Trump Advisor and Republican Legislators Worried Native Americans Are Planning a Nuclear Attack on Montana

Wonkette is reporting that a Trump foreign policy advisor, Joseph Schmitz, along with two crazy Montana legislators, Sen. Bob Keenan (R-Bigfork) and former Sen. Verdell Jackson (R-Kalispell) believes that the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe might be working on a plot to get bomb material to terrorists. This revelation comes out of a lawsuit filed by these three men, seeking to prevent the tribe from acquiring the Kerr Dam  in the Flathead Valley in northwestern Montana.

As best I can tell, the three stooges at the center of this story (Schmitz was the lawyer and the state senators the clients, in a federal suit to block the tribe’s acquisition of the dam) got worked up about a relationship that had formed between the Kootenai Tribe and a non-profit group based in Turkey.  The relationship was an exchange-oriented arrangement, with the Turks learning about agriculture from the tribe.  Schmitz, Jackson and Keenan believed that somehow the tribe would impart information to Turkish terrorists about how to make refine uranium for use in a bomb.  There was never any evidence to substantiate any the conspiracy theory.  Apparently neither the Defense Department nor State Department nor Energy Department, nor Homeland Security, felt any concern over the Turkish-Tribal bond.

The state senators involved are generally anti-Native American.  Keenan, one of the senators, is the Republican who has already filed a bill to repeal Montana’s Medicaid expansion alternative, a popular private-market compromise between Republicans and Governor Steve Bullock that only went into effect in January. He is doing so in part because he is upset that among the 40,000 Montanans receiving benefits, there are many Native Americans.  And they were instrumental in passing the new law.  He doesn’t like that. And Indians don’t like him. 

Verdell Jackson is the subject of a recent report on anti-Indian activity in Montana. 



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  1. I swear, the Onion would go out of business if it reported in northwestern Montana. Is the weather up there or something?

  2. Jackson and Keenan together do not have the brains of an ant.

  3. Has any one mentioned to these guys that Turkey is still considered a USA friendly nation in the Islamic world and is itself concerned with our relationship with Russia, along with our actions in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan? The right-wing needs to get a grip on reality! Someone might mention to them it is a very warm spring in the Flathead and the lake temps in August will likely be historically warm. That’s a better bet than a terrorist attack on Kerr Dam!

  4. Does anyone really believe that the CKST will do a better job managing Kerr Dam?

    • Not speaking for anyone else but me, But yeah, I think it will work very well.

      The major agricultural organizations (Montana Stockgrowers, Montana Farmers Union, Montana Farm Bureau and the Montana Water Resources Association) are supporting it.

      The governor, the tribes, major newspapers and the major cities in Montana have also endorsed it. The CKST Compact has been validated by attorneys, scrutinized and revised for many years to help keep everyone happy, plus many thousands of hours of research have gone into the preparation of this Compact.

      The conservative opposition doesn’t know what it is talking about. What I do not understand, is why a small group of pro small government supporters, do not like locals finally owning something worthwhile in this state?

      Its good for Montana!

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