Embattled Cascade TEA Party Candidate Convicted of Poaching

J.C. KantorowiczJ.C. Kantorowicz

by Cowgirl

This has not been the best week for Montana Republicans when it comes to revelations about their past. First, it came to light that GOP gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte had used TEA party lawmaker Art Wittich, recently convicted of corruption, to try to stop the public from accessing public land.

This time, it’s a poaching conviction for TEA Party Republican J.C. Kantorowicz.  Court documents show that a jury found Mr. Kantorowicz guilty of unlawful hunting of a game animal in 1997. You can see them here:  Pdf1  pdf2  pdf3

J.C. Kantorowicz made the papers last month for suggesting a bullet would take care of his opponent in the Republican primary, Rep. Steve Fitzpatrick of House District 20.

Kantorowisz didn’t deny saying this, explained to a Great Falls Tribune reporter that his remarks were made at “almost 6 o’clock in the evening.” He was extremely hungry given that late hour, and so his threats on others lives must be excused, thereby adding “hangry” of the all time worst excuses made by politicians, including “wide stance” and “hiking the Appalachian trail.”

On his website, Kantorowicz says he is a “real Montana Conservative Republican with deep respect for the US Constitution and strong support for the Montana Republican Party Platform.”

If only he had that same respect for the law.


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  1. Um, you missed his conviction for assault. Guess he was hungry that day too. Guy is a real piece of work.

  2. Montana Mountain Man | May 14, 2016 1:38 AM at 1:38 AM |

    Greg Gianforte and Art Wittich are bed partners. What a bad pair to draw to.
    You have to really watch those republicans. They are always trying to steal something or your freedom. Most republicans are an evil group that cannot be trusted. It is hard to believe that people actually vote for them. Stupid is as stupid does I guess.

  3. “Is it just me?” asked Chicken Little. “Or is the Republican House of Cards falling?”

  4. The GOP Party and base do not care about who represents them. the following list is their delegates to the party for the national convention.

    National Delegates

    Berglee, Seth
    Brown, Dee
    Brown, James
    Butcher, Edward
    Fagg, Harrison
    Fielder, Jennifer
    Happel, Dan
    Hopkins, Mike
    Lamm, Debra
    Landsgaard, Paul
    Lotton, Bradley
    Mandeville, Forrest
    Manzella, Theresa
    Milanovich, Anita
    Milanovich, John
    Miller, Ken
    Miller, Peggy
    Noland, Mark
    Nordwick, Suzzann
    Olsen, Eric
    Pfaehler, Karen Marie
    Tuck, Thomas
    Wittich, Art
    Zinke, Ryan

    Alternate Delegates

    Baker, Mark
    Barbisan, Susan
    Dellwo, Liz
    Deschamps, Will
    Fick, Ronald
    Kopetski, Vondene
    Linn, Janice
    McKinney, Jenna
    Murray, Arla Jeanne
    Nelson, Kevin
    Nelson, Lorena Fatouros
    Pierce, Terra
    Porta, William
    Rambur, Dale
    Reger, James
    Reneau, Susan Campbell
    Sales, Scott
    Saunders, Robert
    Scranton, Dennis
    Seekins-Crowe, Kerri
    Selph, William
    Shipp, Chris
    Vogel, Randy
    Zinke, Lola

    In total, Montana will send 27 national delegates to the Republican National Convention. The remaining 3 delegates are: Chairman Jeff Essmann, National Committeeman Errol Galt and National Committeewoman Betti Hill.

    Trust me, half of the people on the list are Bigots, convicted, and the Koch confused.

  5. Dudley Doright | May 16, 2016 8:59 PM at 8:59 PM |

    Leave it to two entitled millionaires to lead the way and represent the interests of the people… As long as those people and interest happen to be themselves and those ideals the see fit to stand by. These entitled, bombastic a holes will rant and rave about the constitution, law and right and wrong and all the while practice against the very things they preach! Beware Montana and be afraid.

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