Montana Legislature Demands More Power to Compensate for Lack of Competence

A hilarious item in the Missoulian today. TEA party senate president Debby Barrett is clamoring for more “oversight” over the executive branch of government. The reason, she says, is that some legislators were unaware of a small allocation of economic development funds for Indian country that were included in the state budget. Barrett says legislators voted down the measure earlier, and hence they are frustrated and outraged because the item was included in the final budget.

What is embarrassing is that although lawmakers did not move a stand-alone funding  item for Indian Country jobs forward, they DID approve these funds when they were included in House Bill 2- the main budget bill the legislature passes every year. Every legislator votes on the budget.

As Bullock spokesperson Mike Wessler points out- it is indeed troubling that lawmakers seem incapable of reading the budget before casting their votes. Not to mention that they would use their own ignorance about what they are voting for as an argument that they should’ve been given more “oversight” over a separate branch of government.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident. When legislators can’t even figure out their own rules and the governor has to step in, it’s not more oversight that’s needed, it’s more competence.



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  1. It seems pretty unreasonable to ask some of these people to read.

  2. What is really embarrassing is the fact that there are people in some of these legislative districts that keep voting for incompetence. Term limits are starting to catch up with the voters as we troll the shallow end of the gene pool for people to fill empty headed chairs in the legislature.

  3. True enough, DO YOUR DUTY LEGISLATORS, and figure out CONTROLS to manage over 2,000 bill drafts, have of them frivolous and just plain STUPID….

  4. The greater outrage may be this: “The council and legislative staff participated in team-building exercises and brainstorming sessions during their two-day meeting at Barrister Bed and Breakfast in Helena.” Translation, taxpayer dollars were spent on touchy-feely group therapy — dollars that would have been spent better on economic development in Indian Country than on a group therapy consultant.

    • Greater outrage yet if touch-feely morphed into alien creedal cultic demonizings amidst hero worship by pretenders of virtue.

      imoONLY, what was momentum movement of four years back, has turned into a fully financed campaign for mob rule. Mob rule, top and bottom. Both with own troops of language manipulators, dys-educators, apostates.

      Long Live TPP.
      Long live slavery.
      Some are made in the image of God so
      they may greedily destroy environs of air and water.

  5. Debbie Barretts gone soon, Termed out. Jeff Welborn has filed as a republican for her Senate Job. I have been asked by many Dillonites including a large amount of Moderate Republicans to run again for Jeff Welborn’s old legislative seat.

    I am announcing officially now I am running as an Independent.

    “AGenda 21, Jade helm” Brooke Erb has said she is going to run for Jeff’s old seat as a GOP and fringe Republican…..

    Democrats have zip so far in either race….and they are hoping to drum up people soon.

  6. The Montana legislature is an embarrassment. And I don’t know that their stupidity is limited to one party either. These people sit around thinking they need to create new laws or they aren’t doing their job. The make little to no effort to determine the actual impact of their idiotic proposals, and when anyone comes to tell them the real impact – they become angry like little children.

  7. Debbie Barrett is a joke. It;s a miracle that voters on either side of the aisle can take her seriously. Good riddance.

  8. BTW I meant to agree wholeheartedly with Don Pogreba’s post. Asking many of them to read is indeed a fantasy.

  9. ‘Brainstorming’???!! Did they figure out a bi-partisan plan to REDUCE REDUCE REDUCE the insane amount of stupid, wasteful bill drafts, limit legislators to five ONLY, while others pile up DOZENS and DOZENS, really! Maybe for every ‘new’ bill, one has to go away that’s ineffective. As long as we have a 19th Century legislative model to cope with 21st CENTURY problems, we’ll never get ahead, and what are
    the legislators DOING during the months out of session DRAWING public funded HEALTHCARE? Piss in a cup, Agenda 21, and other silly bills must never see the light of day, and there’s fluff on both sides though idealogical pandering much more prevalent in the teabag ranks, that waste valuable time, and time that one Rep, Randy Pinocci, bitterly says he can’t cope with, as he’s underpaid, overworked, can’t keep up with the pace of bills, committee hearings, etc. and that’s mostly WHINING BUT I would say he does have a valid point about the insane system they’ve enabled and there are others who would say what he has about keeping up in all fairness.

  10. the sad thing is I’m a 65 year-old veteran with so much steel, Chrome and titanium holding my body together in 5 places from head to heels that I gave up on flying or entering anyplace with a metal detector as a lost cause long ago. I have spent nearly 40 years struggling with chronic pain, alcoholism and opioid addiction and yet I’m quite sure I could do their job better than 2/3 of our elected representatives. For starters I understand that we elect them to represent our interests in Congress, not to be our “Leaders”. Sports teams, political parties and houses of congress elect their leaders, or select them. We had a Revolution in this country to reject the notion that we had special classes of society ordained by God to rule and “lead” us. In a democratic republic like ours we elect representatives to protect our interests, not enforce the will of the elite corporations and Billionaires on us. Far too many of us have forgotten that concept and failed to see corporations can be tyrants just as much as individuals but an honest democratically elected government cannot by definition be tyranny. The flood of Tea Party Tin-Pot tyrants and elevation of cross-bearing, flag-waving draft-dodging, war-profiteering Donald Trump makes me seriously uneasy but the equally meteoric rise of Bernie” Bolshevik” Sanders gives me hope. Still, I’m so frustrated with getting ballots with candidates running unopposed I’ve taken to writing in my own name. Tried contacting the Democratic Party but got zero for response-no wonder we can’t win state/local races, maybe some new “leadership” is in order?

  11. Eliminating term limits will not help. Actually term limits are the only thing preventing people like Barrett from a permanent presence in the legislature. It is the best protection from incumbents dominating the political process. If the voting public was capable of showing some degree of rational behavior when it comes to voting, term limits wouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately that hasn’t proven too likely.

  12. Good for you, Norma Duffy. It is unfortunate that more talented, educated, REASONABLE people do not run for office. I ran for HD93 in 2014, and did well enough that I am preparing to run again, and win this time. I will be running in a different District, against a different opponent He used to be a reasonable person, but went overboard in the last legislative session.

  13. Incompetence or disdain for Native Americans?

  14. Am I the only one chagrined that Helena Rep. Chuck Hunter appears to be right in here with Debby Barrett on this?! That guy is too much.

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