Oath Keepers Armed “Security” for Kim Davis is Declined, Mocked

Kim Davis’ legal team has declined the oath keepers offer of amassing an armed anti-government group to stop anyone from trying to arrest her or send her to jail again.  On the Oath Keepers website, the group’s leader Stewart Rhodes, of Montana, has asked members to “respect her wishes, and are hereby issuing a stand-down for our security volunteers who were planning on deploying to Morehead, Kentucky on Monday.”

These offers by the group to gather an armed mob to obstruct federal law enforcement seem to be becoming more frequent.  Whether it’s the bad press associated with this or that Davis’ PR team doesn’t want or whether these lawyers just don’t feel safe with a bunch of armed ‘guards’ following them around is not known.

This latest “offer” earned the group the mockery of Comedy Central this week. You can watch the clip “Keepin’ It Oathy” here:

Nor was the irony lost to at least one Oath Keeper that a group whose very name is supposed to be about upholding constitutional oaths would be mounting an armed guard in support of someone who has refused to uphold her oath of office. On the Oath Keepers website, one commenter announced his resignation from the group [screenshot]:

One thing that I learned during my law enforcement career is that the worst form of mental illness is unrestrained religious fanaticism. I am astonished at the people here who are so blinded by religious fervor that they are unable to grasp the plain facts of this case. This woman swore to perform certain duties and then publicly stated that she would not do so. A court ordered her to fulfill her responsibilities and she still refused to do so. She DESERVED to go to jail, and if I had my way she would have stayed there until she issued her first gay marriage license from her jail cell.

The federal government cannot legislate concerning marriage, this is quite true. But the SCOTUS can determine the constitutionality of laws passed at state level. The fact that Kentucky passed a law defining marriage as being between a man and a woman is completely irrelevant. In this country NO group of citizens can band together to vote away the rights of other citizens. It is unconstitutional. It is UnAmerican. And it is disgusting.

I tender my resignation from the Oathkeepers effective immediately. If wild-eyed religious nutjobs are going to be permitted to turn this organization into a lynch mob wherein religious fantasy trumps the rule of law it means there is no further room for me here.

The Oathkeepers contact in Kentucky, a former sheriff, said if he was still Sheriff when Davis was about to be arrested he  “would have blocked U.S. Marshals from arresting Davis and would have instead personally arrested the judge who found her in contempt.”


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  1. “deployed”?! “stand down” ?! these guys are delusional….

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