Wittich Charges Spring from Complaints by Other Republicans

As Justin Robbins wrote on Monday, Tea Party legislator Art Wittich is now on trial for campaign finance violations.  This prosecution could result in his being removed from office.  The prosecutors are representing the commissioner of political practices, Jon Motl. Wittich is not the first to be tried for his role in this tawdry affair, informally known as the Meth House Scandal because incriminating documents were found in a meth house in Colorado.

Many Tea Party legislators were caught up in it.  Several of them have been convicted by Motl or pled guilty and settled.  Wittich has sworn to fight it to the end.  The facts are these: A few years ago, a national conservative group called Right To Work, which tries to defeat pro-union legislation in state legislatures, decided to create several front groups to which it funneled huge amounts of money to help support anti-union Tea Party candidates in their primary campaigns against moderate Republicans.  The legislators who were receiving this largess, like Wittich, didn’t seem to bother reading the law, which says that if you coordinate with such a group, and it results in your campaign receiving something of greater than a value of $170 (the campaign donation limit for a legislator) you are taking an illegal contribution.  It’s that simple.

That means when the Right to Work group started spending tens of thousands of dollars on Wittich’s campaign, they were required to keep entirely separate and apart from him.  Instead, they (allegedly) communicated and coordinated with Wittich and also performed contract work for his campaign at heavily reduced, sweetheart rates.

Wittich’s defense will be largely about conspiracy theories.  In a pretrial motion he has accused Motl of “destroying evidence.” Previously Wittich has accused Motl of being a part of a grand conspiracy involving the Governor and the Democratic Party.

One thing to keep in mind, and I’ll quote KXLH here:

So in a sense, this is Wittich in his continued civil war between moderate Republicans and Tea Partiers, except that that Wittich has decided to blame not the moderates who are coming after him, but Democrats, simply because Motl was appointed by a democratic Governor.


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  1. Responsible Republicans not happy with teabaqgger Wittich who helped KILL infrastructure bills!

  2. Old Line Democrat | March 9, 2016 3:57 PM at 3:57 PM |

    If only the responsible republicans would not keep sending these goofballs to both Helena and Washington D.C, we might be able to get something done. We cannot continue to bow to unelected Grover Norquist and his no new taxes pledge. What needs to happen is to have every politician who signed and follows that pledge to be run against and defeated at the polls. The rich continue to get massive tax deductions on such fabulous wealth that they wouldn’t even miss a slight tax increase. Just look at how much these mega rich have frittered away on Koch candidates and losers like Jeb Bush. Meanwhile the average homeowner’s burden is increased and our infrastructure crumbles. These folks believe that making America great again means going back to the way it was before 1932.

  3. When the Tax Pledge was sent to me during my previous campaign, I crossed out some of it, and inserted: I will not support or vote for any new tax BREAKS. I signed it, and added: “Shame on you!”

  4. New direction, maybe briefly!
    A. Wittich and Q. Rhoades on subsidized road
    to Appeal to Montana Supreme Court.

    Thought experiment: Compare the subperb piece on Wittich by Justin Robbins, to pieces in the Missoulian, and likely elsewhere in Lee land. Lee either does not understand, or does unerstand and does their darndedst to make their Wittich pieces cluttered and difficult to read.
    Ask a moderate Republican to compare the two pieces. Chances are they will recognize the difference between journalism and the Lee view of Wittich.


    • Wittich is taking a page from the Monforton play book and is appealing to a higher authority. So Wittich gets his frivolous appeal before the Montana Supreme Court while Monforton’s frivolous appeal is moldering before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Portland.

      What do these lawyers accomplish? Delay yes, but that’s hardly worth the effort. No I think it’s the possibility that some court somewhere will award them “attorney fees and court costs.” The potential of a fat check from the taxpayers makes it all worthwhile for these hucksters.

      • Old Line Democrat | March 10, 2016 10:24 AM at 10:24 AM |

        An attorney must follow his client’s wishes on how to proceed with the available legal remedies. Unfortunately, in this case, the client is also an attorney who is well-versed in the tactics of delay.

        It is pretty obvious that they are seeking to drag this situation out to avoid the up-coming election season. It is also pretty clear that he client knows that he has real problems that will not turn out well for him. This kind of stuff goes directly to one’s ability to be licensed to practice law.

        Finally, these lawyers are certainly being well-funded by some Koch supported group and they are making the most of it. No public funds should ever be required to be paid under this case’s facts and law.

  5. I have to quote Sobule here-“when they say I want my country back, what the fuck do they mean”? It’s pretty obvious the new GOP says Make America Great Again when they actually mean White. It’s so sad to see a movement named after a protest against Monarchy so determined to create a new one but as I keep saying, slaves don’t dream of Freedom, they dream of being the Master. And I wonder if Art has the $$ to pay all of the court expenses after he loses in the end? They made me pay all costs, including prosecutor and incarceration for 34 months@$3,100 per-for possessing $200 worth of pot. With an appeal to SCOTSM his court costs have to be in the hundreds of thousands so who pays those? Republicans sure are good at blowing things up: they inflate the importance of a deficit and then go ahead and inflate the deficit to boot. I don’t want to accuse every Republican of being a racist asshat but the Party has a bunch of them and I have no more respect for people who tolerate racism than I do for those who practice it. Their failure to denounce the morons in their midst rather than feed them did-bits under the table has resulted in the ill-tempered, fat, lazy dog now biting them in the ass. Although it’s fun pointing fingers and laughing at them as their Party disintegrates, in the long run it’s bad for democracy and harms us all. “Moderate” Republicans need to admit the Democratic Party has been moving more of their legislation than their own Party has-call it the ACA, Obamacare, whatever tag you prefer, our new health care “overhaul” is a Republican inspired plan that fails to hold Insurance and Pharma to account in many important ways. Medicare Part E is a Democratic plan. Republicans used to be the Party of Business and helped Main Street business owners as a first priority-now it’s the Democrats trying to protect Mom & Pop from Big Box. The GOP wants to PROFITIZE government, from schools to prisons to the Post Office and when you do this government fails to serve the people and instead serves the corporations. If employers didn’t have to provide health insurance they could pay more, workers would have more to spend, providers would have to hire more to meet increased demand, those workers would need fewer government services and would have more money to spend…So, admit you’re a Democrat and cast that vote for Hillary-at least she’s no Bernie Sanders! You sure can’t seem to count on the GOP to give you serious choices if Art and Donald are examples.

  6. It would be useful to post some of the key court documents and other public records in this case. Exactly what are the violations of law charged, are they civil or criminal? If they are criminal, are they misdemeanor or felony violations?

  7. Robert Petersen, spot on post describing the state of the Union! Government should not be in the business of being a business, a notion many voters can’t seem to grasp. While I am not sure if it is the reality tv showmanship displayed by the run the government like a business tribe or it’s support for USA, llc that gathers the nuts under the tree, I know that only harm will come from government motivated to legislate for capital gains. Look no further than potential leaders that paradigm attracts: The Trump Demented Dynasty.

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