GUEST POST: Ted Cruz Sends Tom Baiz a Check

by Clair Baiz

Claire Baiz attended the University of Montana and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in history and political science from the University of Great Falls. Baiz, a columnist for Signature Montana magazine, has been recently published in the U.S.A. Today and Untitled Magazine. Her short fiction is featured in The J.J. Outre Review and Molotov Cocktail. 

It must have been a prank, years ago, when someone put my husband on a right-wing mailing list. I can’t bring myself to toss (or even return) them: they often provide entertaining moments on the brief walk to the recycling bin.

Last week, my husband of 34 years got a letter from Ted Cruz. The senator’s signature was in the upper left corner. The words “CHECK ENCLOSED” were to the right of our home address.

Cruz letter

I’m used to solicitations for money, but why would Ted Cruz send Tom Baiz a check? Montana’s open primary isn’t until June. It’s too early to try to buy his vote.

Maybe Republicans have come up with the political equivalent of ‘carbon credits’ and this check is advance compensation for the damage Ted Cruz plans do to the nation.

In that case, there could be a lot of money in there.

I know it’s a violation of federal law to open someone else’s mail, but my husband is visiting his 92-year-old dad and 89-year-old mom. What if the check expired? I had to open it right now, so I could get it to Tom in time to sign it over to Bernie Sanders.

There was a check in there alright. Ted sent a check..TO HIMSELF. Isn’t there a monetary masturbation clause in the postal code that would prohibit this kind of thing? It’s a lie!

It’s…postal porn.

Cruz check

But wait. There’s more.

In the letter that came with the check, Cruz eliminated the need for Democrats to choose their own nominee and he’s insulted fellow red-blooded Republicans.

Cruz claims It is do or die” time for conservatives in the 2016 presidential race.” (bold face and italics are theirs). “The voting is now underway…to choose our nominee against Hillary Clinton.”

Sanders fought the Iowa caucus to a near dead heat. He trounced Clinton in the New Hampshire primary. Before the Nevada and South Carolina contests, Bernie seems to be holding his own. Though every state from here on out is an uphill battle, and the superdelegate count is less dramatic (and decidedly less democratic), the Democratic nomination doesn’t take place until July.

Cruz’s crowning of Hillary Clinton as the Nominee Laureate comes with a second bold(face) pronouncement: “moderates” are really liberals.”

Ted Cruz moderates

I’m still looking for photos of Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Bob Dole sporting ‘Proud Liberal’ lapel buttons.

If this is the way Cruz treats his supporters–with a misleading promise (there’s money inside!), a proclamation (forget Bernie), and a sweeping indictment of anyone who’s worried about women’s rights, gun safety, or that pesky constitution (damn liberals!)–how can he expect the general public to trust him?




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  1. I too am a registered Democrat and got one from Mr. Cruz as well. I sent the fake check back to him, maybe he can put it to good use.

  2. I obviously took the name of Montana Cowgirl wrong. I don’t know one true cowgirl or rancher family who leans left. I am a conservative who will be happy with any candidate who runs against the two Socialist
    Progressives. I live in Montana because I feel it is the state of down to earth, hard working, patriots. We will fight to keep it this way.

    • Thank goodness most of the Montana cowgirls, cowboys and ranchers I know are liberal Democrats! Keep up the good work Montana Cowgirl!

    • I’m curious…do you know any cowgirls who’ve ever cashed a socialist farm subsidy check? With $6.5 billion to Montana between 1995 and 2012, I’m betting you either know at least one, or you’re all hat and no cattle…

    • Hillary’s a “socialist”?? Oh. My. God. Who knew? All this time she’s been posing as a center-right, Wall-Street/Big-Pharma/Big-Insurance/Prison-Industrial-Complex-friendly establishment politician, and she was really a socialist all this time?
      I’m shocked – SHOCKED, I tell you.

      Well, that makes up MY mind – I’m not voting for her either! Thanks, Kathryn!

    • Please stop using patriot as a dog whistle for racist and/or selfish.
      If you were true Montanan you would understand we are a fiercely independent.
      If you actually knew some ranchers you would realize that they span the political spectrum.
      Most importantly none of us need your approval.
      Please fight hard to learn something about your state.

    • Heh. Welcome to the internets toobz. To survive here you will need the ability to think outside the box and recognise nuance exists in the Real World as well as online. Also, fox “news” dosn’t reflect reality. Good luck, drive through please.

    • Perhaps all our down to earth hard working agrarian patriotic fighters could sign their farm subsidy checks over to Ted. Prove two things. One, these patriots are truly self sufficient. Two, give Ted the chance to turn down and return this “Commie” money. Fat chance.

  3. U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, a native of Canada, lobbied Steve Daines, when Daines was in the U.S. House of Representatives, to vote to shut down the federal government in protest against the Affordable Care Act(so-called “Obama Care”). Daines, a Tea Party favorite, did Cruz’s bidding, voting to shut down the government, serving no local, state, or national good, causing harm to his fellow Montanans. Subsequently, Daines gave his mailing list of Montana donors to Cruz, and donors began getting e-mails from Cruz, soliciting money for Cruz’s war chest. But, Daines has subsequently turned his back to Cruze, endorsing Marco Rubio for president. These facts beg to know: Is there no honor among down-to-earth, hard-working, patriots?

    • Daines sold our Emails to other people too. Once I got on his email list I started getting email from the conspricy site World Daily News, prepper site emails and other conservative Crazy shit.

  4. Let’s turn off ‘CRUZ CONTROL’ and that means YOU Steve Daines, you puppet!

    • Daines isn’t ALL bad. And before you punch me in my virtual face, know that I am a socialist. Daines is sponsoring a bill to let the VA perscribe canabis to vets as its very good for PTSD. So he’s got at least one thing right so far. Just sayin.

      • “Daines is sponsoring a bill to let the VA perscribe canabis to vets as its very good for PTSD. So he’s got at least one thing right so far.”
        And, after following this corrupt Senator since he started his run for the seat, i can promise you that he will be getting something in return for his sponsorship. Steve does nothing out of the kindness of his heart.

        • Good catch. I stand corrected. He’s 99% bad. Your link dosn’t show or support your theory that he’s getting a kickback from letting vets use the sticky icky though.

          • If by “kickback” you are referring to a monetary payback, i did not say so or did i suggest so. I merely said he will get “something” in return. Maybe something as insignificant as his name on a plaque on a wall at the vets office. But, he did NOT do this out of compassion or a desire to actually help the vets. The link is to show that he has done very little in the past, as regards helping our vets. He’s actually been detrimental.

      • And just how much has Mr. Daines taken in campaign funds from the auto dealer, Zawaba, who wants to eliminate such a benefit to veteran’s and all Montanans with the initiative to ban all cannabis in Montana?

  5. Hello Claire. It has been a long time. Trust all is well. I too also received the same letter. Not to dirty my self, I refused it so he will have to pay for the return postage. This scam is just one of the many schemes he has used to hoodwink the public for votes and money. From the first look I have never trusted him. Take care and keep on shining.

  6. One point the author didn’t mention – and that I think is pretty important – is that the letter from Cruz ONLY mentions beating Hillary presumably because they know that the GOP base has been well-primed to hate, hate, HATE Hillary Clinton (Bernie Sanders, not even close) – and that bringing up “beating Hillary” is a Pavlov’s Bell for every rightwinger to start salivating at the thought (and hopefully writing a check to Teddy boy!).

    The message to US is that the Republicans are pinning their hopes on being up against Hillary instead of Bernie in the general election, because Bernie Sanders doesn’t inspire their base nearly so viciously – if at all. And that is gonna be a big, BIG deal for Republican turnout in the election, to wit:

    If Hillary is the Democratic nominee, every wingnut in the country is gonna turn out to defeat her, no matter who the Republican nominee is – Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich. But if the Dem nominee is Bernie Sanders running against, say, Trump or Cruz, a LOT of Republicans may just say, “Y’know, I just can’t bring myself to vote for that buffoon. Screw it – I’m staying home tonight with my six-pack and watching Dukes of Hazard reruns.” In essence, if the Dems run Hillary, the Democrats may actually lose to the buffoon – the Rightwing wet dream; and if they run Bernie, it’ll be a slaughter – the Rightwing’s nightmare.

    This is why it’s SO important that Bernie Sanders is the Democratic nominee – not just because he’s by far the best candidate for the country – but to deny the Presidency, the most important job in the land, to a wingnut buffoon.

    • Agreed Kevin, but as much as I want Bernie as our candidate if it is Hillary in the end we have got to forget our hurt feelings and work our butts off to make sure a Democrat sits in the White House in 2017. I keep hearing sour grapes from both sides of the Dem ticket and we cannot afford to act like GOPers. If it’s to be Hillary and you’re still feeling’ the Bern put the excess energy into filling State offices and regaining the House so we can give the President a Congress that will work with them. I just hope we get more Democrats acting like Democrats so we can pull off the political rEvolution Bernie is talking about.

      • Agreed, Robert – if HRC wins the Dem nomination (by hook or by crook – literally), I’ll hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two Republican evils – Hillary Clinton – over any of the other Insane Clown Posse. But more and more, the evidence is looking like Hillary would actually LOSE to the Republican candidate.

          • Keep in mind that this is only one poll. Huffington Post follows 15-20 different polling organizations, and most polls show either Clinton or Sanders beating any of the Republican candidates. Also things can happen between now and the election to change people’s opinions about any of the candidates, so things might not turn out the way the polls say they will.

      • “I keep hearing sour grapes from both sides of the Dem ticket…” I do, too, but that’s normal. After the nomination is settled, and the choice in November becomes clear, the Bernie Bros and Hillary Harpies will stop knocking each other and start knocking on doors for the Democratic nominee.

    • ?Billionaires for HRC! Get off the fence and dig into
      why HRC will continue to favor Billionaires and House of Saud.
      Time to work for Sanders and progressive Senators and Representatives.

  7. Ted is just another greasy politician…..

    • Worse, SLIME central! His senate peers hate him and he’s shameless, using his little girls as PROPS when they have ‘story time’ and reading passages like the ‘evil Bernie and hated Hilary’ came out of the woods, etc…

  8. go blue jays!

  9. Maybe we can redeem our Cruz checks with Steve Daines, or better, Gianforte, he’s loaded! Also, I’m puzzled just how I got one in the mail and I used to be a progressive republican but that ‘critter’ became extinct.

  10. I got my $45.00 check…..I don’t think the Canadian will like what I wrote when I sent it back to him.

  11. What’s the exchange rate with our northern neighbor for Ted’s generosity? Bottom line Cruz – you’re BUS-TED!

  12. House of Ill Re-Butte | February 20, 2016 5:10 PM at 5:10 PM |

    Nice job! I’ll read anything you post. Please keep writing, Clair Baiz!

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