Daines Announces Support for Medicaid Expansion

The news came today that Steve Daines supports Medicaid expansion in Montana and will oppose any “Obamacare Repeal” legislation that conflicts with it.   “I respect the decision of our legislature and our governor on Medicaid expansion, and I’m one who respects their right and voices,” Daines was quoted in The Hill today.

I’m glad Daines is seeing the light.  It is good news and bad news, depending on who you are. It’s bad news for Tea Party imbeciles across Montana, for they have been fractured into pieces and their own representatives, such as Daines, are now deserting them. It’s good news for the many thousands of working people who can now get healthcare, and it’s good news for Governor Bullock because on another of his signature policy issues, the Republicans appear to have called a full-on retreat, and are running for the hills, including the beleaguered Montana Republican Party which responded to the news from Daines today by trying to change the subject, tweeting vaguely something about a “dark money retreat in Virginia.” With its top official supporting Bullock’s healthcare initiative, the GOP is in a hopeless spot.



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  1. Where will ‘Commander’ Zinke come down on this I wonder: He was member of the Montana legislature and more of a moderate fellow back then and even acknowledged climate issues and would Zinke support PRIVATIZING our VA?

  2. Another surprise announcement from Daines is his endorsement of Marco Rubio. Daines has always been painted as a Ted Cruz ally.

  3. Daines is hearing from the hospitals. They want the money that Buttrey’s bill provided.

  4. Mr. Daines is a liar. Just back him into a corner and watch him squirm.

  5. Are we seeing a rebirth of Progressive Republicans? Probably too much to hope for.

  6. Maybe Daines did some polling?

  7. Daines is pushing for states rights on this issue, but he isn’t consistent in that regard. When all this FREE money dries up how much will Montana taxpayers be on the hook for?

  8. Daines said this in the recent Republican Weekly Address:

    “We will uphold our promise to the American people and vote to repeal President Obama’s broken health care law.”

    It doesn’t seem to agree with:

    “will oppose any “Obamacare Repeal” legislation”

  9. Daines is protecting himself – It costs him nothing. He knows he can safely voice some “fart in a windstorm” opposition to House legislation (or parts of that legislation) certain to pass with or without his support.

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