Rehberg Co-Chair of Spin Doctor Team Michigan Gov Hired for Flint Public Health Crisis

Instead of getting to work on Flint’s water crisis  that is endangering the health of its citizens, GOP Governor Rick Snyder has hired a self-described “high stakes public relations” firm that specializes in “crisis management” to treat his public relations problems. The local water supply in Flint, a town the size of Billings, is full of lead.

Mercury LLC is the firm of spin doctors the Governor has brought in.  That firm said in a statement that it isn’t getting paid in state dollars.  Makes you wonder how are they getting paid – the governor’s spokesperson refused to say, although Snyder is said to have a variety of non-public slush funds from corporate donors.

A visit to Mercury LLC’s website shows former TEA Party Congressman Dennis Rehberg is the Co-Chair of the spin firm. [screenshot]


13 Comments on "Rehberg Co-Chair of Spin Doctor Team Michigan Gov Hired for Flint Public Health Crisis"

  1. They are not helping him. Have you read his Twitter mentions? They are getting worse by the minute and the calls for his arrest are getting louder. Rick needs a refund.

  2. This gives NEW meaning to MERCURY poisoning, and designed to mislead and lie to the public and probably telling the Flint people their TOXIC water now some more special minerals at NO cost! Of all the gall and figures ‘Denny Boy’ would go along with Snyder’s MALFEASANCE!

  3. Just think what Rehberg would be proposing and voting for if he had been elected Senator instead of Tester? Scary thoughts.

  4. Denny: “Alrighty, lets rent a room with a cot at one of Flint’s saloons for Governor Snyder to stay at when he visits, to show he’s a man of the people.”

  5. maybe ol’ reburp will take the MI gov for a nice speedboat ride – “hey i said i want a rum and coke on the rocks , not run the boat on the rocks !! “

  6. I am just so very, very grateful that Rehberg is no longer a part of Montana politics. Now, let’s work on the Ryan (don’t forget i was in the military) Zinke and Steve ( i love corporate money) Daines.

  7. Rehberg is the owner of the Popeye restaurants, so you can still vote against him by not eating there. I like the part best where he fell off his horse because the horse drank too much and was drunk again.

  8. Considering the crappy job Denny did for Montana, Snyder is getting just the kind of spin doctoring he deserves!

  9. Denny and ‘Ol Conrad liked ‘lubrikashun’ alright at taxpayer expense, especially visits overseas…yuk, yuk….

  10. Dennish Rehburg?
    Are we in MORDOR?

  11. Denby the incessant nosepicker.

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