Maybe It Isn’t Who You Know After All…

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t one of the main economic development plans of Republican gubernatorial candidate, and successful software engineer Greg Gianforte centered around telecommuting as a means of keeping Montana’s best assets in Montana?  With his expertise, and undoubtedly countless contacts in the software engineering field, it seems a goal he could even accomplish without the need for executive authority.

Perhaps that is why my reaction to this recent post was innately that of amusement and gratitude (for the gift of irony if nothing else):


It seems there are a couple possible explanations here.  Representative Nick Schwaderer may not have the chops to make it in Montana.  He may not have met Gianforte; or just didn’t think to ask him for job leads.  Perhaps, like so many others, Gianforte just doesn’t see Schwaderer as a Montana asset.

Wherever Schwaderer lands, let us hope they value things like personal responsibility, that he might learn to own his choices rather than claim he is the victim of his opportunities.  If you see any genuine Montana assets who’ve stuck around, please let them know that, when all was said and done, Schwaderer created at least one job.


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  1. Please forgo the smarmy attacks. While it is fair to criticize a public figure for policy positions or even personal foibles, you should not be giddy about the misfortunes of anyone at any level. There is a false premise here (that presumably recent government policies have “decimated” local economies), but to attack an alleged lack of “chops” without facts to back it up is petty.

    • the “misfortune” of landing a great job in his chosen career field? Wish I had been cursed like that. I did, like too many Montanan’s, have to leave my home for a few years after Reaganomics crippled our economy in the 80’s and the boom times in the 90’s were all South of us-stuck it out as long as I could but a new child decided for me. After twenty years down in civilization I came home again and hoped to live my dwindling years here in paradise again. Sadly I came home to an economy still reeling from years of GOP governance that was being dismantled and sold off by this new breed of TeaBagger immigrant that managed to turn Obama’s election into a rout of common sense Legislators in favor of these new radicals who are trying to sell off the Public Land that we old school Montanans treasure so much. We recall how Anaconda Copper and ASARCO treated our land and people and how hard our parents fought to make sure private hands didn’t end up controlling our greatest national treasures-our National Parks. We remember that the Trade Unions were our most effective defenders against Corporations turning us into slaves. I wish Nick the best of luck in his new career but I hope he learns from looking at other places just how lucky we are here, and how important it is that we look beyond the next five fiscal quarters when we make important decisions, whether corporate of governmental. There’s a need to begin teaching Civics again, not just in schools but in Boardrooms as well. Study the history of Hershey if you want an example of how business should work, and what happens when Civics is no longer part of the mission.

  2. Careful there, Justin. I’d hate to see you wind up with a bloody nose at the hands….er, I mean head of Mr Schwaderer.

  3. Wait ! I seem to remember Schwaderer telling people he was going to be a Lawyer in Maritime law from his own lips….. now he says hes a software engineer. Really???????

    Honestly I think his stories are fish stories at this point! Maybe mom is finally kicking him out of her House?

  4. Schwaderer could be (although there is a lot of competition) the biggest fraud in the Legislature. Because of the alleged rape, he was denied the ability to register at UM in the fall of 2008. According to the Missoulian article, he then obtained a law degree from the University of Plymouth in Plymouth England by 2012. That is simply impossible. He could not have obtained a graduate law degree because he did not have a bachelor’s degree.

    I looked at the University of Plymouth’s website and it does offer an undergraduate degree in Maritime business and law. Schwaderer, on his Facebook page, does not list any education achievements. someone should ask to see his diploma and transcript, as I doubt he ever attended Plymouth University, which charges international students 12,250 English pounds (approximately $28,000) per year tuition.

    Now he says he has an opportunity to begin his career as a software engineer? when and where did he get his computer science degree? I think what he really means is that he got a job at a Best Buy in Spokane.

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