Montana Wingnut Who Says Slavery Never Happened Part of Armed Takeover of Government Offices in Oregon

This is a picture of anti-government militia man Ryan Payne, who actually believes that slavery never happened...

A group of armed thugs including a Montana man has seized a government office building in Oregon to protest that a father son duo of convicted arsonists lost the appeal of their prison sentence in court.

In a headline, the Missoulian called the armed takeover of the government offices in Oregon a “peaceful protest followed by Oregon wildlife refuge action.” Here’s the screenshot:

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 2.29.00 PM

Other news outlets have called the armed takeover an armed takeover.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 6.46.52 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 6.42.44 PM

A Montanan named Ryan Payne is among those showed up to do “whatever it takes” to defend the Steven and Dwight Hammond, who were convicted in 2012.  If Payne sounds familiar its might be because he also acted as the militia spokesperson at welfare rancher Cliven Bundy’s armed standoff in 2014.

And if you heard about this guy at all, its probably because Ted McDermott wrote a great expose on the underlying belief system driving Payne’s anti-government actions for the Missoula Independent after Payne showed up at the Bundy standoff in 2014:

[H]e came to believe that slavery never really existed in the United States and that African Americans in the antebellum South “didn’t view themselves as slaves.” He came to believe in “an effort by some Jews to control the world.” He came to believe the founders of the United States intended for the states to act as sovereign countries. He came to believe taxes are a form of “legal plunder.” He came to believe names are spelled in all-caps on driver’s licenses because U.S. citizens are actually “corporate entities.” He came to believe U.S. courts are actually foreign admiralty courts. He came to believe that “in most states you have the lawful authority to kill a police officer that is unlawfully trying to arrest you.” He came to believe when a newborn child’s footprint is made on a birth certificate, that child is effectively entering a life of servitude to the U.S. government, which borrows money from China based on that child’s estimated lifetime earning potential.

So next time you read about this bunch, or read nonsense like this on the matter, remember who these people are and what they stand for.



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  1. He’s actually right about every thing except that slavery wasn’t real. Sad to say but when you are born you are given a number before a name. But proceed…

  2. I am tired of media claiming that these secessionists protest was peaceful. When a group of people are armed to the teeth while yelling that their demands be met, that is not peaceful. That is a public threat to do harm if they don’t get what they want. Terrorism.

    As far as this Ryan Payne goes, he’s nothing but a wet behind the ears sociopath traitor and domestic terrorist with suicidal tendencies.

    • Insurgent is a better term. Happened once before in 1860. It should be greeted with the same enthusiasm.

    • None are so helplessly enslaved as those that feel they are free and however are not! Just like those people that many call the founding fathers. How many of you are just modern day red coats?

  3. The Hammonds stated they “do not need or want the Bundy’s help.” Is there something hard to understand in that statement? And do they really think the Government “we the people ” have forgotten their Callous disregard for our tax dollars used to protect our Federal lands while they had FREE feed for their cattle for Years owing us “we the people” over a million dollars in back grazing fees? Many of the “we the people” ranchers had to sell and some lost their ranches unable to afford to feed them. Would the Bundy’s care to explain to them why they should be so privileged as to have a welfare free range & continue to thrive at the hardship of others ? If the News Media would refuse to cater to them,then they will become bored and go home.

    • Very well said Virginia. The Ryan Paynes and Bundys of the country utterly baffle me. How do they think the roads they drive to their so called protests came to be available for them? How is their water drinkable and their air breathable? How is it that the very ground they are protesting on provided public access? Do they think these amenities were provided by the grace and generosity of Donald Trump? Why is it that my grandfather was not exempt from paying grazing fees on the high line, but the Bundys expect (and so far are getting, a free ride! So that is why it is called “Free Range Beef!

  4. For more on the Hammonds, read

    Here’s an excerpt:

    According to police reports filed as part of the Hammonds’ second sentencing, the boy previously had accused Steve Hammond of physical abuse when he was 16 and living with Dwight and Susan Hammond.

    He said the Hammonds disapproved that he’d used a paperclip to carve two initials in his chest, according to a Harney County sheriff’s deputy who interviewed the boy. The teenager told the investigator “Steve used a very coarse sand paper to sand off the initials,” the deputy’s report said. The teen said Dwight Hammond left the room but that Susan Hammond stayed, telling him to clean up afterward and “not to have a pity party,” the report said.

    Steve Hammond was charged with criminal mistreatment, but a diversion agreement got the charge dismissed. He had to take anger management classes, perform 40 hours of community service, and stay away from his nephew.

    Dwight Hammond explained it was “decided by the family” to sand off the initials, the investigating deputy wrote. None of the Hammonds would say who did the sanding, the investigator’s report said.

    There’s more.

  5. If truly peaceful, there shouldn’t be any offensive weapons at all, and better yet NO weapons like Martin Luther King would have demanded of his protest followers. Believe me, if it was the new Black Panthers just armed with toy guns (like Tamar Rice in Cleveland) you’d have seen a massive response, and seems like authorities too timid here and hope they get serious in Oregon.

  6. DEARGAWD make these fools go away….or, EDUCATE YOURSELVES, at least.!!

  7. I’d expected better coverage from the Cowgirl blog. The story that resonates isn’t the Bundys but with the Hammonds, and I think there is yet a story to be told.

  8. Sweet tribal tat. How 90’s. I guess the armed uprising of a handful of old white guys out to support a welfare rancher, arsonist and wildlife poacher would be the next step in life after having to look at that mindless catalog bad night drinking crap inked into your arm day after day. How about some originality Tea Partiers? Your ideas are about as novel as Milli Vanilli.

  9. I say round up those stupid primitive
    redneck neanderthals and toss them into the brig for their
    crimes against Nature and high treason!!!
    Or even better yet, ship them off to the
    Middle East and those wild-west infidels
    and ISIS can destroy each other!!

  10. From someone who has spent time at Malheur, the wing-nut extremeists don’t have a chance. They have yet to meet the real wing nuts — birders from all over the world. They will swarm to the extremeist’s location to see the great horned owl chicks that will soon hatch outside the headquarters building. Then the migratory birds will arrive and the extremeists will be wedged between birders counting the hummingbirds at the feeders. The extremeists have no chance at all, unless maybe they paste some feathers on their wing-nuts and give a hoot.

  11. The Hammonds are guilty of some serious offenses, BUT they don’t have the dangerous aggressive militant mentality as Payne and the Bundy’s. It appears they seem to know where to draw the line and take some responsibility. It isn’t over with the Bundy’s yet. Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly.

  12. So a bunch of white gun nuts took over a closed bird refuge and started waving around weapons. If they were black, they’d have been killed within seconds but they are white so they can prove their manliness by taking over a closed. Bird. Refuge. With gift shop.
    These are some tuff dudes.

  13. my family is perfectly happy paying BLM lease fees on a homestead over 100 years old-lease is about 5% of what property taxes would be. These morons do not speak for 99% of small family farmers and ranchers. As a veteran the continued activity of these anti-American insurrectionists is offensive and they should be treated as the hostile forces they portray themselves to be-call out the REAL State Militia and round them up and make them pay for damages and remove their right to own firearms-people who openly express a desire and then overtly attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government forfeit their 2nd Amendment Rights.

  14. You will continue to see groups like this along with White Supremacists, the KKK, and every other wingnut homegrown terrorist group come out of the woodwork. Why? Just listen to the garbage coming out of the mouth of Donald Trump. He gets away with it. If the GOP had one shred of decency and courage left, they would boot him out of the GOP and let him run for President as the New Hitler Party or whatever he wants to call himself! This is why we see racist antigovernment groups being bold enough to show their faces on TV and make their moves in public. Watch it get worse. I predict more attacks on Black Churches, Mosques, Temples, government buildings, government officials, etc. Meanwhile American tax dollars are paying for Secret Service Protection for Herr Trump!

  15. Here’s a few of facts….The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (Burns, Ore) was established way back in 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt (Republican) as a bird sanctuary to stop plume hunters from decimating the bird population and sustain the western migratory game bird population for future generations of hunters. Article 4, section 3, clause 2 of the Constitution of the United States gives the Federal government the authority that the Bundy kid and the other’s are ignoring (they really do not like, or know, our Constitution). The men who the Bundy kid said he and the others first came to support were in fact guilty of arson and had started a fire on Federal land to cover up their illegal poaching activity, they then failed to complete the minimum mandatory sentence.

    • Rattus Norvegicus | January 4, 2016 2:15 PM at 2:15 PM |

      People like this constantly seem to ignore the fact that the powers given to the government are not all found in Article II, Section 8. This is a perfect example.

  16. Rattus Norvegicus | January 4, 2016 2:13 PM at 2:13 PM |

    Kerry White, your destiny is calling!

  17. CNN’s latest on this, which includes reporting on the Montana imbecile involved

    • To counter those who claim that this was about “starting fires on private land that later spread to public land,” this does not appear to be the case. In fact, according to court documents, the arson even involved deliberately setting fires directly downhill from where firefighter crews were working to fight existing fires, which appears to deliberately put firefighters in harms way. And public lands weren’t the only lands damaged by the Hammond arson – neighbors also suffered economic losses.


  18. Bundy ‘boobs’ and deadbeats shameless and if this why is it that SWAT/National Guard HAMMERS unarmed protesters fighting for justice to protect this from excessive force and here the Bundy ‘Bozos’ act with impunity? These TRESPASSERS deserve to be arrested just like thousands of Occupy protester had to endure as well as BLM protesters accepted, and kind of ‘quirky’ that the armed BLM protestors get ‘kid glove’ treatment and the unarmed BLM (black)) protesters get HAMMERED, gassed, rubber bullets and zip-tied by the hundreds.

  19. I would argue that the “problem” here, if there is one, are mandatory minimum sentences – something that in Montana, Republicans have been the ones to push.

  20. One of the best reactions to this is posted online here

    It includes a video by this numb nut who says the problem is caused by kids from Hardy county going to college and coming back and getting jobs at the BLM, there by ruining America. He isn’t joking.

  21. OPEN LETTER TO PACIFIC PATRIOTS | January 5, 2016 6:50 AM at 6:50 AM |

    An open letter to the Pacific Patriots Network, and the Land Takeover Movement (Jennifer Fielder et al.)

    So your Oregon standoff is not going well. Nor did you succeed in what I’m embarrassed to even type “Operation Big Sky” at White Hope Mine. Meanwhile when homeless veterans are getting forced out of their tents in the dead of winter, these bird brains are nowhere to be found. You know who shows up to help veterans you pieces of ~ahem~ garbage “militiamen”? Plenty of people you call “socialists, atheists anarchists and liberals.” (Your words, not mine.)

    But you go ahead and tell me all about the stale left-overs from your church potluck you gave them; the one that sat in your fridge for a week while you were out after screaming at refugee children on their behalf. The one where your signs called for deportations and religious bans in violation of the first amendment, of the constitution that you claim to uphold. And now, When one of your fellow terrorist cells actually pushes through with an act of armed sedition, you play dumb and run off and go silent. Did you at least bring them those snacks they were asking for on twitter?

    Please keep trying to help; you’re the face that the “militia” of this nation deserves. A textbook example of how kids should stay in school. How those without real purpose in their life will invent fake conspiracies to give themselves some kind of purpose. These drama queen turds say they willing to die over two arsonists setting a wildfire on leased federal property, and you think that you can turn this into some kind of insurrection so that your takeover of public lands idea, which has failed, and failed, and FAILED, will gain traction.

    It failed when you ran the MoM as SNaRC. It failed across the U.S.

    GET A LIFE. Go home. Above all, GO AWAY.

  22. Why does the government only use drones on wedding parties in third world countries? It seems like a good smoking out would end this sort of nonsense.

  23. From Astoria Oregon- I am so happy I came across this site- I will be a regular reader-

  24. BUNDY OUTLAWS ARRESTED, ONE OUTLAW DEAD, Montana’s Ryan Payne in custody and a embarrassment to the US Army and he served in Iraq but what happened to him to turn and pervert the US Constitution.

  25. Senator ‘Field Marshal’ Fielder’s guest editorial in the Missoulian filled with flat-out LIES saying the arsonist ranchers – the Hammonds – faced the DEATH penalty which is false and the Hammonds received a trial by jury and were convicted. ‘Field Marhsal’ Fielder should stop ‘stoking’ the fires of hate and praising the Bundy OUTLAWS and instead insist Congress reduce mandatory sentencing for ALL races, not just stubborn ranchers getting DIRT cheap grazing at pennies on the dollars compared to honorable ranchers who pay $24 dollars a month for cow to graze, not a $1.69 which the Bundy clan bitterly refuses to pay, what nerve!!!
    Senator Fielder also proudly trumpets’ the American Land Council’s ‘righteous’ cause to get public lands to the ‘right’ managers (code for Kochs, extractive industry, multi-national corporations who will get more vile thanks to TPP if we don’t stop it!) since states CANNOT afford those costs! On the bright side, virtually all the comments responding to Fielder’s fantasies slammed her fictions.

  26. PUBLIUS 11 I do not know who you are, but I COMPLETELY AGREE

  27. Worse yet, Fielder due for a promotion at American Lands Council which wants land out of federal hands and get to ‘willing states’ AND industry!

  28. Did any one notice that at the beginning of the armed occupation of the refuge, our intrepid heroes wore flannels, jeans, and denim jackets, normal attire for ranchers, but hardly sufficient for staying warm and dry for long outdoors. The last two weeks,the entire population of the refuge looked like liked they walked out of a Cabella’s catalog. I wonder if the American Land Council received a discount for bulk orders delivered directly to the refuge via the Fedx and UPS trucks frequently seen at the refuge. Even tarp boy turned in his plastic for gore-tex. I find it hard to believe that the expensive cold weather gear came with the night vision goggles in a care package from home along with chocolate chip cookies and fresh underwear. If the armed criminals had owned that kind of gear they would have brought it with them -ready and waiting to hunker down in all their patriotic glory.

  29. Payne was smart, he gave up without a fuss, but Finicum decided to play it out with deadly drama.

  30. Please see this Montana Corruption. Please see this link:

  31. So the imaginary people that my ancestors were buying, selling and leaving to their children in their wills before 1865 were … what?

    They had a labor force of zombies?

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