Burning the Bridges of Madison County: War Between the GOP Heats Up

by Cowgirl

The Madison County Republican Party, the bunch who made Montana a national laughingstock by putting Birther Bob Wagner into office,  are outraged that Ray Shaw made some rational, pro-business votes, and did not vote to burn down the state as they presumably hoped.

The local GOPers  have placed an ad in the May 5th Madisonian “censuring” Shaw, thus publicizing their antipathy toward the will of the local voters, who twice picked Shaw over Birther Bob.  Here’s a pdf of the bizarre proclamation. 

What did Shaw do that was so terrible?  Apparently, he represented his district, not just the wingnut faction of the GOP, or as the Madison County Republicans put it “seeking to undermine the Republican Party by appealing to non-Republicans to remain in office.” He voted for jobs bills over conspiracy theories.  Burn him at the stake!

For the record, the statewide GOP have rejected the vision of the Madison County GOP leadership. Madison County GOPer Chair Dan Happel ran unsuccessfully for GOP Chair. Happel is known for his mission to stop a plot that he has discovered–before it destroys the constitution and the middle class.  The plot, known as Agenda 21, is being carried out by “oligarchic elite” (AKA government employees), who use a tactic called “public process” which, Happel explains, was “invented in Stalin’s Russia to control the people.”

Basically, if the legislature doesn’t act, Montanans are going to be force-relocated to somewhere like Seattle where we will be compelled to live “like sardines” and our cars will be taken away.  Happel even told the Ravalli County Planning board that they needed to choose between the United Nations Charter (AKA the Evil Seattle Plot) and the Declaration of Independence.   He is featured on the Oathkeepers website for his expertise in these important issues.


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  1. HAPLESS Happel, what a lark! Time for more tin-foil headware!

  2. Ray Shaw is probably the best thing that happened to Madison county….. But like the Beaverhead County GOP, and unfortunately linked to our ass in the senate race, they have gone completely Wingnut. So much so they are also attacking (R)Jeff Welborn and calling him a liberal because he doesn’t believe in sky-chem-trails and bad interpretations of the Bible, or state, and federal Constitutions either.

    Ray shaw is running agianst, of all people, Dog and pony show, “Bob Wagner” who after shaming Madison county to all America through CNN years ago https://youtu.be/LEYqd7I0QCs, Bob now wants a comeback to the state house….. probably pulling off the same crapola as before.

    Both county GOP parties, now taken over by complete wingnuts, are running absolute wingnuts against sane real republicans with experience to reach across the Isle and get things done, because wingnuts not unlike the those of Bundy’s fame, no longer wish to follow state and federal laws.

    Brooke Erb (Rich Rancher Family) is running against Tom Welsh in the primary down here for legislator. Brooke Erb is a conspricy advocate of “Jade hill 15” and “AGenda 21 Crazy”

    Tom Welsh Her republican Opposition, who has never Identified himself in any party before this election, just wants to get things done properly. Tom runs one of the state formed banking companies and has been one of those guys who steered his Little bank from getting involved in the banking scandal a few years back. he actually helped kept his bank healthy, and our community safe for the little guy. But because he never affiliated himself before as a voter. the wingnut GOP consider him the enemy.

    While Brooke is using all her own rich rancher money to throw up signs all over town, because the GOP party down here is now pretty much defunct ( all of the sane republicans down here have fled the party and sat on their wallets). Tom is working within the community to get his donations through those same people Brooke has turned off.

    Jeff Welborn is running for our county and Madison Counties senate seat. and he has to fight against his own party, who refuses to honor him as an incumbent. the now wing nut party itself has thrown its weight against him and laud another nutcase “Dale Stewart.” Just another wingnut candidate that hates women’s idea of pro choice, thinks the government is to heavy handed on industry for EPA rules. and has absolutely no experience in government because he wants to shut it down for his tea party amigos? Why would anyone hire a guy who won’t work for the people?

    One of his small government comments: “Let me tell you a secret right now: the government will not solve all your problems. Really, it shouldn’t even be trying to.”

    It is crazy down here right now and the voters in Beaverhead and Madison county need to immerse themselves into politics in order to protect themselves, their families and communities in the future.

    I realize I am a liberal, and though I don’t get along, with some of the ideas they have presented, Ray Shaw, Jeff Welborn and Tom Welsh will continue listening to all of their constituents and help us stay strong. whereas Brooke Erb, Dale Stewart and Bob Wagner will just try and break everything we have worked for.

    A smart Well versed republican would want to vote for people who are willing to listen to their community, and Ray Shaw, Jeff Welborn and Tom Welsh are the best people to get that done for every Republican!

  3. It’s time for Madison county people to put on their big boy and girl panties and speak out, run for office and show some solidarity for Welborn and Shaw and common sense. As a 38 year former resident , I am quite familiar with all the antics of so-called republicans in Madison county. Not everyone who lives there shares these rather bizarre and ignorant Alex Jones ideas. Both Happel and Wagner were defeated by MC voters in their re election bids . Thanks for shedding some light on this ! Hope it makes the newspapers the way your recent coverage of Gianfortes lawsuit re stream access.

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