On Vetting

Steve Daines is an embarrassment.

A lot of talk this week about “vetting” a process which some seem to have imbued with the ability not just to know everything about a person’s past, but also as a way to magically predict and control an individual’s future behavior.

But in spite of the recent surge in “vetting” aficionados, there is one Montanan who, it appears, does not believe in that process, whether as screen for past actions or as a mystical superpower. This man is TEA Party Senator Steve Daines.

Daines chose to make a man named Bob Winger the cornerstone of his media tour last year. Winger also played the starring role in Daines’ concurrent paid ad blitz attacking democrats.

It is worth noting of course that Winger was ousted from the Boilermaker’s union for his far-out political views. He then went around trying to make it seem like unions supported Daines, and that Daines is actually working for unions and working families. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as Daines’s 0% AFL/CIO voting record makes crystal clear. (Although I don’t know if that piece of information was reported in any of the stories garnered from the Daines/Winger media tour.) Regardless, since it is key information, it is included here.

But it’s not just that. If Daines had properly vetted his surrogate, with whom he also made personal media appearances with around the state, Daines would have found (in public records) that Winger appears to have a criminal record that includes charges of felony domestic violence and criminal convictions for trespassing and criminal mischief. [pdf]



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  1. Dear Cowgirl – You seem to believe that the media is supposed to vet political rhetoric for truthfulness. Do you not understand that the role of the media is to call on everyone else to do all the vetting? ~snark~ They are stenographers who simply record what people say, unveiled. (At least that’s what they appear to pride themselves in – in the post Dennison Johnson era.) I would also note, that Lee seems especially miffed that the reporter they fired was the one to be given the scoop of the McLean emails, and not Lee Newspapers…

    That is all.

  2. I really am getting so disillusioned, feel like Diogenes at a Trump rally.

  3. Wing’nut’ for sure, he was a ‘mess’ when testifying at legislative sessions on Colstrip and those folks need a REALITY check…

  4. Charlotte chevrolette | December 28, 2015 12:21 PM at 12:21 PM |

    Thanks for doing the heavy lifting of the rocks. Keep up the good work

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