Lacking Transparency, But Certainly See Through

Today, the staff of Gianforte’s so-called “Better Jobs LLC” has been found to be responding to press inquiries sent directly to Gianforte not about the LLC but about his campaign, as reported only by the Bozeman Chronicle.

The development is significant because Gianforte has been avoiding reporting his expenditures and donors – which is required those running for office, by claiming he is not running for office.  Nope, in spite of hiring a bunch of GOP operatives, Gianforte would have us believe he is simply a guy with a somewhat-less-than-bold economic development plan.

As inflatable economic development “plans” go, this one is pretty desperate. It appears to involve mailing a brochure to entry-level employees who just got jobs in other states, “encouraging” them to tell their bosses they should get to work from home in Montana.

Never mind that these young people perhaps left because they preferred to live in a state where climate change isn’t claimed to be a hoax, whose legislature isn’t  obsessed with New World Order Conspiracy Theories – or chest-thumping about “privacy” while trying to pass bill after bill to take away women’s privacy rights. Never mind that there are states without office holders, or would-be office holders like Gianforte, who are clamoring to enshrine the right of businesses to discriminate against gays in state law – states with cultural diversity and well-funded public school classrooms for their own future kids.

So now, at least, the three or four people in Montana who had not yet openly acknowledged this whole “Better Jobs LLC” as ploy can no longer do so.  The question is what is it Gianforte is so keen on hiding.  We will find out in time, but not perhaps until after Gianforte has scared other Republicans out of the GOP gubernatorial primary.

Perhaps he doesn’t want a story written about how he doesn’t really have much of  support base and is instead bankrolling his own self-promotion efforts. Perhaps he has supporters he is embarrassed of or knows Montanans will not like.

Perhaps one of the things Gianforte doesn’t want us to know about is a man named Taylor Rose, who has been seen staffing Gianforte at public events, arriving and leaving with him.  If Rose has landed himself a job with Greg Gianforte, this might prove a problem.

Rose has a dubious pedigree of involvement in far-right-wing white nationalist groups and causes, usually having to do with code words like “anglosphere” and how he is “working to build” one, with the right “identity.” (Read “white society.”)

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.18.57 PM

Rose has written that the “secessionist movement needs more oxygen.” He posts things on Facebook that show solidarity with the white nationalist party in Austria, and Rose even attended and spoke at a rally in Germany that was organized by Youth for Western Civilization, a far-right student organization complete with its own swastika-like symbol, that has been condemned as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  During the session, Rose tweeted that a bill to finally get a water rights agreement in place for the one tribe with whom the state had not yet ratified the negotiated agreement was “the greatest tragedy of the 2015 session.”

taylor rose secession

Taylor Rose Water Compact

None of this deterred Debbie Barrett, the embattled Senate President of the 2015 session, of hiring Rose to work the legislative session.  Nor does it seem to bother Gianforte, who has opined that Bozeman would be better off if it had fewer LBGT people, in a letter that was published earlier this year.

Gianforte likely sees the anti-immigrant movement in Europe as somehow protecting Christianity from going extinct, and so he considers Rose to be doing God’s work.



taylor rose tweet on marriage equality



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  1. Now that he and his organization has finally Filed papers to run for Governor of Montana,
    there will be concerns about their understanding/respect for Law and order in Montana. eg, will they continue to act right up to hard edges of Law, thinking they have entitled privileges, while knowing that they do indeed have privileges with major newspapers in Montana ? ?

  2. Hats off to Cowgirl for continuing to keep on this Taylor Rose story and now connecting him to Gianforte’s run for gub’ernor. You would think the state GOP would be more aghast at having a white supremacist so near the legislature. Yet people freaked out more over the lands council lobbyist than Mr. Rose. Now the High and Mighty in the party have put him as a consigliere to their statewide candidate.

    But it makes sense in some darker respects. There is a lot of money and support if you spread xenophobia. It turns out a Bircher base that usually spends its time going to Oath Keeper meetings, preparing their survivalist bunkers, and spending their mornings firing rounds at the range. Trump has latched onto this base and is riding high early in the process. In Montana, appealing to those folks by having a quiet nod to them in someone like Rose is a smart move while publicly playing nice.

    Will it be enough to push Gianforte over 40%? Does he have enough money to buy another 11%? That should be interesting to see. I don’t foresee a lot of moderate Republicans outwardly supporting him nor him asking for their support. That’s not a lot, but it’s an important swing vote. And his views are going to turn out the Democrats for a turnout heavy presidential cycle.

    November 2016 is going to be a telling moment for this state.

  3. Steve Bullock deserves 4 more years.

  4. I think that I am in the market now for some dinosaur food. Does anyone besides the ultra rich have a line on where I could buy some. These critters certainly do eat a lot. And, I know that there is a drought in the west but I also need some planking for the smaller version of an ark that I am building with my retirement check from Social Security. I plan on taking my gay dinos with me when the next flood comes along.

  5. Three months ago I attended one of Gianforte’s speeches in Dillon on the UMW campus. It was sponsored by UMW’s technology and business department. It turned out to be a “you can be rich like me” motivational speech. During the Q&A session, I asked him if he planned to use his large fortune to become governor. He refused to answer.

    The chair of the technology and business department then stood up and shouted across the room at me that questions were supposed to come from students only. This despite the fact that most of the questions asked so far had been from non-students. He was basically telling me to shut up.

    In the past year various institutions, perhaps hoping to attract Gianforte money, have sponsored his Donald Trump-like motivational speeches. They were thinly veiled political speeches, of course, but the sponsoring institutions pretended they didn’t know this.

    I have to admit that Gianforte’s success in getting tax-payer-supported institutions to give him free publicity shows more cunning than the average politician has. He has a real chance of winning, I’m afraid.

    • So does Bullock, and now that an opponent is in the race, Montana Democrats can pull the governor where they want him to go. After all, without them, he’s got nothing. Finally, we can get him to address the issues we want.

      So…what do we want? What do independent voters and stay-at-home voters want? Now’s the time to get vocal, very much so.

      • Except the issues mainstream Democrats care about look very little like the issues you seem to champion, Greg.

        • I don’t think that answer is going to sway voters on the Hi-Line and in Easter Montana. Here are some ideas that might get them to the polls for Democrats:

          Infrastructure without debt;
          Tax rebate checks around Christmas;
          More food stamp support;
          Legalized marijuana;
          More jobs so young people don’t leave the state;
          Higher pay and benefits for existing jobs;
          Lower health insurance rates;
          More money to local health clinics;
          Fix roads, bridges and water systems;
          Lower prescription drug costs.

          Those are just a few ideas that might make people nod their head and consider voting Democratic this year. Might also get some stay-at-home voters off the couch.

      • I know what voters in these areas wanted in the past. They wanted their Open Primary just like it was passed in 1912. The Open Primary has been under significant attack several times and voters came to the polls to protect it.

        The company-controlled Democrats attacked the Open Primary in 1919 and the National Democratic Party controlled Dems attacked again in 1985. Both times, voters punished them by electing Republican governors. You might not remember Republican Governor Joseph Dixon in 1920 but you probably felt the economic impact of living under the Republican administrations of Stevens, Racicot and Martz. The rural voters and the Republican Party have proved that it’s political suicide to attack the Open Primary.

        So why have Republicans forgotten? Why are they squandering what seems to be a political advantage and delivering it lock, stock and barrel to Governor Bullock?

        Republican “newbies” like Matthew Monforton and Greg Gianforte obviously don’t know about Montana’s history and refuse to listen to the old hands in the party. Monforton will defend his federal lawsuit to rid Montana of the Open Primary in the days shortly before the 2016 election.

        If history repeats, the Republican Party could goad voters into a Democratic sweep in all statewide offices and Democratic majorities in both houses of the legislature. That’s what the landslide results of the 1920 election predict. In that election, Joseph Dixon’s coat tails nearly made Democrats obsolete. Just imagine, a Montana government with so few Republicans they are insignificant.

  6. Time for Commissioner of Political Practices to ‘advise’ the Billionaire….

  7. Wow, this seems like reaching.
    The twitter posting with Anglosphere has to do with Britain having problems with the Eurozone and features a PBS cartoon. PBS? What? And I hit the Anglosphere twitter feed and it seems more Lockean than anything — never mind that Twitter’s a terrible place for substance. Do you have anything overtly racist you can actually quote or is this just whistling only Democrat dogs can hear?
    Oh well, you have 51 cards left in the deck.

  8. Wow, this seems like reaching.
    The twitter posting with Anglosphere has to do with Britain having problems with the Eurozone and features a PBS cartoon. PBS? What? And I hit the Anglosphere twitter feed and it seems more Lockean than anything — never mind that Twitter’s a terrible place for substance. Do you have anything overtly racist you can actually quote or is this just whistling only Democrat dogs can hear?
    Seems more like Anglophilism more than anything, to me.
    Oh well, you have 51 cards left in the deck.

  9. And here’s something straight from Stormfront’s chat page:

    “I got a fundraiser today from an outfit called Selous Foundation, with a Pennsylvania Avenue address in DC.

    They claim to be fighting the reparations blackmail, which, as you all know, is being carefully nurtured by the jews and the top boolies in ZOG.

    The foundation lists a Morgan Norval as Executive Director. Anyone heard of this fellow or of Selous? Is this legit, or just another neocon jew lining his pockets?

    Like I said, 51 cards. But then again, it’s clear to me you adhere to the Celinda Lake school of political discourse.

    • Dave,
      Did you forget your meds again?

      • Dave, Your rant seems….. how do I put this, ummmm pretty anti-semitic to me. Hope ole MT.Temperance leaves this comment of yours up for all to see who you really are…. Just saying

        • I thought about taking it down earlier in the day, but your right Norma.

          • To this Montana Jew, it’s pretty ugly. I guess I’m not used to seeing comments from that far into the shallow end of the gene pool. Norma’s right – he doesn’t leave much doubt about how warped his values are, and maybe the red flag is a useful warning and a lesson. I think you’re right to leave it up.

            • Oh, kids, Norma, Danny, bless you, but I’m half-Jewish. Reading the book KL right now, in fact… Had some nice borscht the other day, even. You wanna talk anti-Semite, not kosher, you should be slagging your Standartenbearer, Tester.
              And I suppose none of you ever did anything stupid in college that you regret? Hung out with people you probably shouldn’t have, until you figured out better? Been there, done that. You have 49 cards left in today’s deck doo doo jour.

              • Michael Searalika | August 19, 2015 4:45 PM at 4:45 PM |

                Not a well intended answer… not a apology Dave.

                White Russians had no problem eating Borscht– right after a hard day of chasing jewish people down and beating on them in the past. Lots of half Jews served there Aryan masters well. Learn not to say this kind of crap at all. At the very least Apologize.

                • How about gefilte fish, FGS? Does THAT meet your kosher standards?
                  Who the heck are you to demand an apology when there’s nothing to apologize for?
                  Who made you the censor of all proper speech, which words to use, what narrative is allowed?
                  I’m proud of my history and heritage as a Mutt-American and you can stick your prissy PC where the sun don’t shine.
                  You have 47 cards left.

                  • Dave Skinner you next post as a commenter either allows you to continue speaking to the issues, or gets you set down for 2 months.

                    Your call!

    • Props for te Lake reference. Do you think she is propping up the card cheaters?

  10. Dave, do you have a point to make?

  11. Gianforte’s announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. He played outside the rules for as long as he could. Which is a pretty good indication of the kind of Governor he would be if elected. At least he has to now obey our election laws, as weakened as they are.

  12. Montana Democrats need to find some great electable candidates in purple districts,because if Bullock is not re-elected we will end up like Wisconsin,Indiana or Kansas with a even more far right wacky government. Gianforte has definitely played his card carefully,with the small town tours,underwriting many project around the state,given money to the Montana colleges and universities. Sunday I attended a Montana Shakespeare In the Parks at Charlo. When I opened up the program the inside cover was a full page ad from The Gianforte Family Foundation(they use a rugged cross symbol next to their name)and on page 5 they are listed as a $20,000+ donor only being one of 3. This guy will pull votes in eastern Montana were Bullock is very unpopular due to his veto in 2013 of infrastructure bill and and getting blamed for no infrastructure bill in 2015 even though basically GOP’s fault. I am worried that the Demo. party attacking Gianforte as a outsider is not going to work. He has been here for some time and has ran a very successful company. I was hoping for change in the Montana Democratic Party last week which didn’t happen. The labor side is in complete control and I don’t think they did such a great job last time. The whole Montana Democratic executive committee is all over 50 no native americans(not sure about one man)and only 2 rural people. I think the Montana Demo.Party need to be worried about the amount of money Gianforte can throw at this election and don’t think national party will help much. Clinton heading up the ticket won’t be much help in Montana. Montana press and Montana academics are not going to go after this guy(Gianforte)y,as they know where their bread is buttered. I was really hoping Gianforte wouldn’t run and Bullock would be easily re-elected. Whole new ball game as the millions will roll in now. Democrats need to register the young and Native Americans They need to engage them and get them to vote. Maybe stay off all the social issues and political correct items,and focus on what is important to Montana voters. Hopefully Montana Democrats will reach out to more of us independent and even some moderate GOP.

    • You have not been reading about the attempts to kick the “labor” people out of the Democratic Party altogether at the recent state convention if you think that labor is in control. What a joke! I only wish that were still true…

      Pretty soon the Democratic Party will look just like the Rethugs – bunch of rich businessmen and Wall Street Types. Then those of us who don’t fit that description really won’t have anywhere else to go.

    • Labor influence isn’t the problem. Corporate influence on both parties is a far greater threat. Democrats problem is they are little different from the GOP and don’t offer much to excite voters who are on the fence. GOP Lite vs the real thing.

    • I know the previous commentators pushed back on your labor descriptions, but let me tell you: there is a base, beyond Unions, that can resurrect the mission of America. I know that sounds like a “true believer.” Join the movement!

    • “I am worried that the Demo. party attacking Gianforte as a outsider is not going to work. He has been here for some time and has ran a very successful company.”

      I agree. The charge that he’s a New Jersey billionaire is stupid and will boomerang.

      • I agree. The Commissioner of Political Practices made it clear in the Landsgaard Decisions that being an out-of-state billionaire is of no consequence.

  13. Taylor Rose attended Liberty University, a bit of interesting info on him at this site…

  14. “Taylor Rose is a European-American conservative researcher based in Washington, DC. Sympathetic to Nationalism and the European Right, Rose got his political start as a student senator and chapter leader of Youth for Western Civilization at Liberty University. He is the author of Return of the Right: How the Conservative Movement is Taking Back Western Civilization and was a columnist for WorldNetDaily before becoming a researcher at the Selous Foundation in August 2013.”

  15. Take a look at his “friends” list on his public (probably until this post) Facebook profile, specifically the European (Austrian) parliament types–though it seemed like there were more a few months back.
    Also note his “favorited” groups: (Friends of Putin, fans of Monarchy, and apparently an Oath Keeper branch in northwest Montana: Haywire Gulch). Sounds like a lovely person.

  16. somehow we need to inform voters about the not-so-subtle push towards Theocracy by the New Republicans that is just as reprehensible as the same motives in Middle East autocrats. The Declaration of Independence was to free ourselves from Royal Rule and exploitation by British Corporations like the East India Trading Company-the Corporate Overlords of the day, as well as protect ourselves from Religious interference. As Thom Jefferson warned us, it’s time for another Declaration as once again the Corporate Royalty makes the rules and the common man is being taxed to death by suppressed wages and lack of support for the Commons, i.e. education, infrastructure etc., and in spite of Constitutional bans on a standing Army our Defense Industry pushes us into crypto-religious wars all over the globe. A Bernie Sanders Presidency would require a spiritual and political awakening of those who have given up voting or never did in the first place. That would result in housecleaning in all 50 states and an end to the tyranny of gerrymandering. People love heros like Trump and GioCONforte who come marching on stage wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross-our best hope is to show the public that under that flag they are buck naked, as devoid of clothing as they are of morals or ideas.

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