GUEST POST: It is really a human rights issue

by James Minckler
James is a teacher of holistic health seminars and is the author of two books on Energy Balancing.

james mincklerRyan Zinke was a co-sponsor and voted yes on H.R. 1599. The Dark Act which is basically a Monsanto Protection Act. This bill prohibits Montanans from passing our own state food labeling law so we can know that foods we are eating contain genetically modified organisms. He voted against our right to know what we are eating. I am not here to discuss or examine GMO food safety. I am more concerned about the carcinogenic chemicals used to support GMO crops.


The definition of a genetically engineered food is a plant or animal that has been changed by taking genes from one species and inserting them into the DNA of another species or altering the DNA in a way that could never happen through traditional cross-breeding or in Nature.


In creating GMO seeds, Monsanto has spiced glyphosate (a known carcinogen) DNA into the seed. The majority of GMO crops are engineered to resist Roundup. When the crop is sprayed for other unwanted plants it will not kill the crop because the crop IS the poison sprayed on it. Before “Roundup ready”, farmers used herbicides, were careful to spray only the unwanted plants and not on the crops, otherwise they would kill the crop along with the unwanted plants. “Roundup ready” seeds were engineered with glyphosate to grow plants that will not die no matter how much Roundup is sprayed directly on the crops, because the seeds have this deadly poison “built” into the food we eat. With glyphosate spliced into the GMO seeds, there is no need to be conservative when spraying crops. It becomes systemic throughout the plant and cannot be washed off. It is part of the plant and we are eating it unknowingly.


The result is 168 million acres of GMO crops under cultivation in the United States. 2.6 billion pounds of Monsanto Roundup glyphosate herbicide has been sprayed on U.S. agricultural land between 1992 and 2012. In the 20 years of eating glyphosate in our food, auto-immune disease have increased by 400%. Glyphosate is the new DDT.


Zinke voted against science, against 300 environmental groups, against more than 100 year old states rights to legislate on matters relating to safety and labeling, and against the wishes of 90% of the population. Zinke voted to keep us ignorant to what is in our food. 70% of the food we buy in regular grocery stores is banned in over 30 countries.


Plainly we are being poisoned by these herbicides. We have the right to know what is in the foods we eat, it is called freedom. Zinke you helped take my freedom away from me.


It is quite obvious that you are not looking out for the best interests of Montanans. Monsanto went to all members of the House Of Representatives spending over $29 million to convince them to vote for Monsanto’s interests. This is all about money, led by greed, where Monsanto corporate profits are more important than the safety of our health.


I have already begun to support Denise Juneau to replace Zinke because I will know she will vote for Montanans and not for corporations who have no heart and have no soul.



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  1. Did that HORRIBLE bill get past Obama??? If so, he’s in the pockets of Monsanto which of course LOVES the TOXIC TPP!

  2. Roundup makes for LAZY farming and diminishes integrity of farmers being the ‘Good Stewards’ the Lord expects for all of us, and same philosophy using Agent Orange which was applied LIBERALLY killing plants AND humans, even many Vietnam Veterans all over Montana from the poisons Monsanto proudly promoted and is doing the same to all of us, a slow death..

  3. Yes, Monsanto is evil. Exxon may have done more total evil, what with being the chief sponsor of global warming, but, per square foot of executive office space, Monsanto is surely the most evil corporation on earth.

    However, we should be accurate in describing Monsanto’s evilness. First, glyphosate is not spliced into the seed. It just isn’t. The glyphosate resistant plants are engineered to resist the chemical; it is not deliberately put our food by Monsanto. As a result, direct exposure by consumers to glyphosate through the food they eat is very, very low. Farmers may have a high exposure, but consumers do not.

    Unlike many agricultural herbicides and insecticides, glyphosate does not contain chlorine. As a result, it breaks up quickly in the environment. There is an insecticide that Monsanto did engineer to be in the food we eat, but that isn’t glyphosate.

    Secondly, because it doesn’t contain chlorine, glyphosate just isn’t anything like DDT or Agent Orange, both of which do contain chlorine. Glyphosate is indeed linked to cancer, but the link is weak, limited to one kind of cancer that is fairly rare and it is just barely statistically significant.

    Thirdly, the most likely alternative to using glyphosate is more tillage with diesel tractors. However, there is a robust link between diesel exhaust and a variety of different cancers and other diseases. It is very possible that reducing the use of glyphosate by increasing diesel powered tillage would increase exposure to carcinogens, resulting in more cancer, not less.

    There are issues with using glyphosate, but most of them have to do with what it does to the soil, I believe. Glyphosate very effectively kills bacteria, for example. What it does to the complex ecosystem in the soil, or to the microbiomes of people exposed to it, is very much an open question, in my book.

  4. This is one more reason that we need to change the way that we fund political campaigns. Since political campaigns are expensive, people in congress spend 30%-60% of their time raising money, and they are much too focused on the corporate lobbyists who help funnel corporate cash to their campaigns.

    When Monsanto talks to people in congress, they don’t need to rely on the strength of their arguments. The campaign funds speak LOUDLY.

    Unfortunately, this is not just a problem with Zinke. Everyone in congress has to work within the same broken system. The way that we fund political campaigns distorts the whole process of government.

    MAYDAY ( is working to elect representatives in congress who support changing the way campaigns are financed. We need to change the system – so that good candidates who want to work for the interests of the people that they are elected to represent can work in a system that supports that.

  5. Who’s to say Juneau wouldn’t have supported this legislation. Zinke’s competition, Libertarian Fellows, would have voted with the states and the individual, rather then the corporations.

  6. As a woman in my late 50’s, I only need to look at the medical history of my very large family to know that exposure to chemicals in our food and environment are causing disease. My mother and her 8 brothers and sisters were born in the early 1900s, raised on a farm and have had long, pretty much disease free lives. Their children are another story altogether! Almost all of us (40) have had serious health problems ranging from cancers to autoimmune disorders. Why? Exposure to chemicals in our environment and our foods which came from the grocery store instead of our own organic farm or gardens.

    • The food industry has well-paid lobbyists. “Food eaters” don’t. We need to change the system, to break the lobbyist-fundraising connection. There are good candidates who *want* to work for the interests of the people that they are elected to represent, but the current system pulls in the direction of “moneyed interests” not voters.

  7. Its one thing I can say about smart farmers like Tester they are all about good food Hygiene. And this is all that matters. OUr food production is good enough to get veggies to a store, and then to table. I really do not want chemicals around to grow food, when there are plants available to plant with Certain flowering crops that keep bugs away. A farmer would actually save money planting insect repelling plants lets say Marigolds along with corn, or rowing in certain nematodes with the soil before the planting occurs. protecting the soil.

    I am with Senator Jon Tester on this. our state does very well with pulse grains, and we don’t need the chemical crap and their licensing. Secondly I am with allowing a broadening of H2b immigration visas for the farmers here. Arizona for years set up IMmigration in a way that helped get Immigrants into their state and back home again. Might be we need to do the same it certainly is better than the chemical outcome!

  8. Excess chemical applications are Toxic and contribute to LAZY FARMING and good points about our older Americans – the parents of the Baby Boomers now afflicted wit toxic disease and cancers – who certainly had to deal with TB, polio and the Flu, but they ate (yes some were malnourished) whole foods and not exposed to the ‘chemical soup’ pushed on the world after WWII so Dow and others could keep their chemical-industrial complex thriving…

  9. I was confused when I read the response Mr. Conner wrote regarding what James Minckler wrote about Monsanto. The discussion was not on “gemstone therapy”, it was on the evil agricultural giant Monsanto and the hold it has on our country and other parts of the world. I’ve known James Minckler for almost 40 years. He is a very well respected author, teacher and educator on how to take care the Human Body. He teaches people about making healthy choices, how to control our bodies with relaxation therapies, meditation, Chakra balancing (which has been taught for thousands of years throughout world religions), and yes, gemstone therapy. He also focuses on eating foods that are all natural and free of GMOs.

    Mr. Conner tried to use alternative health modalities, that are used by billions of people on the Earth, as a way to get the reader from learning the truth about Monsanto and their dealings with the Government of the United States of America. Our government is supposed to be a government that is “Of the People, By the People and For the People”, not a Government that is paid off by giant corporations trying to make a buck not caring what they are doing to the soil or the human body. When 90% of the citizens of this country want to know what they are eating, then “honest” labeling of food should be done, after all, what do they have to hide? But, it’s hard to beat a giant like Monsanto. I was shocked to find out how much money Monsanto gives ALL State Universities for their Ag Departments. They give them millions of dollars every year to promote their agenda. With Monsanto’s funding, it’s pretty hard to try to get Agriculture schools to teach “organic” anything.

    Mr. Conner, you need to educate yourself in the truth about Monsanto and what is really going on in agriculture today, and ask Mr. Zinke how much they paid him to vote as he did, and how much they promised him in “dark money” for his next run in congress. And, I believe you owe Mr. Minckler an apology, too.

    • James Conner you owe Mavetta an apology!
      In none of her lines did she attack you!
      How dare you ask her to aplogize!

      Everybody else, let’s go forward! Sure would be great time
      for a comment or Guest Post from a chemist telling part of the story of how a seed is modified to resist the toxins in Roundup.

      Great time for health worker or researcher or teacher to comment or do a Guest Post on the human health side of say genetically modified corn.

      From what little I have gathered, i have only one question. How is it that the gut of insects and humans is impacted by some GMO engineered foods?

      After such info is shared, then we can sit back and let David Parker
      figure out the best way to take the discussion
      to our one Representative in the House of the People.

      Strike out the previous sentence! It came from my sarcastic side!

    • I agree with Bob williams on this James. Because for thirty years my profession was breaking and training thoroughbreds to race. I have used alternate FDA medicines to walk without using a cane. heal broken bones, Acupuncture to stop pain, and start blood supply, and curb swelling. I have used Cold lasers. Herbs and watched hard science doctors become completely shocked at how well I healed. and veterinarians become completely shocked how well I brought back horses they considered ruined to racing. lots of alternate medications work. And I used them with great success.

      A doctor told me, as my mom laid dying of heart disease that the numerous pills to save her life actually made her sicker. 14 pills a day that interacted because her doctor never test for the interaction. those pills taken away from her made her sane and sober long enough to know that they were the very instruments that would kill her in the end. the paranoia gone in the last minutes of her life. a life taken by pharmaceutical greed.

      Hard medical practice today includes quite a few unethical doctors trying to peddle as many pills as possible to win that trip to Cancun.

      I believe FDA holistic Practice and some old school medication is necessary at times and trust me so do a lot of doctors about chinese medicine, infrared healing and cold laser technology.

      Monsanto is the very reason people are made sick in this country today, and it is other companies like this who don’t want you to know that a lot of old time medicines still work!

      • Bob, Norma, you’re both out of line and wrong on the facts.

        • Wrong on the facts? Really? I am living proof alternate medicines work. that there are hundreds of non conventional FDA approved therapies and medicines that work. Old medicines that still work but are orphaned for the more expensive pills and procedures…

          The problem is a lot of bad doctors want kickbacks for, selling pills instead of doing what’s right and what works without the patient spending a lot of money.

          Monsanto operates the same way, there are no best practices for its business anymore regarding their chemicals… and owning crops seeds as patents, as well as locking farmers into contracts to buy only their licensed seed year after year? It is bad if not nefarious business at the expense of the consumer aka regular folk!

          Corporations like Monsanto and and pharmaceutical companies peddle more lies nowadays than they peddle truth. Keep buying into that hype while Unconventional Companies like Trina save type 2 diabetics countrywide, and infrared devices help healing bones, and after surgeries . for goodness sake we aren’t talking therapies that lack scientific study like Reiki….

  10. In response to James Conner’s remarks about my post on Cowgirl. I remember what my Mother once said to me, “If you cannot say something nice about someone, do not say anything.”

    Educators/Teachers love to share knowledge they learn. I felt a sense of eagerness to share what I leaned about Monsanto and what is being done to our food without our knowledge. With no labels, we do not know that we are eating their genetically engineered “foods”. In effect, they are taking away our freedom of choice. Monsanto is making us sick with a poison called glyphosate, that kills everything in its path except “Roundup ready” seeds. It also kills the bacteria in the soil to interrupt and destroy the natural processes of Creation, while Monsanto keeps running to the bank with huge profits. The American people are being used by Monsanto with the help of our government in the largest uncontrolled food experiment in the history of the world.

    To share this important information I posted my article on the Cowgirl website to inform and educate. My website address was listed by Cowgirl. I did not supply them with this information. Apparently Cowgirl saw the value of my program of self health and used the opportunity to post it so others could share. I am honored by their action.

    So rather than buy into the negative, rude and untruthful comments of James Conner I would like to ask him a few questions.

    1.About your comment “New Age nonsense”. The term New Age was originally used as a category of music. Mr. Conner what are you talking about?

    Your comment about the application of gem therapy “reminding you of a prostate examination”. Are you ignorant and tasteless?

    3. Your statement of “attacking Denise Juneau with gem therapy”. Where is your mind?

    4. Regarding your statement that “I do not believe in science”. If it was not for science I would not be alive today. I do believe in science, the science of eastern and western medicine, the science of the body, the science of nutrition and the spiritual science of yoga. I also believe in the science of global warming. Many sciences we rely on have been around for thousands of years. Mr. Conner you say you believe in “science based health care”. Does that mean you support the pharmaceuticals prescription drugs that kill thousands of Americans every year? Do you believe in the Monsanto’s science of altering natural plants so they can sell poisons that kill Life for profit? Oh, that’s right I remember, you stated “you know all about Monsanto”.

    5. What does “crackpottery” mean. I suggest you think before you answer.

    6. You mentioned that “so called alternative healing therapies” are for people who want to die faster and in more pain.” Do you really mean this heartless and callous statement? Do we not have the freedom of choice instead of taking prescription pain killers to deaden and lie to our bodies into thinking we are healthy?

    Mr. Conner in your attempt to kill the messenger you neglected to hear the message. By taking shortcuts with the truth, you missed an opportunity to share the real truth. If you really looked at the Energy Balancing website you would have found some explanations to my intentions. “A major goal of Energy Balancing is to educate not only in self help, but in how to assist their personal physician in finding answers to health problems and to relieve the overwhelming burdens on the system.” “My ideas are not meant to replace medicine but to compliment it”.

    With all due respect Sir, you do not know what you are talking about.

    Buddha said, “holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else. You are the one who gets burned”.

    I forgive your misguiding ramblings, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because I deserve peace. I do not expect an apology, as it takes a person of character to step out from behind their ego and admit they are wrong.

  11. “I remember what my Mother once said to me, “If you cannot say something nice about someone, do not say anything.”

    You remember what she said, but you dishonor her by not following her advice.

    • Let it go James. The man has an honest right to defend himself against what you said. You’re the one who Brought “Quackery” up.

  12. Enuff already! Perhaps James Conner has great amounts of emotion toward what he sees as quackery, and is judging James Minckler to engage in quackery, therefore James Conner is priveleged to attack James Minckler again and now again by conflating/branding Minckler with ad hominem and diatribe insinuations, here on Montana Cowgirl.

    No, I don’t think so! Minckler is a newbie here.
    Conners seemd to avoid what Minckler wrote here, and dug into peripheral stuff that all added up to Minckler=anti science and into quackery.
    I find no quackery or anti-science in Mincklers guest post on the Monsanto toxins.
    I find anti-GMO positions among independents, and people who will vote for Republicans. Anybody find any Monsanto funded money to our one Representative?

    I’m interested in stuff like that. And keeping this blog inclusive. Not attacking and making insinuations of new participants.

    And interesting! What is Science? Maybe nature has already generated a cure for HIV. And some types of Cancer! And while Science looked in the lab and through modelings, one dude went out into remote country, and collected thousands of samples, and found something like a natural agent that has alledgedly/possibly/visually brought health to an unhealthy HIV sufferer.
    Go to Bill Maher from last night Real Time for the rest of the story!
    After I stopped resisting, Bill Maher’s Guest rocked my sense of Science,
    and my memories of ovarian Cancer treatment systems of five years ago.

    • Bob, I appreciate you are trying to defend your friend. But please have the decency and wisdom to do that in an intellectually honest manner.

      I’m not going to respond to further attacks on me on this subject, no matter how slanderous or off the wall they are.


  13. “Anybody find any Monsanto funded money to our one Representative? I’m interested in stuff like that.”

    Me, too. And in fixing the system to get the corporate money out of it.

  14. Mr. Conner here is some clarity on Gem Therapy. Many different cultures and peoples have utilized crystals and stones in a myriad of ways and purposes. Today, with the rapid advancement of technology, crystals are being used to transmit and magnify energies in many ways. For instance, ruby crystals are used in lasers for microscopic surgery. Each year thousands of pounds of quartz crystals are being mined and crushed to be used for technological purposes. Quartz crystals are used in ultrasound devises, in watches and as memory chips in computers. Quartz is used for oscillators for controlling radio frequencies in electronic equipment, as capacitors to modify energy capacity in circuits: as transducers to transmit energy from one system to another that will store energy. Is this enough “science” for you to consider?

    I have never heard of quartz crystals being used for a “digital exam” or “attacking” someone with gemstone therapy. Shame on you.

    For those of you who question the use of crystals and stones due to religious beliefs I found 79 references of protection and health in the Bible.

    In my private practice as a licensed massage therapist and a therapeutic body worker, I use many techniques including gem therapy when that is what my client requests. I have been very successful In my practice for 20 years. In my spare time, I do caregiving and medical advocating for the mentally challenged and ageing in my community. I am in demand only because I understand the medical world and their language, tests, drugs, etc. and what they mean. In my own practice I come from a holistic approach, assisting people on every level.

    Remember to open your mind to accept and integrate into your life that which rings true to you. That which does not, release it without judgment.

    Blessings to all who took the time read my message.

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