Gianforte Files Papers

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Q: “What issues will the next governor have to address?”

A: “At this point I’m simply exploring running governor…now I can raise money.”

Greg Gianforte filed papers today to run for Governor, filling out and depositing a form known as a C-1, on which the candidate must state which office he is seeking, and naming a treasurer and deputy treasurer.   He then did some interviews with the press.

The good news is that he is a novice for sure.  A few observations:  First, let’s see who he appointed as his first two campaign personnel members, his treasurer and deputy treasurer.  They are Lorna Kuney and Phoebe Williams.  Kuney is a Helena republican fixture, her name having popped up before as treasurer of political campaigns.   Phoebe Williams was a legislative candidate in 2010, who lost in a three-way primary.  They are daughter and granddaughter of Tim Babcock.  In other words, Gianforte’s political antenna might not be a very tall structure.  A treasurer’s name is on every yard sign and campaign item, and is an opportunity to stay as far away from Helena as possible in every way when running for Governor, and especially if you are claiming the “outsider” mantle.  Instead, he came up with names that provide no political value at all, geographically or otherwise.

Second, let’s look at his first day of press as candidate.  Gianforte was asked by a Helena IR reporter what issues he planned to address in a campaign. His response was that he didn’t yet know, but that he planned to talk to a lot of voters to see what issues they might suggest.  That’s about as bad a response as you can possibly give.  When you run for office, presumably you have an idea as to why you want to be governor, a purpose, which is why you are running to begin with.  And that’s especially so when you are trying to make an argument to unseat an incumbent.  Gianforte, however, clearly has nothing in mind.

Also today, Montana Public Radio aired an unedited interview with Greg Gianforte, almost a half hour.  Again, Gianforte could not answer the question as to what he’d do as the head of state government.  “I’d like to get the facts, diverse views, have a robust discussion,” and then decide, he said. He said that he believes in government, people focus “too much on details” and that we should focus more on staying away from details, “rather than the bigger picture.”

The reporter asked, “What issues will the next governor have to address?” “At this point I’m simply exploring running for governor…now I can raise money.”  Asked about Medicaid Expansion, and whether it was right or wrong in terms of the legislative vote, he refused to answer and in fact appeared not to have anticipated that the question would even be asked. Are you a billionaire? No, Gianforte answered.  Didn’t it sell for 1.8 Billion to Oracle? Yes, he answered, but we raised wages in Montana because of our stock options plan.  What role does your faith play in politics? My primary focus is job creation.

“This is not about Greg, it’s about what’s best for the state,” he said, channeling his inner hollywood actor or professional athlete.

jesus-dinosaur1And MTPR became the first and only reporter to ask Gianforte to explain his sponsorship of a religious museum in Glendive, where dioramas describe places like the Museum of Natural History as nothing more than “brainwashers” when they teach that the earth is more than 4,000 years old.  Gianforte says he’s “impressed with the dinosaur displays,” which include displays about how dinosaurs lived with people, like the Flintstones. And he said young people should be presented with diverse views and taught “how to think, not what to think.”

The Democrats put out a statement immediately upon his filing this form, accusing him of being a New Jersey billionaire who is in support of job killing policies and is opposed to social security, and referenced Gianforte’s comments, made earlier this year, in which he said retirement is not in the bible and thus seniors have no basis for “sitting around cashing social security checks.”

One thing omitted from the statement from the Democratic party was perhaps the most salient attack on Gianforte: that he built his own business by outsourcing jobs to countries like India and Pakistan and helping other companies do the same.  It’s unclear why the Dems do not mention this, but I hope it isn’t because of Gianforte’s baseless lawsuit filed by Gianforte in 2012 to get them to stop talking about outsourcing (they stopped).  Gianforte is now a candidate and thus a public figure, fully so, and cannot use the courts to force a political party to correct a statement. And, the statement has been true all along.


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  1. I listened to the interview on Montana Public Radio and I have to say I was not impressed. It was like an interview with a football player before the first game of the season, while in his street clothes, while holding the unread playbook. He SAYS he is a better player than the others, that he is in shape, that he will know the plays come game time, and, even though he has never played the game, he should be nominated for the Heisman Trophy. Greg has a lot of two-a-days ahead of him.

  2. Geoff, I had to walk away from the interview, but now I know where to file
    my memories, under another soft pre-game pretend interview.

    Here’s a comment up for whatever!
    Mr.Gianforte comes across, the media, as having set convictions,
    occasional charisma, with a conciliatory tone and posture.
    Similar perhaps to Dr.Carson. Perhaps Greg is to MT Republicans,
    as is Dr. Ben to Americans in favor of Trump for their President.

    So after a few days of letting the brain think for itself,
    comes for instance and early morning one liner:
    bad mouthing Greg Gianforte will back backfire!
    Maligning Mr.Gianforte will align yet more conviction and support
    for the mounting momentum movement to take back Montana.

    (from the outside, such might appear to be
    more of “take away from Montana.”)

  3. If outsourcing was an evil republican plot you wouldn’t own a smart phone or computer.

    • If electronics were manufactured in the US you MIGHT have to pay a premium over that which is outsourced. Given the high degree of automation used to produce electronics, labor is NOT likely to be a factor. Labor costs only come into play if the “first pass acceptance rate” is very low and the component/system requires rework. The goal op automated manufacture is to make the cost of a component/system so low that coupled with a high first rate acceptance rate, it becomes more cost effective to discard those components/systems.
      Now, the costs associated with building the automated assembly line become important. These costs would be borne if the parts were assembled in the US or outsourced. And they would effectively be the same.
      That leaves shipping, management, advertising and profit. Profit appears to be the major driver. See .
      So outsourcing does not appear to be a valid reason for electronic manufacturing.

      • You conveniently left out site costs, delays, regulation and property taxes.

        The tech industry can’t wait for building permits that take a year to approve. The changes come too fast. Want a new factory in China with no regulations? Done in months.

  4. Today on MTPR Gianforte said he “I’m not ready..” when he was asked if he has any new ideas….

    • I’m no fan of the guy, but this seems like an out of context quote. Even if its funny for us, the average voter will be turned off of the real message when things look this petty.
      … but now that I’m listening to that interview it am floored by how much nothing someone can say in 25 minutes.

  5. He wasn’t ready for a question about his positions on issues. To him, issues don’t really even matter. He thinks he’s entitled to be governor because he’s rich! Think Donald Trump without the trophy wife and you’ve got Gianforte.

  6. Right, and Amanda Curtis already had HER platform out there on YouTube and was ready to ROCK ON!

    • I don’t remember Amanda Curtis having a 30 stop round the state campaigning tour before she was nominated. Do you Skinner? Didn’t think so.
      I know stands against your mission to willful ignorance, but I do wish you’d learn the difference between apples and oranges.

    • Michael Searalika | August 19, 2015 4:31 PM at 4:31 PM |

      Attacking Smart women now Dave? The Last cowgirl post you attacked the American Jewish Community.

      Am I seeing a pattern here, thats looks more and more Aryan everyday from you?

      • The only pattern here, Michael, is your hallucinatory interpretation of plain English. I’m surprised your head hasn’t exploded from all those dog whistles you think you hear.
        And while I don’t doubt Amanda Curtis’ IQ, the fact remains she was scraped off the bottom of the Democratic barrel, a sorry reflection on the deep bench Democrats can count upon. I mean, where’s your muffin Schweitzer these days? His private TV studio sits dark these days for some STRANGE reason, but that’s fine because he’s an earth-pillaging mining baron last I looked.
        Robbie dearest, please deal with the fact that your precious party never had a chance to do a 30 stop tour, thanks to the brilliance of the Dem establishment in their response to the “promotion” of the brilliant Max Sieben Baucus to the Chinese ambassadorship. What happens? Oh, a plagarist, and not a very good one. Conduct unbecoming, kids, I mean, they ground his name off the wall!
        The only good thing I can say is that at least we’ve not heard anything about Baucus since he went overseas — yet I wonder if we WILL hear about him when the Chinese start World War Three over the Spratlys.
        You’ve heard of the Spratly Islands, I hope?

        • I learned a lot from the earlier comment of John
          I learned more when you attacked Michael. Hallucinatory where?
          Delusional blather about scraping Amanda Curtiss
          from the bottom of the Democratic Barrel, that’s where!

          Amanda spoke up for Union people!

          Skinner you are here by default of Don’s MO,
          and by might of claim jumping!

          Shape up to Don’s challenge!

        • “Curtis has said she’s proud of herself and the effort put in by her team during the 80-day campaign, for which she took a three-month leave from her job. She said she traveled 11,000 miles throughout the state introducing herself to voters. Curtis also held her own in two debates against Daines and raised nearly $1 million. With that money she was able to launch two television ads in the final weeks before Election Day.”

        • Skinner, you might actually have a point *IF* Gianforte were running against a last minute replacement candidate. He’s not, you know. He’s running against a successful incumbent. Gianforte did a 30 location whistle-stop tour, spoke at the State Republicant convention, decided to run for Governor and still hasn’t got a clue what his platform is save “I’m rich. Vote for me.” You can insult Democrats all you like, but what does it say about Republicant voters like you who actually buy into that ‘platform’? Nothing good would be my assessment.

          • Exactly!

          • Where have I written here that I “buy in” to Gianforte’s so far fuzzy, amorphous “platform?” When he started his road show, it was immediately apparent — or transparent — what the end-game was.
            All his money buys is exposure at this point. And it really depends on what he exposes — at least that’s what I hope happens.

            • Objectively, you do, Skinner. You defend it with misdirection and Straw man. You don’t need to say it, because you are already showing that you agree with the Rich Guy. You’re already on board and you don’t have a clue what he stands for.

              Now if you are willing to discuss that instead of slamming Democrats and calling me Robbie, then I’m all ears. But you’re not. He’s rich and you’ll vote for him with no regard for his non-existent platform.

              • Not if a viable Republican alternative comes out of the woodwork, Kailey. A significant number of Republicans, along with not-Democrats, are other than theocrats. But you wouldn’t know that, shouting from inside your pink bubble.

      • Mr. Skinner, you may not like this, but you are a red flag of what not to be as an adult.

        People like you may not like Political Correctness, via your possible fringe definition of its meaning… whatever that meaning, means.

        Most good people consider political correctness to equal “common decency” towards another.

        The official definition for ‘political correctness’ is ‘the avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people or individuals who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against by others. You seem to meet that definition at this time…

        Last warning!

  7. When Gianforte talks about job creation, he should be questioned immediately as to the tools that he used to develop his business and who is responsible for the R&D that made those tools possible.
    As much as I look at the Reagan Administration as being harmful to the US, his expansion of the military budget, especially R&D, as it migrated to the commercial sector has been a great boon to the US economy.
    Then, he should be asked if he plans to continue the efforts of our current forward thinking governor in funding R&D at Montana Universities.
    Finally, he should be asked what tax breaks he received from localities as he started his business.

  8. Given past reports and public records of Gianforte’s strong support for such institutions as this creationist-oriented museum, private religiously oriented schools and for legislation offering tax incentives for private school contributions, I’d have to conclude that he does hold some rather specific and extreme views about at least such issues as these. He does have an agenda and it is disingenuous of him not to share his deeply held opinions with voters, to say the least.
    As his campaign begins instead with touting his success in finagling a fortune and offering to share his secret formula with Montanans, I have to surmise that what he’s selling is a pie in the sky get-rich-quick scheme. I usually send that kind of solicitation to my spam folder, thanks anyway.

  9. So this is what a succubus looks like.

  10. The Koch machine has achieved a lock on ALEC/FGA re-educated politicians, in key also leadership positions, in Montana politics.
    The Koch machine long working to make Montana into a so called “right to work” State.
    The Koch machine long favoring porous borders and cheap, immigrant labor.
    But tight restrictions on women.
    But now comes Mr. Donald Trump, saying he cherishes women,
    and he’ll build a wall to stop immigration from Mexico, and South.

    And Koch backed Gov. Walker sinks in the polls,
    while Dr. Ben Carson numbers inch upwards,
    but Donald Trump poll numbers jump upwards.

    Central party of GOP collapses. Power defaults to Fox views of news and
    chance to play role of Kingmaker for US Presidency.

    Even if Trump pulls out, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker
    look like damaged goods. Low energy figureheads.

    If Trump stays in would you vote for Biden or Trump?
    Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvannia polls suggest
    Biden would beat Trump.

    I’m guessing lots of Republicans in Montana are turning towards Trump.

    Guessing again, that people in Montana might prefer Biden to Trump.

    Last guess is that Trump vs. Biden will increase support for Greg Gianforte for new Governor of Montana.

    That’s partially up to Kingmakers in Montana. Like decades long LEE INC.opposition to Unions in Montana.

    (no wonder LEE stopped reporting of affairs in Helena and D.C.!)

    Less up to how Montana Public Radio responds. (But there also, is the transition away from news and on to views, and views and views.)

    Well darn it, that seems to make the open forum blogs in Montana

    Sometimes like a community billboard.
    Sometimes like Letters to the Editor, used to be.
    Sometimes just communication across the room, across the space
    between commenters.

    Yes, I am trying to say a lot of forces have increased the potential
    for benefits for public participation in the 2016 Elections.

    Therefore public participation at Cowgirl is damned important.

    I thought a single commenter was claim jumping. Claiming the right to lash out at commenters MULTIPLE TIMES, for a perceived single offence.

    Maybe OK in some special real life situations.

    But not in real Montana situation where free speach opportunities in many newspapers has been TAKEN AWAY, and there’s only what, two Montana blogs that allow/experience open, inclusive public participation.

    The Cowgirl moderator has been doing that.

    But, in my old opinion, had missed a major issue.
    Special favors to some commenters to attack innocent commenters.
    Special favor to SELF CENSOR a Comment
    suggestion, nudge, inference, hint, plea of a line or two

    THEN judge and jury that a long attack is justified and necessary
    to type/voice in a bunch of lash out lines
    to take up space on the public billboard
    to rip and rant and tilt and name call
    then whine and repeat again and again,
    until new Topic is Posted.

    Such activity discourages public participation!

    Free speach allows public participation.

    If the upcoming election brings new opportunities for people of Montana, all the more reason for public participation
    here on Cowgirl.

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