Millions of Montanans to Attempt to Learn Social Media

The embattled Koch brother’s astroturf group Americans for Prosperity hopes to staunch the skewering they’ve been receiving in Montana for the last year or so by trying to make their members a more social media savvy.

A “Social Media Warrior” training will be hosted by MTGOP young guns Chris Puyer and Caleb Hinkle. AFP wants you to know that the battle for a capitalized “Free Society” is “100% free,” in case anyone was worried that we might be asked to pay for the opportunity to be cajoled into helping the Koch brothers do online damage control.

AFP social media training event

Indeed, the right wing has tried things like this every couple of year or so, but to no avail.  AFP’s past attempts at online activism have only provoked ridicule, a growing slate of AFP parody twitter accounts, and mocking memes.

You may recall the effort to rebrand conservatives as “MTGOP Young Guns” if only because the effort received national ridicule. (It petered out within a matter of weeks.)

Americans for Prosperity’s stumbles go far beyond social media. They sent out a press release for an event at the “University of Montana Bozeman.” This embarrassing mistake comes just months after AFP-Montana said “millions of Montanans” were against Medicaid expansion.

A series of town hall meetings AFPers had hoped would defeat medicaid expansion blew up in their faces.  They also attempted to attract members with extreme couponing classes, but missed the mark when it came out their campaign swag was made in China. (So much for their hope to be seen as concerned for the American economy.)  The fact that a staffer was charged with rape certainly didn’t help–especially when the man, Evan Koch, asked the judge in February for permission to leave the state to attend CPAC.   AFP announced (after the story came out) that it had placed the staffer on administrative leave.


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  1. Marshall Massey | April 6, 2016 6:59 AM at 6:59 AM |

    Love this! I confess I’d be half tempted to sign up for the workshop for the laffs — but the Montana Wilderness Association has a meeting here in Billings that same day.

  2. Actually, the more Democrats that can attend, the more that can be learned about tea party planned tactics. Then convene a meeting of just Democrats to discuss what was learned and develop the best ways to educate the populace about the tea party lies.
    The more that you know about your opponent, the easier it is to defeat them.

  3. The Koch Agenda must be stopped!
    What Do the Koch Brothers Want? Go to this link and see:

  4. How to lie and tell half truths on facebook and social media?

    I bet the first thing they do is tell people to post anonymously, like they heavily hinted at other Koch Funded functions???

    What was that other failed Koch group? Media Watchdog?

    Yeah that’s it! They had those kind of social media classes in which they taught puppets and fearmongers Complete classes on “Trollmenship,” Or was it Kockblocking in numerous pen names? Fake reporters Aaron Flint and Dustin Hurst, were the most efficient of truthslayers the Kochs ever brainwashed.

    Anyway, these Supposed watchdogs only show up in force when they are commanded to help get some candidate elected, or bill pushed through our legislature by the koch Brothers…. Or by spreading Propaganda and fear stories.

    Steve Daines was so enthralled with Flint he hired the dogmatist as one of his campaign managers.

    I am sure after these new Koch funded classes. that Mt. Temperance will have his hands full again on this site with ne’er-do-wells and miscreants!

    Media Watchdog worked in Wisconsin with Scott Walker. The defective Koch Puppets, who are taught throughout the US, show up from out of state on Montana’s state Twitter hashtags with crazy talk daily.

    So great, another mindless legion of Idiots await there 15 minutes of infamous conversations as Americans. “Sigh”

    • NORMA: I’ve noticed Senator Fielder references Media Watchdog on her site. Corruption runs deeper than just the Koch Bros. We still have the neocons and the banksters to be concerned w/.

  5. Fielder recently used a watchdog article on the UM rural survey to say that 59% of Montanans support transferring public lands to the state. Could it have been the way the question was worded ? Believe it, “federal land” gets a different response than “public land” … a dis-association element.
    Caleb Hinkle was at last nights Tea Party meeting in St Regis, handing out the social media workshop/training material. (related to Greg Hinkle, the guy that wanted to jump out of a tree with a spear if I recall correctly.) Yes, I took one for the team, I went and got skewered because that’s the kind of guy I am ;>) Keep Public Lands in Public Hands!

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