When George Soros donates money, he supports candidates who believe that global warming is a real threat, and needs to be addressed immediately. Beneficiary: The population of the entire planet.
    By now you can see the pattern. The Kochs donate money that will end up coming back to them, multiplied many times. Soros donates money that will likely never benefit him financially, but tries instead to make the world a better place.
    You may not like George Soros or the ideas that he supports, but please don’t ever compare him to the Koch brothers.

    • This more accurately reports who gives what to whom.


      Still doesn’t justify Soros going offshore to avoid higher taxes while giving money to Media Matters who decry offshoring.

      • Poor Swede, hates non polluting American capitalist George Soros so much. Yet he embraces capitalists like the Koch brothers who Poison all over the world. In the USA alone, Political Economy Research Institute ranks Koch Industries as the fourteenth worst air polluter in the U.S. in their Toxic Release Inventory, above oil giants like BP, Shell and Chevron and large coal utilities like American Electric Power and Duke Energy. CARMA reports that Koch releases about 200,000 tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide annually.


  5. Superior Summary of the Situation, Turner. Thank you!

  6. “CARMA reports that Koch releases about 200,000 tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide annually.”

    Cmon Norma, those are pollutants, they are the signs of opportunities for free markets and capitalism. Amerika F_! yeah.

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