Cruz for President Effort Taps Local Conspiracy Theorists, Crackpots

Cruz crackpots

Ted Cruz’s campaign has released a list of Montanans it calls its “leadership team.” The list is a veritable who’s who of wing nuts putting the crack in crackpot ideas. Here’s a screenshot in case this gets…ahem…revised.

Let’s take a look:

Dan Happel who the Cruz press release actually identifies as “Agenda 21 Speaker” has made it his mission to stop a plot that Happel has discovered–before it destroys the constitution and the middle class.  The plot, known as Agenda 21, is being carried out by “oligarchic elite” (AKA government employees), who use a tactic called “public process” which, Happel explains, was “invented in Stalin’s Russia to control the people.”

Basically, if the legislature doesn’t act, Montanans are going to be force-relocated to somewhere like Seattle where we will be compelled to live “like sardines” and our cars will be taken away.  Happel told the Ravalli County Planning board that they needed to choose between the United Nations Charter (AKA the Evil Seattle Plot) and the Declaration of Independence.

Nancy Ballance  who along with Jennifer Fielder was a headliner at secessionist gatherings, organized by groups with ties to white supremacists.  (While Fielder and Ballance later tried to backpedal from this appearance after the speaker said environmentalists were domestic terrorists, both tried to implement the group’s ideas in the Montana legislature.)

Theresa Manzella is known for claiming on the floor of the Montana House of Representatives that animal shelter workers are a domestic terrorist threat. 

Tom Burnett of course is infamous for claiming that avoiding porn would reduce the need for mental health care funding, and his personal crusade to stop poor children from getting enough food to eat.

Austin Knudsen is the embattled Speaker of the House of the Montana legislature who the Helena IR chastised for characterizing the legislature’s failure to pass a major jobs and infrastructure bill as a “win” for the far-right wing.

Sarah Laszloffy, alumnus of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, where students of all ages come to learn how to live  “a supernatural lifestyle” —including useful skills such as “how to cast out demons” and other practical solutions to life’s most pressing problems.  [screenshotBethel’s members also purport to have the ability to heal people through prayer and bring the dead back to life

Matthew Monforton, who said the GOP brand is best compared to “a dead rat at the bottom of a can of diet pepsi” recently dropped out of the legislature to pursue his own blog and a lawsuit to close the Republican Party’s Montana primary – a lawsuit the Montana Republican Party itself asked to be removed from last week.

Kris Hansen, who sponsored a version of the North Carolina law banning local non-discrimination ordinances in the Montana legislature.  Thankfully, that effort was defeated.

This bunch joins a growing list of fringe activists and hatemongers who are aligning with Cruz nationally. You can see the rest of the Montana list here .



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  1. Hard to believe a wing-nut would want to waste the time of planning board members with such Agenda 21 crap, ‘Join or Die’ rants from tea party, etc. Planning boards are guided by state law and zoning regulations and SANE public input!

  2. About the photo of Cruz that makes him look Christ-like, Cruz should remember what they did to Jesus.

  3. Drunks for Denny | April 25, 2016 9:56 AM at 9:56 AM |

    That is a long list of whack jobs.

    Vote Trump, and vote often.

  4. Fielder isn’t actually on the list, or am I missing something.

  5. Agenda 21 is a library of best practices that save cities and towns throughout the world money, in the Fuel, Blight, health, and rebuilding categories.

    Something that if the republican base followed wouldnt have caused the Flint water crisis but would have avoided it. It also has the best practices for farming, and green energy down by expertise of every rural area in the world that has had tremendous susccess without the need of Monsanto or corporate control/

    All of it small town Ideas on growth and economic prosperity, and something big companies and corporations wouldn’t want these Tin-hatted troglodytes to understand, because they couldn’t sell them poisons or fear or bad ideas anymore.

    And it comes with help if necessary. Colleges, philanthropists, good business samaritans…. God forbid people learn to take care of themselves better, and not need government intrusion anymore.

    Thats why it cracks me up they actually have no Idea what agenda 21 really is because Corporate asshats like the KOCH brothers have done such a good job lying about it. Our best scientists have countless articles in this Library to help people stay safer and it is not used because the GOP cant make money off of real informed Americans.

    • BY the way GOP folks Agenda 21 is a Voluntary read, Voluntary use. You can stay ignorant if you wish too and believe all the corporate lies.

  6. Good job on this post Cowgirl Even “Right Wing Watch” has picked up on our site again.

    Cruz Montana Leadership Team Includes ‘Agenda 21 Speaker’ – See more at:

  7. Give me a break, talk about wing-nuts, most liberals lead that category…Ted Cruz is
    a good man, notables like Rush and mark Levin agree he is the only true conservative
    and patriot. I think all you liberals, socialists, progressives should move to Seattle or Portland, you’d fit right in…The West, excluding Calif, and the Southern
    states are the only true patriots left in this country. We need a Constitutional advocate to straighten this country out, or we will become a Socialist ghetto.

    • maybe all the wing nuts who have moved here from other Red States should STFU and go home. But I get your point-if such intellectual giants as Rush Lumbago and Mark Levin say Cruz-the Canadian Cuban-is the one true Patriot, well what can I say as a veteran who did NOT dodge the draft and who has called for a balanced budget since 1972-after all, I’m a “liberal socialist.” It’s probably diminished intellect from carrying around little bits of steel in my body that makes me so dumb. Actually if all the “conservatives” would visit other countries they might change a lot of their thinking-international travel sure enlightened me!

    • Wow Kathryn, you need to read and learn some history! Historically Montana has always been a “Progressive” state and you don’t have to look much further than Jeannette Rankin (Progressive Republican) being elected in 1916 to see that. As far as Socialists go the Social Democrats and Socialist Labor Party were popular across Montana from 1903-1917, in fact socialism could be found in all the large cities and towns and among farmers in most small communities. By 1910-1912 the Socialist Party of Montana was active in over 67 Montana communities. In 1903 Montana Socialists elected the mayor, treasurer, police judge and three councilmen in the city of Anaconda. In 1911 Butte elected a Socialist city government, headed by Mayor Lewis Duncan who ended city corruption, brought Butte out of bankruptcy, paved the streets, built public infrastructure, cleaned up the town, enacted city sanitation policies and cut the infant mortality rate in half….all “Progressive” stuff. And don’t forget about the US Labor movement, the people of Montana not only played a huge role in that historic progressive movement, the Montana Unions led the way. Also don’t forget the Montana Constitution is one of the most Progressive state constitutions anywhere. The fact is Right-Wing Conservatism did not infest Montana until the late 80’s, Montana was lucky enough to only have a handful of John Birch minded folks up through the 70’s. John Steinbeck wrote about Montana “It’s people did not seem afraid of shadows in a John Birch Society sense.” Steinbeck wrote that in 1962 because from biggest industrial cities to the small farms and ranches all across Montana he met good “Progressive” minded people.

    • Wow, holding up Rush as true patriot. The same Rush that hid under the bed during the Vietnam war. The porcine Rush with the yellow streak who didn’t have the cahones to fight for his country. Yep a true blue patriot in the tea party mode.

  8. I’m going to throw something out for consideration as a “conspiracy theory” … Is Ken Ivory a rogue element of the LDS church with his public land transfer push ? … consider that the LDS church has a for profit investment program … Plum Creek was in the real estate business, before being purchased by Weyerhaeuser … Weyerhaeuser is in the real estate business … I wonder if the LDS church has an investment channel that connects it to Weyerhaeuser ? …You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

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