Stop Calling it a Bathroom Law: North Carolina Law is Much Worse

North Carolina, also known for its Doritos-bag littered beaches.

Lots of social media discussion has focused on a part of a new North Carolina discrimination law has been focused on one part of the law which would bar people from using the bathroom for the gender they identify as, if their birth certificate said something different.

But the North Carolina law is so much worse. In fact, the law does so much more that its not even accurate to call it a “bathroom law”–as much as the wing nuts would like you to keep doing so. Here’s what you need to know:

1 -The law is much like one GOP Sen. (then Rep.) Kris Hansen introduced in the 2011 Montana legislature – it bans local governments from making discrimination illegal in their communities.  After it passed the house by party line vote, Hansen’s own party helped kill it in the senate by sending it back to a committee that would ensuring it would never see the light of day again.  Cowgirl readers will remember this bill, because convicted fraudster Harris Himes came to testify in support of Hansen’s bill, saying he believed that the bible demands that all gay people should be put to death.

2-The North Carolina bill also strips workers of their right to sue if they are fired because of their race, gender, or religion.  As Mother Jones reports,

The language does not repeal North Carolina’s job-bias law, which continues to ban discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, or disability. But it forces workers seeking redress for discrimination into the federal system, where access is more difficult, the rules are much more complicated, and businesses often have significant advantages. Time, in particular, is on employers’ side: Under federal law, fired workers have just 180 days to file a claim, versus three years in state court. In the past, workers who missed the federal deadline — not uncommon for someone in emotional and economic crisis — could sue under state law instead, said Raleigh attorney Eric Doggett. Now, he predicted, many will discover they’re “hosed.”

3 – The North Carolina bill also bans local minimum wage ordinances like the one recently passed in Seattle for a $15 minimum wage.

So yeah, its a good thing that people like Bruce Springsteen and Steve Bullock are decrying the law.


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  1. ALEC has been slipping crap into legislation all over the country-everybody gets worked up about the potty part and when it gets overruled the rest of the poison stays in the system.

  2. Point number 3 is a problem that goes beyond the LGBT issue. The cost of living is often higher in cities than it is in rural areas. Local minimum wage ordinances are a way to address that difference.

  3. Sharia Law.

  4. What connection does minimum wage have to this dicrimination law! I also find it interesting that this state legislature wants to control local ordinances. At the same time, like most of the South, this state probably opposes any Federal control over their authority. And finally how sad that some are so frightened and unnerved by the LGBT community. For no reason other than ignorance.

    • “What connection does minimum wage have to this dicrimination law!”

      It was part of a clause listing the types of local ordinances that were forbidden by the law. It listed LGBT protections as forbidden by the law, and it also listed minimum wage changes as forbidden by the law.

    • The bathroom issue was used as distraction to the real issue–the wages. Conservative do this a lot. Start having hysterics about genitals while slipping in some economic issues when everyone is looking at the genitals.

      • Amorette, Could on agree with you more! The Conservative culture of less government is disturbingly obsessed with legislating what people do with their reproductive organs, yet couldn’t give a RAT’s ass about legislating decent wages. Pure Pathological behavior

  5. Has anyone gone into a Public bathroom [restroom] that does not have doors for privacy ?

    • Matthew Koehler | April 11, 2016 2:50 PM at 2:50 PM |

      Yes. Unless this has changed since the last time we were there….

      The public restrooms at the northside Kettlehouse in Missoula are uni-sex, but at least the one on the left hand side for sure didn’t have a door on the urinal. So basically any women or young kids (and there are lots of kids at breweries these days) have to walk by a man openly peeing in the urinal before they can get to stalls with a door and toilet.

      I’m certainly not a prude, and obviously support equality, but this strikes me as odd that women and/or young kids need to walk by the open urinal, past the drunk dude with his d*ck out, before they can access the more private toilet with a door.

      We haven’t been to the K-hole in a while because both my wife and I thought this was really strange, so again, maybe they have changed the restroom set up since last summer.

  6. A great idea for a TV reality show: Caitlyn Jenner going from bar to bar in North Carolina to take a whiz in the men’s room.

  7. It seems the right wing is for local control until it goes against their agenda. They just want absolute control over everybody and everything. Much like ISIS. They always quote the bible or the constitution to back them up, but really just cherry pick and interpret them to conform to their own biases. I wonder how long it will take them to get on CBS’s back for last nights 60 Minutes program where they showed a swimmer, who was once on the women’s team but has transitioned and is now on the men’s team, in only a speedo with no top.

  8. Northside Kettlehouse? Good grief, even the state parks out in the wilderness have His and Her outhouse with doors . But the kid part would be the most troubling. I can certainly agree with you.

    ” In less than half a minute and by following four simple steps, Reason TV offers a quick and foolproof way to share a restroom with a trans person.

    Step 1: Use the facilities.
    Step 2: Flush the toilet.
    Step 3: Wash your hands.
    Step 4: Leave.
    Remember: Just because all of us—male, female, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans—have an asshole doesn’t mean you have to be one.”

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