MT GOPer Outraged Over Harriet Tubman–and People Who Adopt Non-White Babies

Taylor Rose (left) with MTGOP Vice-Chair and American Lands Council CEO Jennifer FielderTaylor Rose (left) with MTGOP Vice-Chair and American Lands Council CEO Jennifer Fielder

by Cowgirl

A Flathead area legislative candidate has taken to Facebook to express his outrage that the anti-slavery activist and women’s rights heroine Harriet Tubman will be replacing the notorious author of American Indian genocide Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. He also shared his views on a variety of topics.  UPDATE:  Rose has since deleted the posts from his Facebook page, but you can see screenshots of his posts below.

Here’s self-proclaimed “pro-Western Civilization” candidate Taylor Rose.

In response, a FB friend of Rose writes: “It’d be a lot quieter if they were all hanging from nooses….Just my humble opinion [smiley emoji].”  That comment has been up for about three weeks, but here are screenshots in case they are removed.

Taylor Rose Montana GOP


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 7.29.12 AM


Rose appears to be cultivating support among that least savory slice of the GOP electorate, those who openly espouse racism. Rose was interviewed by the same right-wing “Red Alert Politics” blogger whose most recent interview features the “Kanye West of Journalism” on “how he feels he makes a difference to young white men who feel excluded from society,” “converting” feminists, and “why he can never adopt a black child.” (Oh yes, he’s a white guy).

This same Red Alert Politics blogger asks Taylor Rose why he isn’t more like the other young people the right-winger knows, who “only care about crushing box.”  (Shocking there aren’t more women republicans right?!) Note also the “sovereign citizen” flag Rose has set up behind him for the interview.
Oh, and for the record just like “White Kanye,” Rose is also  outraged that anyone would adopt a baby that isn’t white.
taylor rose said anyone who would adopt african american baby is mad

Rose’s Facebook page is rife with such examples of his views.  Indeed, it is only on Facebook that we learn Rose is a member of a “Monarchist group” which “exists for the purpose of civil discussion between monarchists and those interested in monarchy as the ideal form of human governance.” [screenshot]

Rose is careful not reveal beliefs like these on his campaign website.  Instead, he only shares such thoughts as:
“There cannot be a Montana of prosperity and freedom, without a economy centered around manufacturing and natural resource development.”

Rose’s website lists his ties to several prominent Montana Republicans.  He reports that he “managed Steve Daines’s campaign in the Northwest” [screenshot], and that he worked for GOP Vice-Chair and American Lands Council CEO Sen. Fielder and the GOP leadership during the 2015 session.


Rose is running against Zac Perry, a popular moderate who recently defeated TEA Party Republican Jerry O’Neil. O’Neil was the guy that brought bills to implement corporal punishment and the gold standard, and demanded that his own legislative salary be paid to him in gold.


There is was also a libertarian in the race, but as James Conner pointed out in the comments, that candidate had to drop out for not completing the required documentation.  Conner also reports on who has donated to Rose, including Greg Gianforte. 

UPDATE #2: Since this post, both Raw Story and Wonkette have reported on Rose. Wonkette has uncovered some new information on Rose’s white nationalist beliefs, so head over there and check it out–for example, the interview he did with the neo-confederate group “League of the South.”


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  1. The Libertarian filed, but did not file the required paperwork with MTCPP and therefore was struck from the ballot. As I reported at Flathead Memo on 5 May, Rose received campaign donation of $170 each from Greg and Susan Gianforte.

    Jerry O’Neil endorsed Rose.

  2. What does the Libertarian candidate have to do with this story.

    • Perry won HD-3 with a plurality in 2014, defeating incumbent Jerry O’Neil and Libertarian Chris Colvin. The Libertarian probably would draw votes from Rose, thus helping Perry. As Rose’s situation is newsworthy because he’s a candidate for elective office, information about the Libertarian candidate is relevant to the story.

  3. Wow! Glad we missed having to worry about another extreme right candidate in our state races. We have a lot of tomfoolery and conspricy nutcases to worry as it is this November!

  4. This is another prime example of the failure of the educational system in the state of Montana. I cannot believe the amount of ignorance present in the republican party. I suggest if they don’t like mixing with us ethnics, go back to Europe.

  5. This is what happens when you don’t fight back. They feel very comfortable moving here. That is why it’s important that they be called out at each and every opportunity. These folks are the new Republican base. And Gianforte’s giving him money. Believe me. If you let them feel welcome, they will come. And they are. By the droves.

  6. I have heard that Zac Perry is VERY well liked and as such Taylor Rose will go nowhere in this election. Remember too, that with the help of MT Cowgirl, and others, in exposing this young mans “true self”, he will not go anywhere in the political realm ever.


    Well this is a stupid article. The author is cherry picking. She has screened out only a couple of stories that ‘match’ her worldview and her narrative. This, out of a nation of 320 million people. She cherry picked the most extreme examples. I could just as easily do the same thing, from the opposite position. I could write an article about Left wing Socialists, but pick only a couple of cases of the most extreme cases. This article is just a propaganda piece similar to the kind of crap put out by PRAVDA in the Soviet Union under Stalin.

    • Thank goodness, your comment won’t carry any weight here sir. Since you live out of state in Vicksburg Mississippi. Thank goodness you won’t be able to vote here as well.

      • You want to talk about slavery? Stalin sent 40 million people to slave labor camps: They were called Gulags. That happened in the 20th century. Mao murdered 30 million people before the cultural revolution, and another 30 million people after. Oh, but Leftists like yourself are sympathetic to Socialism. You express no outrage toward the crimes of Communism. But then you worry about a Black billionaire like Oprah who didn’t get to see a $40,000 dollar handbag and claimed the store clerk was snotty to her, or Bill Cosby, who is worth $400 million dollars who drugged raped 30 or more white women over decades.

  8. Jason Smith is proof positive that extremists are active in NW Montana. His views are so wild that I kept shaking my head in disbelief as I read his comments. Being from Mississippi, he is most likely a troll, but still….to compare socialism to communism, or any form of Marxism, shows a serious lack of knowledge (i.e. socialist own property, Marxists don’t). Sad that this is happening in the USA.

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