Bigotry Defines New Crop of GOP Candidates for Legislature. Here’s the latest.

A Billings-area candidate for legislature has posted a cartoon to his Facebook page which  indicative of the belief that Muslims are terrorists and that those who disagree with this bigoted stereotype are the victims of Islamic terrorism.

A Facebook post labeled “Europe” by GOP candidate John Bedford includes a cartoon in which a man with an Islamic prayer coming out of his speech bubble mows down people with his car. Those killed are all people whose speech bubbles include things like “don’t play the game of the far right” and “don’t fuel the hatred.”

The Montana legislature is already chock full of people who eager to post ignorant stereotypes online and on social media, and eager to take action based on hatred of people whose beliefs differ from their own.

To be sure, the latest wave of GOP candidates like Brian Kenat and Taylor Rose is even worse.

Mr. Bedford is apparently ignorant of the fact that less than 2% of the terrorist attacks in Europe are religiously motivated at all.  That means 98% of Europe’s terrorism has nothing to do with religion.

That 2% includes one of the worst terror attacks ever in Europe in 2011, when Anders Breivik slaughtered 77 people in Norway to further his pro-“Western Civilization” anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, and pro-“Christian Europe” beliefs.


Here’s a screenshot of Bedford’s Facebook post in case he takes it down:

John Bedford

Bedford, a former police captain with the support of anti-medical marijuana crusader Steve Zabawa, has mounted a GOP primary challenge to Daniel Zolnikov.   Montana has a troubled history of current or former law enforcement types who take action based on their own bigoted beliefs either–like the bigoted sheriff deputy who showed up wasted to a neighbor’s party, pulled a gun on an asian man and beat him, calling him “an ISIS.”

Justice of the Peace Michael Swingley is the judge who released deputy Phillip Clark on his own recognizance, so he is now free to hunt down members of ISIS at other neighborhood social gatherings, even though his bail had originally been set at $50,000. Judge Swingley was formerly a member of law enforcement like Clark. Swingley previously made headlines for the bigoted remarks he made in an email, using his official justice of the peace account, to the Helena City Commission, in which he too compared all Arab/Muslims to ISIS:

I request that you remove the Arabic writing from inside the Civic Center. It reminds me of the Arabic writing on the flag of ISIS and as 99.9% of the terrorist [sic] in the world have turned out to be Islamic fundamentalist [sic] and Arabic speaking, it offends me that Helena would allow such a symbol. I realize that the history of the Civic Center was that of a Masonic/Shriner’s temple, that aligned themselves [sic] with the far east and had a large Arabic influenced theme.  But if we are going to rewrite and ignore the facts of history, we need to be fair and remove that symbolism as that conflict is still active and Christians like me are being killed daily by Arabic speaking fundamentalist [sic] who show those characters on their flag.

Swingley, who was upset over a discussion of a confederate fountain in Helena, also claimed that the main reason the Civil War was fought was not slavery but rather “banks.”

Keep in mind that slavery was only one issue that caused the Civil War.  The largest portion was economic based war as the southern states wanted to separate and begin printing their own currency, and detach from the banks of the United States.



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  1. A check of Bedford’s FB page at 7:36 Monday morning shows he has taken down the cartoon. I guess he stands by his beliefs.

  2. The thing about ‘banks’ causing the Civil War is the latest retrograde history from the conservative bubbles. It only showed up about a year ago and has spread like wildfire among bigots. It is interesting to see how these idiot stories get spread from twit to twit without any actually trying find out if it is true.

    • The South wanted to LEAVE the Union so they could PRESERVE Slavery and the North agreed the South could retain Slavery but not EXPAND the Sin to new states, but that wasn’t good enough for the South, so all the ‘revisionist’ history cannot wash the STAIN of slavery from the ‘ante-bellum’ makeovers and justification for ‘Slave Capitalism’ because that’s how the Spanish Empire – and others – prevailed initially until collapse, same as for Cotton profits built on blood and suffering.

  3. Could They Be Fascist?

    If you are like me you’ve heard the term “Fascism” all your life but are not quite sure what a Fascist is like. Following are traits of people who can step out of obscurity to rule a nation.

    Rages against socialism and equality.
    Plays on national pride.
    Encourages bigotry.
    Emphasizes law and order.
    Has militant backers.
    Believes in survival of the fittest, with the leader and spouse being the fittest of all.
    Radicalizes youth to be more loyal to leader than to country.
    Advocates a government run by and for business interests.
    Suppresses dissent using religion and patriotism.

    Based on the Fascist definition published in, Matthew Lyons, 1995

  4. Sad, sad, sad. Apparently there is absolutely no such thing as radical Islam. Sit down, shut up and question nothing, keep all borders open and require absolutely NO assimulation. All people, except those on the “right”, are multicultural wonders who want to live in nothing but peace. No ready made society and government infiltrating anywhere. No Holy War anywhere. Got it. But them I’m just bigoted as terrorism does not exist. After all it is easier to call people names and discredit them instead of actually listening to concerns and valid information.

  5. Dear Lucy,
    No one denies that terrorism exists, but what evidence–not the blatherings of talkshow bigots, religious “experts”, or self-serving politicians–have you that all 1.8 million Moslems are terrorists? I will wait for the crickets to stop chirping…

    • At a two to one rate More Christian terrorists have killed Americans then Muslims have here in the US. Funny how we never go after the christian religion? Heh? All of them christians terrorists are always called lone wolves or mentally deficient, but they are never called Christian terrorists are they? SO you see Lucy, hanging a sign on all muslims, is complete bunkums. Now’s as good a time as any to stop calling all Muslims bad people. They are not all terrorists, every country has bad people and bad actors.

      Lets try and find the bad actors by asking other people who are sane in their respective religions to help us find the bad Actors. Instead of pointing recklessly at every man, woman or child who wears his religion on his head as a sign he loves his god. Okay Lucy?

      • Yes Norma, Christians are horrible people too. Nice equivocation. Most just happen to already live here, as legal citizens, and we know who they are. They broke our laws and our legal system dealt with them. Instead of ignoring that Isis terrorists, and others, have been infiltrating mostly innocent Muslim refugees, let’s take a long in depth look at this, learn from the experiences of other nations who have opened their borders. Why haven’t the bad actors already been identified by others who share the same religion? Just because people like me are asking questions to gain a more complete understanding to what is actually going on here,and are wanting to get firm answers before we willingly invite thousands of people into our already economically challenged country from countries who hate us, does not mean we are bigoted. Okay?

      • Norma. You are missing something fundamental (or trying to ignore it intentionally). There has been homegrown terrorists in America and other Western European countries, however, even though the country is majority Christian, the terrorists are acting in a manner CONTRARY to Christian teachings. Muslim fundamentalist terrorists are acting IN ACCORDANCE with the teachings of the Koran to fight the Christians and other “heathens”, to the death if need be, to subjugate them and wipe them out. Islam conquered a number of formerly Christian countries (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Eastern Turkey, Greece, Bugaria, etc.) and the manner that they are fighting the West now is consistent with the way they have been treating Christians for over 1,000 years.

        People need to know how to sort out the difference between history, facts, and political correctness.

    • I never said, nor inferred, that all 1.8 “Moslems” are terrorists. No one I have ever heard says so either. That is a grade school argument Bill and is thus beneath serious conversation. Keep waiting for the crickets to stop chirping if you like I guess.

  6. To the right of Daniel Zolnikov? That guy must really be out there….. Because Daniel is not only conservative Mumbo Jumbo personified, he’s also on the campaign Bankroll of every sleazy out of state corporation that wants to buy Montana out from underneath its citizens.

    Guess that makes John Bedford the new posterboy of Batshit Cray Cray now!

  7. Bill, make that 1.6 BILLION Muslims on Earth according to the Pew Research Center which makes the likes of Lucy tottering instead of teetering when the balance of per capita terror is calculated. Oklahoma City and Norway saw hundreds murdered by Christian extremists in two decades not including the children and health care workers murdered by Christian anti abortion zealots and racists. I could list a hundred more examples but Lucy why don’t you just google “christian terrorist attacks”.

  8. Bedford makes Zolnikov look like an eminent statesman – who’s still ‘beholdin’ to the corporate masters, so much for Konservative principles. And to think
    Bedford was a LAW officer????

  9. You see, Lucy, it took someone to disagree with you before you stated what you never did, that not all Moslems are terrorists. Having lived and taught in two different Moslem countries, I know personally that Islam is as varied as Christianity, but that the vast majority of Moslems are not terrorists. What concerns me most, however, is the way a sweepping generalization about Moslems, such as Bronxkid’s, will encourage the very thing it fears. And, thanks Robin, for the correct number, which I knew, not that my caffeine challenged fingers did when I typed my original post.

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