GUEST POST: Ignoring the Needs of Constituents

by Dan Lourie

Dan Lourie lives in Bozeman. He is a lifetime activist for peace,  justice and equality, has  written to newspapers since 1964. 

During the 2015 legislative session in Helena, we watched with dismay the malevolence and utter disdain for our needs, our rights and our future displayed by the extremist right wing of the Republican Party. How sad to witness our own Gallatin County Republicans setting the standards for capitulation to ideology and fealty to the moneyed powers who support their campaigns, all the while ignoring the needs of their constituents.

Now, we are witness to a parade of Republicans fabricating increasingly ludicrous excuses and denials, as though we have not been paying attention. They ignore the truth and fashion outrageous fantasies. Their intent, with input from their colleague, Nancy Ballance, appears to be convincing the reading public that what we saw, heard and read never happened, that somehow we will accept her perpetuation of their lies.

There are no secrets, however. In addition to editors, pundits and observers in the media, Wittich, Burnett, White, Monforton, Sales and Vance have been properly called out by MSU President Waded Cruzado for their votes denying Montana citizens and educational institutions necessary funds for the progress we need and deserve. Dr. Cruzado correctly pointed out that Rep. Wittich  “misrepresented MSU’s request for funding…” and criticized his “imprecise language,” while reminding the community that even in the face of such opposition, MSU is “committed to doing everything we can to help students succeed.”

And yet, after voting continually to the detriment of their constituents and the people of Montana, these Republicans want an “apology.” I suggest instead that voters remember all of this and vote accordingly in 2016.



7 Comments on "GUEST POST: Ignoring the Needs of Constituents"

  1. Teabaggers like to keep repeating the lie, make it bigger and follow advice of Goebbels….

  2. I take it Dan’s a Bernie supporter?

  3. Dan, my only complaint: you forgot Jedediah Hinkle. How does that guy keep flying under the radar so very well …

  4. Yeah, Rob, Hinkle is easy to forget. I saw him in action a couple of times when I went up to testify; tough to tell if he was awake, asleep, even alive. I was shocked that he beat Franke, one of the best campaigners in existence, ferocious at the doors, complicated history and documents and ideas flowing from her brain, great progressive record in the legislature. It just wasn’t a year for turnout. Not sure what she could have done differently.
    Dave, ask me about that in about six months. I’m trying to be retired, and figured out that one way to make it real is to not comment yet on the prez race. Of course, it’s hard not to love Bernie, especially when you’re a guy who moderated to the right to vote for McGovern.

  5. The “needs of the constituents”? Seems to me that number one on that list would high paying natural resoursce jobs.

    Maybe your interpatation is handout related.

    • So the most important thing that we as Montanans collectively need is a job extracting metals and energy from our private and public lands? I think that ignores the needs of the elderly, children, and all other people who can’t pack up and move to the Bakken or a mining town whenever the economy dictates.

      I’m sure we have more important directives as a people than jobs for the small portion of the population that can partake of them. Infrastructure, healthcare, education?

      By the way, where do the greater share of the profits from those industrial ventures end up? I doubt its in Montana.

  6. When cutting off nose to smite face, hid it behind teacup.

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