Gianforte Caught at a Washington DC PAC Money Fundraiser

That Greg Gianforte made a lot of money as a businessman there can be little doubt. But he’s clearly a novice campaigner.

Case in point: he failed to think things through when he pulled a publicity stunt, several months ago, in which he showed up at the Governor’s office and demanded that Steve Bullock sign a “pledge” promising not to take PAC money.

Bullock refused to sign it, and the grounds were stated here at Cowgirl: PACs are simply collections of individuals, and no PAC can donate more than $660 just like an individual.  They must also publicly report their donors. It’s harmless to the Montana political system. And it’s nothing like a “Super PAC” which might spend millions on a single candidate. Gianforte, meanwhile, will spend his own fortune on the race, which is money with a corporate origin. Bullock doesn’t have that kind of dough.

It was revealed this week that Gianforte has decided that PAC money isn’t so bad. He was busted raising it, in DC. Here is the video.


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  1. Busted! So honesty must not be important in his religion.

  2. 1st class TOAD

  3. Here’s an observation. Greg needs to be part of the Republican team. As such, he needs to support these activities of the Republican party, who did not take the same pledge as Greg did for his gubernatorial campaign. I don’t know to what degree he actually needs Republican party funding. Maybe he does not need any of it, and its for the benefit of other candidates. In that case, he would not be violating his “pledge” at all. Maybe he just needed to hang out with some drunken Irish people on St. Patrick’s Day.

    In any case, it just means that he is playing the same political game that the other side is also playing. The label hypocrisy would apply to all of them on the other side as well, to the same degree. If you are trying to say he is not St. Greg, I don’t think he ever said that. That is issue has been created by those who oppose the his religious beliefs, which we should all believe are his God given rights as an American. The few posters above, the core of the opposition to Greg are much more fairly labelled liars and bigots (if its the label game that is being played), than the “hypocrite” label applied to Greg, in this case.

  4. The concern is that Gianforte seems bent to try and impose his policies favoring fundamentalist religion and corporate government!
    Corporate theocracy is constituted by actors.
    Constituted by hypocrites in both senses of that word.

    • A great story + a great graphic also featured in the Missoulian:

      Under what situations might that graphic be used for public information by journalists of online/print corporations and organizations?

      • Actually, Mr. Williams, I think that you have posted a very good, and balanced article on the issue of Gianforte’s charitable giving.

        My own personal observation is that the biggest recipient after the Petra academy is a church with the name “Love in the Name of Christ”. It occurred to me that this is probably that the reason for the majority of the dishonest and hateful comments on this anti-Christian blogging site.

        The giving information is out there, and anyone can judge for themselves if its a problem. The article did state (among other things) that 1. The giving profile is typical of a personally conservative donor; and 2. To date, none of the donations have been used for advocacy of political candidates.

        This “spin” on this website as to how bad his giving has been takes ones breath away and is scandalous. In my view, it illustrates a deep hatred of conservative Christianity, and bigotry. I would advise individuals to read the actual statements of the Foundation itself, and make up your own mind as to how bad it is; and not the outrageous and dishonest interpretations of the various posters on this websites.

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