Gianforte Dumps Fortune on Television Ad Buy

Greg Gianforte (or as Twitter has dubbed him “GiantFortune”) has dumped hundreds of thousands on a television ad buy, even though he only has about $300k in the bank.

Bullock has consistently out-raised Gianforte and has over $1.1 million cash on hand. This means Gianforte has already dipped into his personal fortune in attempt to get his campaign off the ground–and running the risk of alienating voters who don’t want Montana’s chief executive office to be sold off to the richest candidate.

As I’ve mentioned before, Gianforte’s got a real problem here. Not only is Bullock the most popular elected in the state, he’s also got a stellar economic report card across the board.

More Montanans are working than ever before, for starters, and unemployment is a full point below the national average. Plus we’re the top state for entrepreneurial activity and are ranked by JP Morgan as the most fiscally prudent state in the U.S.

Plus Mr. GiantFortune is way out in lala-land when it comes to a brand range of basic issues -like campaign finance reform, public lands, jobs, discrimination, etc.  Not to mention how he’s still refusing to even answer basic questions about the issues on a daily basis.  (Not good.)

You’d also think someone who is desperate for voters to not think of him as a tech guy instead of a bankroller of extreme religious views (so desperate that his campaign even edited a phrase calling Gianforte “an evangelist for the tech industry” [screenshot] ) would post his ads on the internet…



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  1. Gianforte does not have to rely solely on his personal fortune or campaign contributions, the Super PACS funded by the Koch’s will be out in force to be sure. The Koch’s plan to spend almost a billion dollars to influence the elections and are supporting radical right-wing candidates icluding Gianforte. Greg Gianforte is a Koch man and believes in the Koch Agenda which is a proven race to the bottom. The Koch Governors in Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin and New Jersey, etc have destroyed each of their state’s economies, Greg Gianforte, with a Republican Legislature, will do the same to Montana. Greg Gianforte can’t and won’t answer the questions that are important to Montanans because if he were honest he would expose his extreme radical views, his allegiance to the Koch Agenda and his desire for increased corporate control of our lives.

  2. Greg Gianforte is a Koch man through and through……

  3. If Gianforte was buying newspaper ads instead, I’m sure Lee Enterprises would throw in some favorable “news coverage” as part of the deal.
    Wait… they’re doing that already!

  4. Does GG think he has a real primary election challenger? Or maybe he fears an “Anyone but Gianforte” vote.

  5. still I worry. I keep running across Trump supporters under every rock-most of them on the dole!

  6. ‘Giant Fortune’ started running ‘chummy’ ads on KRTV right before the ‘Price is Right’ at 9AM, catches lot of older, low-information voters………

  7. Look how much $$$$$ ‘Jeb’ blew, but vigilance and demanding media scrutinized candidates closely essential

  8. Any intel on who’s producing GG’s commercials/media? IN state or out?

  9. Gianforte’s new ad designed to ‘tug at hour hearts’ about how our kids are leaving Montana, yada, yada. Kids have been leaving the farm/state since WWI to seek non-RURAL farm/ranch jobs as not every farm kid can carry on the family farm Gianforte. This is NOT a new dilemma and we don’t have to turn Montana into an industrial cesspool to attract our kids back who want to enjoy our Big Sky,good schools but still find employment at living wages. Not everytown is going to have a ‘Rightnow Technology’ Bonanza like Giaforte achieved (and kudos to him for his innovation) but we’re not all going to be CODERS, and Gianforte needs to grasp agriculture, socio-economic history and culture. I wasn’t born in MT myself, but grew up here when not living in town.

  10. In his own eyes, Mr. Gianforte is a Giant!
    Priviliged to make false witness about what Facebook said about opening, or not opening, a data center in Montana.
    Actually Facebook states that they value non-discrimination in their hiring practices for data centers!
    Maybe G.G. does not want you to know that!

    But he sure likes displaying his TV charisma!
    Charmed by charisma, perhaps his Minister friends do not call G.G. out, on his lies of commission also of ommission.

    Worse yet, some of them may be apostates and do not care that they are apostates!
    For theocracy ammended Koch principles, are much more important than are the Gospels of the New Testament.

  11. Does anyone know just how many of the “500 high paying jobs” were held by U.S. Citizens or were a lot of them on the old visa train from India or other countries?

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